The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke Chapter 29 - Unbaptized black beast

Author: Jirah Gem

There were as many as two things Avelle received from the Guardian’s star..


‘Tens of times as much force as ordinary people’. And ‘a powerful body that can withstand metal and poison’.


With that power, he went around destroying a lot of land alone.


He was also the most similar to his father, Henriette. A cold-blooded, merciless monster who can’t laugh.


Is it because he’s too young to have any morality?


It seemed more delicate than I thought.


“No, it’s okay. I’m fine because Count Semond have already been punished.”


Anyway, now that the villain number 2 is worrying about me, I gently smiled, saying so.


The scar on the heart is not completely healed, but at least the scar on the body is healed. I will get better and better like that.


So I could say it was okay.


Avelle looked at me wistfully and patted my head with great care.


But Camillean frowned and spat out with a stiff face.


“Count of Semond… I should have seen him myself. Why did you execute the execution so quickly?”


“…I’ve heard that Count Semond has been experiencing abnormal symptoms since dawn the day before his execution. The Black Monster is trying to kill him. He went crazy and hurt himself.”


Avelle rose, speaking with a stiff face as well.


The whole time they held my hand and started walking again, they swore at Count Semond even though he was already dead.


The fact that they wanted to kill him, that they wish they had set a fire slowly from the tip of his feet… that they wanted to kill him in the way of the Eastern Empire.


‘I, it’s not good for my treatment. This brothers.’


Still, Avelle seemed to be wary of me.


He went on to shut up Camillean, who was trying to argue that he had to kill Count Semond in a very terrible way he had devised.


“It’s not good for children’s emotions.”


Although it was a little late, it seemed that the eldest brother was not a big brother for nothing. Thanks to you, Camillean soon shut up.


Holding the hands of the two brothers, I slowly circled the garden, and the glass greenhouse stood out.


I glanced slightly around it, but as expected, I couldn’t see Kian.


“Lotty, what’s wrong? Oh, you want to go inside the greenhouse?”


“Uhm, no.”


We went deep into the glass greenhouse earlier, so it’s done now.


So I shook my head and threw a question at my two brothers because I remembered something.


“Well, you know what? Do you happen to know Kian?”




“Woong. Kian. A boy with short, black hair, black with shiny red eyes. He said he’s a fairy. Oh, it’s not Kian’s real name. His name is too long and hard to pronounce. So he just told me to call him that.”


Trying to be like a child, speaking out, it seemed somehow hard to understand.


Nevertheless, the brothers seemed to be trying hard to understand what I was saying, and Abel opened his mouth with a curious face.


“Kian, I know that such a man is not in our castle…”


“Oh, wait a minute. You’re a friend of Lotty’s, aren’t you?”


Camillean suddenly cut Abel off.


He looked strange answering with a face that he knew something, but he nodded for now.


Now that we’re close, friends are the right term.


But Camillean whispered at Avelle.


“Children have one imaginary friend. Brother.”


I can hear you. I frowned a little.


“Kian’s not an imaginary friend.”


“Well, yeah.Lotty what kind of friend is this Kian?”


Avelle asked with an air of more credence than mine.


Somehow, I lost strength in my shoulders, so I replied, “No,” and then closed my mouth.


These two don’t seem to know about Kian anyway. Well, they also said they weren’t attached to the castle.


But the two brothers began eagerly asking me what kind of friend he was, whether they thought I was sulking.


I was forced to bring up Kian.


“Ummm. He’s pretty, sweet, uh, kind, and sometimes mean.”


“He’s mean to you? Hmm, he’s mean to you.”


Avelle smiled and said, tilting his head close to mine.


“If anyone bothers you in the future, you have to tell me, okay?”


His expression hardened at the end of his words.


“I’ll drown it in the bottom of the lake.”




I’ll have to tell them in advance to be careful if there’s someone bothering me from now on. Or they’ll be gone with their family name forever.


“Hey, brother, that’s a little too much.”


Then Camillean brought it up. He said something surprisingly common sense.


“If the lake waters turned dirty, father will scold us. Let’s separate the heads and bodies in the corner of the garden and bury them!”


As expected, there was no such thing.


Indeed, they were the next villains. I swallowed a sigh.


‘This family’s future is dark.’




Abel and Camillean took me directly to my room after a walk.


Even at dinner, they looked at me curiously as I ate.


I looked at them with uncomfortable faces, wondering why they were like that, and Henriette shot a sharp look at the two brothers at once.


“Focus on the meal.”






Avelle didn’t even reply to Henriette’s words.


Come to think of it, didn’t Henriette say Avelle despised him the other day?


‘I don’t think I put that in the original. I simply said they weren’t on good terms.’


I thought it was strange, but it was a problem that I couldn’t ask about right away, so I decided to just shut up for now.


After the day’s work, I lay on the bed as soon as I washed up.


Perhaps because there was a lot going on during the day, I felt tired soon after getting over my cold.


Thanks to that, I was able to fall asleep in an instant.


‘Mmm. I’m thirsty.’


How long has it been?


I woke up feeling thirsty after a few hours.


When I frowned heavily and barely looked through the darkness, I finally saw a bottle of water lying right next to the bed.


After drinking a glass of water, I lay back in bed and tried to sleep. I’m still very sleepy.


So I yawned, and I was going to turn the blanket over again.


At some point, I saw a white, opaque hand gently swaying out of the gap in the room that was slightly open.




BeforeI fell asleep. I almost screamed.


While I was frozen in place, the door opened.


What came into the room with great care was a ghost of a woman wearing a white dress like a headmaid, a long white veil.


Frankly, that’s the only way it looked.


She spoke to me at once, when her face began to fade away.


-Hello, miss. Good morning.


Would I ever see a ghost if it was really dawn?


I only nodded, holding back what I wanted to ask.


Finally, the door opened up, and a ghost beckoned to me, who was nervous.


– Excuse me at this late hour, but could you follow me if you don’t mind? Everyone has prepared something for you.


“Wh, what? Wh, who·····?”


-You’ll find out if you follow me. Whatever it is…


  • ·····You’re not saying you’ll make me regret it if I don’t follow you, are you?


In anxiety, I eventually went out of the door crying in my heart, and somehow I saw a group of familiar lights.


Now it was a lantern in the hand of a female ghost.


It’s like the group of lights that I saw last time when Count Semond staged a trick.


-Please follow me well from now on. We have a nice present for you.


Hopefully the gift isn’t a ticket to the underworld, and I started walking along with an invisible female ghost over a long veil.


Curiously, the interior of the castle, which was supposed to be in the dim darkness of dawn, felt very bright.


I wondered why, and there was a big full moon outside.


I remember hearing that the full moon is a symbol of mana.


On the night of the full moon, all the mana is full.


Just in time, the female ghost brought it up.


-Today is the day of the full moon. On such a day, ghost servants of our castle like me can show up without the permission of the master.


Aha, her ghost is one of the ghost servants. Fortunately, it seems that the portal to the underworld isn’t open.


But I just felt like I heard a very terrible story.


You think ghosts will show up?


-Everyone’s been waiting for today to see you in person. Even now, everyone is waiting for you.


She was probably taking me to the other ghostlings.


But ghosts are dead people. What if they’re in terrible shape?


No, why did they wait for me today? To meet me in person?


I had a lot on my mind.


We’re almost there.


In the meantime, the female ghost arrived somewhere with me.


I was nervous until the big door opened wide soon.


“Uh, wow!”


But anxiety soon turned to admiration.


Golden flashing utensils, bright lights, wood fires in the fireplace that warms up the still cool dawn air, and all kinds of luxurious desserts on the table.


With the scent of tea spreading gently in the air, I saw translucent people standing neatly in front of me.


They were all ghostly, slightly worn out, but dressed up as elegant servants.


The female ghost who guided me flew up in the middle of them, and bowed lightly.


-It’s very late to say hello. Lady, we are the other servants of this castle, and we are the ones who have been given a second form of life by our masters. I’m sorry I couldn’t greet you first. I’m Annebella, general manager of these ghost servants. 


Ghost servants bowed down one by one to greet me.


-My name is Olga Benson. I’m in charge of security and surveillance of the castle.


-I’m Wolvette Ioll, Miss. I’m responsible for defending or returning the curse that flies towards the duchess.


-My name is Cinderella Iveldin! I am assisting in all the spells of the castle!


They were then named one by one, and I could easily recall hearing their voices once before.


“H, hi…you’ve talked to me before, right?”


-Of course, miss. I’m the one who stopped you the other day when the lady entered  our workshop.


-I’m the maid who stopped you when you ran down the stairs.


As expected, they were all ghosts who had already spoken to me at least once.


Now that I look at it, they’re not that scary.


I think it’s because dead people don’t necessarily have a neck, blood, or an eye is missing.


On the contrary, everyone looked so fine.


I see Annebella’s face at all because of the veil, but everyone seemed just a little translucent except her.


-We wanted to gather here today to say hello to you, and welcome you back to our castle as soon as you came. So, please enjoy it to the fullest, even though it’s too late.


Annebella greeted in a gentle manner and stepped back, and a gentle melody began to flow from somewhere.


Looking closely, ghosts were playing musical instruments in a corner.


The instrument is also translucent, so is it a ghost instrument? Feeling the question, I was getting excited.


Thinking that ghosts held this early morning reception for me made me very happy.


-This is a dessert we made ourselves, lady. Oh, it doesn’t affect your body even if you eat it, so please enjoy it to your heart’s content.


I was a little nervous when I heard a ghost dressed as a cook talking, so I grabbed a fork. Well, the food isn’t translucent either, how do they do this?


When I took a bite of the small-sized opera cake, the mellow sweetness spread through my mouth.


The chef of the castle was also excellent, but the ghost chef was also amazing. 


“Wow, it’s delicious!” 


-Really? Thank God.


Maybe because it was dawn, the amount of dessert wasn’t that big.


The ghosts roared one after another and welcomed me back to the castle, spoke with a bright face or continued pouring new tea water into the teacup.


Annebella was also looking at me in a warm atmosphere. There seems to be a smile over the veil.


It seemed like they really wanted to welcome me.


I’m completely relieved at this point, too.


The late-night dessert was fantastic, and I was happy that they welcomed me like this.


-By the way, may I ask you a question, miss.




Then Annebella suddenly asks a question.


I opened my eyes wide with a fork in my mouth.


Annebella leaned slightly towards me, and a very feverish scent of flowers spread.


-Is that dangerous creature still approaching you?


“Dangerous person·····?”


Who are you talking about? I cut the raspberry tart into small pieces, put it in my mouth, and mumbled.


Then I thought of something.


Last time I ran out of the garden to escape from the ghosts, didn’t they suddenly yell that I’m going to the danger?


“By any chance, the apple tree in the garden last time ……?”


-Yes, yes, that’s right!


-It was really dangerous then!


The ghosts suddenly became noisy.


What the hell is the danger of an apple tree? I thought about it for a second, and I had a bad hunch for a moment.


I put down the fork.


“Are you… talking about Kian?”


The ghosts began to buzz, this time embarrassed.


Annebella, who had been silent for a while, soon asked in a voice that seemed very stiff.


-Did the evil beast even tell you his name?

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