Turning Chapter 4

Author: NeroLotus

Yuder also had a second gender. He was an Omega. It did not manifest until he was accepted into the Cavalry, but it suddenly began several months later.

T/N: For those that don’t know what the omegaverse is, this is a quick crash course: Link

There had been countless people over the years who had disapproved of the fact that an Omega was the Commander of the Cavalry. So many of the fellow Awakeners did not want to acknowledge him in that position.They couldn’t drive Yuder out openly because he had the strongest power than any Alpha, and he was the only scent-free Omega that didn’t experience heat.

But the only one with such ability was Yuder, so no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t even stop discrimination and crime against Omega.

‘Will I manifest at the same time this time around?’

Someone who hadn’t manifested a second gender couldn’t detect another person’s second gender. Therefore, Yuder did not know whether Gakane in front of him, or the woman he was talking to, had any second genders.

“Do I have to demonstrate while explaining my… ‘ability’?”

“I don’t think so.”

He wasn’t sure. The woman’s expression changed more seriously when she heard Gakane saying so.

“That’s going to be a problem…”

“Why is that so?”

“My ability is… well, it needs to be prepared. I can’t even see the results right away.”

“Do you have such ability? Usually, everything is visible… I heard it’s like magic and sword.”

Gakane tilted his head. However, Yuder did not question the statement at all. Although it was not well known that many early Awakeners had unusual abilities, there were still various kinds of abilities out there.

Over the years, the number of Awakeners would increase, and more diverse people would emerge. However, the number of those  who were capable was very small, and they usually died quickly because they did not have the ability to protect their bodies.

If she met an official who did not understand her ability even though she was a proper competitor, the application itself could have been rejected. Yuder suddenly felt a surge of interest in her.

“What kind of ability?”

The woman turned her head surprised when Yuder, who had been silent so far, suddenly talked to her. She gave a hesitant look, but she answered shortly.

“I can read information from what I touch.”

“Information? How is it possible?”

“Well, for example, if I hold an object in my hand, suddenly information about it comes into my head. If it is a book, it would contain things such as who wrote it and what is inside. Though not all things are possible, I think it is only possible when I have information to read. There is almost nothing to read about new things. And the older the thing is, the more information is available for me to read, the longer time it takes. That is what I’ve figured out so far.”


Gakane exclaimed. He looked half-confident.

“Can you read people, too?”

“It’s never been successful.”

‘It’s real.’

Yuder read her eyes that she meant it.

‘But she can’t make up words. It’s the perfect ability that feels like a scam. In the past, she probably couldn’t even apply and got rejected.’

The ability to read information about objects in her hand. At first glance, he couldn’t feel how great it was.

But what if the ability could be further developed at this level? What if she could read people, nature, and finally read invisible things?

‘Everyone’s going to want it.’

It could be a scary weapon beyond just great. It was an ability to kill or save people depending on who their superiors were.

Thinking so far, Yuder suddenly recalled some information he had heard and forgotten in the past.

‘And it turns out that a few years ago… The King of Duvern ever said that he had an Awakener who could read the future?’

Duvern was a neighboring kingdom of Orr Empire, bordering on the west.

Yuder had been nervous at that time, feeling the world situation became dark when he heard about the king talking about having an Awakener that could read the future. He then had ordered one of the Cavalry members to visit there.

But all the returnee reported was very little information that the future-reading Awakener had already died in Duvern’s political strife, and that the Awakener was originally from the Orr Empire.

At that time, he thought there would be no way the Awakener who could read the future would die in vain like that, so he judged it as false information and forgot it.

But if there was someone who read information about things like the woman in front of him, there might also have been someone like that Awakener.

Perhaps now she could only read the past, but if her ability developed, she could read into the future.

Yuder needed information. More information than he had known in the past. In order to do so, it was necessary for those who had the ability like the woman in front of them to join the Cavalry.

Yuder looked at how many people were left in front of the line. There were still about seven people.

That was still plenty of time.

When he put his hand in his pocket and searched, he caught something familiar. When Yuder took out the old bracelet from his pocket, the woman and Gakane looked back at him curiously.

“What is with that?”

“Read this.”

The woman received the bracelet she had just given out and looked confused.

“What? All of a sudden… I told you that my abilities don’t work for everything… Huh?”

The woman who had been saying something suddenly stopped. Yuder saw hazy energy rising from her whole body. It made everything clear. She definitely had an ability awakened by the power of the Red Stone.

“It was an old man who made this. Your grandfather?”

“That’s right.”

“Alright. About 7 years ago… You got it before he died. Yu…der. Yuder? Is that your name?”

Instead of answering, Yuder raised the corners of his mouth dimly.

“Your ability is real.”

“That’s right.”

“But the officials probably won’t believe it.”

The woman’s expression stiffened by Yuder’s cold words. Gakane opened his mouth as if he was too much. Yuder quickly continued before they responded.

“So, when they ask you to explain your abilities, don’t do what you told us. Just say that it has very big destructive power.”

“Excuse me?”

“What are you talking about?”

Both the man and woman tilted their heads in unison.

“The officials just need to file the application. They won’t have to check the ability that seems hard to be checked indoors. Actually, the information that you read is a very good ability to destroy your enemies depending on how you use it, so you’re not lying. When you take the test yourself, you can tell the examiners there about your ability properly and ask them to bring you anything old, so for now, you can only succeed in accepting applications. If you don’t apply that way, you won’t have a chance.”

Yuder’s voice was very calm, with few highs and lows. However, the content of his words in that calm voice contained sharpness that no one had ever thought of.

A trick would be a trick, but it was definitely not a lie. Gakane and the woman felt the same curiosity because he seemed to know the test process very well, but soon the surprise took over.

“T-that’s awesome. But is that really okay?”

“It depends on how much you want to join the Cavalry.”

He would never have said that to others before. But after going through the same process as them, he became a member of Cavalry. And when he saw all the abnormalities of the world, he had died. He changed his mind when he regressed.

For Yuder now, people like Gakane and the woman felt like new yet very young Awakeners in the Cavalry he was responsible for. Those who didn’t know what the future held before them, so there was still a chance.

It was a kindness by necessity, but on the other hand, he was a little bit bitter because he didn’t seem to have completely escaped the heart of a Cavalry Commander.

“No, you’re right. Officials are just for applicants and not examiners. If we don’t get in, we won’t have another chance.”

Gakane tapped Yuder on the shoulder with an admiring look. The woman thought for a moment and nodded as if she had made up her mind.

“I will have to do that. Thank you for the advice. I’m late for an introduction, but my name is Kanna.”

“This is Yuder as you read earlier, and I’m Gakane Bolunwald. I hope we can all register safely and get accepted to the Cavalry and meet again.”

Kanna smiled with a much relaxed expression at Gakane’s words.

“Yeah, just those words will be fine.”

“Next, come in.”

Then they finally heard a voice announcing Kanna’s turn. Before they knew it, there was no one in front of them. Kanna exhaled deeply, waved her hand, and went inside. The entrance and exit were designed separately, so it was no longer known whether she would have to see them again or not.

If she succeeded in applying, she would be lucky to meet them at the test site or the Cavalry. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to see them.

“Yuder. You’re not nervous, are you?”

Gakane asked Yuder with a strange look while he was thinking he should’ve found a better way to contact Kanna in the future.

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