Turning Chapter 9

Author: NeroLotus

“Yuder! Yuder! Hold on a second.”

Yuder stopped at her call as he tried to leave the school as soon as the tedious reading and writing classes were over.

In the world before Yuder’s death, Kanna was not in the Cavalry, but she was one of those who better adapted to the Cavalry more than anyone else.

Maintaining some friendly relationships with everyone among Cavalry members, who varied in status, age, gender, and origin, was not usually done by ability alone.

She had enough appeal to many people since she didn’t say anything difficult about the hard training even though she had special abilities but her physical abilities were not very good. Just as her overly nervous face when they first met was like a lie, Kanna as a Cavalry member was praised for being sociable and competent.

Kanna did not forget to thank Yuder for helping him the most in getting into the Cavalry. Although there were few occasions to meet because the training hours divided by the number of people did not overlap, they would always greet each other whenever they met.

Thanks to Kanna and Gakane’s mysterious experience of telling others about the test advice for Cavalry that Yuder had given, Yuder now became the subject of much more friendly attention from his comrades than in the past.

In the past, he used to go around almost alone among Awakeners with the same power because he was quiet and grim, which was a very strange experience.

“Whew, it’s so hard to meet each other.”

Kanna, who called out to Yuder, was running out of breath and smiled.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh, it’s not a big deal. I was wondering if it’s true that you haven’t decided on your division yet.”

Yuder looked at Kanna’s blue eyes and nodded briefly.

“It’s true.”

“Is there a reason? The Commander was wondering.”

At that word, Yuder paused for a moment.


Why did Kishiar la Orr’s name appear here? Yuder’s face, as he leaned back and asked, had such subtle emotions that Kanna could hardly notice.

“I went to the commander’s room with Jodie since we were going to report on our division of choice. But he asked me if I had any idea which division Yuder would choose.”


“Actually, I thought you would definitely choose Sul division on the first day. Do you have any concerns? I’m confident in reading information. If you need any advice, you can tell me anything. I’ll help you for free if you need me.”

Kanna sometimes used her ability at the behest of fellow members. The ability to read information about objects had been surprisingly helpful to people.

The ability to regain what someone had forgotten, or to realize things someone did not know, felt similar to fortune telling.

It was such a fascinating power that many would want to see it in person even if they had to pay for it. Everything was as Yuder expected.

“No, thank you.”

But Yuder never asked her for help. Not yet.

The only thing that mattered to him now was to not stupidly lose useful human resources that had been forgotten in the past.

‘But… I’m a little concerned about that man’s intentions….’

Yuder hesitated for a moment and started to speak to Kanna.

“Did he say anything other than that?”

“Other than that?”

Kanna glanced around and shook her head as if to recall memories for a moment.

“I don’t remember much.”

“I see.”

“Maybe because I’m the one who talks to you the most, he didn’t mean anything. It’s only until tomorrow anyway, so don’t feel pressured.”

Kanna said, but Yuder didn’t think so. She didn’t know what Kishiar la Orr was like.

The members usually had endless faith and affinity for Kishiar, who shared hard training and showed a fair attitude. But that man was not a very fair man. If they knew…

Yuder frowned as he recalled a few memories. The memories associated with that man usually didn’t taste so good.

‘But the fact doesn’t change that he’s the first person I need to save here and get on my side.’

He had killed that man with his own hands in the past, but not this time. He hadn’t died yet, and he wouldn’t. Not only that, but Kishiar also had to live to maintain his position as the commander of the Cavalry. That was what Yuder was going to do.

Yuder pulled himself together. When he bowed his head lightly to say thank you to Kanna, there was a sign on her face that she wanted to see his face.

“Oh, speaking of which…”


Anything else to say? As Yuder looked at her with the intention of saying so, Kanna frowned slightly.

“The commander thinks that I’m very close to you, but don’t you think it’s a bit too much for you to still not talk comfortably to me? Why do you keep speaking formally to Gakane and your roommates, Yuder?”

Yuder was stunned for a moment by such a completely unexpected remark. It was the first time anyone had said that to him both in his previous life and even now. Why was he talking to someone and speaking formally to someone? It was…

“Because you spoke formally to me first, so I speak formally, too.”

“What? So it doesn’t mean that much?”

Of course, it was meaningless. Before and now, Yuder was always terrible at building relationships with other people. Perhaps because he had lived alone in the mountains for a long time.

He was able to serve as the commander for nearly a decade because the Cavalry was a special group that could promote someone only by considering their abilities strengths and weaknesses.

“I actually cared a lot. I was curious about the reason. But if that’s the reason, I’ll talk to you informally from now on, okay? Everyone talks comfortably regardless of the conditions.”

“Do as you please.”

Kanna’s expression brightened as Yuder answered slowly.

“Okay, I should have asked you earlier. It’s so refreshing. I’ll see you later!”

Yuder looked from behind at the disappearing Kanna and turned his head.

Since then, he had never imagined that many of the Cavalry members, who had not been able to talk to him properly because they thought it was difficult, would start speaking informally at once after hearing Kanna’s words the next day.

At that time, there was only one thought in Yuder’s head. As soon as today’s schedule was over, he would go to the place where Kishiar la Orr was staying and tell him that he had decided on a division. That was that.

* * *

The Cavalry’s training was over by sunset. As soon as Yuder finished having dinner, he took off the clinging Gakane who urged him to play cards together and headed upstairs to the accommodation building instead.

As he circled the stairs that seemed to run endlessly and reached the fifth floor, an antique white door with a golden mane of a lion’s head as a doorknob appeared. It was a lion that swallowed light, the symbol of the imperial family.

Yuder paused the moment he saw the doorknob. He felt a strange feeling.

After Kishiar la Orr handed over the position of the commander to Yuder, he used the original shape of the room structure without changing anything.

The only difference was that, unlike Kishiar who used the entire floor for personal use as a high-ranking person, Yuder changed the rest of the space except for one small bedroom into a publicly available place.

People thought it was creepy to casually use the commander’s space, which was rumored to have killed that man. But for Yuder, it was almost the only place where he could breathe without looking at others.

If he opened that door, he thought the room he’d used for nearly 10 years would appear right away. It felt familiar yet very unfamiliar.

Yuder calmed down and put his hand on the doorknob. But before he could knock on the door, the door opened from the inside and a tall man appeared.

“… Hmm?”


Kishiar, wearing a long coat over simple plain clothes, opened his eyes a little wide and soon returned to his usual expression.

Yuder intended to visit with his heart fully prepared. But maybe because he encountered such an expected situation, he also felt his heart beating a bit loudly at the moment.

It was the first time that he faced Kishiar properly since his regression, and it was also the first time that he saw him alone.

When Yuder took the Cavalry test, he was able to maintain objective emotions because that man had transformation magic on his face. And there was no reason to pay much attention because he only saw that man’s occasional glance among 300 Cavalry members.

But now was different. Would he feel this way if he faced a monster waiting for him at a dead end where he couldn’t find any other place to look away?

Yuder looked up at Kishiar and took a deep breath. My heart, which had only been beating loudly, sank a little.

The reason why Yuder kept finding these uncomfortable and unnecessary feelings even though he knew that man had no such thoughts was that he still had great memories of the past.

Kishiar la Orr. 

Yuder had known him for less than two years, in fact. But his existence had left an indefinitely strong mark in Yuder’s life, whether it was short or long.

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  1. (Kanna did not forget to thank Yuder for helping him)
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    Thanks for the chap

  2. I think the commander already knew about his assassination and either faked his death or let the mc kill him coz there’s absolutely no way a 15 year old with only 2 years of combat experience could kill a commander serving the king no matter how talented they are