The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke Chapter 38 - Unbaptized Black Beast

Author: Jirah Gem

I didn’t think about stopping from shaking.


Kian, the King of the Holy Spirit, which I have been calling by that name, was staring down at me for a while.


He suddenly reached out to me.


“h, heuk…”


I was freaked out and pulled myself out, and then I just rolled under the bed.


There was no time to feel sick. I tried to crawl on the floor and run away, but my limbs were stiff and I couldn’t move.


I crouched down and trembled on the floor. A sigh came from above my head.


Soon, a cold, big hand suddenly hugged my waist, and slowly put me back on the bed. 


“Rossette, won’t you look at me?”


In a very gentle voice, the king of the Holy Spirit called me. 


Shaking and barely raising my head.


I still couldn’t see him well because of the tears and darkness, but I could only tell that Kian reached out his hands and started stroking my face slowly. 


“Why are you so scared? Huh?”


He wrapped my cheek and made me lift my face.


Carefully sweeping the teary eye area with his thumb, Kian whispered softly as if trying to soothe me.


“Now there’s nothing to be scared you about. Your friend killed the uninvited guest. Your family is safe, too. Nevertheless, I can’t believe you’re still this nervous… Is there any other problem?


Kian smiled softly at the end of his speech and bowed his head toward me. 


The feeling of his long hair touching my cheek was creepy cold.


“There might sick places, cold places, etc… Just in case, did you get hurt? Is it okay to take a look? I’ll be as careful as possible.”


You don’t think that I’m scared of sleeping right now?


I pushed his two hands carefully covering my face with trembling hands, forcing them out as if squeezing them out.


“Go away, go away. I, I, I don’t like it!…”


The sobbing, intertwined with the crying, flowed randomly. I heard Kian briefly breathing in.


Unexpectedly, he took his hand off my face slowly. Then he stepped back under the bed as if it was flowing slowly. 


“Let’s keep our distance until here. No more than this.”


Although Kian was seen directly from the front, I was a little relieved thanks to the distance. 


As he nodded his head small, he felt like he was smiling in the dimly.


But I was still very confused. 


Initially, this situation itself was a clear error.


To remind you again, the crown prince in the original is just an extra whose name does not come out properly. 


In other words, the “King of the Holy Spirit” I set and the crown prince are completely different.


However, there is definitely a problem that the crown prince was the king of the holy spirit. 


“….W, why,  t, the real dried prince, t, then, uh, how…”


When I asked in fear, a monster like a large chunk of darkness smiled and opened its mouth. 


“The real prince died a few years ago.”


Kian began to speak in a theatrical manner as if singing. 


For some reason, it is said that King of Holy Spirit has been mixed among humans for a long time.


And he was also in the place where the “real” crown prince died. 


It was an assassination.


The crown prince was dying slowly, bleeding after cutting his neck in his room. 


At the moment of death, the crown prince knew that it was not a human who appeared in front of him. 


So he made a wish to him. 


Please live on behalf of yourself.


“I didn’t know if it was for the maintenance of the imperial family, which was already in jeopardy, or for the weak father. As promised, I only received his place.”


Therefore, Kian appears to everyone other than me in the form of the dead Crown Prince.


Only I was able to penetrate his true shape. 


Perhaps it’s the same reason why I can see ghosts and hear their voices.


However, he said that they could not take the “names” of those who had already died. 


Kian tilted his chin at an angle and spoke in a very light tone, as if he were doing it on purpose.


“Because name is the essence of existence. Moreover, even if it belongs to the dead, it may not be very pleasant for things like us. So it made everyone forget his name.”


No matter how scared he is, a being like the crown prince that no one know that he has died, and even his real name is forgotten. 


I was getting calm little by little while listening to the explanation, but the fear did not go away.


Kian, who seemed to be almost like a lump of darkness, blinked slowly and kept his eyes on me.


I crouched my legs more. Carlyx is still in a state of faint, and it is excessively quiet outside. 


Swallowing and crying, he opened his mouth again toward him.


“So, can I ask you a few more?” 


“Of course, as much as you want,” 


he replied in a friendly manner.


“W, why… did the assassin come to our castle?”


“Your father has a lot of enemies. But this time, he just put the rat he have been chasing into a corner, so the rat must have revealed it’s claws.”


Listening to Kian, I immediately remembered Marquis Alpeir, who Henriette was scheduled to start chasing tomorrow.


It looks like he sent it. I asked again, frowning my nose as I held back my tears.


“········Kian, h, how did you know?” 


“I should tell you the story again. Didn’t I promise you? I’m saying I’ll come if you “think” of me. You must keep what you promise.”


I think it was really useless to draw his picture.


When I closed my mouth, Kian, sitting under the bed, swept up his long black hair with his hand.


He asked in a voice that felt as if he were trying to reassure me. 


“Is there anything else you want to ask? I’ll answer you anything.” 


There’s still more to ask.


I put my back closer to the wall with a little frame. 


“W, what do you want from me?” 


Kian’s head tilted again.


“Why? Why did you ask me to be friends? Do you know who I am? Well, then I’ll pretend I don’t know. I mean…”


“Oh, my. There’s no reason for that, Rossette.”


Kian climbed back onto the bed. I shut my mouth right away. 


“Rather, I’m glad you recognized the reality. So, let’s just continue to be good friends in the future.”


Long, sharp, black fingers stretched out like dry branches.


His fingertips seemed to touch my cheek, but they were taken away, and stopped right in front of my eyes.


“No one recognized ‘me’, not the skin of the crown prince. Only you saw me properly, found out, and realized,” 


he whispered in a beautiful voice as if he were singing and completely pulled his hand away. 


“…Come to think of it, was this form too unfamiliar to you?”


At the moment, the great darkness seemed to melt under the bed. 


It was the boy’s face that I knew.


“You must be used to this face, right? It’s not much contrary to my essence, so I was taking this form in front of you.”




“Oh, my. Is this scary?”


While looking at my complexion, he once again became dark and melted down. 


Soon, a butterfly rose out of the middle of the room. It was a black butterfly with shiny red wings.


[Would this be less scary?] 


He wandered around my head, asking with a buzzing voice.


But I rather narrowed my shoulders and trembled.


Now that I know what that is, I felt scared no matter what Kian looked like.


As soon as that happened, I thought the shape of the butterfly was twisting, but it turned into a boy again. 


Sitting in front of the bed as before, he only raised his head tightly above it, and asked in a soft tone.


“Do you like this the most, too? Would it be scary for you if I took another form other than a butterfly or a child’s?” 


I didn’t answer.


“Let’s make it look like the one you like the most. You’re a friend I haven’t met in a long time, so there’s nothing I can’t listen to.” 


So why don’t you look over here?


With Kian whispering, I managed to look at him. 


It wasn’t until our eyes met that he smiled again.


I could definitely recognize that Kian had no intention of hurting me right now. So I decided to be a little more courageous.


“Just do it as it is. N, never change.”


“Okay, shall we do that? As expected, I thought you would like this the most.”


Kian’s expression seems to be a little brighter. I asked, suppressing my fear. 


“…Really? All I have to do is be friends? You’re not putting me in danger?”


“I didn’t have any intention of putting you in dangerous situations from the beginning.”


He answered concisely. 


“Didn’t I kill them for trying to hurt you?”


“…D, deliberately, to scare me.” 


“I thought you wouldn’t know that I killed it unless I killed it in front of you.” 


Kian said casually.


“At least I have to show that much sincerity so that I can let you know that I’m not harmful.”


It was an astonishing way of thinking. I was speechless for a moment. 


Kian saw me shaking a little less than before, so he lifted up and sat slightly on the corner as if flowing smoothly on the bed.


“I just want to get along with Rosette in the future. That’s enough.”


“W, why is it me? I, I didn’t do anything…? “


“What do I have to do to become friends? Isn’t it possible to just talk, spend time together, and be in one space? Aren’t humans usually like that?”


I recalled the time I spent with him. 


Where did it go wrong?


Spending time with Kian? Inviting him to dessert time? 


Ever since I told him my name and accepted him to be my friend? 


No, it was the beginning. 


From the moment he saved me from the glass greenhouse.


I got caught wrong. 


“My lovely little friend, I really liked you. So I won’t let you be in danger.”


Kian said softly with a smiling face with his chin folded at an angle. 


“I’ll protect you. Just like today, continuously.”


Whatever he said, I felt as if I were alone in a huge darkness.


Eventually, I began to shed tears again. 


Kian is just staring at me without saying a word. 


Several times, he tried to reach out to me, but he took it back.


In the end, I held and let go of only the tip of my hair that stretched in front of my shoulder.


“…So, even if you don’t want to talk to me very much now, I understand.” 


When I raised my head while sniffing at the voice, Kian was already far away from the window. 


Under the moonlight with his eyelids dimly raised, he looked completely black and pale without being colored by a sip of light.


“Let’s make an appointment again. Next time, I won’t come to you first unless it’s the moment you think of me first.”


The shape of Kian gradually faded away. He was changing like a black fog. 


“However, I will judge that you will no longer be afraid of me at that time.”


Even his voice was blurred, but only the meaning was clearly conveyed. 


In time, Kian, who turned completely dark, seemed to be waiting for my answer.


Only after I nodded reluctantly did his eyes shine red beyond the darkness seem to hold laughter. 


“I hope it’s not long after we meet again.”


Kian passed through the window and disappeared with the night sky where the moonlight swallowed him. 


Even after that, I crouched in the corner of the bed for a long time and was shaking.


I couldn’t believe the situation just now. 


How absent-mindedly I was sitting there, and before long, a commotion spread from outside.


“Young master Carlyx!” 


The half-closed door opened wide, and knights with bloodstained swords jumped into the room.


I almost screamed without recognizing them right away, but I didn’t even have the energy to do so, so I narrowed my shoulders down. 


“Oh, lady? Lady Rossette is here with us!”


“Oh, my God, what are you talking about!” 


The escort knights rushed up and looked at me trembling and Carlyx.


At that moment, I could see someone rushing out of them. 


Henriette approached with a pale face. 


As soon as I saw him, I burst into tears. 


“Oh, dad! *sob *sob *sob …Hik…”




Henriette hugged me with his arms open almost as if he were rushing in. His heartbeat was rough.


I shed tears as I cried while hugging Henriette. 


The servants who followed moved Carlyx which had fainted with his arms and legs broken one by one.


Henriette hugged me, who couldn’t stop crying, and went outside. 


I finally realized that Henriette’s arms smelled like blood.


Thanks to this, I cried more because I remembered what happened earlier, and at some point I lost my consciousness. 

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