The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke Chapter 47 - Happy Birthday, Lotty!

Author: Jirah Gem

The secret garden of the imperial palace was really spacious. 


I was a little hungry, but Kian said all the fruits here were not poisonous, so I ate a few. 


After that, he crossed a large arch-shaped wooden bridge and passed a small trail, reaching a high hill with a clear view of the night sky.


The lake where the sculpture boat was floating looked like a round full moon, and there was also a small forest full of fruit trees.


Unknowingly, I forgot that there was a king of Holy Spirit next to me, so I had fun.


By the way, I think we’re already far from the concept of “garden”. 


“It’s a magical space, so it’s natural. While I was staying here, to relieve my boredom, I used my hand a little bit.” 


“Oh, so it’s a secret garden?” 


“Yes. Only those who was allowed by me can step into this.”


It was only then that I could understand the mysterious landscapes that I continued to see. 


“But my dad and brothers are looking for me now. I’ve been playing for too long.” 


“Oh man, just in time they’re coming this way. Shall we play a little more?” 


Kian pulled out his neck for a moment and took out his vision to look somewhere. 


It’s a relief that it’s just in time, he came.


By the way…


“By the way, Kian.” 


“What’s going on, Rossette?” 


“····Kian, can you do whatever I want?” 


“Of course.” 


I’ve been wanting to ask him since earlier, but he always gave a very concise answer.


There were so many various and beautiful flowers in the secret garden created by Kian, and every time he saw them, he picked one flower and decorated my hair.


As a result, I wanted to try it because my hands were itchy, but Kian, who had collected a lot of flowers in the meantime, asked me to decorate his head. 


His hair had grown out before he knew it. 


His hair, which came down to his waist, was black.


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I’m now carefully decorating each flower in between his hair as he lower his head. 


It’s my first time touching it myself, but Kian’s hair was really good. 


Is it because he’s not human? 


The flowers stuck between the black hairs were very pretty and looked good on them.


I smiled because I felt better, but he suddenly looked back at me and asked.


“Do you like this look?” 


“Yes, it looks good on you.” 


“Then let’s continue to have long hair like this.” 


“Will you?” 


Kean nodded. He sat down looking back at me completely.


“Because Rossette likes it. I can do this much for my little friend. That way, won’t you be less afraid of me?”


With that said, he folded his eyes and laughed. 


I was still scared of Kian, but it was true that I was a little less nervous because he kept matching everything according to my preference.


He’s been acting as if I shouldn’t be afraid.


“By the way, what does Kian look like?” 


I suddenly asked because I was curious. 


You can make your hair long however you want, and I don’t think it’s the boy’s original appearance, so what the hell is he?


Most of the “Holy Spirit” I know look terrible. 


Would Kian be like that, too?


“The other day, didn’t you see it properly? Even if it wasn’t complete, it was also close to a part of my body.” 


He seemed to mean the dawn when I learned of his identity. 


It was too dark and I kept crying, so my eyes were blurry, so I don’t remember anything except that Kian had long hair.


“I didn’t see it. Kian, I don’t know anything except that your hair was originally long.” 


“I can be anything. But now it’s fixed in this way,” said Holy Spirit’s king, smiling with the boy’s face. 


“Rossette is a child, so wouldn’t it be better for me to match your image as a child? Moreover, my other body has a very terrible and ugly appearance. Do you miss it?”


“Oh, no. I·····.” 


If you say it like that, I think it would be better not to see it. 


By the way, “another body” means that it’s is not the only one? 


Anyway, even after being honest, he slowly looks at his countenance, and Kian is still laughing.


“But if it changes to a different look, I can show it to you.” 


“Which one?” 


“For example, how about this?” 


At one moment, I wondered if Kian’s appearance was really changing


Soon after I saw him take on a certain shape, I opened my eyes wide in surprise.


All the flowers I had woven into Kian’s long hair fell to the floor, he picked them up and smiling. 


Black hair and golden eyes. 


A cold and beautiful face like a single sword. 


Kian, who suddenly became Henriette’s figure, was sitting low in front of me. 


“This could have seemed less scary to you.”


Every time the golden eyes touched the moonlight, they sparkled with a strange red light. 


When I was surprised and couldn’t close my mouth, Kian laughed with Henriette’s face. 


For some reason, it looked very heterogeneous and unfamiliar. 


I got goosebumps because I felt like I was seeing a monster covered in my dad’s face. 


“If you don’t like this, what about this?” 


“Oh, yeah!”


In a blink of an eye, Kian turned into Avelle. 


The voice quickly changed again. 


Avelle’s appearance also had a red sparkle in his eyes. 


“If you don’t like it again, what about this appearance?” 


Next, it turned into Camillean’s appearance.


“What about this, Rossette?”


Next, it turned into the shape of Calix. 


In all aspects, it was exactly the same as my family. 


He seems to be able to imitate their voice too. 


However, Kian’s unique smiling face, or the red sparkles of his eyes seem to be hidden.


But why does he change into my family?


If you can’t see his eyes or smiling face closely, I don’t think you’ll recognize that Kian has changed. 


Kian finally turned into Henriette again, and seemed to stare at me, and then looked very unhappy with something. 


Don’t make that face with my dad’s face. 


It doesn’t suit him.


“Is it still weird?” 


“Ung, it’s weird to use honorifics in the form of my dad.” 


“Oh no.” 


Kean, who turned into Henriette, laughed. 


He said in a very regretful way. 


“It would have been better if I could have been your guardian from the beginning.”


It felt strange to hear Henriette’s low and deep voice talking. 


No, it’s not because of his voice. 


Feeling anxiety rising, I asked carefully. 


“·····You didn’t forget that you decided not to hurt my family, did you?” 


“Of course.”


Henriette, no, Kian replied with a gentle smile. 


I still had goosebumps.


I don’t know exactly how Kian sees me, but at least I knew a little of what he was thinking now. 


So I said almost as if I were joking, and at the same time, as if I were giving a warning. 


“You shouldn’t eat my dad or kill him.”


Kian laughed for a moment without saying anything. 


Then he quickly turned into a boy with long hair. 


“Rossette is really quick-witted. You’re lovely, too.” 


I think I’ve just saved Henriette’s life. 


“You promised to listen to me!”


“Of course, aren’t I listening well? You don’t have to be afraid about earlier, it’s just a story in the conceptual stage without doing it in action.”


Kian smiled casually, raised one side of his knee and put his elbow on it, hugging his chin. 


“If I do it, Rossette, do you like your current situation enough? Are you happy?” 


“·······I, I like it. I’m happy. I, I can’t live without my family.”


You never know, one day Kian might be pretending to be him instead of Henriette or my older brothers. 


I answered resolutely to make it impossible to even think about that, but Kian’s smile deepened a little. 


“·····Then, which of my appearances do you like the most?” 


“Oh, I’m scared of it. As usual.”


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Oh, I shouldn’t have been honest this time! 


Seeing that Kian’s smile was completely erased from his face, I hurriedly blocked my mouth with both hands and shook my head. 


No! It’s a big mistake, cancel! Cancel! 


“Is that so? No matter what it looks like, I’m scary for you…”


However, Kian looked a little disappointed. 


His appearance suddenly melted black and black, and he turned into a black puddle. 


My eyes grew as I was covering my mouth in surprise. 


“K, Kian,·····?”


<·····It would be better to stay in this form than to keep looking scary for you.>


The sulking black slime…, no, Kian’s voice as if he were dead. 


Is the king of Holy Spirit upset because I kept saying I was scared? 


I almost laughed a little, but I barely endured it. 


“······ K, Kian.”


<What is it> 


“····· Can I touch it? It looks very, very soft.” 




Honestly, it looks like a huge liquid monster, but I want to touch it. 


It’s not scary if it looks like this. 


But Kian didn’t say anything for a long time. 


Do you think he’s frustrated?


I stretched out my finger to poke him slightly, but suddenly he changed his appearance again.


<Then, what do you think about this?> 


Waa! surprised! 


Something suddenly popped up. 


Looking closely, Kian had turned into a small animal. 


Also, it has soft black fur. 


“Oh, fox!”


Kian, who turned into a black fox, fell into my arms. 


<It’s a creature that I remember seeing the other day. Do you like this appearance of me?> 


“Yes! Good! Hehe.” 


I held the fox Kian and stood up. 


The fluffy and chubby tail stretched under my arm.


It was lighter than I thought, but maybe because I was still a small kid, it was a little big to come into my arms.


“Kian, are you going to be a fox again in the future?”


When I asked excitedly, Kian seemed to be thinking for a moment and replied by rubbing his long snout on my cheek.


<Well, let’s think about it a little bit. I don’t hate it because you like it this much, but the appearance of a quadrupedal animal is uncomfortable.>


Then it can’t be helped, but it’s a little disappointing. 


<But if you want, I’ll be like this often.> 




<Of course. However, you have meet me often.> 


The fox smiled with a twinkling eye.


<Then, I can listen to Rossette better, right?>


“… I’ll think about it…” 


Kian smiled as if he were crying low and rubbed his head under my chin. 


After turning into a fox, he became very cute. 


It was then. 


Suddenly, a cry came from behind. 


“Found it!”


It was a cry mixed with strange purring sounds. 


I was surprised and looked back, hugging Kian. 


A crowd of lights pushed in from the bottom of the hill. 


Looking closely, several people who raised the magic of light above their heads were coming this way. 


And what’s that in the front?


“Ho, Holy Spirit····! Kian, that one! Holy Spirit!” 


An incredibly large beast was seen. 


It is a large beast with light pink rich mane and curved horns on its head. 


It looks a little more like a fantasy animal, but the only animal in this world that looks like that is a Holy Spirit.


<Calm down, Rossette.> 


Actually, Kian, the king of Holy Spirit, jumped so calmly under my arms. 


<These are the people who came to pick you up.> 




“Rossette! Rossette! The person there, our Lotty, right?”


Looking closely, I see a familiar face on the person sitting on the holy spirit.


It’s Camillean. 


I was astonished. 


“Lotty! Father! Hey! There’s Lotty!” 




Henriette is shouting next to it. 


I became embarrassed. 


Why is everyone so peaceful when they’re with a holy spirit?


And no way, all those people went around looking for me, right?


<Then I’ll have to go now. See you next time.> 


Kian said so, and then he melted back into the shadow as before. 


<Your maid will be moved to a suitable place for the eyes of others, so don’t worry. Then, see you next time.> 




There was no time to say goodbye to Kian. 


He quickly mixed up in the shadow and disappeared, and Henriette jumped up the hill faster than anyone else. 


Even before I called my dad, Henriette hugged me first. 


“Where the hell did you go?”


Henriette sighed in a voice that seemed to suppress his emotions with effort.


His voice is shaking. 


As much as the previous dawn. 


“······S, Sorry…” 


I think something bigger happened than I thought.


Avelle holding a sword or Camillean jumping down the back of Holy Spirit are also coming toward me with noticeable relief.


But what is that holy spirit? 


I’m going to die because I’m worried. 


“That, that, by the way, dad, that.” 




Surprised by spirit’s sudden voice, I hid into Henriette’s arms. 


But I’m familiar with this voice.


I raised my head with a strange face, and a light pink-haired beast who lowered his head toward me made an impression. 


Only then did I make eye contact with his light green eyes. 


<What are you surprised about? Bean. It’s me, Carlyx.>

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