Turning Chapter 27

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“My apologies. We’ve spent two years here doing nothing but patrol duty, and they’re all a little lax and drunk, so please understand.”

There were many commoners within the Cavalry familiar with such scenery, so they said nothing. The same was true of Yuder. But it was a bit surprising that the Peletta knight, who he thought might say something, only nodded without coughing.

Yuder thought he was on the side of being unbiased along with his master, Kishiar, but maybe there was something more to them.

‘By the way, that soldier’s name is Sunz. Sunz.… Sunz is it?’

Yuder tried to recall someone by the name of Sunz, or by his last name. But he still didn’t remember very well.

Around the time he thought he was getting somewhere, Sunz stopped walking in front of a building located in a deserted place.

“This is the accommodation we have for you. It’s small, but most of the buildings here are like that. You shouldn’t have a big problem sleeping for a few days.”

“Thank you.”

Gakane thanked him on behalf of everyone.

“It’s nothing. Then excuse me, but… Was that the Duke of Peletta who went with you earlier?”

Sunz had been curious about it since a while ago, but he asked carefully with a clear expression that he couldn’t ask.


Sunz opened his eyes wide and opened his mouth when the person who played the role of a guide in the Peletta Knights simply answered back.

“As expected! My goodness, I never thought I’d see a man who continued the blood of the Sun God in my life. I couldn’t believe it. Then, are you… Are you the Peletta Knights that follow him?”

Sunz couldn’t erase his excited gaze over his charred cheeks. He hung busily between the Peletta Knights and the Cavalry.

Yuder saw the Peletta Knights’ guide look back at him with a troubled face. ‘What should I say?’ He looked as if he wanted to ask that.

Seemed that it was hard to think about what to say to others about the existence of the yet-unknown Cavalry, but what was there to think of as difficult?

Anyway, after this operation, the existence of the Cavalry would be known to the world. Even now, General Gino and other high-ranking people would know they were here, so there was no reason to hesitate. Yuder began to speak quietly.

“The five of them here are Knights of Peletta. And we’re members of the Cavalry.”


Gakane’s eyes also raised concerns and boundaries over whether it would be okay to say so easily. But Yuder was nonchalant.

“Cavalry… Isn’t that where the Emperor said to be recruiting? Recruiting people who gained strength from the Red Stone. So that was true?”


“I didn’t expect to see you so soon.”

Sunz’s expression showed no reluctance to the Cavalry. He just looked at Yuder with a look of pure wonder.

“Oh, you’d better be careful when you’re walking around the village.”

‘Village? Why?’

Sunz scratched his head and smiled clumsily as the look on Yuder’s face showed up.

“In that place, there is… a lot of resting soldiers who have abilities like you. One of them is the one you saw earlier.”



When Eldore siblings looked at him with sparkling eyes, Sunz replied obediently, “Yes.”

“They’re not of great abilities, but they’ve never seen anyone other than us, so everyone will be noisy if they know who you are. There are a lot of guys in the Confederate Army who are crazy about fighting.”

“Even so… Why didn’t people with abilities apply for the Cavalry test?”

Kanna asked in a puzzled voice.

“I don’t think there was a rule that soldiers weren’t allowed to take tests…” 


Sunz also agreed with Kanna.

“But just because there are no rules, it’s hard to run away. There was no guarantee of passing, and we are satisfied with our current life. I thought there would be a lot of people like us.”


Yuder felt something in Sunz words. Wouldn’t the ‘us’ that he said include him, too?

“Are you by any chance one of them?”

“Ah, yes.”

Sunz nodded slowly as if he had belatedly noticed his slip of the tongue. Yuder’s sense which had been trained for a long time was good at identifying the strong around him, but it didn’t mean that he was as accurate as an Awakener with magic or detection ability.

He didn’t think Sunz was an Awakener because he didn’t see any sign of a strong person in him. Hinn, who had a curious look on her face, stepped up first before Yuder asked what ability he had.

“What kind of ability do you have?”

“It’s really nothing. Just a little… I can see what’s behind the cover. It’s the ability to play card games.”

‘Vision ability user?’

It was only at that moment that Yuder realized where he saw the man named Sunz.

‘Yes, Sunz… Sunz… there was that.’

As Sunz said, there were certainly people with abilities already Awakened from their jobs. Among those not taking that direction even though they had enough ability to join the Cavalry, the largest number were mostly in the army.

Long ago, by the time General Bordelli retired, they had gathered on their own to create a new unit in the military. It was a man named Sunz in charge of that unit.

It was a secret creation. The founding ceremony was not held properly, so Yuder barely heard the information from sources in the military, but he remembered the name properly. 

He had no choice but to remember him because it was Yuder himself, the commander of the Cavalry, who felt the most displeased and surprised at the news of the unit’s creation.

‘If I remember correctly, the exact name was Sunz Messial.’

The special forces, made up of men of abilities in the military, remained silent as if they hadn’t existed since their foundation until just before Yuder’s death.

Therefore, Yuder thought they weren’t a threat to the Cavalry and were created to separate them from ordinary soldiers in the military. That was why he was displeased but focused on what he was supposed to do.

When Yuder was caught before he died and imprisoned, he first learned that maybe it was his illusion.

The soldiers who had captured, tortured, and kept an eye on Yuder were not regular soldiers. Although his mana core was destroyed and he was no longer able to use his abilities or identify other Awakeners, it was not ordinary people who kept a watch on him, who was previously the Cavalry Commander.

Those who caught him were thoroughly wary of whether he would escape or regain at least one piece of power until the moment he died.

Even when he was trapped unconscious by torture, Yuder desperately opened his ears and tried to hear what others said. It was the name of the Special Force that he picked up back then.

The Emperor no longer trusted the Cavalry. The only thing he acted like a hand was the Special Forces. For this ‘big hunt’, they would receive greater rewards, guarantees of honor, and status.

When he heard such a story secretly coming and going among the soldiers in a joyful voice, all of Yuder’s hopes were gone. How bitter he was to have a strong hunch that there would be no more way for him to survive.

Of course, what they meant by the ‘big hunt’ was Yudrain Aile.

He didn’t know who, when, or for what purpose the Special Force department he thought was nothing was created. He didn’t even know where the information coming into him was intercepted.

But now, it was a different story if he’d met the Special Force representative that he knew.

The Special Force had yet to be established, and their representative was stuck in the corner of Airic Mountains as an ordinary soldier. Now, and in this state, it was easy enough to get rid of him in advance. Kill Sunz and the future would be different!

Yuder momentarily tried to boost his power to kill the man in front of him. But when the ungreedy black eyes looked at him, the power he had lifted was momentarily shaken and scattered.

“… Did I say anything strange?”

“Yuder, what’s wrong? You look stiff.”

Next to the bewildered Sunz, Gakane tapped his shoulder and talked low.

Only then did Yuder sigh, feeling the rest of his murderous intent completely disappear.

‘… What the hell am I thinking.’

In his life, he had killed many people and ended up kneeling down on the guillotine. Even though he was told that he was a stubborn and dirty devil by his subordinates, he still had some principles he had set for himself.

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