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“This is a message from Nordic.” 




Enoch hurriedly opened the letter from the private soldier and read it. 


His eyes slowly widened.




It took an instant for his eyes to turn white.


“What’s the matter?”


When Axion asked, the enlisted soldier gasped for breath and answered.


“Corrupted holy beasts have appeared in Central Jurgen. It is said that they have almost occupied Jurgen and are rapidly attacking the Capital. Because it was an emergency situation, all child soldiers in the Capital were ordered to go out…” 


The soldier cried and added.


“…Due to a lack of troops, Octavas were also called in as reinforcements. His Majesty’s personal guard came directly to the Duke’s residence and took the princess.” 


“W, what do you mean!” 


Ordia jumped up.


The surroundings were buzzing.




But Enoch’s ears were full of tinnitus that hadn’t been there before.


Holy Beasts were running amok out of nowhere.


If Jurgen is as serious as Olden here.


The child soldiers, who lacked experience on the battlefield, were as good as being thrown to the limb. 


And there—.


Lilith was dragged away.


“…noch! Enoch!” 


He heard Ordia’s voice.


Enoch staggered and barely opened his unsteady eyes.


“Come to your sense!” 


Ordia shouted.


Hair tied into one tight ponytail. And she was wearing silver armor.


Even on the battlefield, which didn’t match the lady at all, his sister seemed particularly firm, unlike himself in confusion. 






Ordia’s hand passed fiercely across Enoch’s cheek.


At that moment, he came to his senses.


“Is it time for you to be so distracted?”


“Oh, honey. What should I do if you slap the commander on the cheek? This is a disgrace.”


Alexei pulled Ordia’s arm and sent it behind him.


Then he grabbed Enoch by the shoulder and met his eyes.


“Brother-in-law, look at me.”




“Go to Jurgen right now. If brother-in-law goes, nothing will happen. I know what you’re worried about, but it’s not going to happen.”


Alexei added calmly. 


“Leave this to me, and the kids…” 




“With Lilith and our twins…” 


He, too, is trying to calm Enoch.


He pretended not to be, but he was more scared than anyone else.


What parent can remain calm when their beloved child is thrown to the limb?


“Safely, after saving them. Then come back. We’ll do our best to survive here.” 


What if he goes to Jurgen?


Right now, here in Olden, about 300 holy beasts appear at once.


Half of them are swept by Enoch at once, and the battle begins.


If such Enoch was away.


The remaining men must make great sacrifices.


‘But… No. Still, I have to go. M, my princess….’


Of course, he shouldn’t choose to abandon his subordinates.


But Enoch.


Before he was an army commander, he was the father of a child.


“…Brother-in-law, I’m sorry. Please take care of it.” 


“Yeah. Hurry.” 


“I’ll handle Jurgen’s side and return here as soon as possible.” 


“I’ll be waiting.”


Leaving the rest behind, Enoch left the barracks like the wind.


* * *


At the same time.


Leon could hardly calm down.


He wasn’t so surprised when he was suddenly ordered to go to the battlefield. 


However, the moment he saw Lilith…


‘What should I do?’


Leon looked down at his small, weak sister, who didn’t seem to be able to catch even one bug, and his hands trembled.


Tears welled up in Lilith’s big eyes.


‘How can I take that kid…’


At that time, Cheshire grabbed Leon’s arm tightly. 




“Y, yeah.” 


“Come to your sense.” 


Cheshire gripped Leon’s shoulders tightly and looked into his eyes.


Cheshire grasped the situation faster than anyone else.


No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t disobey the Emperor’s order, and even Lilith had to go together. 




“We can send Lilith back if we catch all of them in the front and don’t send them to the back. Then it’s all right.”




“We don’t have time. We need to regroup the line including the Octavas. Please, come to your senses.”


“Yeah… Then, let’s do it.” 


Leon took a deep breath.


And he looked right next to him.


Only six Dos with the best abilities. 


He, Theo, Cheshire, and Gerard.


And there were two capable men in the defensive line.


It is reasonable to put them all in the vanguard.






Leon pointed to the swordsman with holy power, Gerard Schmidt.




Gerard, who was glancing at Lilith with confused eyes, answered.


“You take the Octavas and bring them to the back. I’m not going to send a single one back, but just in case…” 




“Never, never let them get hurt.” 


“I understand.” 


“Everyone else will follow me forward…” 


Leon, who was talking, pointed at Theo.


“You, too! You go back too.”


“What? Why?” 


“They’re holy beasts! You’re useless if Magi don’t come out of the sword. You will just become a burden for no reason.” 


Theo is a person with the ability to coexist in a 50:50 ratio of holy and magical powers. 


In a situation where they have to deal with the Holy Beasts, it wouldn’t be helpful if the holy power sword skill was manifested.


“N, no matter how is it… There are only six Dos, and you send them both back?”  


“Hey, Theo.”


Leon ran his tongue through his trembling lips and approached Theo.


Then he looked down at Lilith, who was standing next to him.


“You, you have to protect that kid. Don’t take your eyes off her… Never let her get hurt. Got it…” 




“Please. Listen.”


Leon cried.


Seeing Leon rubbing his eyes roughly with his sleeve, Theo nodded his head with reddened eyes.




“Y, you too… You too, don’t die.”




Leon hugged Theo tightly.


From birth until now.


Twins who have never been apart.


That deep bond, each other’s frightened young hearts—.


Very little, soothed.


* * *


We took the warp gate and headed to Central Jurgen.


Jurgen’s situation was disastrous.


The whole area was in ruins, and the roars of holy beasts could be heard everywhere.


“This is the only way to the Capital.”


Leon, who had found his composure before he knew it, said.


The wide gorge with high cliffs on both sides was as safe as a fortress.


“We can’t let it pass here. You two wait here with the Octavas.”


Leon, who had spoken to Theo and Gerard, raised his sword and pointed at the Jurgen Plain in the distance.


The holy beasts were coming from there.


“We are going over there. Don’t worry, I won’t let any of them come this way.”


“All right.”


Gerard replied.


Before long, Leon moved with about 100 child soldiers with battlefield experience.




Cheshire came to me before he left.




“Don’t worry.”




“I will protect you no matter what.”


Cheshire wiped my wet eyes and smiled reassuringly.


“Don’t get hurt either…” 




Despite looking calm, Cheshire was still young. 


There is a fear of death.


Trying to hide it, he hesitantly kissed my forehead briefly.


“I’ll be back.”




Eventually, only two Dos and Octavas remained in the rear.


Unlike the front situation, which was disastrous, the rear was quiet and peaceful. 


It was then.






A scream was heard.


Turning around quickly, I saw a monster with its head sticking out from a rock crevice in the cliff.


The beast, in the form of a lion, was shining blue all over.


Holy beasts.


‘Why is it suddenly popping out of here?’


I was puzzled.


The gathered Octavas lost their battle lines and were confused by the sudden appearance of the holy beasts.


“Stop! Don’t run away! It’s more dangerous if you spread out! Don’t go!”


Gerard shouted.


But the frightened Octavas didn’t listen. Regardless of whether they were adults or children, the battle lines continued to spread as if they were trying to avoid it.




I quickly put a shield over 200 Octavas and the three of us.


When a blue shield hung over their heads like a boundary line, they fortunately stopped escaping.




At the same time, holy beasts rushed over the shield. However, it slipped without even scratching.


“W, what… Could it be that it’s an A-class shield?”


Gerard was surprised and asked me.


“…Since it’s the same holy power, you wouldn’t be able to block it like that without an A-class shield?” 


“Oh, eung.” 


I replied with an awkward smile.


“Wow, Lilith. Oh my. You’re amazing.”


Theo smiled and complimented me.


Gerard also smiled and quickly spoke to the Octavas.


“See! It’s safe to be here, so don’t scatter the battle lines and stay still!”


Everyone nodded.


Then I thought.


‘All the Octavas with no combat experience were just sent to die. Fighting while saving all these people would be nothing but a burden to the child soldiers…’


The Emperor is not one who is ignorant of the battlefield.


He knows for sure that sending Octavas to war is inefficient.


Still, it didn’t matter.


Whether the Octavas die or not.


Whether or not the child soldiers are disadvantaged while fighting to save the Octavas.


‘Bad guy…’


When I’m thinking. 






The holy beasts that came towards us let out a blue flame on the shield.


The shield melted little by little.


“O, oh my. We have to catch it….” 


Seeing this, Theo trembled and murmured.


“Did you say you’re Gerard? You!” 


Theo looked confused. Still, he managed to keep his composure and handed my hand to Gerard.


“This is my sister… Please make sure she doesn’t get hurt.” 




I shook my head.


“Let’s just stay inside! If the shield disappears, I’ll keep making it again!”


“No… It’s A-Class… Then your mana will run out quickly and disappear. It’s okay because there’s only one.”


“Don’t do that, I’ll help.”


As Gerard said, Theo shook his head.


“You’re someone with holy power. Isn’t it doesn’t match with black magic power?” 


“Then, are you leaving?” 


50 vs 50.


Knowing Theo, whose ability is like a gamble, Gerard can’t believe it.


“Still, I’m better than you…” 


Theo licked his dry lips and looked at me.




“B, brother…” 


Then he took out the sapphire earring he always wears on his left ear and put it in my hand.


“H, huh?”


No, what kind of ominous dead flag is this…


“Your Brother will come back and take that. I will not make you in danger.”


“W, wait!”


Theo ran out of the shield before I could stop it.


The holy beast, who continued to emit flames to break the shield, found Theo and immediately rushed towards him.




Theo, who got as far away from us as possible, fired his sword at the rushing holy beast.






It was overflowing with holy power. 


Blue sword.


He only left small scratches that tickled the holy beast’s chest.


Theo opened his mouth blankly.


“Ah. “


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