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Chapter 9 : The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer

Translated by Tam 

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Renee glanced at Amelie’s face happily and handed her a sandwich. Amelie ate the sandwich without hesitation.


The sandwich tasted different from the appetizer. ‘Huh?’ A moment of confusion came to Amelie’s mind, as the taste of the roasted pork with the sauce softened in her mouth. Vegetables, including onions, were catching the greasy part of the sandwich.


Amelie shuddered. Delicious food is the best.




After eating all the sandwiches and satiating her appetite, it was time to dig into the scones and fruits. 


“You must have been very hungry?”, asked Renee with a smile. Renee felt content because Amelie ate so deliciously.


“Of course! The number of clothes I changed into, were more than any amount of clothes I had ever worn in my life.” 


Amelie took a bite of scone with cream and marmalade. It was more delicious because it tasted familiar. She finished eating the scones and sipped the fruit tea.


Renee looked carefully at Amelie, confirmed that her meal was over, and opened her mouth.


“The trip. Are you still planning to go?”


It was an extension of yesterday’s conversation. Amelie nodded her head.


“If you’re going to leave because of His Majesty, I don’t think you have to do that?”, said Renee. 


Amelie’s eyes widened. The apple that she had just been bitten fell to the ground with a thud.


“How did you know I was running away from the Emperor?”


Renee frowned, “I know everything when I see you do it. Everytime you talk about His Majesty, you react oddly.”


“I-is that so?”


“Why don’t we just avoid running into him like we do now? His Majesty won’t be able to empty the Palace for long, so he’ll be back soon.”

“Well wouldn’t it be a good idea for me to search for other witches?”


Renee’s face darkened.


“Father and I are worried. It’s tough and scary out there.”


“It’s okay. I know how to use magic. I can protect myself.”


“That’s why you can’t.”


Amelie tilted her head. Renee explained with a serious face,,


“You know there was a witch hunt over 20 years ago, right? At a time when power was transferred from King Regent to the present His Majesty.”


“Ah… I think I heard it from grandmother.”


Actually, she knew it because it was in the novel, but the details were still vague to Amelie. 


More than 20 years ago, before and after the birth of Amelie and Renee, the continent was engulfed by a wave of witch hunts.


At that time, the continent was harder to live in than it was now. Infectious diseases frequently occured, and farming was difficult to maintain due to insect damage.


Things were better in rural areas further from the Capital. Because there was something to eat, and there was a connection to the community. However, there were many people who starved to death in the City’s Capital. 


People blamed it all on the witches. Although the witches treated the disease with magic, people went on witch hunts. As if they had forgotten the efforts the witches had made to diminish the amount of those affected. In the process, countless women were tortured and burned to death.


The surviving witches gradually hid in the forest and in the absence of people. Because of that, there is little contact between witches and humans now.


The witch hunts, which stained the continent with blood, disappeared when the regent King died and Serwin took power. It was thanks to the Emperor’s order to ban punishment. 


(Editor note: Idk what punishment it is so wait until later chapters for an explanation.)


“In Dellaheim, there are several people who have been indebted to her, but those people are far from the Capital. But in other areas, especially, as we move closer to the Capital, there are still many people who are against witches.” 


“But people need witches. Especially the common people!”


“They’re blinded because they can’t be treated by a doctor, but what do you think about the Nobles? Do powerful and rich people need witches?”


“Why don’t we just avoid the Nobles?”


“It’s not like things willgo your way.”


“That’s true, but….”


Amelie frowned.


She had inherited all of the original Amelie’s memories before she had possessed this body. And combined with those memories of the information she gained from reading the novel, in her past life, she thought that she could naturally blend into this world.  


‘Is the situation worse than I thought?’


Amelie’s knowledge was heavily biased, as she had lived in the forest for the majority of her life. The situation was the same as it was in the novel. Though, the timeline and course of the novel would be different from this point on. Amelie pondered the possibility of events not going her way. 


“So I’m telling you. Why don’t you take your time?”


“Take my time?”


“Studying the world here. If you think the same way later on, you can leave then. You ran into His Majesty anyway, so you don’t have to run away.”


Renee’s suggestions were reasonable. It would be safer to learn and gain a variety of knowledge than to leave without knowing anything. Especially if people have a strong antipathy toward witches.


“That’s true…”


But Amelie had difficulty agreeing. It was because of a sudden feeling she had that was hard to explain. 


“This is strange…”


Amelie folded her arms and focused on her inner self.


“What’s wrong?”


“No, that’s… Uh….”


The ominous feeling became stronger. Amelie decided to trust her gut feeling.


On the day she came to the Mansion, she ignored the sinister feeling and met Serwin.


“Renee, we need to clean up.”


“Why so suddenly?”


“The witch said you should never ignore your gut feeling.”


As Amelie said, Renee put the dishes in the basket and stood up. As Amelie tried to get up from her seat following Renee, she got goosebumps all over her back.


Something is coming! 


Amelie quickly transformed. With the sound of a pop, a fist-sized bird emerged. 


“Amelie? What’s wrong?”


Renee looked at Amelie as if she was confused. But her confusion didn’t last long.


“Is the bird named Amelie?”


Serwin looked at them as he rode a horse along the road.




That was close. If she had hesitated she would’ve revealed her true self to Serwin. 


Amelie breathed a sigh of relief. 


“Yes, Your Majesty, but what’s going on here?”, asked Renee feigning normalcy, hiding her surprise.


“I was on my way back to the Mansion. This road is connected to a deep forest. And then the smell…”


Serwin suddenly began to look around Renee.


‘What are you looking for?’


Amelie felt anxious. She didn’t think he saw herself in person.


Serwin, who was looking around, strode toward Amelie and stuck out his finger. As if to ask her to come to him. 




He had a more dreadful face than the last time she saw it. His face was stiff, and he had harsh eyes that seemed to kill everyone around him. Amelie looked away and made a fuss. 


He had an even more dreadful face than the last time she saw him. His face was stiff, with a harsh expression and eyes that seemed to kill anyone he even looked at. 


“Amelie, come here.”


He clenched his teeth and she was so frightened that even her feathers stood up. Amelie was forced to flap her wings and sit on Serwin’s finger.


Serwin put his nose on Amelie’s back and began to smell it. Renee stared at Serwin’s with a nervous look. If Amelie looked like she was having a hard time, Renee was willing to take her back from Serwin without hesitation.


 Amelie shook her wings and reassured Renee.


‘If it’s special, he will try to smell it.’


‘This is bad.’ 


In fact, Amelie had no idea what she smelled like, but she waited until Serwin calmed down.


How long has it been since she last saw Serwin?




“I’m sure the scent came from you. Last time and this time, too. But once I get my hands on you, the scent is gone.”


He spoke with a face that was hard to express.


What’s the significance of smelling behavior?’


Amelie looked at his face blankly. Serwin stroked Amelie’s head with his index finger. As she watched, his hardened expression began to crack, she held her body still. He looked so exhausted and tired that she felt sorry for him even though she was scared.


“You seem to be doing well. You’ve become healthier.”


It was a lonely tone. He took out a small pouch from his jacket and offered a large piece of walnut to Amelie’s mouth.


‘Serwin doesn’t eat snacks. Are you carrying it around for me?’


Amelie was full, but she took it gently.


He watched Amelie until she pecked all of the walnut, then went back to his horse.




Renee looked at Serwin’s back with annoyance. She didn’t like it very much to touch other people’s precious sister and feed her freely. In addition, his attitude was strange, why was the crazy Emperor so caring towards Amelie?


Renee looked at Serwin’s retreating figure, with annoyance. She didn’t like it when people just carelessly touched her precious sister and fed her freely. 


“Why does he treat you like his pet?”




She didn’t notice. 


Amelie felt strange. For a few days together, she recalled how well Serwin treated her. Perhaps Serwin intended to take her back to the Palace, since some part of him cared for her.


‘Pets would be better off than the Emperor’s lover right….?’


But unfortunately, Amelie was not a pet, but a person.


“You’re going to have to travel home as a bird. Since the Emperor is back. What a waste of a trip!”


As Renee vented out her frustration, she didn’t notice Serwin approaching. Although it was impossible for her to notice his presence, as he was a swordmaster, she was still angry. 


“I’m sorry Amelie…”


“Pyaak pyaak.”


Amelie consoled Renee.


‘By the way, why did I feel that way?’


She felt a similar ominous feeling on the day she came to the Mansion. But it never became so intense or unpleasant. Is it because he is more on-guard than before? 


(Editor note: “on-guard” was actually conscious and uh I have no idea how to fix that.)


Amelie tilted her head.


‘Whatever, it’s okay.’


She brushed off her unanswered question, and landed on Renee’s shoulder. 




After the last meeting of the day, Serwin suddenly shut himself in. He didn’t come out and nobody entered. It was because he wasn’t feeling well. The Count, worried, went to Serwin with a doctor, but Serwin did not meet him.


All the Emperor’s Knights disappeared somewhere and did not return at night. Only a few of them stayed on guard in front of Serwin’s room.



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