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Oscar blocked Cheshire’s rushing hand.


‘What is this? What is this power?’


The amount of mana he put on his hands…


Indeed, he intends to kill him here.


Perhaps he’s afraid he will kill Lilith.


With mad eyes, tenaciously.


“Ha, look at this?”


Seeing Cheshire trying to break through his defenses, Oscar shuddered.


‘…So you’ve changed. You punk.’


There was joy on his smiling face. 


“Stop, stop. It was a joke.”




“No, I told you to stop? It’s a joke, you punk.” 


Oscar put a little more mana into his defending hand and pushed Cheshire back.


Little? No. 


He put almost half of his strength into it, but it barely stopped him. 


‘This much at this age?’


Oscar stuck out his tongue. 


“L, Lord of the Wizard Tower! Are you okay?” 


Robert approached in surprise.


“Yeah, I’m fine.” 


Researchers passing by also stopped and glanced in surprise.




Oscar waved at them.


“Everyone, go on your way. Did they watch it?” 


Then, he approached Cheshire, who was still on fire.


“Aren’t you crazy? What are you thinking, don’t even think about it and attack me like this?” 




“What if you kill me here? Then do you think you’ll be safe?”


Oscar chuckled.


Cheshire was puzzled by Oscar’s expression of joy.


He was delighted. Why?


“But, it’s a very good attitude.”


Oscar whispered to Cheshire as he put his face close to him.


“Don’t forget this feeling now.” 




“If someone wants to kill Lilith, like this. Run in without thinking and cut off his breath.”


Cheshire’s eyes twitched.


He doesn’t know why, but—.


He could feel it in Oscar’s eyes and the way he spoke.


Affection for Lilith, something like that.


‘I can’t beat this person right now.’


The moment Oscar defended his attack, Cheshire felt it.


It’s too early.


If so, he would rather have his thoughts right.


That Oscar was just provoking.


He has no intention of killing Lilith.




As if he had read Cheshire’s thoughts, Oscar said with a smile.


“You don’t need to be scared. I, more than anyone else, want that child to survive safely to the very end.”




“If the answer came out of your mouth that you would kill Lilith, I would probably have killed you right here. Before you became so strong that I couldn’t touch it.”


Oscar slapped Cheshire on the shoulder a couple of times and walked by. 


“I will watch you. See you next time with a smile.”


* * *


Late at night.


The Duke of Rubinstein’s mansion.


“Uhaha! Catch~ me!”


Run run~


Lilith ran down to the first floor laughing while avoiding the twins who were chasing her.


“Hahaha! Hey, kid! You stand there!”


Thud, thud, thud! 


Leon follows closely behind.


“Hahaha! Guys, don’t run! Get hurt!” 


He pretended to stop her, but even Theo was excited. 


And behind them.


“Young Masters, pleeeease!”


“My Lady, you need to go to sleep now!”


Jetty and Jun, trying to catch the troublemakers, caught up.


Their faces were heavily shaded from suffering all day long.


At that time.


“You guys!” 


On the second floor, Rem, the butler, came out of Nordic’s bedroom and stopped Jetty and Jun with a frown.



“B, butler!”

Rem whispered.


“What do you do if you scream like this, too? It’s time for the Great Lord to go to bed!”


“T, that’s true, but… y, yeah… the Young Master’s stamina… ugh… must be a monster…” 


Jun pulled both of her cheeks down and made a groan.


Today is the day when the twins who came to play until they fell asleep.


Unlike when taking care of Lilith, who likes to play with dolls or paint at most, when the twins come—.


“Ugh. Save me…”


“Guarantee the welfare of the maids…” 


There really was no hell… 


Seeing that the faces of Jetty and Jun, who are recognized parenting veterans, became half in one day, said it all. 


Rem sighed.


“Yeah. I know you guys are having a hard time, but the Great Lord will be angry. You must not make a scene this evening.”


Rem added, taking a pocket watch out of his arms.


“…I will give you 20 minutes. No matter what happens, catch the Lady and the Young Masters and put them to sleep until 11:00.”






While answering, the two couldn’t take their steps and only looked down.


The first-floor hell where the troublemakers descended.


Still, there was no end to the noisy footsteps and laughter.


“You catch Young Master Leon. I really can’t handle Young Master Leon…” 


“There’s no such thing as that, kid? You, who are stronger, should take over.”




“Leave it alone.”

Nordic’s voice came from behind the closed door.


Jetty and Jun stood still.


“…Kids should play.”


At that, all three of them were surprised.


Rem and the two maids widened their eyes and blinked.


What is this?


The three of them, who were puzzled and exchanged glances with each other, soon burst into laughter.


He’s the great elder in this family, like a scary lion…


As expected, he seems to be endlessly generous to his grandchildren.


* * *


“Phew, it was hard to play.”


I entered the room and wiped my sweat.


Tomorrow I had breakfast and went to the back mountain to ride a horse, so I had to go to bed early.


“I have to make a bet with my brothers who will reach the top the fastest~!”


As long as I have Zephyr, my wonderful horse, there is nothing to be afraid of!


‘Um, but before going to bed.’


In the absence of my Dad, there are things to do.


I packed up my paper and pen and sat down at my desk.




Dad decided to sleep at my Aunt’s house today. My Aunt and Uncle decided to hang out after a long time.


‘He must be talking about business in earnest.’


So I guess they left the twins at my house.


The main character who wants to work hard according to the original story.


Then, as an extra, no, as a villain, I had something to do for the main character.




I put the tip of the pen to my mouth and pondered for a long time on what words to begin the letter with.


Hi, Dad! By the time you are reading this letter, I will probably not be there.


I only wrote one line, but I cried.


Tears came out.




I’ve already cried a lot without my Dad’s knowledge for the past few days, and I’m crying again like an idiot.


I blew my nose, wiped my eyes with my arm, and gripped the pen again.


I have no intention of telling my Dad who I am right now.


The main character is going to do something big, but there’s nothing good to break mentally.


‘But I need to know anytime.’


Wil Dad’s revolution be fast?


Will it be quicker if I get caught by the Emperor?


I have a strong hunch that it will probably be the latter.


During this holy beast incident.


It keeps bothering me that I used my abilities to save the Octavas in Jurgen.


Even if it’s not this time, I feel like I’m carrying a time bomb that will explode anytime…


I think of the worst case. 


“Is this right… Hng.” 


So right now, I.


It’s funny, but after I was caught by the Emperor, I was telling my Dad every detail of how he would use me. 


How to deal with me who has finally become a villain.




I wiped off my runny nose and folded the finished letter.


“Why don’t I hide it…”


After thinking about it, I opened the closet and saw a bag containing my Dad’s belongings.


It is full of clothes and things I used to wear when I lived in Zenon.


“Hng. What is this?” 


While digging through my Dad’s dirty luggage, I found some old notebooks.


There were three thick notebooks.


“…? Ah.” 


Unintentionally, I opened it and saw the right handwriting that looked just like my Dad’s. 


It was a diary.


It wasn’t long, but he wrote it once a day without missing it…


[August 2, 1773.


Pretty. She smiles when she sees me.]


A record that contains me growing up.


[Baby hands are really small. When I give her a finger, she holds it tight as if she knows I’m her father. Cute.]


[I made a bathtub. Lilith seems to like water very much.]



I laughed at the figure of my Dad when he was clumsy. 


[It was noisy in the evening, so I went out and found a bear. What if it came when there was only a baby without me? My heart sank at the thought of it. 


In the morning, I searched the mountain and put it all together. It’s good to live in hiding, but it’s too dangerous.]


“Huh! As expected…!” 


Mr. James Brown really was the one who tore the bear apart.


[Oh my. She rolled over…]




It looks like my Dad’s reaction to seeing me roll successfully was all in one long pause. 


So funny…


[After rolling over once, Lilith keeps rolling her body over by herself. When I made baby food, I looked away for a very short time, and the child’s face was buried in the pillow. I thought my heart was going to drop.]


[Two white teeth came up white on Lilith’s mandible. I cried because I was so proud of her.]


[It feels like yesterday when she was rolling over, but she’s already crawling around by herself. It’s so pretty.]


[Lilith said for the first time. She said—Dad. It felt strange. What is this feeling?]


[It’s amazing to see my child grow day by day. I understand now, daughter. That my world has changed because of you.]


[I think I could die for this kid.]


It was getting harder and harder for me to turn the pages.


Watching me gradually fill up my Dad’s world.


It’s fascinating,


And somehow sad. 




Just in case. Really, just in case.


What if I don’t exist in a world that has finally become peaceful?


Still, I want my Dad to be a little sad and then happy.


But it seems that Dad’s world is full of me… 


I don’t think Daddy would be happy without me… 


So, in the end, I gave up and cried.


[My angel. my treasure.


Princess, I love you. Dad can do anything for you.]


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  1. Oh no… what is Lilith doing? Don’t go hide. Your boys will come looking for you!

  2. Wait, Lilith’s plan is to run away from the emperor?