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‘I’m going crazy. Calm down, calm down.’


Oscar took his eyes off Cheshire and took a deep breath to calm himself down.


Still, over and over again, that terrible day floated through his mind.


Cheshire Rubinstein.


Sacrifice for the greater cause, for the majority…


The guy who grew up learning from Enoch Rubinstein as if he were inputting only those trivial things into his head.


‘Yeah, what did you know?’


That there are exceptions to that teaching.


The heart of his father, who had no choice but to witness his daughter’s head be cut in front of his eyes. 


“You remember what you did before, right? Just do it.”




When Selena spoke, Cheshire entered the mana formal and began measuring. 


Oscar deliberately distracted himself, calming his throbbing heart. 


‘Phew, but if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to change mana formal without making them suspicious.’ 


But it’s annoying.


Oscar swallowed his anger as he watched the screen of the magic tool increasing in numbers.


‘What if that punk also doesn’t change this time? My kid picked him up in advance so he wouldn’t kill her, fed and raised him. You’re not going to be ungrateful, are you?’


Thinking about it now will not give him an answer. 


So let’s stop getting angry. Calm down. 


‘Well, still, that punk… In the end, he didn’t kill me and somehow managed to hide, so I was able to start over.’


No, but it’s still annoying.


“Actually, I. I’ll s, stop…  My heart, my heart was beating to him…” 


Lilith said so.


No, can your heart beat at the guy who’s gonna kill you?


I’ve never taught you to live so foolishly?




Oscar couldn’t stand it and jumped up.


At the same time, a tone signaled the completion of the measurement.


! Measurement completed !


Mana reserve: 1924988


Rank: 1st Class, Dos


Both Cheshire and the researchers all looked at Oscar, who jumped up.




Clap, clap, clap.


Oscar pretended to be innocent with applause as he looked at the measuring board.


“You’re crazy. Your skills are crazy.”


Oscar laughed and pointed at the door.


“Now turn it off quickly…, no, go home. Good work.”




Cheshire, who was staring at Oscar, bowed and went out.


“Oh, I almost got into trouble.”


When he finally calms down and turns his head, he sees Selena again. 


There are so many ugly faces on both sides of the front and back.


“It doesn’t seem like there’s anything wrong, so I’ll have to go. Now.” 


Oscar frowned as he threw the record book into Selena’s arms.


“Haa. I have to keep stopping by during the new maintenance period…” 


The thought of having to keep looking at Selena’s face for a while makes his stomach boil. 


Oscar tilted his head crookedly.


“Let’s do better this time, okay?”




“Before I shave all that smooth face off.” 


This guy’s temper. As expected, he can’t stand it without saying something.


“Excuse me, Lord of the Wizard Tower! You’ve been talking too much since earlier…!” 


One of the researchers behind her moved around and tried to say something, but Selena stopped her right away by raising her arm.


Then she greeted Oscar.


“Thank you for always caring. Goodbye.” 



Oscar arrogantly left the mana formal room. Robert, who was waiting outside, quickly wrapped a coat around him.


He was haughtily escorted out of the building and saw Cheshire. 




At that moment, Oscar called him. 


Cheshire turned around.


“You come here.”


As he flicked his hand, Cheshire approached meekly.


“You must be eating well? You looked like a skinny skewer at first. You’ve grown tall and your body has improved.” 




“Who picked you up and made you look like a human?”


Cheshire looked up at Oscar blankly.


They were aware of each other’s existence.


Because they saw each other quite often when he lived at the Duke Rubinstein’s mansion. 


A person who has never mixed words.


But why does he suddenly grab him? 




“Oh? That’s correct. That’s right. I thought you’d answer her father, but I’m surprised.”




“That’s right. That kid saved you. You can’t forget it until you die.”




“Let me ask you one more question.”




“Let’s say that the moment has come when you, Enoch Rubinstein, are confronted with the sword.”


The moment Oscar spoke.


Cheshire’s eyes widened.


Is it a coincidence?


After the holy beast incident, Enoch, who looked confused here and there, said something similar to him. 


“Cheshire, if the moment comes when you cross swords with me someday. At that time, if you can’t beat me, then.”


When he thought that, Oscar added. 


“But he’s not the kind of person to subdue. He must be killed. Well, you would think of Duke Rubinstein as a benefactor, but…” 




“If you don’t kill, you die.”


Cheshire’s mouth opened slowly.


“If you don’t kill me, you will die. But if you survive and don’t die, you can save everyone. So Cheshire, you must live.”




“So never hesitate. If you can’t overpower me, don’t think twice.”


It was clear.


There’s something he doesn’t know.


The Lord of the Wizard Tower, Oscar, knows that.


“Then what do you want to do?”




Cheshire remained silent for a moment.


“Only when you survive without dying, can you save everyone.”


There must be Lilith in ‘everyone’


Then, as Enoch taught, he will not think twice.


“…I’ll kill him.”




Oscar covered his mouth and laughed.


Contrary to the smiling face, the inside was burnt black.


‘You punk. As expected, you haven’t changed a bit.’


He will just do as he has been taught.


For a greater cause…


“Last. One more.”




“You killed Enoch Rubinstein, and now the demon comes out. You have a very great task to punish that demon for all.”


Cheshire’s heart sank with a thud.


It can’t be, will he talk about Lilith?


“But the demon is Lilith.”


As expected. 


Cheshire held his breath.


“You must kill him for the greater cause.”


“Excuse me.”


Cheshire asked in an urgent voice.


“Is there something with her?”




“Lilith… is there something about Lilith?”




“She said something similar to me before. If she becomes a demon, don’t kill me.”




“Please let me know if you know anything.”


Cheshire’s eyes seemed desperate at first glance.


Oscar smiled bitterly as he watched it.


“Well. It’s like I know, and it’s like I don’t know.”




“So what did you tell her?”


“I said I wouldn’t kill her. Because she was scared.”


“Yeah, are you going to comfort her because she was scared?”


Oscar bent down and made eye contact with Cheshire.


“But it’s no joke. It’s real. You have to kill her.”


Primera’s complete annihilation.


Maybe that’s the only way to save everyone.


So the tragedy may repeat itself.


But for Oscar, the cause didn’t matter.


Even if everyone is not saved.


Even if the people with power and without power are still distinguished.


Even if the class system doesn’t disappear.


It doesn’t matter.


Lilith, if only that child could survive…


“What do you want to do? Will you kill her?”


If this child’s mind is firm.


Oscar had the intention of killing Cheshire before he was too strong to subdue him.


“What about you?”




An unexpected question returned.


“Are you going to kill Lilith?”






“Hmm, shouldn’t we do that for the sake of a good cause? It would be nice and clean to get rid of it before it turns into a demon.”


Cheshire’s eyes shook.


Oscar provoked him even more with a mischievous laugh.


“I can’t see all the poor people die because of her only, right? So when she’s still weak and young….”


“You’re going to kill her.”




Cheshire’s hands trembled.


He was still young.


He was in a state of confusion.


The two were busy reading each other’s insides while facing each other.


‘What is this punk thinking?’


‘Really, if there’s something about Lilith… So, if this person is trying to kill Lilith…’


Cheshire breathed heavily.


Oscar’s eyes narrowed as he watched his reaction.


What is it? Flustered? Angry?


No, it looked like he lost his mind.


And think about something.


His breathing continues to be rough.


Cheshire, who seemed to have been pushed to the limit for some reason, began to look around carefully, wiping his dry lips.


There were quite a few people coming and going to the training center research building.


“Yes, then…”


It seems that he’s done thinking.


Cheshire’s eyes flashed.


At that moment.




Robert, who was behind Oscar, felt a rather dangerous flow of mana.


“Lord of the Wizard Tower! It’s dangerous…!”


Before Robert had time to intervene in surprise, Chesier rushed at Oscar and whispered,


“I’ll kill you now.”


His hand reached out to Oscar’s chest.


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Comments (3)

  1. A 12-year-old making a strong stance on a very difficult moral dilemma 🥺

  2. I swear if at the end Oscar dies I’ll flippin go crazy!!!!!!!!!!
    But wow such mind games, I’m scared…

  3. Poor Oscar, one of the few people in the new and just trying to keep Lilith safe 🥺
    And I guess that’s your answer for Chesure, Oscar, you don’t mess with Lilith 😎