The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke Chapter 50 - Happy Birthday Lotty!

Author: Jirah Gem

That’s second in the list of questions that you should never ask to a child. 


For your information, in the first place is ‘Do you like mom or dad? Who does “Baby” look like more?’ 


Which are the most difficult question for a child.


I briefly thought about just running away. 


But I quit quickly and fell into trouble. 


I don’t think “I like you all!” is a very wise answer. 


“I’ll make you dessert when I go back to the second imperial palace in a little while. With your favorite whipped cream cherry pie.” 


Oh, Henriette launched a seduction operation! 


As a result, Avelle challenged to speak.


“Lotty, I’ll show you something more amazing than yesterday. Right. Do you want me to show you how I break a building that I don’t use with a fist?”


Oh, wow! Good! 


“Lo, Lotty! I can let you have one more snack for dinner! How about strawberry cupcakes? N, no, I’ll tell the chef!” 




“Everyone’s out of their minds. ····.” 


Carlyx mumbled as if they were sick.


At the same time, he spat out from the end of his speech. 


“…Have you ever been on a monster’s back? No, right? I can give you a ride if you ask me to.” 


As expected, Carlyx resembles Henriette the most. 


I’m in trouble. 


Now, the problem is here.


What’s the most appropriate response the youngest should give in the midst of a strange war of nerves between dad and brothers? 




When I opened my mouth, my eyes were focused. 


The nobles, who were secretly watching the fierce competition of my family, also looked at me with full of expectations. 


It’s hard to be the youngest.


“I like my dad the best!” 


I could see my brothers’ shoulders drooping immediately. 


Avelle smiled as if he couldn’t help it, but looked weak, Camillean openly looked disappointed, and Carlyx looked dissatisfied.


Henriette breathed briefly with his eyes enlarged for a moment, and soon smiled softly. 


“I know. Rossette.” 


He patted me on the head. 


The brothers who appeared after that looked a little weak. 


Avelle was smiling and soothing the two, and Carlyx was upset for no reason, but still saying he was fine.


I’m sorry, guys. 


I couldn’t help it. 


If I choose my brothers more than my dad in front of everyone, some of the people in the banquet hall today may suddenly go to prison because of Henry, who is in a bad mood. 


However, in fact, I had a plan for everything. 




It was long after evening that I was able to return to the second imperial palace. 


My first birthday feast, which was complicated but enjoyable and happy in its own way, suddenly ended, just as it suddenly started. 


Looking back, it was engraved in my memory that I had never held a proper birthday party in my previous life.


So I was deeply moved and had lingering feelings even when I returned to the second imperial palace. 


Still, I hoped next year would be a little less unusual than this year, but I was looking forward to it.


‘Will there be another birthday banquet next year?’


And next year, there will be a awakening ceremony for me. 


What gifts and how many birthday wishes will I receive? 


I was so happy to be able to celebrate my birthday every year from now on, so I think it would be okay to just celebrate with my family. 


Henriette made me dessert as promised, but I couldn’t finish it because there were so many things I got from the banquet. 


My stomach is full of birthday cakes. 


There are things to do after that anyway. 


I first knocked down Henriette with my surprise kiss and then I began to visit my brothers’ rooms one by one. And read this on Travis Translations for faster releases.


“Hey, brother. A while ago, the hall was too crowded with people and I couldn’t speak, but…” 


I took turns. 


“For real, I like you the best.” 


“Actually, Lotty likes Milly the best.” 


“Even if you always call me a bean, I like Shushu the best.”


At first, Avelle looked very surprised and said he couldn’t believe it, but when I repeated the same thing again, he couldn’t hide his joy and smiled. 


“Really, Lotty? Hahaha, me too. Hey, I like Lotty the best, too!” 


Camillean fell to the floor again.


Holding his heart, he struggled to say a word in front of me, who was surprised. 


“I was happy in this life. I love you, Lotty….” 


“Mi, Millie oppa, don’t die·····!” 


Carlyx’s reaction was unexpected. 


His eyes grew bigger, so he opened his mouth for a long time, and he sat up without saying anything.


Then he said, scratching his cheek awkwardly. 


“Hey, beans·····. No, Rossette.” 




Carlyx called me but didn’t say anything. 


After a long time, he turned to the other side and spoke quietly.


“…Shushu is not bad either. I, I’m not saying it’s good. It means it’s not that bad! And next time, I’ll give you a ride on my back…. Leave your time blank.” 


All right, successful. 


Of course, I didn’t forget to thoroughly tell them to keep it a secret, saying, “Other brothers and dad will be disappointed if they know, so never tell them!” 


Aren’t I really the perfect youngest at this point? 


I’m tired. 


I’m tired.


After completing the operation perfectly, I returned to my room and prepared to sleep. 


But there was something knocking on the window.


“…Who is it?” 


My room is on the fourth floor of the imperial palace. 


It’s not a height that anyone can knock on. 


It felt creepy for no reason. 


Dad and oppas, are not sleeping yet, are they? 


If I go now, will I be late?


Knock knock, in the meantime, there was another knock on the window. 


Surprised, I dug into the blanket, and a familiar voice came out. 


“Rossette, it’s me. It’s your friend….Kian.” 


Oh, what? 


I was surprised.


Come to think of it, should I keep being surprised? 


There’s something scarier than a ghost. 


“K, Kian. Why?” 


“Didn’t we not have time to meet alone at the banquet hall? Can we talk for a second?” 


He won’t do anything scary to me now, will he?


I stood up and opened the window. 


The pale boy’s face was revealed with a smile. 


“Good night, Rossette.” 


“Yes, good night.” 


I looked out slightly. 


Fortunately, the castle doesn’t seem to have been surrounded by holy spirits. 


“What’s going on?”


“During the day, wasn’t I the only one who couldn’t give you a gift?” 


Kian entered my room through the window. 


He was dressed as neat and colorful as I had seen during the day. 


The loosened long hair shook like a wavy night. 


“It was a day to celebrate your birth, right? And on that day, you guys share gifts with each other. I wanted to join that.”


What is the gift from King of Holy Spirit? 


Suddenly, I looked at him with an anxious face, hoping that there would be no stuffed human head, and Kian approached me with a smiling face. 


When I faltered without realizing it, he whispered.


“If you’re still scared, close your eyes for a while.” 


What are you going to do? 


I was suspicious, but I closed my eyes tightly as he said. 


Then very briefly, something cold passed by my forehead. 


There was a light sound left. 


Did you kiss me again? 


“Why do you keep…”


It was a time when I opened my eyes with a frown to ask why he kept kissing. 


Something black spread out in front of me. 


“It’s okay. It’s not a force that harms you.” 


The black energy was absorbed through my forehead.


I rubbed my forehead in a hurry, but I didn’t feel anything. 


I don’t think anything has changed in my body. 


When I saw Kian with a strange face, he said a few steps away from me. 


“Did you like my garden?” 


“Yes…. no way?” 


“Now the secret garden of the imperial palace belongs to Rossette. As long as you think you want to go there in your head, you can always come to my garden.”


The pale face basked with the color of the night was alluring. 


“As many things there is, the moonlight, the sunlight, the starlight, and everything that lives and breathes there belong to you. That’s what I decided.” 


He stepped back to the front of the window and looked at me with his hands on the window frame, as if he were whispering “Bye.”


“…Can I really keep Kian’s garden?” 


“Oh no, you’re saying you’ve received other gifts, but you won’t receive my garden?”


Kian smiled with a flat face and teased me jokingly. 


As I shook my head quickly, he sat on the window frame. 


“Please use it as much as you want. Then I’ll come back next time, so have a good night.”


“Y, yeah. Thank you, Kian. Good Night.” 


When he waved slightly, he disappeared, mixed with the darkness of the night spreading over the open window. 


Is it my misunderstanding? 


As I did earlier, I felt like my heart was ticklish for no reason. 


Even after lying in bed, I couldn’t sleep at all.


As well as the gift I received from Kian, I really felt like I received too much at once today. 


In the meantime, for me, my birthday was just my birthday. 


Now I felt so sad that my birthday was ending already. 




The hectic festival period in the Capital managed to end in a few days. 


My family enjoyed the festival until the last day and returned to the Duchy of Wensgrey. 


But there was a place I stopped by before I went back to the castle. 


“This is the tower, Rossette. Thjs must be a place you have never been to before.”


We are now at the “Tower of Stars” located at the southern end of the duke’s territory. 


Shortly after Carlyx used his protection to find me a few days ago, nothing happened to him. 


The same was true when Carlyx once again turned into a monster, carried me on his back and ran around the garden of the Second Imperial Palace for a long time before returning to the Duke’s territory.


However, Henriette visited the tower to be inspected, saying that he may have had an abnormality inside his body since he had transformed into a holy spirit twice. 


“Duke, it’s been a while since I saw you.” 


From the entrance of the tower, the tower wizards welcomed us. 


They were all dressed in long green clothes with patterns symbolizing the Guardian of the star wrapped in gold bands around their heads, and holding long white rods in their hands.


“I’d like to ask you to check his condition.” 


“… Dad, I’m really fine.” 


“Don’t be stubborn. Even if it was the power of protection, it must have been unreasonable because the human body accepted the shape of holy spirit.”


Carlyx seemed reluctant to come to the tower even before departure, but Henriette’s decision was strong. 


He may be paying attention to Carlyx in his own way, but Carlyx himself really looked unwilling.


“Then, Carlyx, let’s check the condition for a moment. It won’t be for long. I want to talk to you for a while to see if you’ve been doing well.” 


The old-looking tower wizard took Carlyx and smiled nicely. 


While following him, Carlyx seemed to really hate to go.


Well, maybe Carlyx feels like he’s going to the hospital. 


Children usually hate hospitals. 


Sometimes I run away because I don’t like having a medical checkup with my doctor. 


“Let’s go to the room of prayer and examine it.” 


‘Wish’ was a kind of prayer.


Now, it was not about worshiping God, but about supporting and receiving mutual support from heroes and wise men who were once human beings, it was called wish, not prayer. 


It is to politely ask the Guardian of the stars so that we can use protection in the future. 




The ‘Room of Origin’ where I arrived was a much larger and wonderful space than I imagined.


Just like a planetarium, the night sky spreads throughout the vast space. 


Countless starlights lit up above our heads. 


The sparkles scattered to my cheeks were brilliant. 


I feel like I’m walking in the middle of the night sky.


“Rossette hasn’t been protected yet, so wait. It may take a while, so if you’re frustrated, you can look outside.” 




I decided to wait a little while, looking up at the endless night sky like a flower garden of stars.


However, as the wish of Dad and brothers were getting longer, it’s getting boring. 


“I want to go outside.”


In a little while, I escaped from the room of origin, and as expected, escort knights and servants rushed after me. 


This has been the case since the last time I was kidnapped. 


“Lady, will you look around the tower?” 


“Yes, I will!”


The Tower of Stars was considered a communication channel between all the guardian stars and humans, but basically, there was a separate fir the Guardian of the star, which established itself as the owner of the tower. 


It is said that this pagoda was dedicated to the star of the Guardian, who is famous as the monarch of the sun. 


The tower dedicated to the “Silver-eyed Woman with pole straw,” who gave protection to Henriette, is in the northern part of our territory. 


“Oh, my. Miss. When did you bring it?” 


“Yes, I brought it before I got on the carriage.”


Before leaving the imperial palace, I picked up some flowers in a disappointing mood. 


I put a flower down in front of a huge statue of the monarch of the sun in the first floor hall of the tower. 


Then I put my hands together and said. 


“Please continue to take good care of my family.”


Now, there is no such origin as “worship” in this form, but it was a sign of my own sincerity. 


And next year, I’m also having an awakening ceremony, so I’m asking you to give me a good protection. 


Actually, this is a bribe. 


It’s only a flower, but my heart’s sincerity is important.


“Would you like to look outside now? The tower is beautifully landscaped outside, so there will be a lot of things for the lady to see!” 


“Then I want to see!” 


I raised myself in front of the statue and replied. 


It was the moment when I held Feina’s hand and turned outside. 


There was a sound of someone running really fast. 


“Oh, no. I told you not to run.”


A man’s roar rang out. 


The escorting knights and maids were getting busy, and someone rushed to me even before they blocked me! 






A small young boy came crashing into my arms.


Ought, I almost fell, but thanks to Celia’s catch from behind, I was able to be safe. 


“H, huh?” 


“Aw, sorry, sorry… Oh?” 


As I looked down at the child in my arms, I met the blue eyes with golden pupils.


Gold hair is finely scattered over the white forehead.


Who is this? 


Why are you suddenly… 




There was another shout from the back with the same voice as just now. 


I was surprised by the sound and looked up. 


Now… Who is it? 


“Hi, Loser!” 


“Yes, yes. We’ll say hello a little later. No, Lucien! Come here!”


From the entrance, a man with a sturdy physique was walking fast with a tower wizard. 


When he saw the kid named Lucien hugging me tightly, he laughed as if he was in trouble. 


“I’m sorry. This guy, Lucien. He’s scared of me. Hurry up and come here.” 






And the name I heard earlier was ‘Elger’. 


I didn’t hear it wrong.  


“Come on, Say sorry!”  


“I’m sorry, sister!”  


The boy, about a little taller than me, nodded.  


Raising his face again, he gave a sly smile.


“I’m Lucien. Hehe.” 


Lucien Epher Elger. 


At this moment, I suddenly ran into male lead of the original novel.

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