The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke Chapter 44 - Happy Birthday Lotty!

Author: Jirah Gem

“This isn’t that great. Haha····.”


He spoke with a timid face, unlike the redness on his neck.


How come you broke a rock with your bare hands? 


“No! You’re so cool! Wow! How can a rock become like that? You cut it into pieces after you hit it! How did you do it? Wow!”


“Me too! I’ll show you protection, too!” 


As I continued to admire, Camillean, who was standing with an envious face, suddenly shouted.


Similar to me, Carlyx was mesmerized and looked back at Camillean. 


“Isn’t it a little tricky to use your protection?” 


“But there’s nothing I can’t do. Oh, it happens to pass by there.” 


Avelle approached me and said, 


“Was it really cool?”


After nodding my head repeatedly to the question, he grabbed my hand and looked back at Camillean with an interested face.


Camillean approached a wagon that was just passing by the outskirts. 


Now that I look at it, it looked like a wagon carrying supplies, but the coachman suddenly stopped in surprise when he saw Camillean standing in front of him. 


“What are you doing?” 


It’s him! 


“What’s in the carriage? Tell me!” 


“What? What are you doing?”


Camillean’s protection is not visible to the eyes. Unlike Avelle, who had protections related to force, his protections were related to the mental system.


Camillean smiled brightly at the horseman, making eye contact and talking to him. 


“I’m just curious! Aren’t you going to tell me? I really want to know!”


“Oh, well. It’s food and ingredients that are delivered to the imperial palace’s kitchen…”


“Wow! That’s good.” 


What’s in there? 


“Do you have dessert?” 


“Yes, we do. There is a fruit pie and donut that will be served to His Majesty.” 


“Then give me a donut! I have to feed my sister!” 


Camillean’s protection is the power to “move the opponent like you wanted” when he makes eye contact. It was a kind of brainwashing.


“Y, Yeah, I got it.” 


It’s a very fraudulent ability. 


The horseman looked blank for a moment, got off the wagon and came out with one of the boxes inside. 


I pulled Camelan’s collar at this point. 


“Milly oppa.”


“Huh? Why, Lotty? I’ll let you eat something delicious soon!”


“It’s for the Emperor, Your Majesty, so I shouldn’t eat it.” 


“Why? It’s okay. My father is stronger than the emperor.” 


I know that, but I felt a little sorry for the emperor. I shook my head.


“No, I’m full. I finished eating cotton candy. And I don’t want to steal other people’s food.”


“Wow, how can Lotty be so nice? Then I got it!” 


Camillean, who patted my head recklessly, immediately brainwashed the horseman again. 


“You don’t have to give me donuts! My sister doesn’t really want to eat it. Nothing happened to you here today. Okay?” 


The coachman nodded with a blank face.


I sighed as I saw the carriage heading back toward the Capital. 


Camillean was still smiling at me. 


“What do you think? Is Milly cool, too?” 




Should I say this is cool or not? I answered after thinking for a while.


“Oh, Milly, is your protection able to make you eat a lot of dessert?” 


“It’s similar, but no! Well, oh! Lotty, you want to eat dessert twice a day in a castle, right?” 




I nodded violently. 


Camillean’s expression brightened up. 


“Then you have to tell Milly! Okay? Millie oppa can let Lotty eat desserts twice and three times a day!” 


I clapped this time. 


“Milly oppa is cool!” 


“Right! Hahaha!” 


Camillean disturbed the enemy’s interior with that ‘cool’ slogan, and temporarily separated the relationship between the male and female characters.


His greatest contribution in the novel may have caused the collapse of the imperial family, which later rebelled against the Wensgrey family. 


But Camelan said, “His protection doesn’t work for Henriette.” 


It was thanks to Henriette, who was given a protection, that is more of a being than Camillean’s “thousand eyes looking down.”


Anyway, what’s left now is. 


“You’re not small, but you’re still small.” 


“Beans, how long are you going to call me that?”


“But your name is hard.”


Carlyx looked dissatisfied. 


I’ve practiced a few times to call his name properly.


However, they don’t know how embarrassing it was to have only short pronunciation.


Isn’t 7 years old the age when your pronunciation becomes clear? 


I may have a shorter tongue than my peers. 


Anyway, I wanted to see the protection of Carlyx this time. 


“I’m not going to show you,” he said, feistily.


“Although it is controlled after visiting the tower… he didn’t want to show you,” 


So Avelle, who was holding me in his arms said to me instead




“He’s afraid Lotty will be scared of his protection!” 


As I’ve heard before, Carlyx’s protection was a special case.


Among the numerous types of protection, there was a class that had to learn how to control and coordinate power through the star of the Guardian, who gave protection from the tower like Carlyx. 


In that case, most of them lost their reason when the protection was activated.


“Anyway, I know that because I can’t show you. And you, call my name properly. What do you mean the smallest? Do you know who the smallest one is?”


“Of course, we can call each other by nicknames!” 


Oh, my. 


You’re so picky. 


Why are you asking too much from a kid whose pronunciation is not good? 


In the end, when I shouted like that, Carlyx’s expression became strange. 


“That’s right. Now that I think about it, only Carlyx doesn’t have a nickname.”


“I know, right. There’s no Calyx.” 


(tl: Rossette can’t pronounce Carlyx so everytime she says his name, it’s only Calyx, except on her thoughts)


“·······What do you mean, a nickname? I don’t think so!” 


Whatever Carlyx says, my opinion was already firm.


I was actually thinking about it. 


What would be a good nickname for “Carlyx”? 


I tried to give him a nickname but I couldn’t find one that suits him.….


“Avel is A, Camillean is Milly. Then, Calix is·····. Oh, I remembered! ‘Shushu!'” 




Carlyx asked back with a face that seemed dumbfounded as though he hadn’t heard it right in the first time.


As if what he heard is correct, I shouted it out again cheerfully.


“From now on, it’s Shushu oppa!” 




“Why am I Shushu? There is nothing like ‘Shushu’ in the name ‘Carlyx’!” 


“Woong, that’s…” 


The reason why “Shu” suddenly popped out is because…


Carlyx, lyx, x, xu, xuxu, shushu….


(tl: this is the korean raws, “kalriksseu, riksseu, seu seuseu syusyu…” so technically, rossette, only based his nickname on the last letter of “Carlyx”)


Light pink hair and light green eyes. 


He’s a pretty smiley boy like a fairy if he keeps his mouth shut, so the nickname “Shu” seemed to suit him. 


Avelle and Camillean are spaced out for a second. 


Both burst into laughter with offbeat. 


“Hahaha! ShuShu! ShuShu!” 


“Shushu suits you! Shushu·····!” 


“Lotty, your naming skills are getting better day by day.····· hahahaha!” 


“Oh, brothers! Don’t laugh!”


I burst into laughter just like my brothers because I was excited to see Carlyx’s face turning red. 


“Beans, pick something else other than Shushu!” 


“No! I don’t want to! Pfft. Shushu, Shushu!” 


“T, this bean.····!” 


A, Milly, and Shushu.


It’s not older brothers, but like older sisters.


However, I think it’s at least a nickname that suits the older brothers of “Lotty.”


I think it’s a cute nickname for the three villains in the future. 


Who cares? 


“Young masters, lady. I wonder if it would be better to start returning to the Imperial City now.” 


The commander of the escort, who was watching us from a little distance, hinted.


Well, we shouldn’t stay outside of the Capital for too long. We don’t know when Henriette will find us. 


“Okay. Let’s go back now. Oh, Lotty. You like older brothers better than friends, don’t you?”




Of course, friends and older brothers are different, but thanks to them, I nodded gladly.


The oppas’ expressions brightened up. 


Except for Shushu. 


“Okay, that’s a relief. If you go to the imperial palace banquet, you have to stay with your brothers even if other people ask you to play with them. Got it?” 


Avelle was stroking a sword caught in his waist for some reason. 


“Especially when boys approach, the oppas will protect you.”


  • ·····Avelle’s expression seems to have become very brutal at the moment, but it must be an illusion, right? 


We entered the boarder of the Capital again on that road. 


The selection of gifts was not over yet, and the enthusiasm of the festival was even more intense. 


People were seen dancing in the square of the Imperial City.


They are dances that look much more elegant and enjoyable than seen in Count Semond. 


Above all, I couldn’t see any drunk people. 


Well, who can get drunk when it’s his Majesty’s birthday? 


I think so, but there was a sound coming from the back of the shoulder of Carlyx.


“Hey, are you going to drink already?” 


“What do you think? You should drink on a day like this!” 


“Stop it. Today, the villain, Duke Wensgrey, is here in the Capital. You shouldn’t be in sight for nothing.” 


  • ·····It was because of Henriette. I found out that my dad was being treated as a huge villain.


As soon as the person who was just about to drink heard that, he freaked out and threw the bottle away.


There is Henriette, nicknamed the “guillotine full course” and “ecosystem disturbing specie,”


And they can’t even drink alcohol. 


“Let’s stop by that gift shop this time.” 


They sell a lot. 


“I guess it’s a toy store! Lotty, let’s go in and pick one!” 




There were so many people in the toy store. 


It is said to be a store owned by a man named Count Montvely, and Avelle seemed to intend to take over the store from the moment he entered. 


Toys were generally cheap. 


Perhaps that’s why the servants, who had been paying attention to buying my gift, began to choose things.


“Lady, what do you want to get?” 


“Oh, this is pretty! But it’s too cheap for my baby to play with.” 


“Everyone, don’t forget your duty. Protect the young masters and the lady well!” 


At least, the escort commander threatened the servants, but he seemed to be choosing a toy to give me as a gift. 


Mary stood next to me.


“I bought a present in advance, miss. I’ll give it to you when I get back to the castle later!” 


“Ung! Hehe.” 


Everyone seemed a little extreme, but I was happy that they were doing it for me. 


I twisted my body a bit because I’m a little shy. 


“Oh, my. Miss. There are so many people inside. Can you go outside for a moment?”


“Yes. I will.” 


I was actually going to ask them to go out. 


Because there were so many people and it was chaotic. 


Before leaving, Mary informed the commander of the escort that I would be out for a while. 


I’m thinking of not going far but right in front of the store.


The heat of the festival is still in full swing, so it would be fun to see the people on the street outside.


Or should I buy ice cream and share it with them?  To servants and coachman. 


It’s hot, but everyone even carried their luggage around, so it’ll be hard if they don’t have some.


“Mary, let’s go buy ice cream!” 


“Do you want ice cream?”


“Yeah. Not only me, but I’m going to buy two for Mary!” 


“Oh my! Then I’m happy. Shall we go right away?” 


I happily held hands with Mary and headed to a nearby ice cream store. 


It was then. 


“Ladies, ladies.”


A weak voice was heard right near me. 


Mary responded before me.


The old woman in shabby clothes was calling us, putting a large load in front of her feet. 


“Do you know where Villenzief’s miscellaneous goods are?” 


Oh, my. 


She has a lot of baggage.


“Oh, if it’s there, it’s close to here. If you go that way and turn to the right alley, you can get there quickly.”


Villenzief miscellaneous goods are the places we passed by earlier. 


When Mary gave her directions in detail, the old woman bowed her head and tried to lift her luggage. 


“Oh, my. I’m sorry, but can you help me move this to the side? This, because it’s hard to lift ·····.”


“Oh, of course. Wow, this is really heavy”.


Mary, who was carrying the old woman’s luggage from the other side, frowned. 


What’s inside? 


And I think she’s quite old, so can she carry that and go properly? 


A little worried, I pulled Mary’s skirt. 


“Can we move this to another place?”




“Oh, my. I’d appreciate it if you do that. This old woman has a bad back.…” 


Mary seemed a little embarrassed. 


I’m sorry to make you something unexpected all of a sudden, but it’s still a little too much to pretend not to know even though you’re an old woman. 


“Mary doesn’t have to do it if it’s hard, it looks like you’re having a hard time.” 




Mary looked at me with pride. 


She soon lifted her seemingly very heavy burden vigorously. 


“Oh, it’s really heavy! Madam, I’ll hold it for you. You said Villenzief miscellaneous goods, right?”


“Yes, yes. Whew, I’m so thankful that I can’t help it.”


Villenzief miscellaneous goods are nearby, so I thought we could stop by for a while and go. 


“Mary, I’ll buy you two ice creams later!” 


“Oh my! Good for you. Then I’ll cheer up!” 


Mary’s steps became lighter. 


We took the old woman and headed to a nearby alley together.


There seemed to be more and more people on the street.


“Huh? The door of the general store is closed?” 


But when we arrived in front of the general store, I thought it was closed. 


Mary and I both tilted our heads together at the question. 


I looked back at the old woman. 


“Hey, grandma. The door is closed…”


It was that moment. 






The harsh, dull noise hit my ears. 


Surprised, I turned around, and Mary collapsed on the floor. 


A large man, who I didn’t even know when he appeared, was holding a club in his hand.


Several men were seen walking out from behind the closed general store. 






What happened? 




“Great job, grandmother. This time, you dragged it properly.”


Mary, who seemed to faint, was shaking her hand, and one of the men was handing over a purse to the old woman.


The old woman opened her pocket for a moment and quickly ran out of the alley with a grin. 


At that moment, my mind turned white. 


Why did I forget? 


Kidnapping using the elderly is a method that has been used very often on Earth, right?


“Look at her. She’s wearing fancy clothes. Are they a wealthy little girl and lady? It’s going to cost quite a bit this time.”


The men reached out to us. 


There was no way out. 


I closed my eyes tightly, holding on to the fallen Mary.

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