Turning Chapter 28

Author: NeroLotus

If not ordered by the Emperor, do not use force to kill someone, but if possible, save them and get them to surrender. Do not punish those who have not yet sinned without proof. As long as you are the Commander of the Cavalry, you will always put the Cavalry and Empire before your own safety. 

A person with greater power than others could cause a great storm in other people’s lives just by moving a finger, so you should not move recklessly without such clear standards.

It’s easy to kill and beat someone at will, but if you live like that, you’ll soon have a big problem that won’t be able to be solved by strength alone.

Judge more rationally than anyone else, but overwhelm when you have to use your powers.

It was Kishiar la Orr, currently drinking with General Gino, that put that fact thoroughly in Yuder’s head.

‘… It’s easy to kill Sunz now. But will that really change the future of Special Force?’

Yuder took a deep breath and thought rationally.

‘The representative can be just anyone else. But if I keep Sunz alive… Through him, we can understand the trends of Awakeners in the military, and we can connect much more closely even if there is for Special Force in the future.’

It was much better to think rationally about making a connection by keeping him alive. After repeating it so many times, his mind became calm. Yuder looked around with a more composed look.

“It’s nothing. Perspective is a rare skill that our Cavalry doesn’t have. So I was just surprised.”

“Is that so?”

Sunz tilted his head in relief and smiled.

“If there are any other people here besides you, would you mind introducing them to me?” 

“But not everyone is available. Some of them are on duty…”

“It’s enough to tell me about the people resting in the village right now. You don’t have to worry, it’s just personal curiosity.”

Yuder also smiled to make him feel comfortable. Sunz nodded without much doubt.

“I don’t mind. After I show you to the dorm, my work is over, and you’ll have free time. If you want to meet other Awakeners in our military, please unpack and come with me.”


Anyway, the Red Stone Retrieval Operation was led by Kishiar, so there was nothing for Yuder to care about. It was fortunate that boring things disappeared thanks to the discovery of an unexpected thing here.

Yuder arrived at the accommodation under Sun’s guide, casually overlooking the eyes of the others.

“This is where you will stay. Once you’ve unpacked, you’re free to wander around.”

There were a total of two accommodation buildings for them. One was to be used by the Peletta Knights, and the other was to be used by the Cavalry.

However, since the building was so small that there were only two bedrooms, there was a need to divide the members before unpacking.

“Sorry, is there any second-gender Awakener?”

Hinn stepped up and looked back at the rest of the unit.

“Finn and I are both non-manifested Awakeners.”

“I’m a non-manifested Awakener, too.”

After Kanna answered, she turned her eyes to Yuder. Yuder nodded lightly, meaning he was the same. Then naturally all that remained was Gakane. He scratched his head with a more bewildered look at the four pairs of eyes looking at him.

“I’m an Alpha Awakener.”

“Really? Then we can divide it based on first gender. Kanna and I will use a room. Alright?”

Hinn took Kanna’s hand and entered the quarters before she could hear the answer. Naturally, the remaining room was occupied by three men.

‘Gakane was an Alpha Awakener.’

As Yuder entered the room, he brooded over the new information he had learned. It was surprising that aside from Gakane, there was no word when people around him talked about the second gender.

‘I’m glad I know now. Maybe later I will manifest the same as before.’

Yuder hadn’t forgotten the memories of his manifestation as an Omega. It was one of the most intense experiences of his life, so he couldn’t forget it.

The manifestation of the second gender itself was tolerable, though painful. Most importantly, there should be no Awakeners of an opposing second gender around during the manifestation.

It didn’t matter until now because it wasn’t properly known and there were just a few Awakeners gathered nearby, but a lot had changed since the formation of a huge group of Awakeners called the Cavalry.

To date, those who had manifested a second gender usually would have Awakened their abilities. However, it wasn’t until a long time after Awakening abilities that one could manifest a second gender. The problem mainly arose at that time.

Yuder was also one of the Awakeners who suddenly manifested after joining the Cavalry and went through an unexpected incident because he didn’t know the truth properly. So he knew well enough about what problems would arise.

‘… I’m going to deliver this to Kishiar in advance, along with the story of military Awakeners.’

So far, he hadn’t seen a member suffering damage from related matters since joining the unit. However, it was necessary to come up with alternatives in advance because they didn’t know what would happen in the future.

If Kishiar asked where he knew about it, he would have to exaggerate. Even if he was suspected, he needed to let him know this in advance.

While Yuder went into the room with that thought and put down his bag, Finn left the room, saying he would find the bathroom.

Gakane threw off his uniform coat and laid on the bed, breathing out a long sigh, and began to speak.

“Yuder, why do you want to go see Awakeners all of a sudden?”

“I just got interested.”

“Even so, you didn’t care much about your fellow Cavalry members?”

Yuder couldn’t believe he suddenly said something that caught him off guard. He smiled in vain, looking at Gakane.

“Because I already know you guys. They are different.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Think about it, there are a lot of people in the military who are similar to us and have unknown abilities.”

At Yuder’s words, Gakane nodded with a boyish look.

“Then what? They’re not the only ones who didn’t apply for the Cavalry on purpose, even with their abilities.” 

“If it weren’t for the army here, it wouldn’t matter.”

There were certainly Awakeners among the mages of the Pearl Tower, the Imperial Court Mages, and the Imperial Knights. They just hadn’t shown themselves.

But they were absolutely small in number, and the military wasn’t. At least the Southern army, led by General Gino, boasted a huge number of Awakeners.

Even if only some of them were awakened, they would be second only to the Cavalry.

“How long will they be able to stay as normal as they are now before they show their abilities to the Cavalry?”

“… Do you mean that the high-ranking people in the military might try to create a second Cavalry?”

He didn’t say in detail, but with this hint alone, Gakane’s eyes changed momentarily.

“If it were you, what would you do?”

“Maybe… No, I think so, too.”

Gakane, who was at odds between signs of doubts and creepy realization for a moment, eventually got up from his seat and looked at Yuder with admiration.

“That’s why you’re trying to get as much information as you can. That’s amazing! I never thought of it.”

It wasn’t a good reason to be told that was great. If Gakane Bolunwald had endured all the storms at the top of a huge organization called the Cavalry for nearly a decade, he would’ve thought of this first.

‘And even if he were in the same situation, he wouldn’t have thought of murder as I did just now.’

Gakane had a talent. In addition, he could’ve been a much better leader than Yuder when he became the commander, considering that he had an easygoing personality, good appearance, and noble origins.

If he were alive, Kishiar might not have chosen Yuder as the next commander. He didn’t know what Gakane himself would think, but Yuder was pretty much appreciating his ability.

In his old memories, he didn’t expect himself to agree with others who were regretful that such a talent died so quickly. Yuder shook his head with a wry smile inside.

“What I’m trying to do is not something so great.”

“You two were friends before joining the Cavalry?”

Then Finn Eldore, who opened the door and returned, stepped in and talked to them. On the way here, Gakane seemed to have spoken to the Eldore siblings quite a bit, but Yuder seemed to rarely have a personal conversation with them as of yet.

“We stayed in the same accommodation before the test. I got help from Yuder.”

“I see. Is that how you got to know Kanna, too?”


“I’m going out now.”

Yuder took off his uniform coat like Gakane. Then, he was dressed in plain clothes that he’d originally been wearing. Gakane looked anxiously at him as he opened the door.

“Be careful, Yuder, even if Sunz is around. We have to leave early tomorrow, so come back as soon as possible.”

“Wow. At that age, you sound like a parent with a child already?” 

“No, it’s not like that…”

Yuder grinned and closed the door as he listened to Finn and Gakane’s conversation.

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