The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke Chapter 35 - Unbaptized Black Beast

Author: Jirah Gem



Carlyx looked at me sharply as if he were bewildered, and then saw Kian, who stopped walking in front of me, and his expression hardened.


Kian was smiling with a boyish face again. Like nothing happened just now.


“I’m sorry, Rossette. Did I go too far with the prank?”


“Bean, what were you doing with him?”


I couldn’t hear what Carltx was saying.


I was just so scared of Kian who was smiling.


And I was sure. I don’t know about the crown prince, but I don’t think Kian is a human.


“I’m apologizing, so why don’t we make up?”


“N, no! Don’t come this way!”


When I saw Kian taking a step toward me over Carlyx’s shoulder, I shouted in a hurry, and he stopped right away.


Carlyx made an impression and said, “Don’t yell at me in my ear,” but said sternly to Kian whether he had a rough grasp of the situation.


“How dare you bother a member of the Duke of Wensgrey?”


I’m going to trust Carlyx a little.


Then he looked back at me, and he told me.


“You’re just being stupid about it again.”


Cancel the word trust. Whew.


“It must be hard to reconcile today.”


Kian shrugged his shoulders and took a step back.


“Then, we’ll have to meet again next time.”


His eyes were still on me.


“As long as Rossette thinks of me, I promise I’ll come to you first at any time.” 


After that, Kian turned completely and left for the other side of the hallway.


Only then did I shout, sticking my face out beside Carlyx’s shoulder.


“Don’t come! I hate you! I’m never going to be friends with you!”


But Kian disappeared without even looking back.


I felt like I was confused again in my head, which had barely been sorted out a little.


If the Crown Prince is not really a human being, then it also means that I have a problem with my original novel.


I’ve never made a setup like this.


“……Hey, beans. How long will you hold my clothes?”


Carlyx sighed irritably, myy legs were weak and I sank down.


He looked back at me with a puzzled face this time. I looked teary and stretched my arms out.


“……I, I can’t stand up.”




“Give me a piggyback ride…”


When I looked at him imploringly, I could see the wrinkles between his eyes getting deeper.


I thought it wouldn’t work, but he suddenly lowered his back to me.


My eyes were wide and I just stood there, and Carlyx immediately spat out nervously.


“Darn it, don’t go around saying I carried you.”


I grinned and go on his back before he changed his mind, and Carlyx stood up, carrying me on his back, even though he was extremely grumpy.


While going back like that, I asked him a question.


“Hey, little brother.”




“You know the Prince, what’s his name? Real name.”


Come to think of it, ‘Kian’ is not his real name.


I asked because I thought knowing his real name would help me get to the bottom of it, but an unexpected answer came back.


“I don’t know.”


“… you, you don’t know?”


“Why do you need to know about the crown prince’s name?”


Well, a child might not be interested.


That’s what I thought and tried to shake off.


Carlyx just started whining, “Why is it so heavy when it’s the size of a bean?”


“The Prince’s name? Well, I don’t know little kid!”


When I arrived in front of the hall, Camillean came out first and was waiting.


I asked him about Kian’s real name, but he didn’t seem to know either.


“But, Lotty, why are you on Carlyx’s back?”


As soon as Camillean’s eyes opened wide and asked, Carlyx quickly put me on the floor.


Thanks to this, I almost fell down and stared at him, but I could see Carlyx talking about what happened earlier.


“The Crown Prince ······.”


“I, I told him to carry me on his back because my legs hurt.”


I hurriedly cut off Carlyx.


Kian is still scary and I dislike him, but isn’t it too much to see what’s going to happen if I told Camillean what happened here earlier?


It’s a complicated situation, but I don’t want things to get bigger.


Camillean’s eyes widened, and Carlyx made a face and clicked his tongue and just shut up.


“What, you two don’t have a secret, do you? By the way, Carlyx carried Lotty on his back, did you two get to know each other?”


“We’re not close!”


“How can you raise your voice to me? You’ve been to the tower and your liver’s gotten a lot bigger, haven’t you?”


Camillean smiled brightly and began to strangle Carlyx with one arm. Carlyx got a fit of nerves, but got stuck by him.


While watching the two start quarreling for a while, I could see Avelle walking fast from far away.


Henriette, who I thought was talking to the emperor, is also following him. Somehow he was looking at Avelle with a very stiff face.


“Lotty! Big brother, will be with you in the castle for a while!”


Avelle voice sounded exceptionally bright. I asked back with a bright face because I was glad to see him.




“Yes, the Royal Knight’s reconvene has been delayed a little bit. We can stay together longer from now on.”




Avelle smiled brightly and put his hand under my arm and lifted it high. I burst into laughter with excitement.


Next to him, Camillean said, “Me too! Me too!” And as soon as Avelle put me down, he hugged me and twirled around.


And after he put me down, Henriette held me in his arms this time.


“Now I’m done with my business at the palace. I’m coming back to the castle.”


Henriette hugged me as it was and began to turn around and walk.


“I, I can walk alone.”


“I saw your legs shaking a little earlier.”


Henriette asked quite sharply.


“Did something happen?”


I had forgotten for a moment that Henriette’s wit was sharp.


I shook my head lightly, saying no. Henriette asked if I’m sure again, and this time I nodded.


So he didn’t ask anymore, but he didn’t even let me walk alone.


I said it again.


“I can walk alone.”


“When you’re in a bad condition ·····.”


But Henriette said firmly.


“……if you need me, just walk more than three steps, and you’ll find me.”


Huh? I opened my eyes wide.


“Remember. More than three steps into your dad’s arms.”


“…t, three or more steps into your arms?”




Henriette looked so determined.


“That’s the rule from now on. Do you understand?




Is this due to Ennys, or did Henriette’s expression go through its own evolution?


It wasn’t a bad change anyway, so I just leaned comfortably in Henriette’s arms.


Then I suddenly remembered the conversation I had with Carlyx earlier, so I asked Henriette the name of the Crown Prince this time.


“But, uh…. dad. What’s the prince’s name?”


“Why are you curious about that?”


Henriette’s answer is somehow a bit feisty.


“W, we are close.”


“····· you are close?”


He repeated my words as if he were brooding and made an impression.


Well, he’s in the position of holding the Crown Prince hostage, and it’s not much of a pleasure for his daughter to be close to him. 


But of course, being close is a lie to hear his name.


The fact that I was friends with Kian was already canceled when he threatened me earlier. 


“I don’t know.”




Then the unexpected answer came back again.


“The names of the royal family should not be known recklessly. Those who are in the position of ruler should never be called by name.”


If so, does it make sense that even Henriette, who holds the imperial family and can shake it, doesn’t know the prince’s name?


It’s weird.


Shortly after returning to the castle, I also asked Avelle about Kian’s real name, but he also said he didn’t know. He seemed less interested than everyone.


The strange thing was that even Ennys, who had been taking care of the Crown Prince from the imperial family, did not know his name.


“Because there is no reason to know the name of the royal family, Princess. I’m glad you’ve gotten close to your highness, the Crown Prince. Your highness is a man of great character, and if you two get along, it would be a great pleasure.”


During the healing time, Ennys sat me in the chair hugging the rabbit doll and complimented the crown prince.


The more I listened to it, the more I thought it was a someone’s story than Kian, so I listened to it like it’s going in one ear and out of the other.


“Most of all, the beautiful blue eyes and the reddish blonde are symbols of the golden family. Although the current Emperor is not an enemy, the Crown Prince will soon continue his legacy.”


And it was weird, too.


Kian’s eyes are blue, but he have bright black eyes.


I feel like everyone is lying on me.


Maybe the Kian I see, and the Crown Prince Kian that people are actually seeing, look completely different.


To the eyes of others, he is a sweet boy with red-colored blondes and blue eyes.


Only Kian I see looks like a beautiful boy with black hair and red shining black eyes.


And it occurred to me that maybe that’s what he really looked like.


“Well, Princess Rossette, let’s start healing today. It’s the same as always.”


“Yes, I am a precious, beloved, and no one have reason to treat me recklessly!”


Putting aside the complicated feelings for a while, the healing time began in earnest again today.


When Ennys heard my brothers are back in the castle, she brought them all in.


Avelle and Camillean, who had been wondering about my healing time, came running right away, and to my surprise, they forced to bring Carlyx with them.


He looked quite unhappy, but he didn’t dare disobey his brothers. 


Thanks to what happened at the palace, I felt a little glad to see Carlyx.


“Now, you can do as I told you.”


Ennys says the role of parents in healing children’s wounds is of course important, but with siblings they will also be very helpful.


For that reason, Ennys asked my brothers to participate in the healing session for a while.


Avelle and Camillean, who had learned about my story, immediately implemented the healing method that Ennys taught them.


They stood on either side of the chair where I was sitting, and alternately began to speak out.


“Lotty, you are the most loved one in this castle. You remember what your big brother said last night?


“Didn’t your second brother tell you about it? When I was at the Academy everyone even took portraits of their sisters and bragged about them, but no one was as pretty and cute as my sister!”


“You are the treasure of the family.”


“I’m so happy that our youngest is back!”


I’m used to healing, which is close to the silly comments of the maids but the “healing” that the two brothers make contains more than silly comments.


I feel so ashamed of it somehow that my whole body feels ticklish.


But I didn’t feel bad at all. 


I was so ashamed that I kept smiling, so I hid my face behind the rabbit doll I was hugging.


“Stop it …”


Then, the two brothers hardened. Suddenly, Camillean collapsed on the carpet on the floor.


“It was a good life …”


  • ······ He’s muttering a strange sound.


Avelle looked blankly at me, sighing deeply, closing his eyes and shaking his head.


Ennys caught it and asked.


“You have to tell her exactly what you’re feeling to help the princess.”


“······ I want to give you a hug, as much as I can. But I think I’m going to break Lotty.”


Avelle was looking at me smiling with an indescribable face. 


If he really hugged me with that strong-looking body. I think it’ll broke my liver somewhere.


But then, why don’t I hug Avelle?


So I got up from the chair and approached Avelle and hugged him.


With his mouth shut, Avelle had a face that seemed to endure something as hard as he could.


But soon after, Avelle eventually hugged me tightly.


“I can’t stand it!”




He hugged me so tightly that I was suffocated. For a very short time, the word “to the end of this life” crossed my mind.


Fortunately, Avelle let me go quickly. Camillean crawled over and said, “What about Millie? Aren’t you going to hug me?” I had to hug him this time.


And Carlyx is looking at the whole situation as if it were a perverse one. Ennys talked to him, too.


“Please say a word of support to Princess Rossette. Be as honest as those two.”


Avelle and Camillean also looked back at him with a slightly anticipated look, and Carlyx sighed and approached me and opened his mouth.


“Be honest?”


Carlyx arrived in front of me. I looked at him half nervous and half excited.


But you even gave me a piggyback ride at the palace. The name is “healing time,” but I’m sure he won’t be cranky again.


But he raised his chin with an arrogant face and spit it out.




“H, huh?”


“It’s skinny and small, looks like a coward and, as a result, it looks like a bean.”


I felt like my expectations had been kicked.


“Carlyx, you·····.”


“You told me to be honest. I don’t want to make it up. The girl are just beans to me, beans.”


I was in a good mood just now, but I feel like I’m drooping all of a sudden.


Avelle and Camillean tried to go after him instead of me, but Carlyx snorted.


“I’m not a bean. Don’t keep saying beans.”


“What would you do if you called a bean a bean?”


“Don’t do that!”


“Small as a bean!”


“You’re small, too!”


I told you not to, but you keep calling me a bean! I choked up and spit it out without realizing it.


Carlyx was seen frowning fiercely, but I decided not to give up.


I plucked up my courage to believe in my two brothers and Ennys.


“Y, you’re… just a little bit more than me! Just a little bit bigger! Like a pea!”




Of course, Carlyx is still a child, but I was even younger now.


At present, even when the child’s body is occupied by an older soul and there’s a spirit of an adult, all that remains to me is hatred and sorrow for Carlyx, who keeps calling me “Beans” even though I have a pretty name.


“Just a little bit taller than me, a little bit bigger! Don’t call me a bean! You also have been in my place when you were as small as I was! Now you’re just a little bit bigger than me!”

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