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After crying for a long time while looking at my Dad’s diary, I filled another line at the end of the letter that I was trying to hide.


Even though I know it’s a selfish wish—.


Dad, I love you.


I wish Dad would continue to live happily even in a world without me.


I wanted my Dad, who said he could do anything for me, to listen to my last request.




The next day.


Emperor, Nicholas’s office.


“Tomorrow, I hope to see your daughter’s face after a long time.”


Nicholas called Enoch and said what was going on.


“…For what?”


Enoch was startled, but asked with the most nonchalant face.


“You know Franz, right?”


Franz von Pavilion.


He’s six years old this year. It is the name of the Thirteenth Prince.




“I opened the core the other day, but seeing how he uses his abilities, it looks like Primera came out.”


Enoch’s eyes widened at those words.


And a few days ago, he remembered a conversation he had with Joseph, the tactician.


“Primera may come out of the imperial family soon.”




“Ah, don’t be surprised. It hasn’t come out so far, but there’s no way it will suddenly come out, and I was afraid they might come up with a fake.”


Primera’s absence, God’s revelation, holy beast incident…


In order to raise the authority of the imperial family that had fallen to the bottom in a series of situations at once.


Joseph saw that there was only one way for the Emperor.


That is, the coming of the next Primera from the imperial family.


“Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing if it is fake or not.”


“Damn it. That would complicate things.”


“Well, I have to deal with Primera, but I didn’t think it would be easy and quick. But looking at it from afar, it’s good for us.”


Joseph did rather well.


“In order not to reveal the identity of the fake Primera, the Emperor has to constantly use abilities instead of the fake.”


Fake Primera have the same lifespan as normal people, so they grow up the same way.


So, in order not to be found out that it was a fake, he had to show that he continued to use his abilities that much. 


“The 13th prince, who is now six years old, would be the right person to present as a fake.”


An age at which it is impossible to tell whether it is real or fake based on the visible growth rate.


Having raised Lilith, Enoch knew Primera’s growth rate.


It is difficult to tell them apart when they are just born.


Growing up like normal people…


Around the age of three, growth begins to slow down.


“The ability to use for fakes anyway, the Emperor will use it to gather public sentiment. Then the authority of the imperial family will rise again. But…” 


“Yeah. Can you steal the lifespan?”


“That’s right. If it really comes out the way I think, it’s probably the Emperor’s last move.” 


Joseph laughed.


“Even if he cuts off his flesh and eats it, he will want to finish unifying the continent as quickly as possible before he dies.”


‘Joseph… It’s right on top of the Emperor’s head.’


Enoch stuck out his tongue.


“I was thinking if it would be nice to get Franz and your daughter to meet.”




Enoch frowned at once.


The intention was obvious.


“Haha, really. You don’t have to put on such a scary face. What kind of person are you, and would I want to take your daughter into the imperial family?”




“As expected, Lord Enoch’s love for his daughter must be recognized.”


Nicholas added as if he couldn’t stop it.


“If the Prince comes out, the others will turn on the light in their eyes and make a fuss to push their daughter into the seat next to him.”




“Ah! I know, I know.” 


Nicholas smiled and held up his hands as if he were giving up.


“Let’s just get the kids to say hello to each other. I know very well that your daughter’s opinion is the most important to you.”




“Then I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Enoch clenched his fists, hiding his trembling hands down.


He didn’t care about the filthy Emperor’s intentions.


However, the situation where he has to show Lilith to him…


That was the only thing he was afraid of.


* * *


“…By the way, princess, don’t you think you’ll be sick tomorrow?”


What else is it that makes me feel sick?


I lay on the bed and scratched my cheek as I chewed over my father’s words.


The Emperor said he would introduce me to the 13th prince.


‘Looks like he’s already thinking of building a fake Primera.’


I put my index finger on my temple and squeezed my head.


The 13th prince, no, the soon-to-be Crown Prince, was also known as Primera in the original work.


Rain fell on the drought-stricken territory, and he subdues the monsters rampaging everywhere with a single gesture…


A person who grew up the same as a normal person even though his lifespan must have been doubled.


As such, he was a saint who used his vitality generously and was loved by his people.


Of course!


It was only revealed in the last chapter that it was all my abilities, the daughter of Enoch Rubinstein.


‘In order to reestablish the imperial authority, which is now at rock bottom, the next Primera must come out.’


So, as an Emperor, it was an inevitable choice.


But, unlike in the original story, there is no me for them to drain my life force from this time.


Therefore, if he wants to continue setting up the Crown Prince as a fake Primera…


‘The Emperor has to use his life force, isn’t this completely honey?’


I covered my mouth and laughed.




“Oh, eung!”

“Princess, let’s get sick tomorrow.”


“I’m not sick…” 


“Even if you’re not sick, let’s get sick!”

The reason why the Emperor wanted to see me.


‘Well, it’s obvious. To tie me up with the Crown Prince.’ 


If that happens, the Emperor might take off his clothes and dance in the capital.


Because the moment I become a member of the royal family, he secures a hostage and holds the main character’s leash tightly. 



I sighed as I thought of the Emperor who had a pretty good head.


If you are a villain, do nothing like a villain and sit there stupidly and say, ‘Ugh! I…! I’m angry!


Like the holy beast situation, it’s annoying to keep trying to use his head.


‘Are you sure the author doesn’t know the trend of genre novels these days?’


Isn’t cider popular among genre novels?


Readers would hate it if a villain used his brains and fed sweet potatoes like this.


“…I’ll go.”




Dad, who had become contemplative, stood up.


“Of course I have to go. His Majesty the Emperor called me, so what if I didn’t go… If I suddenly feel sick, everyone will think I’m avoiding it…” 


“Eung, that’s right. Yeah. That’s how it is.”


Dad sighed and touched his head. 


“But if I just say that the princess is not feeling well…” 


“No. I will go.” 


If the Emperor had made up his mind to marry me with the 13th Prince, he would call me again and again, even if it wasn’t this time. 


What if I avoid it every time?


‘Of course, people will doubt me. How strange it would be if I said I didn’t want to see his face every time I was summoned.’


If he found out my identity. 


I didn’t want to leave any room for doubt—.




Dad sighed again.


He seemed worried.


‘I know what it is.’


It would be a disaster if I fell for the 13th prince and he made a big deal about forcing us to marry.


But that doesn’t happen.


A bad guy who pretended to be a saint with my life force and reigned as Primera.


Even now six years old.


Just thinking about it makes me angry.


Maybe he’ll be lucky if I don’t hit him on the cheek.


* * *


At that time, the Wizard Tower.




Robert, the assistant, clicked his tongue when he saw Oscar sleeping on the desk in the lab.  


‘Looks like you’re having nightmares again.’


Oscar was breaking out in a cold sweat.


Robert felt sorry for him.


Is it the price of being born a genius?


Oscar, who could only close his eyes for three or four hours a day, couldn’t sleep well even at that time.


Robert was curious.


What’s the nightmare that makes Oscar suffer so much…


* * *


Oscar Manuel, 17 years old.


In the time which had already disappeared, he was a much more arrogant man than he is now.


Enough that he could treat the Emperor with disrespect.


“I’ve told you several times, but Your Majesty is quite persistent. There are hundreds and thousands of magic formulas that have already been solved, so you can use them in whatever war you like so much.”


Oscar spoke haughtily with his legs crossed.


At that time, the Emperor wanted to launch a war of conquest between the two kingdoms.


In order to win without difficulty, a high-level attack magic formula was needed, and only Oscar could provide it.


“Lord of the Wizard Tower, how long are you going to be so uncooperative?”


“I’m a guy who lives as I please, but I still know my duty. It’s not like being locked up in a Wizard Tower all day to slaughter humans and make magic formulas while losing my hair.” 


It’s hard to win the war without Oscar’s help. However, the power of the Emperor couldn’t force him.


Because the Emperor valued his life terribly, and Oscar was a talented person with abilities that were burdensome to subordinates. 


Oscar was very arrogant to know that.


“May I go now?”


“The war will proceed as planned without your help.”


“Yes, yes. Is that so?”


“Soon Enoch Rubinstein will be back.”




Oscar paused.


Enoch Rubinstein…


A name he heard when he was a kid.


He doesn’t know his face, but he was very famous.


‘Is he a man who deserted his daughter?’


Everyone said he was crazy, but Oscar understood him.


He even thought it was pretty amazing.


Who would want their children to live as puppet soldiers for this beggar leader?


‘But why are you so sure he’ll come back?’


Oscar was puzzled.


The Emperor’s powers could reveal Enoch’s whereabouts, but he hadn’t done so until now.


Primera that needs to consume life force in proportion to the abilities.


What if Enoch Rubinstein decided to hide?


The Emperor had to spend quite a bit of life force to find him.


Even if he finds him once, it will be in vain if he hides again…


‘Seeing that your face is still smooth, you haven’t used your skills? How did you find Enoch Rubinstein?’


It was then.


Someone was looking for the Emperor, and two entered the office.


A woman with a pale complexion.


Her name is Selena Rudendorf.


And a little girl who is trembling while her hand clasped tightly.


“Are you here?”


The Emperor smiled and said to Oscar, who was wondering.


“That’s Sir Enoch’s daughter.”


For a moment, Oscar managed to swallow the curse that was about to come out.


‘He’s taking his daughter hostage?’


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  1. She really did help the emperor make her daughter’s life a living hell… I really hope she will lose her son and then die with sorrow. The boy is innocent, but I don’t care, Lilith was innocent as well. Enoch had to suffer the pain of knowing his child’s life was a nightmare and then watch her die, while this b** was living happily with her son without giving a shit about her own child. Since she loves that precious son of hers, then she should taste the feeling of losing him forever.

  2. I just curse them all!!!
    Let our baby be happy!
    And more importantly let Oscar be happy!!!!!

  3. Wow, it’s a hard battle to decide who’s more crappy than the other. The Emperor for sure since he’s responsible for the death of probably thousands of people but the mom is a close second. I hope they both get the punishments they deserve

  4. Wow. Even if Lilith is not her child, to do that to a kid. She is the same as that emperor or even worse knowing that Lilith is from her own blood too.
    What a crazy and selfish woman!