The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke Chapter 25 - Unbaptized Black Beast

Author: Jirah Gem

Ennys Vasta had a foreboding of her own death.


Her family has devoted themselves to the imperial family since her grandmother’s time as a doctor of the historic imperial palace.


Even to this day, when the imperial family was in the hands of Duke Wensgrey, she served the emperor and crown prince right by her side, taking care of their mental health.


Ennys, in particular, was conducting regular mental health checks to prevent the Crown Prince from growing up like the present emperor.


However, the crown prince had a strong mentality compared to his life in the royal palace near in shambles.


The man who said he couldn’t even raise his own children properly and lost one, treated the good and kind Crown Prince as a pawn!


Ennys vowed to say a word to the Duke one day.


Take care of your children and then don’t drag them away.


“My name is Ennys Vasta, Princess Wensgrey. As of today, I have been appointed as your personal physician.”


So she was now predicting death.


Obviously, unless someone heard her talk to herself and told her about it, there was no reason for the heinous duke to invite her to the Duchy himself.


She thought all she had to do was die.


Until I saw Rossette Charlotte Wensgrey, the youngest daughter of the Duke of Wensgrey.


“h, hello.”


Rumors that Henriette had recovered his lost daughter have already spread to the Capital.


It is also said that Henriette seems to have changed in many ways because of his daughter.


The villain made cookies for his daughter to avoid the threat of poisoning and gave her the biggest orchard of the estate. 


Even the story that Count Semond, who has been abusing his daughter, was destroyed with all of his relatives. And Henriette is recently sweeping away all the trendy children’s dresses at the salon in the Capital.


She thought the rumor was all exaggerated nonsense, but when she saw a little girl standing in front of her, she thought it could be true.


“I, I’m Rossette. Rossette Charlotte Wensgrey!”


Coy eyes, cute features, light pink hair, and golden eyes that resemble Henriette.


Apart from her timid attitude, she looked as confident as she said her name.


Ennys saw the rumored little girl and felt the tension melt away.


I felt like I was looking at the garden of a castle full of flowers in the middle of winter.


“I look forward to your kind cooperation, Princess Rossette.”


As of that day Ennys became Rossette’s doctor.


Her main task, commanded by the Duke, was to take care of Rossette’s mental health.


Prior to Henriette’s opinion, there was a strong request from Peina and other maids.


‘The hearts of young children are tender and delicate, my lord. Childhood events can have a huge impact after becoming adults.’


‘Yes, developmental events are the most important thing for a child!’ 


‘At this rate, she’ll grow up to be a depressed and timid child! It is urgent to treat the wounds on her younger years!’


So Rossette received psychiatric treatment from that day on.


“Come on, Princess. Please repeat. I am precious.”


“I am precious.”


“I’m cool.”


“I’m cool.”


“I can do anything.”


“I can do anything!”


Just as Ennys watched for a few days, Rossette was generally a bright kid.


However, there were times when she tried too hard to do her best or was too wary, and when she did a small mistake, she would immediately lose her nerve.


Ennys heard from the maids that she was abused growing up in Count Semond, who had fallen a while ago.


No adult is given the right to abuse a growing child, but how could he abuse such a small and weak child?


Count Semond is already dead, leaving no bones left. However, Ennys felt like opening his head once.


And I also decided. 


Let the little Princess smile freely from now on.


“Princess, let’s cheer up today!”


“Woong, cheer up!”


Of course, there was nothing like the help of adults to recover the mental health of a child, so today, Rossette and the three exclusive maids, who are especially close to her, were also present.


They had been advised by Ennys beforehand to find a seat.


‘The princess needs more attention and love than anything else. You even said she ran into her abuser a while ago? She must have been very shocked. So from now on, you’ll have to do more than this a few times as much for the princess as usual.’


It was when the maid’s main specialty shone. They stood around Rossette with grim faces, and soon began to pour out words with a big smile.


“Miss, you are the most precious and lovely woman in the world!”


“Miss Rossette is a girl who can do anything! You have to have courage for everything!”


“You’re good at drawing, and you’ve done a difficult calculation a while ago! You speak so well in front of adults!”


Rossette grinned with a delighted, embarrassed, and ashamed look at their response.


Then the maids poured out even more compliments. My lady is the best in the world, my lady is the symbol of the family, and my lady is the most lovely.


Ennys was gloating over the scene, and there was a knock outside the door.


“The master is here.”


Soon after the door opened, Henriette, accompanied by servants and escort knights, appeared.


The maids who loudly praised Rossette, immediately shut up and stood in a polite manner. Ennys was also nervous and became more polite.


Among the “help of adults,” the existence of Henriette, her parents, was by far indispensable. He was also one of the people needed at this time today.


Ennys had also delivered what he had to do today. However, it was unclear whether the villain maneuver would follow suit.


Likewise, Rossette, who seemed nervous, clenched her skirt and bowed her head to greet. Henriette, who greeted with a slight nod, took a short breath.


The silence sank for a very short time.


‘Your Majesty, you must speak!’ 




Ennys and the maids looked at him with eager eyes.


Even the other servants and aides roughly heard about what Henriette had to do at this time today.


“Your Excellency, you must. It’s for the Lady.”


Even his aide whispered with a grim face.


Soon Henriette walked towards Rossette in front of everyone.




The best treatment for childhood wounds is also parental affection and interest.


Ennys appealed to the point, and as a result Henriette, the famous villain of the Zert Empire, broke the silence in a very awkward and clumsy manner.


“My dearest daughter in the world.”


His voice was a bit creaky.  Some of the servants saw a flash of astonishment on the young lady’s face for about two seconds.


“Be happy… today as well.”


“T, thank you…”


“Come on, everybody, clap!”


Ennys began to applaud first, and cheers and applause erupted from all sides.


In the meantime, Rossette was already smiling with a slightly deathly pale face. Since Ennys said she had to do this every day from now on.


After the psychological healing session, Rossette went out to play snow with the maids.


That, too, was thanks to Ennys’ advice. That is, at least 3 hours a day to play with the child and make her happy.


Thanks to this, the maids carried Rossette around the castle more often than ever before. Sometimes knights and sometimes butlers and aides would take her around.


“Just enough not to mess up the garden, play moderately.”




Henriette has recently had to return to his office to handle a tight backlog of work. He turned around while watching Rossette, which was tightly covered to prevent the cold, move away holding the maid’s hand.


As soon as he arrived at his office, he used magic to bring the video to his mind.


In the video, Rossette was playing snow in a snowy garden with the maids.


“Are you watching again today, sir?”


When the aide smiled and asked, Henriette started working with the video on without any answer.


Rossette’s loud, clear laugh was loud and clear.


With her light pink hair rolled into a fluffy white hood, she ran around the snow field with a rosy face.


-Peina! Catch me! 


-Miss, look ahead! You’re going to fall!




The aide saw Henriette’s expression gradually hardening. He sometimes glared at the papers with a scary look on his face while working.


Sometimes whenever Rossette, who ran excitedly like a puppy in snow, fell over the snowfield, he rattled and stood up from his seat.


-Are you all right, miss? 


-It’s all right! It’s okay! Ahhaha, it’s cold! I feel like I’m lying in ice cream! 


-You’ll catch a cold!




“S, sir, you still have a lot of work to do.”


The aide added hastily, looking at Henriette, who seemed to leave the seat right away.


He kicked his tongue once and sat down again. Then, when Rossette fell again, he repeatedly stood up again.


By the time Henriette’s day job ended at a faster pace than usual, Rossette had already returned to her room after finishing playing snow.


But by the time we had dinner, bad news came through Peina.


“I think she caught a cold earlier. She went to bed a little early after taking her medicine, and I’ll arrange a separate meal for her when she wake up.”


Rossette, who had been back in the snow for a long time, caught the cold and had a fever.


Fortunately, taking medicine for a day or two and taking a rest is enough for a mild cold to heal, but Henriette made up his mind the moment he heard it.


After the maid left, he narrowed his brows, looking over the window in his office.


White snow, frosty windows, and a never-melting white earth.


It was a scene that he had been sick and tired of since he was a child.


“…the air was too cold for a child to play in the first place.”


It just so happened that Henriette was also tired of this winter land.


“From now on, we will change the climate around the castle.”




The aide, who was standing next to him, wondered if he had misheard for a moment.


But Henriette fixed his mind right away.


In the future, Rossette will travel as far away as she lives here, but will the radius around the castle be enough?


Next to him, the aide was clamoring that a sudden change in climate would change the ecosystem and change the animal’s food chain, but Henriette could not hear it.


He just thought about it.


Every time she go out, her face and fingers freeze red. And his daughter comes back sniffling.


She can’t stand the cold. She’s o sad. She’s shaking a lot.


“No, at least until the city of Valet…”


“…that’s almost half the land, isn’t it?”


The city of Valet was the second busiest city within the estate to have a castle.


It’s also near the orchard he gave Rossette as a gift last time, so he can melt it right there.




Beyond the city of Valet lies the forest of Albendell, which is surrounded by the beautiful Lake Corpell.


Albendell’s forest was a place where fairies lived and was treated as a sanctuary within the estate. Above all, Albendell’s forest was a great place to go on a picnic.


“To the forest of Albendell, melt the snow ……”


“Y, your excellency.”


The aide realized the situation was getting serious, but Henriette soon made up his mind.


It would be better to change the climate of the entire duchy than to melt a few parts.


But Rossette seems to like snow games, leaving only one part of the Duke’s garden.


Henriette stood up to prepare for a massive enforcement of magic after a long time.


“As of today, we will change the climate of the entire Duchy of Wensgrey. Be prepared to write an official letter for each city and village.”


As of that day, the snow of Duchy Wensgrey, which had been locked in winter for nearly hundreds of years, began to melt.




“We’re here!”


The wheels of the wagon stopped in the less dry plain.


The two boys, who had returned after a long time, got off the carriage and saw the Duchy looking very strange.


It was the same with the horseman who felt so strange.


“It’s obviously been winter here all year round…?”


Under the sunny sun, all the land that was supposed to be submerged in the long winter was melting.


The mana-powered air regenerated the land that had been frozen for a long time at a rapid pace.


Like a miracle, green shoots were already sprouting all over the land.


“What, what’s going on? Why is the land melted? I don’t think it used to be like this.”


The two boys looked back at the estate, which was so different from what they remembered. The land, once frozen long enough to be called the “Winter’s Pavilion,” was now welcoming summer.


The clothes they dressed up for the first time in a while have become useless. Rather, as they began to feel the heat, servants hurriedly stripped the two boys of their thick coats.


The tall boy narrowed his eyes. He somehow seemed to know the true nature of this bizarre phenomenon.


“…did father do this?”

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