The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke Chapter 46 - Happy Birthday, Lotty!

Author: Jirah Gem

“Isn’t it better to kill everyone?”


At Kian’s question, I glared at him slightly.


“Then I’ll get in trouble, too. I was the last one to be with them.”


Even though I answered in accordance with the emotions of this non-human being in his own way, he didn’t seem to understand me, who chose a cumbersome way rather than a ‘swift and clean’ way. 


“I can make it happen that much. I can erase your traces.”


“…No. As expected, I hate it. And they’re not following me.”


First of all, as I said, it was really good to not kill a person but to let me and Mary be an accomplice is not acceptable.


However, as expected, Kian seems to be thinking wrongly. How can killing people be neat in the first place?


Although I hated the people who kidnapped Mary and me, I didn’t want Kian to kill them. 


“Oh, we’re almost there.” 


I raised my head when he said that. 


Kian swallowed Mary, who fainted, in the shadow of his body, took a few steps forward holding my hand.


Then, we arrived at the imperial palace garden in an instant.


Now I can take a breather. 


I was relieved and stretched my shoulders. 


Kian let go of my hand, and this time he grabbed my face with both hands and began to look around. 


“Did you get hurt? Those humans wouldn’t have dared to touch you, would they?”


“Ung… I’m okay. I wasn’t scared at all because Kian came.”


I wasn’t hurt anywhere, but I was so nervous that I was sweating. 


There was a shallow tremor in the body. 


In fact, I didn’t express it, even though it was a little scary, but Kian, who was just staring at me at the time, suddenly brought it up. 


“Oh, my. Rossette, I’m in trouble.”


“Huh? Why?” 


“Your maid, I think I swallowed it completely by mistake.” 


  • ········what? 


I hardened right away. 


Did you swallow Maylee? 


“R, really? No! No! M, Mary, spit it out! Hurry up! Hurry up! You bad guy!”


I started punching Kian with my fist, screaming in disbelief. 


He didn’t move at all. 


I shouldn’t have trusted you and left you there! 


A set of tears burst out. 


This monster doesn’t know how good Mary has been to me. 


“Waaaaa. Mary····!”


But Kean still smiled and said as if he were joking.


 “It was a lie.” 


“W, what?” 


“I was joking. I don’t make that kind of mistake. Your maid is safe.”


Kian grabbed my face and wiped away my tears, and pulled Mary out again over the shadow spreading under my feet.


She had fainted in good shape.


I felt absurd. 


Looking at him with a sniffle, Kian burst into low laughter. 




“I was going to let you go because you seemed so nervous… I forgot that my little friend was so naive. So cute! Was it scary?”


There’s nothing else to joke about!


I was so speechless that I couldn’t speak anymore. 


Mary, who was alive and breathing under Kian’s shadow, was locked again. 


Kian wiped off all my tears and quickly pulled my sweaty hand. 


“Rossete, do you like flowers?”


If I could, I wanted to hit him a few more times without answering, but I thought he might really swallow Mary. 


So when I glared at him and nodded, Kian smiled softly and said. 


“There are so many flowers blooming in the secret garden of the imperial palace. Don’t you want to see it?” 


“·······a little.”


“Then I’ll take you, so don’t look at me like that anymore.”


Kian smiled brightly and pulled my hand. 


“My little friend is so cute that I may want to take a bite without realizing it.”




 I decided to stop staring at Kian for my life.


As I took a few steps forward holding Kian’s hand, the surrounding landscape quickly changed, as it did earlier. 


I’m a little curious about what kind of magic this is. 


Is it the power of a Holy Spirit, not magic? 


Kian said he learned magic from Henriette. 


I guess that’s a lie. 


“We’ve arrived.”


Kian let go of my hand, whispering softly. 


In the ecstatic scene revealed in front of me, my eyes widened unknowingly. 


Time was getting close in the evening. 


Therefore, in the dusk of the bluegrass, a flower garden full of golden flowers that are flowing in the heat spreads out in front of me.


The dark blue air, where the rosy airflow was gradually being pushed out, seemed to be in direct contact with the brightly shining horizon beyond. 


Above the beautiful flower garden, the full moon gently revealed its face among the dark clouds, and the starlight began to raise its eyelids one by one. 


The shining flowers were sometimes seen in the glass greenhouse of our castle, and the flowers of the imperial palace looked more colorful than that.


“Wow, wow! What flower is all this?” 


I asked Kian like that and looked at him, but he disappeared. 


Where did he go? 


I was embarrassed and looked around, and a gust of wind suddenly hit me. 


The petals scratched by the gentle shake of the wind and the petals of flowers flew up into the air.


They became rain of beautiful flowers at once and fell like a whirlpool over my head. 


“Ah, Waaa,····!” 


The rain of petals flowing down like fragments of fragrant light was so enchanting. 


I think I’m going to get dizzy from the smell of flowers that are so sweet.


When I put my hands together and held them out, the shining petals fell on them.


When I blew the petals with an excited face, the petals that flew in my breath fluttered in the air. 


It was then. 


Suddenly, a cold touch touched my ear. 




I was surprised and looked back, and Kian, who appeared again.


What did he do? 


His eyes were only round, but Kian smiled silently and tapped his ears. 


Huh? Ears? 


My ears? 


I touched my ear for something, and a flower was stuck in it. 


“You’re neither scared nor nervous now Rossette. You don’t even cry anymore.”


Was the storm of flowers something that Kian did? 


As I fiddled with the flowers stuck in my ears, I looked up at him and blinked my eyes wide open, and Kian stopped staring down at my face and smiled again. 


At first glance, he looked as if he had seen something ecstatic. 




He swept my hair over.


I could see petals sticking between the light pink hair flowing under my shoulders. 


When Kian’s hand reached, the petals dried up black and died. 


“You’re lovely, my little friend. How could you be so pretty?…” 


Kean, who was delicately sweeping my hair, slightly grabbed my cheeks and pulled it.


Soon after, like a person who had a sudden impulse, he suddenly kissed my forehead lightly after not seeing me for a long time. 


I was surprised by his behavior, but what surprised me more was the touch of his lips that touched my forehead and fell quickly. 


“Uh, Kian’s lips, it’s so cold.” 


When I frowned while shivering, he burst into laughter as if he were spitting out another low breathing sound.


I felt embarrassed for no reason, and I felt itchy in my heart for some reason. 


I didn’t like it, so I rubbed my forehead with the back of my hand. 


By the way, did Kian know what he was doing? 


What was certain was that Kian looked more excited than usual now.


Somehow, he looked like a real 10-year-old boy, not the king of monsters. 


“This is part of a secret garden. There’s a lot more to see in here, so I’ll give you more time to  sightsee,” 


He pulled my hand. 


I thought of my dad and brothers looking for me, but wouldn’t it be okay to look around for a while?


I was curious to hear that there are more things to see than here. 


I eventually followed Kian. 




“Oh, this old woman knows nothing! I just followed what those young people told me to do.”


 “Don’t be ridiculous, grandmother! You’ve been asking for work because you were kicked out of the thief guild. Are you going to avenge your kindness?”


Almost an hour has passed, but they couldn’t find Rossette’s whereabouts. 


However, at least the group who kidnapped her could be found after cooperation with numerous bandit guilds, slave merchants, and Rohol family subordinates. 


Suddenly, those who were destroyed in their entire base shouted at the kidnappers who were trapped.


“These crazy guys, look at the face of a person you’re kidnapping!” 


“Because of you, the heads of the leaders might flow away! We’re done with our guilds, done!” 


“There are only a few places where thief guilds, slave merchants, and family members were destroyed by those idiots!” 


“Oh, I’m screwed!” 


Henriette had no more time to watch the men fight among themselves.


According to the kidnappers, Rossette, who had definitely been held in the warehouse, suddenly disappeared.


I thought it was ridiculous, but in fact, no trace of Rossette could be found anywhere in the Capital. 


“Search more individually. If you don’t find any trace of Rossette, you’ll be flying with them all today.”


It is Henriette, who destroyed the ecosystem of the world behind the capital in a short time.


The Imperial Knights, who witnessed the scene right next to him, knew that his words were not exaggeration and moved busier. 


Then a scream rose among the kidnappers. 


“Argh! Save me! Save me!”


Avelle kicked one of the kidnappers and knocked them down, trampled on his back and raised the sword. 


Henriette shouted at him, who was about to hit the kidnapper’s neck with a sword. 


“Stop, Avelle!” 


The loudness of his voice temporarily tied Avelle’s actions.


Avelle, who had hardened in the same posture as he was about to hit the sword, stared at Henriette with bloody eyes and shouted fiercely with a vein on his neck.




“It’s not even clear whether they’re lying or hiding Rossette. Don’t act rashly,” 


Henriette came up to him and held the sword with strength.


“I have never entrusted you with the execution of those. Nevertheless, will you act more carelessly, Avelle?” 




When the mana that was holding back his actions disappeared, Avelle shook off Henriette’s hand silently and put the sword into the sheath. 


Instead, as if to vent his anger, he kicked the kidnapper’s stomach hard and knocked him down.


After some threats, torture, and Camillean’s protection were mobilized, they found out that the kidnappers really did not know Rossette’s location.


On the way, Henriette guided the kidnappers, as well as the Rohol family and all those in their seats, to be detained by a group of knights dispatched from the imperial palace. 


“Oh, no! Duke! Duke! What happened to what you said?” 


“You said you’d let me go if I cooperated! Duke! Save me! Duke!”


Henriette found that kidnapping was the only thing they could earn since it is frequent pocket money. 


Nevertheless, he just closed his eyes so far. 


Since he received a tribute, he didn’t feel the need to punish them or anything, but not anymore.


“Your Majesty will decide the punishment strictly. Find out where the children have been kidnapped and disappeared by them so far, so that the survivors can be sent back to their respective homes.” 


“Oh, okay!”


In Henriette’s head, his daughter’s face did not leave. 


Scared Rossette. 


Shaking and crying Rossette. 


Rossette, looking for her father and brothers while crouching pitifully.


“Tell His Majesty after the detention.” 




“Those who are confirmed to have participated in or sought work immediately hit their necks and returned all their property to the imperial family,” 


As the head of the 5th Army Knights, heard his message, he immediately went to obey it.


At least the villain he knew and everyone knew of this empire was not the one to say that. 


“As of today, all the dark groups rooted in the Capital will be dissolved. This will never happen again, and those with missing children should visit the Imperial Palace,” 


but Henriette declared here.


“If the same thing happens in the future or a group that takes root in the later world, we will destroy all three generations of the family as well as the group and put them to death.”


Cheers erupted among the people who were only humming.


Those who knew Duke Wensgrey expressed embarrassment, but added a voice to the cheers to stand out.


In time, applause poured out. 


Of course, sometimes there was a questionable reaction, ‘Is that villain joking now?’ but Henriette’s ears now heard nothing.


At that time, Carlyx called Henriette.


“Father, I’ll look for b, beans, no, Rossette.”


Carlyx looked nervous and waited for news from her.


He knew it was time to step up in person.


With his protection, they can find Rossette.


 “So please allow it. Do you mind if I use my protection? I think we’ll find her because my nose will get better once I exercise protection.”


Henriette knew well that his third son didn’t want to show his “protection” for a long time.


In addition, since leaving the tower, it was now his first time using his protection. 


“Can you control the protection on your own?” 


“Yes. It was okay in the tower, so maybe…” 


“If you can be sure, you can use it then.”


But Carlyx hesitated for a moment at Henriette’s words.


Until he learned how to control protection, he lost his reason by simply triggering his protection, but now it was an urgent time. 


He doesn’t know when and where the beans are crying and looking for her family. 


“I can do it. I’ll try.”


Soon after, when Carlyx showed his protection, his appearance gradually changed to a big one.

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