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* * *


Zadkiel, who held the hand of the chief priest Lamisa, looked nervous.


The chief priest was quiet while she slept.


At that time,


“Priest! P, please come out soon! A miracle, a miracle really happened!” 


Zadkiel sprang up when the child who helped him to work rushed in crying.


Soon he ran away in a hurry. The startled steps staggered several times.


“Oh my, what is this!”


“Hey, are you okay too?”


“I couldn’t even speak, but don’t you see that I’m talking to you just fine? Hahaha.” 


“A real miracle happened!”


“My baby! Are you okay? Doesn’t it hurt anymore?”


Zadkiel’s eyes widened.


Could a miracle really happen?


Those who couldn’t even move their body laughed and chatted with a calm complexion.




Indeed, a miracle happened.


God did a miracle.


“M, mother.” 


The chief priest, who had fallen asleep, sat up before he knew it.


“M, mother! Are you okay?”




As if she couldn’t believe it, the chief priest touched her neck and chest, took a few deep breaths, and spat them out.


Then she cried.


“Yeah, I can feel it. God gave me a miracle….” 




Zadkiel staggered as he approached the chief priest’s arms and collapsed. 


And he started crying like a little kid.


‘It really was. Really, to the Princess, God promised a miracle.’ 


Zadkiel thought of Lilith.


The one whose smile was pure and lovely like that of a baby angel.


‘Maybe she’s a real angel?’


Yeah, she might be the person God sent to look after this place.


Zadkiel thought so.


“Thank you, princess. thank you, God….” 


* * *


‘Hmm, the priest will be able to sleep comfortably now, right?’


Zadkiel, who was still young, must have been in a lot of trouble.


‘But he kept his promise with me.’


I believed it, but I was grateful again.


A ray of light in this crazy world—.


‘Maybe he’s a real angel?’


I smiled as I recalled what happened with Zadkiel 15 days ago.


* * *


The day in question.


“Y, you said you met God in a dream?”




“That’s a revelation! Princess, that’s it. It is a blessing from God that only comes down to the most faithful and good!”


Zadkiel smiled with an overwhelming expression.


“God was still with us!”


No, it would’ve bounced…


“The reason why there has been no revelation so far is probably because the believers lack faith and have not cultivated goodness deep in their hearts.”


Zadkiel held my hand tightly and said.


“But, since the princess is a good and faithful person, God must have visited and given you a revelation. Thank you so much for being born. Really.”


“N, no well, that’s too much…”


A kind-hearted person who is deeply moved by the words of a seven-year-old child.


It’s a pain to have to lie to him—.


Pretending not to know hurt my conscience, so I looked around and picked up a branch.


“Priest! Then, I’ll write it down as I remember!”




After sweeping the dirt floor with my feet, I put strength on my head and pondered.


Now is the time to take out and use a little of the talent from the previous life’s Seoul University!


For reference, my major was history and my minor was Korean literature.


‘Reliably. make it look plausible. It’s like receiving a real revelation that a seven-year-old’s vocabulary could never make up.’


Come out, the soul of a minor Korean literature student!


<The faith of my faithful servants has reached the temple in the sky.


I bless the servants of the Seraph, who have been persecuted but have silently kept my will.


When the moon in the sky fills up for the first time since I visited.


All the sick who were cared for by Seraph’s servants will be healed at the same time as if they were washed, and they will wake up shaking their seats.>


The moment I read my plausible false revelation that I made up on the spot.


Zadkiel is hardened.


“I, it can’t be.”


“God told me that he would heal all the sick people here!”




Zadkiel, who had been staggering with his mouth shut, finally sat down and started crying like a child.


“P, priest? Don’t cry…”


“Th, hiks, thank you. Thank you very much, princess….”


Zadkiel hugged my waist and cried for a long time more.


In the middle, I heard him say something about his mother. It seemed the recovery of the chief priest to be the most thrilling to him.


“I, but, Priest. Can’t you… promise me just one thing?”


“Hmm. About what?” 


Zadkiel, who had barely stopped crying, sniffed and asked.


I pretended to be embarrassed.


“I had to keep my dreams a secret…” 


“Yes? Why? Receiving revelation is a once-in-a-lifetime blessing. Instead, you should go to the temple of Parvil, where the high priest is, and let them know that you have received the revelation.”


Zadkiel added, holding my hand and smiling brightly.


“Then, everyone will love and look up to the princess chosen by God.”


“Hugh! N, no! Enough. Please make this dream something the priest dreamed of!”




Zadkiel, who had stopped blankly, immediately waved his hand vigorously.


“Ne, ver! Absolutely not! Never! How dare I, who dare not reach God, steal the revelation from the princess?!?”


I thought he would say this.


Wouldn’t it be a greedy high priest grandfather?


Zadkiel was absolutely not the kind of person to accept that a 7-year-old boy the size of a bean handed over revelations without knowing anything.


So I tilted my head and added.


“Huh? But God told me to do that… He told me to tell Priest Zadkiel at the Seraph Temple…?” 


Since it already stands out, it doesn’t matter to make it excuse a thousand times, well. 


The naive Zadkiel heard me and gaped his mouth.


“Yes? I, it’s that true?” 


“Yes. What I dreamed of must be kept a secret. If I don’t, he won’t give a blessing, and he said he’ll scold me too.” 


“Oh, why?”


I urged while holding Zadkiel’s arm and shaking it.


“Priest. You’re going to keep it a secret, right?” 




He, who believed everything I said, finally opened his suspicious eyes.


In fact, he should have been suspicious.


If God really wanted to give a revelation, it would have been in Zadkiel’s dream.


Because I’m not going to let him lie across the bridge.




‘Look at that revelation, it’s awesome! How can such words come out of a little kid’s mouth?’


Zadkiel’s gaze turned to the revelation on the dirt floor.


His eyes were filled with weird confidence as if he thought I wasn’t at the level of a seven-year-old. 




I took another look at the gap.


“Priest? Secret…” 


“Aah, yes! Of course! I don’t want the princess to be scolded, so of course, I’ll keep the secret. But I, I can’t dare to steal God’s revelation….” 


“You’re not stealing it! God tells me to point out Priest Zadkiel and give the dream?”


Zadkiel bit his lip and pondered for a while.


Then he nodded his head with a stern expression, as if he had made up his mind.


“Yes, Princess. Then I will.”


* * *


Even if he said so, how heart-wrenching it must have been.


He didn’t even receive the revelation, but he can’t tell the truth because I asked him to keep it a secret—.


Armed paladins come whenever they have a chance and catch him if he lies! It scares him…


Could it be that he believed the seven-year-old’s words too hastily? Doubt burns his heart—.


‘Thank you for keeping your promise, priest!’


I said it to myself and tried to fall asleep, but when I opened my eyes, my Dad was still awake and tossing and turning.




“Y, yeah.” 


I was surprised to see Dad, who turned around. Within a few minutes, his face was half-asleep again.


“Phew. What are you going to do if you can’t sleep at all? You have to go see sick people get better.”


“Ung, go sleep. Were you bothered by Daddy tossing and turning? Sorry. Princess, go to sleep.”


“No, but Dad, don’t worry.” 


I dug into my Dad’s arms. 


“Because the priest is a good man, the real God must have given him a miracle. So don’t worry, let’s go see the priest tomorrow.”




Dad, who didn’t answer for a while, soon smiled and hugged me tightly.


“Yes, let’s do it.”


* * *


The next day.


Emperor Nicholas couldn’t stop smiling. 


Soon Enoch, the Heretic Inquisitor, will come here to report.


The proud face that only talks about it must be pale.


It is his nature that he can’t stand still and watch the bugs go to the burn table.


Maybe he’ll try to negotiate with him to save them.


“Then I would be grateful.”


Nicholas laughed out loud with his head tilted.


If Enoch could pay the debt to him for saving a few lives, or—.


It was a trader with nothing to lose.




“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!”


No matter how urgent it was, the aide, Ramon, opened the office door without any warning and stormed in.


“What is it?” 


Nicholas stood up, frowning.


Ramon’s expression became contemplative.


The moment he saw it, Nicholas instinctively felt something was wrong.




Knock, knock.


Before Ramon even opened his mouth.


Someone knocked on the wide open door of the office.


It was Enoch.




It’s not the expression he imagined dozens of times.


He thought that when he opened that door and came in, that proud face would be crushed.


Enoch said with a relaxed laugh and a small bow.


“Your Majesty.”



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