Turning Chapter 24

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“Would anyone mind bringing the Duke here?”

As a knight who took the lead in guiding and cooking said so, guilt grew in people’s minds. Yuder stood up, sighing small at the gazes that looked at him as if it were his responsibility before he agreed to it.

‘Yes, it would be too much for anyone to personally go to see a high-ranking person. I get it.’

Even Yuder, who used to be a deputy commander assisting Kishiar and later live in the high position for several years, was not in a situation he wanted to be in, so wouldn’t others be embarrassed?

Still, he decided to think that it would be better for him to move for those who were younger and had a better future after about 10 years.

“… Commander-nim.”

As the knights said, Kishiar stood next to a tree not far from the dining area with a Misty horse’s reins tied to it. Even though he was standing in a place where darkness had fallen, he looked strangely bright.

‘I think he used to say it was some kind of pedigree effect, but… I don’t remember exactly.’

“It’s time for you to have dinner.” 

“Oh, so that’s what happened.”

Kishiar looked back.

“I can’t believe you came here alone. You’re the most trusted of all ten of them.”

“Not really.”

He must be quickly realized that there would be no one like Yuder when putting off a hassle because they were scared. That man quickly found out who gave them room to hide behind his back.

Yuder walked a few steps in front of Kishiar without looking back. Since it was polite to walk in front of or behind the upper person, he thought it would be better to walk in front of Kishiar so that his face couldn’t be seen.

“When I called your name earlier.” 

However, when words were heard from behind his back, his effort was useless. Yuder stopped walking in silence.

“You looked so surprised. Did you really not expect it? I mean, I was going to nominate you in the first place.

“…My ability is not to read the future.”

He just remembered what happened in the future. But this time, everything that happened had changed. How could he not be surprised?

Even so, he didn’t know that Kishiar would look at him so carefully and talk to him when they were alone.

“Yes, that’s right. But it was quite refreshing to see such a look for the first time. It was fun.”

“… I see. Can I just say I’m glad you had fun?”

Yuder’s voice was as cold as ever. There was no one here who didn’t know that the tone was polite but the meaning of it was the opposite.


Kishiar laughed.

“So, are you unhappy about following me? If you want to go back, you can go back now.”

“I must do what I’m obliged to do.”

Yuder answered as succinctly as he could. Whether he liked Kishiar or not, he would never go back from here. He had a goal of protecting Kishiar and the Red Stone with his own hands.

“How fearless. It’s interesting.”

Yuder turned around without answering and started walking toward the site again.

“Yuder Aile.”

“I like you. Do you want to be more open-minded and close to me?”

Yuder stopped walking for the second time. When he looked back, he saw a smile that he couldn’t understand.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

Had he been like this before? No. He’d never been on a mission like this before, so it was impossible to compare. Yuder looked at that man’s face in confusion and began to speak.

“… I’ve been trying to treat you with respect enough, but if there’s anything lacking…”

“I know, I’m not talking about that right now.”

“My apologies. I’ve been living alone in the mountains, so I’m not very good at manners and socializing. If I misunderstood something…”

At heart, he tried to figure out what Kishiar’s intentions were, and on the surface, he made excuses. Kishiar smiled again.

“You don’t like me.”


“Yeah, I get it.”

“Duke-nim, this way!”

Before Yuder could reply, a voice was heard shouting at them not far away. Yuder had to head back to where his party was, missing the opportunity to respond to Kishiar.


Two days later, until they finally reached the Airic Mountains where the Red Stone had fallen, Kishiar remained with his usual attitude.

It meant that he did not speak personally, but only opened his mouth to the extent that he properly controlled between the Peletta Knights and the Cavalry.

Unlike the Imperial Knights, Peletta knights did not show any hostility to the Cavalry. He didn’t know what was on the inside, but it was an impeccable attitude.

The Cavalry members seemed to think it was because their master, Kishiar la Orr, was also an Awakener, but Yuder’s thoughts were slightly different.

‘If that’s the only case, they wouldn’t be this neat.’

The Peletta Knights were the first group to be created after Kishiar la Orr received the duke title.

Therefore, that was also the first place to be disbanded in Imperial Order after his death.

‘They’re following their master quite blindly.’

Even after three short days together, he could clearly see what they thought of Kishiar. For them, Duke Kishiar la Orr was a true “master” who received all the respect in one body beyond mere mastery.

Why did those who felt this blind loyalty agree to disband without showing any action when Kishiar died in the past?

‘Well, even though they’re loyal now, I don’t know what’s going to happen in about two years. This time, however, their master would not die and they wouldn’t be disbanded.’

“There! I see a military flag stationed.”

At that moment, a Peletta knight riding in the front yelled loudly. As he said, not far away, he saw a flag with a golden lion on a red background flying high in a tree. It was an imperial flag used by the Orr army.

“We’ll be there soon, so please slow down.”

There was a long whistle that sounded around them. Yuder also whistled to slow down the Mist horse he was riding.

The Mist horse was a great means of transportation. The speed and tireless stamina that could not be compared to a living horse were great, but the most amazing ability was that the rider’s body was barely strained even though they ran without hoofing.

The ability was represented by the fact that even though they ran for three days except for the time to eat and sleep, he could hardly feel tiredness on the group’s faces.

Perhaps if they had come by horse or carriage, they wouldn’t have arrived. And they would have been exposed to indelible fatigue on their faces.

The group slowly followed the guide to the entrance of the Imperial Army’s temporary base camp at the bottom of the mountain range. Soon after, soldiers stood guard with large log walls and windows appeared.

“Who are you? Tell me where you came from!”

“We came under the order of His Majesty the Emperor. There is his brother, the Commander of the Cavalry, the master of Peletta Knights Brigade, His Highness Duke Kishiar la Orr.”

The soldiers straightened up in unison with the loud voice of the knight.

“Please wait a moment. I’ve heard the news, and he shall be out to greet His Highness soon'”

Yuder felt the Mist horse he rode purring and breathing coldly. Every time its mane shook like smoke and disappeared, it gave him goosebumps like cold ice. Since it was a creature not born naturally, Yuder’s body naturally causes rejection. That was why he didn’t use to ride this horse.

‘It’s not unbearable, but I feel uncomfortable.’

Yuder hoped that those coming to greet them would appear soon so he could get off the horse.

“Your Highness, welcome. I’ve been waiting since I heard the order.”

Finally, people showed up from inside. Soon, a sharp-looking middle-aged man striding along with several armed soldiers raised his hand and saluted Kishiar in a gentle manner.

“…Isn’t he the Confederate General, Count Gino Bordelli?”

Yuder doubted his eyes for a moment. He knew that face. Everyone knew that the army sent by the Emperor was blocking the area and guarding it thoroughly after the fall of the Red Stone, but he never thought a General would be here as well. It was a fact that even Yuder in the past didn’t know.

Unlike the soldiers, Gino Bordelli did not wear armor. He only wore a golden lion brooch that the Emperor gave on the shoulders of his military uniform and then wrapped a blue cape, but the energy he exuded was heavier and more intense than anyone else in this seat.

On the surface, he had an impression that he was only in his 40s, but Yuder knew that he was actually at least 20 years older than that.

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