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Even in the wartime situation, there was only one place that was consistently peaceful.


It’s the Wizard Tower.


At the head of the laboratory, Oscar, the master of the Wizard Tower, who had been constantly scribbling with a pen today, frowned.


“What nonsense are you talking about?”


His aide, Robert, closed his mouth and pushed his neck in.


Due to Oscar’s personality, soon he will be screaming for all in the Wizard Tower building to leave.


“What are you talking about!!!!”


As expected. 


Robert said, shrinking as much as he could.


“Just like I said…”


A situation in which all active and powerful people have been dispatched to Southern Olden.


It is said that another group of holy beasts is attacking this gap where the Capital’s defenses are weak.


The emperor decided to send out the remaining people with power.


Those who currently remain in the Capital, who are obligated to serve in the military—.


“Why send the kids there?”


Yeah, child soldiers.


They are children with little experience in the war.


Robert answered, avoiding Oscar’s angry eyes.


“If you look at the order of departure to the war… child soldiers are long after active duty soldiers….”


“I’m out of my mind, really. Is the country on the verge of collapsing? Why are the quiet holy beasts going crazy?”


“How do I know that? I’m not a holy beast.”


“Haa, really.”


Oscar sighed and grabbed his head.


Robert looked at it and wondered whether to speak or not, but he finally opened his mouth. 


“That, Lord of the Wizard Tower…”




“I have one more thing to tell you…” 


“Don’t be angry. Don’t even scream. Hold it steady and listen.”


“Ah, tell me quickly!”


“Perhaps His Majesty the Emperor thought that the number of child soldiers was insufficient, so he even summon 4th-Class Octava. Now…” 


Robert, who continued to speak, shut his mouth in surprise.


Princess Rubinstein— he thought that Oscar, who cares so much about Lilith, probably be shocked. 


‘W, what’s with his expression?’


It’s more than he can imagine. 


Oscar’s expression was amazing.




Anyone who sees it will think that they have lost their country. 


Oscar’s golden eyes, which were pushed to the limit, were filled with emotions that couldn’t be expressed in words. 


Fear? Terror? 


It felt similar to that.


“Damn it. This, this crazy guy is definitely….” 


“L, Lord of the Wizard Tower? Why are you like that? Are you okay?”


As Oscar rose from his seat, his hands trembled terribly. 


Even though he had a lot of anger, he was never flustered or scared.


For some reason, Oscar was now surprisingly out of his mind and afraid.


“I, I should go and tell him.” 




“I, I… tell him the Wizard Tower will go.”




“Damn it! Understand it at once, you punk!”


Oscar shouted at Robert with bloodshot eyes.


“I will go! The Wizard Tower will stop what happened at the capital! Kids, leave them alone. Go and tell the imperial family.”




Robert’s jaw dropped at his arbitrary decision.


Surprisingly, the same goes for all the researchers who gathered in the lab and studied magic for a long time.


“What? You punks.”


Oscar said sharply, looking at the puzzled researchers.


“They say the capital is in danger. Would you like to sit here with your butt in peace?”


The researchers looked at each other in contemplation.


There was one reason they wanted to enter the Wizard Tower with all their strength.


That is, in order not to be drafted in this situation.




“What’s with your expressions, you punks. You’re going to watch the children who haven’t rolled in the battlefield a few times go and die?”


“The Lord of the Wizard Tower! F, first let’s calm down. It’s the same as our researchers who haven’t been to a battlefield…”


Robert grabbed his arm to stop him, but Oscar threw it away and added.


“If I say I’m going alone, I’m sure he’ll send out the child soldiers because of the number. So all of you, get up, too.’


The researchers hesitated at Oscar’s orders.


“Please, you punks. I’ll take care of everything. I won’t ask you guys to do anything—”


The voice was as desperate as an appeal.


“Please. Just fill in the number.”


One of the confused researchers jumped to his feet.


“T, that’s true. Rather than sending children away… We’re right to go. “


“Eung. As expected…right?”


Starting with him, they got up one by one.


With the intention of following all, relieved Oscar closed his eyes and said.


“…Thank you. I won’t let you all get hurt.”


Soon Oscar left the lab with a quick step without hesitation. 


Everyone followed in his footsteps.


But when they got to the first floor of the tower.


Oscar stopped walking.


“What is this?”


Two armed powerful men stood blocking the entrance to the Wizard tower.


They both looked familiar.


Holy Wizard Mir.


Wizard Lion.


These two were the Imperial Guard.


The Imperial Guard consists of five people.


They are those who obey the Emperor’s orders at every moment because of subordinate magic.


“What are you doing? You punks.”


“During a first-class war situation, I came to protect the Wizard Tower’s researchers, including Oscar Manuel, the Lord of the Wizard Tower.”


Holy Wizard Mir said.


“What? Even a passing dog laughed. Who protects whom? You to me?”


“I convey the words of His Majesty the Emperor.”


Whether or not Oscar reacts crookedly, Mir continued.


“The researchers of the Wizard Tower are the most capable people to protect. In a national emergency, for their absolute safety, we will blockade the Wizard Tower from this time on and protect them at the cost of their lives.”


“Hahahaha! This crazy thing.”


Oscar, who was laughing as if he were dumbfounded, hardened his face.


“As expected, you’re good at putting oil on your snout. You say so gently that I should be imprisoned.”


“Oscar Manuel, you can’t take a single step from here.”


Mir and Lion stood in front of Oscar.


Oscar laughed and put his face close to theirs and whispered.


“If you wanted to stop me, you should’ve brought all your friends. Where did you send the other three?”






“How are you going to stop me with just two?”


Oscar flicked his finger once.


Then, Mir and Leone collapsed helplessly, thumping their knees.


Their movement blocked in an instant.


The two couldn’t lift a hand.




Watching it, Robert stuck out his tongue.


To overpower two high-ranking capable powers at once with one gesture.


‘It’s because he always sits in front of his desk, as expected, he’s a scary person.’


Oscar pushed Mir over the shoulder with his foot.


“Get lost.”


Then he walked leisurely.




“….? What is this?”


The moment he put his hand on the door.


Oscar’s eyes went white.


A strong force that surrounds and seals off the entire Wizard Tower, starting with the entrance.


This time, he can’t do anything.




Primera, it was the power of the Emperor.


The moment he felt the Emperor’s strong will to never let him go.


Oscar realized.


The absence of active duty capable people.


The departure of child soldiers.


The summoning order that came down to the 4th Class Octava.


In this situation, which unfolded meticulously as if a prey were engaged, the Emperor was aiming for only one thing.




Move the kid around, to tame Enoch Rubinstein




His hands trembled.


Anger, and fear.


The moment he thought of Lilith, that little child who was thrown into the battlefield and trembled in fear.


Oscar’s bloodshot eyes were wet.




Screams of confusion resonated throughout the silent building.




What the hell is going on here.


Less than half a day after Dad went on the battlefield, three armed men came to our house.


Two paladins and a magic swordsman.


“Why did His Majesty the Emperor’s Imperial Guard come here?


Grandpa asked them, he hid the trembling me behind.


His Majesty the Emperor’s Imperial Guard.


I know who they are.


‘They’re powerful men brainwashed by the Emperor.’


The Imperial Guards are strong, but not as strong as my Dad or Master Oscar.


That’s why he can cast subordinate magic even with adequate life force.


They are the five powerful men chosen by the Emperor because they can be used most efficiently.


‘It came out last.’


They appear at the end of the original story.


Because of the subordinate magic, they die protecting the Emperor while blocking the front from Dad and Cheshire…


“It is the order of His Majesty the Emperor to summon 4th Class Octava and send them to Central Jurgen.” 


The magic swordsman standing in the middle said.


I was startled.


“…that’s all right, Lilith.”


My grandfather spoke in a low voice so that only I could hear.


“No matter how much you say the Emperor, it is an order without fundamentals. 4th Class doesn’t have to be obligated to serve in the military. This is clearly the content of military law in the Imperial Code.”


“This is a first-class war situation. Now that there are no troops left in the Capital as all the active soldiers have been dispatched, His Majesty the Emperor can order the deployment of child soldiers.”


“My granddaughter is not a child soldier. She’s a 4th-Class, so she doesn’t have to serve as a soldier.”


“The Capital is currently under attack by about 300 Holy Beasts. Because it is a number that cannot be matched only by child soldiers, His Majesty has ordered that even 4th-Class capable persons be summoned.”


“It’s funny. There are high-ranking people in the Wizard Tower and in the training center. Why are you sending a 4th Class who has never received combat training properly?”


“The Wizard Tower’s talented people are high-class personnel. The imperial family has the duty to protect and treat them first.”


They were stubborn.


“This is an urgent situation. If you continue to refuse the military service, our Imperial Guard will follow the will of His Majesty the Emperor.”


The three drew their swords at the same time and aimed them at my grandfather.


“We have no choice but to subdue Sir Nordic by force.”




“G, grandfather…”


My eyes were wide open.


Why is this happening all of a sudden?


I wanted to think calmly, but I didn’t have time.


‘No matter how strong my grandfather is, he can’t beat all three of them.’


I grabbed my grandfather by the hem of his trousers.


“G, grandfather. I…”


“Yeah. That’s right.”


Grandfather turned and walked toward the wall of the office.


A sword was hung on the wall.


The sword that my now-retired grandfather held in his hand when he was active.


Grandfather, holding the sword whose handle was worn out from holding it for a long time, stood in front of me again.


Then he pointed his sword at the Imperial guards and spoke in a low voice.


“I will take it to my heart’s content.”


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