Turning Chapter 13

Author: NeroLotus

The first training ground of the Imperial Knights was built magnificently in the center of the huge site.

Right next to the training ground was Orr’s Glory Hall, a key organization of the Knights, built in a structure to watch the place. Administration and duties within most of the knights, important events, various tasks being carried out, and knights above the deputy level gathering all often happened here.

In other words, it was at the heart of the armed forces that protected the capital and moved the entire empire.

In a place like that, people who used to be ‘bigots’ a few months ago crawled in and stepped on it. It was an insult to the Imperial Knights.

“Look, there’s a couple more punks coming.”

A sharp voice was hurdled toward Gakane and Yuder, who had just entered the training ground.

Several knights didn’t hide their anger-filled eyes. They were gathered and acted sarcastically toward the Cavalry members.

“Look at those muscle-less arms. How about those hands that don’t show any calluses? What the hell can we do with them? Do they even know how to read?”

“What a ridiculous insult to the thousand-year history of the Imperial Knights. What the hell was His Majesty and the Commander thinking?


Yuder glanced at them and ignored them. Gakane’s face turned a little red but he didn’t show much.

“Welcome, Gakane, Yuder.”

They met the Shin division members already arriving in the middle of the training ground. They, who were listening to the knights’ sarcastic comments first, also looked unhappy.

Among them, a woman with long hair tied up came forward and greeted Gakane first.

“Ever, you’re here first.”

‘Her name will be Ever Beck when she receives her surname.’

Yuder had known her for a long time. She was one of the first people in the rumors spread in the empire after the Red Stone fell two years ago, drawing more attention because she was a country girl who had never been ordinary before.

A slender woman who killed a flock of monsters from the mountains with just one finger. There was no more disturbing news in the world.

Her rumors spread all over the world like hotcakes by witnesses. A few of the members who learned her identity after being admitted to the Cavalry knew the story.

Her ability was muscular strength and skin strength. She was strong enough to tear alive many monsters without using any weapons, so she performed several duties in the Cavalry even before Yuder died.

She looked normal on the outside and should not be ignored. Few people knew how to use that power as effectively as her, even if they had a stronger or more defensive power than her.

According to old memories, Ever was also in charge as the deputy commander of the Shin division.

“It’s been very noisy since the first training session after the division sorting. Well, we can’t help it.” 

“They’ve been doing that all along?” 

“Yeah, they’re never tired, they’ve been doing that. I could hardly believe they’ve been doing that since dawn. Well, busy nobles wouldn’t possibly do that.”

When Ever talked with a cold face, a small smile spread between the Shin division members.

“I tried not to let them in at all.”

The little boy standing next to Ever waved and grumbled with a brighter face. He was one of the earliest awakeners and as famous as Ever. Jimmy Ocker, an ordinary commoner boy, cut a rock with a branch at the age of just ten years old.

‘Of course, before he receives a surname, his name is just Jimmy.’

Two years after the fall of the red stone, Jimmy, who was now 12 years old, left his parents and passed the Cavalry exam. 

His parents were told that even commoners could generously support their son because they owned a store that managed to run soundly.

He was the youngest successful candidate among the 330 Cavalry members, but he knew better than anyone else how to perform similarly to the legendary Swordmaster. He used a weapon with an aura of a Swordmaster was enough to dampen the enemy’s chills.

“I don’t understand why I can’t because all the children who enter the Imperial Knights’ Order start at the age of 10, and I’m 12.”

As Jimmy said, most prestigious knights began their career as knights around the age of 10.

They didn’t have to suffer because they became a servant of a knight who had a relationship with their parents, and most of them used to live by learning experiences over their shoulders and taking occasional sword tutoring.

Then, when they got older, they officially joined the Knights and were commissioned. It was no exaggeration to say that the lowly commoners couldn’t intervene in their own world.

“Show them your strength when you train later. You can do that.”

The Shin division members nodded as Gakane stroked Jimmy’s head and gave him advice. There were more members from commoners in the Shin division than in Sul.

They were terrified and intimidated by the Imperial Knights’ presence, but were trying to overcome it.

‘Yeah, it’s still tough now.’

It would work out in a few years, but not yet. It took time and experience to get out of that deep-rooted sense of identity and gain confidence. Kishiar la Orr was going to make it happen.

Yuder looked at their faces and nodded. It was at that moment.

“I wondered what was so loud. The vermin have gathered.”

A young knight with a frown on his face appeared with several subordinates. Unlike other knights, he wore three more lilies on top of a gold eagle engraved on his chest.

“What do the lillies mean?”

When Jimmy asked with a puzzled look, Gakane opened his mouth without taking his eyes off the knight.

“The golden eagle is a symbol of the Imperial Knights. And the lily is a symbol of nobility. Five lilies in a uniform mean the Knights commander, four is deputy commander, and three is just below it.”

“Then he is someone of a very high position.”

“Yeah. Well, most of them didn’t have any lilies until retirement.”

Gakane once said he had learned the sword as a child, aiming to join a famous knighthood. However, he gave up because he could not afford the money needed to become a knight because he had a family name but had no power.

The reason why there were no commoners in the Knights with known names was that the shiny uniforms, armor, swords, and horses were not all paid for by the superiors.

They spent quite a lot of money trying to maintain dignity. It was also added to the Imperial Knights, who were all aristocrats.

The blue uniforms the knights wore were made of high-quality cloth, and their swords were famous, like family swords.

Except for wearing a black uniform that had just been paid for, it was completely different from the Cavalry, which had few individual swords.

“Who said you guys were allowed in here?”

A knight with three lilies approached the Cavalry members. No matter how confident they were in their skills, few people had been able to stand tall in front of such an arrogant high-ranking noble so far, causing embarrassment among the members.

Yuder sighed softly as he watched even the imposing Gakane show signs of momentary distress on his face.

“We are here to train under the commander’s instruction.”

“Commander, you said. Are you talking about the Duke of Peletta?”

“That’s right.”

He was asking even though he already knew. Yuder could tell by his arrogant expression.

“I’ve known him since I was a kid. He was a frequent traveler, but I didn’t expect him to do this. It’s the best whim he’s ever had, having a bunch of guys like you as the boss there. His knights in Peletta must be crying.”


His friendship with Kishiar was just sarcastic, and anger spread all over the Cavalry members’ faces. When someone clenched their fists and heard a thud, the knights behind the three lilies also put their hands on the sword hilts with frowns against him. He was threatening to take out a weapon at any moment.

And in that atmosphere, only Yuder maintained a calm, expressionless look.

“Excuse me, who are you to say so?”

Yuder genuinely did not know who he was. In the past, he was in the Sul division, so there was not much chance for him to see people of the Imperial Knights.

He thought he knew quite a bit about the faces of nobles he met since he became the commander, but he only had a few reasons to know the man in front of him now.

One, he died before Yuder became commander. Two, he retired and moved into the lands.

Either way, it was not an honorable reason for that young knight in his prime. Even more so, if he was a member of a family prestigious enough to talk about the imperial family, he would be able to live in the capital.

Perhaps the man in front of Yuder was the one who disappeared from here two years later. There was nothing to worry about as long as he knew it.

‘It doesn’t matter if he’s alive in the future.’

“Who am I?”

The knight with the three lilies looked around and laughed. His sleek face bright enough to seem like gold was of a handsome man who deserved to be considered noble anywhere. But he was just a child in Yuder’s eyes.

“Kiolle da Diarca. Have you ever heard of the Duke of Diarca, commoner?”

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Troublesome nobles are in almost every novel XD

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