Turning Chapter 12

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Finally, all the Cavalry members had decided on their division.

Commander Kishiar la Orr said he would allow a month’s vacation period to live and make sure everyone is settled in.

He also said that he would expand the treatment of Cavalry members to the level of the Imperial Knights, and everyone was surprised when he announced that soon they would be bestowing a surname for those without one.

The Cavalry members were now under the command of the Imperial Palace and could receive a large salary equivalent to third-degree management. They were eligible to live anywhere in the Orr Empire and could use facilities directly operated by the state without paying.

If they were accused of sin, they would be punished after being judged by the commander and emperor, not by the local lord, which was tantamount to the absolute immunity of the Imperial Knights.

As a result, accommodation had changed, allowing people with homes in the capital to commute from home, not from their dormitory.

Members who chose to stay in their dormitories received one room each. There was a limitation that it was possible to live in accommodation for up to five years except for the commander, but that was enough for those who still didn’t have enough property to buy a house in the capital.

“How awesome. It’s a big deal like the real Imperial Knights. Of course, when they are assigned accommodation, they also receive one servant, but we don’t need that much.”

“Yes, we can put on our own clothes.”

After the shocking morning presentation, a burst of laughter broke out among the Cavalry members gathered for a meal.

Everyone’s faces were bright. In the faces lit with hope, Yuder silently dipped his bread in the stew and chewed.

“Yuder, did you hear that? They say we will get 30 days of vacation just like the Imperial Knights. If our children later are Awakeners, we can pass on this treatment.”

Gakane talked to him with a smile.

“If you tell this to your family, everyone will love it. The years of being ignored as a family with no land to inherit will be over.”

“… Right.”

“Oh, come to think of it, shouldn’t you tell your family about it?”

“I’m alone.”

When Gakane opened his eyes wide at Yuder’s words, he soon looked sorry like a drooping dog.

“I see. Sorry. I thought you had a family back home because of what Kanna said when she read your bracelet before.”

‘My bracelet? … Ah.’

Yuder recalled the day he went to take the Cavalry test. To test whether Kanna’s ability, whom he met for the first time that day, was real, he handed over a bracelet in his pocket to read it.

The bracelet, made by cutting small gemstones and threading them, was the only relic of his grandfather that Yuder had. The only gift he’d ever made for his young grandson, who will be left alone just before he died.

Although he kept it in his bag in case it broke off because it was too old now, he just came up to the capital and couldn’t organize all his luggage, so he carried it in his pocket instead.

After becoming the commander, he didn’t even care about it properly, so when he regressed, he felt quite unfamiliar when he saw it in his pocket.

“It’s okay.”

In a brief response to Gakane, Yuder recalled his lodge in his hometown mountains. He didn’t organize his house properly in case he didn’t pass the Cavalry test, so he thought he should visit and take care of it at least once when he took a vacation.

“Right, Yuder! If you take a vacation, why don’t you come over to my house? I told my parents and younger siblings about you in a letter, and they were all very curious. There are many great foods and fun things to play in the South. I’ll treat you right, so give me a visit.”

“What the hell, Gakane. What about us?”

Some of the other members who were eating by their side asked in voiceless tones.

“Aren’t we friends?”

“Of course. I want to take Yuder first, so you guys next time. Shouldn’t you go home first?”

‘I didn’t tell him I would come, but he’s already on about the vacation.’

Gakane’s outspoken attitude was a bit astounding, but Yuder said nothing. The rose-brimmed handsome red-haired man would not always fall from Yuder’s side.

Yuder didn’t know what he liked so much, but even after falling into his private accommodation, he came to play every day and Yuder kicked him out several times.

The other members’ attitudes who had difficulty in knowing how to treat Yuder had also changed a lot.

The mere presence of Kanna and Gakane alone surprised Yuder that he could be accepted to this extent among the members.

“You’re going to receive a surname, too. I envy you for receiving a surname from the Emperor. I’d love to get it, too.” 

“You’d better not say that anywhere else.” 

Gakane shook his hand while saying ‘Ack!’ as Yuder frowned and murmured.

“It’s not like I’m jealous of the commoners or anything. It’s just a great opportunity. There were few people in the Empire’s history who received the first and last names given by the Emperor. I’m jealous of the opportunity to be recorded there.”

The names and surnames given by the emperor were very special gifts that only went to those who made great contributions. But it didn’t mean much to Yuder, who had an enormous record of receiving both.

“It won’t do much good.” 

“Sometimes you talk like you know everything. If you get a surname, your status itself changes. Of course, it’s good to be free from the tax and labor obligations of commoners.”

He was right, but there was nothing in the world that was unconditionally good. People with genders were given new duties and responsibilities of their own.

Cavalry members who would receive much for having abilities would now have to fight another war.

‘And there is not a bit of sincerity to be given.’

Yuder rose from his seat after eating, ignoring Gakane, who was poised to recite a hundred good things that would happen if he received a surname.

“I’m going first.”

“Yuder, I’ll come with you.”

Gakane woke up with a stew that he couldn’t finish.

“Shouldn’t you eat up and come back.”

“We’re going to the sword training ground anyway. I just feel like throwing up even if I eat a lot.”

Gakane shook his head and pretended to throw up lightly.

The Sul division which focused on those using magic-like power spent most of their training strengthening their abilities and giving them more accurate and stronger power.

Therefore, there was little need to gather and train individually, but there were many people who had similar abilities in the Shin division.

Since most of them were able to strengthen their body or use weapons well, they had to learn how to use various weapons properly and how to protect others and work together.

Among those skills, it was the swordsmanship that Kishiar la Orr asked the Shin Division members to learn the hardest. Yuder thought he could guess his intentions.

Swordsmen had traditionally been treated better than other weapons. Swordmasters that had made their mark in history appeared relatively often, but they did not exist like Bowmasters and Lancemasters.

Swords had traditionally been the martial arts of the nobility. The most common weapon available was a sword.

As it was easy to access, there are many holders and countless admirers, so the probability of Swordmasters coming out in proportion had also increased.

Swordmasters reminded them of the noble image of a general or a commander in charge of each country’s military power. The biggest feature of a Swordmaster was that they were able to freely use the aura that energized the sword.

And there were a lot of Cavalry members in Shin Division who could do it without any effort. Although the usage and inspection proficiency were lower than those of real Swordmasters, the strength or output of their energy was no less than that of a master.

Kishiar la Orr intended to gain strength from the ranks of Cavalry members through that very thing.

“But what made him designate the new training ground as the Imperial Knight’s first training ground? I heard it’s only used by people above deputy level?”

As they entered the site used by the Imperial Knights, the surrounding energy became sharp.

It meant that those who saw the Cavalry members coming in felt bad.

Over the past few months, Cavalry members had been trained at boot camp in the corner of the site. Even back then, the Imperial Knights showed signs of discomfort.

However, now that they had notified them that they would use the first training ground, which was the same as their pride, he wondered how they pushed ahead.

‘I’m not sure he’s been able to give an order with the emperor’s seal on it.’

Yuder deliberately did not go all out for months of basic training. Even without all his might, his ability was beyond the normal level of the unit.

Instead, he became accustomed to the energy flowing around his body based on his past memories and practiced bringing them into his body momentarily.

Mages and knights who used traditional mana accumulated the energy flowing in nature for a long time and were only able to use it as much as he did, but those who awakened the new mana were different.

They were able to use the strange energy that filled the world through the power of red stones freely through tricks and practice without having to build up their bodies.

It meant that it was more important to attract and use more energy in a more instant of time, and how familiar one was with the use and application of their abilities.

However, it also required adaptation and practice, so it was good to get used to energy through meditation for a few hours every day. It was only about three years from now that this turned out to be true, but there was no harm in doing it in advance.

Gakane seemed to have mistaken Yuder, who meditated every morning, for actually being a faithful believer of the Sun God, but Yuder was too lazy to correct it, so he let him misunderstand.

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