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 My eyes went white.


It was right that the Emperor suspected me.


‘As expected, it’s because of the holy beast incident. No, what… What should I do now?’


When the rank is revealed, the Emperor will immediately erase everyone’s memories.


Just like I did to my mother before. 


It takes less life force to erase than memory manipulation.


And then me…


‘I, I can’t see the front very well.’


My eyesight and head shook.


‘I didn’t expect it to be this fast…’


It was then.




The sound of the rank measurement being completed.


! Measurement Completed ! 


Mana reserve: 124455


Rank: Class 4, Octava


At that moment, I held my breath.




What is it? 


When I opened my eyes, I saw the face of the Emperor clicking his tongue. 


However, he kept his expression as if he had never done that and smiled brightly.


“Wow, that’s surprising. The daughter of our Sir Enoch is Octava.” 




“Ah! Princess, don’t get me wrong. It’s just a pity. You’re a talented person who can easily memorize A-class magic formulas at the age of seven. If the princess had a little more mana, you would have been able to fully demonstrate your abilities.”


“I apologize…”


“Oh, this makes me feel sorry. It’s nothing to be sorry about.”


The Emperor laughed and tapped Dad on the shoulder, who was next to him. 


“Let’s go. come out.”


Then he took Franz and left the mana formal first.


I stood with barely enough strength in my trembling legs. 


My Dad approached me.


‘What is it? Dad’s expression—.’


He was pale.


Dad wouldn’t know how I felt just after falling into hell and then coming back up again.


“Princess, princess.”


“Oh, eung.”


“…come out. We have to go now.”


Dad held me out of mana formal.




The arm holding me trembled.


My heart skipped a beat at the look on my Dad’s face.


A cold sweat on his forehead.


A face that has lost its color and is tired of it.


Dad was strangely terrified and trembling.


‘No way…’


How? Dad’s reaction made me suspicious of a startling fact.


Does he know it? My Dad?’


When the Emperor suddenly asked to go to the training center, he looked puzzled for some reason.


If my guess is correct…


Dad must have thought a lot during that short time when my rank was measured.


I got confused.


Dad tried to act calm and left the mana formal room.


The Emperor was waiting.


“It’s been a while since I’ve been here, so I’m thinking of taking a look around the training center. Let’s go together.”




Dad answered with a smile, as if he had never done so.


But my legs still trembled. I couldn’t be as calm as my Dad.


“Dad, to the bathroom…”


“Eung? Y, yeah, should Dad go with you?”


The Emperor burst out laughing.


“No, do you accompany your grown-up daughter to the bathroom? Woah, even if people change, how can they change like this?”


“Daddy, I can go alone.”


I whispered quietly, and my Dad dropped me off after pondering.


“Yeah. After that, I’ll be waiting for you on the first floor.”




I answered vigorously and ran out of the research building.


And as soon as I came out,




I sat down, clutching my chest.


“Haa, haa…”


My head was spinning.


I almost got caught.


I almost died.


However, I survived safely.


How? How the hell?


It was a time when I was confused. 


“Oh. Child, are you okay? Where are you sick?”


Someone approached me with a worried expression.


Brown hair and blue eyes.


The noble or expensively dressed man had droopy eyes and looked handsome.


“N, no. I’m okay.” 


“You’re sweating a lot…”


“It’s really all right. Thank you for your concern.”






I turned to the familiar voice.


It was my mother.




And I realized who this man was.


Marquis of Rudendorf.


It was my mother’s husband.


‘Ah, today is the worst day ever…’


My mother paused when she saw me with the Marquis and approached us.


“…Why are you here?” 


“Haha! I want to see my honey’s face, and I’m going to bring you a lunchbox myself. The food here is really bad.”


The Marquis handed the lunch box he was holding to my mother.


“Ah, by the way. Child, where are you sick…” 


“I’m fine! thank you!”


I couldn’t listen any longer, so I turned around and ran aimlessly.


“Oh, child!”


I heard the Marquis, who was worried, but I put my hands over my ears and kept running. 


Then I bumped into someone.


“Ouch! I’m sorry…” 


“What are you!”


When I looked up, it was Oscar.




“What are you doing here?”




In a moment, all the tension was relieved.


I sat down on the spot and cried like a child.




“What? Why are you crying? Hey!”


Oscar panicked and kneeled down to look at me.


“Who is it! What kind of brat! Hurry up and tell me! Stop crying!”


“Hiks. Hngg…” 


“Aren’t you going to do it?! Who hit you? Then you should hit them together. Do you get beaten up for doing something good and come back and scream?”


“N, no! That, hng! It’s not that.”


“Who is it!!”


If I keep crying, I think Oscar will really hit someone. 


I shut my mouth and held back my tears to calm my mind. 


“Quickly tell me who it is…!” 


“That’s not right!”


When I shouted, my face turned red, and I angrily said it to Oscar.


“Then what is it!”


“W, why is Master here?”


“I changed the mana formal to a new one. I’ll have to keep coming back to make sure it’s working fine for a while.”




Then I realized something. 




“Master, Master!” 


“Tell me first why you cried.”


“Y, yes! Okay! His Majesty the Emperor came here to see the rank of the 13th Prince.” 


“The 13th Prince? Why suddenly, for a guy who hasn’t even been to a training center yet?” 


“Y, yeah. His Highness the 13th Prince… was Primera…” 




I’m sure he understands. Oscar smirked in silence. 


“…What a fool. His tail is on fire.”


There is no subject, but the fool is the Emperor.


The giggling Oscar raised his eyes again.


“No, but why did you come!”


“H, His Majesty the Emperor invites Dad and me together. That, I measured the rank again. In front of His Majesty the Emperor.”




Oscar’s face turned pale.


I whispered into his ear.


“When I went to Jurgen this time, he must have suspected it because I used my ability. That’s why I stopped manipulating magic tools and looked at my rank.”


“Whoa. What’s wrong with that old man’s wit?”


“B, but!” 


I stomped my feet.


Oscar grinned.


“It’s come out as Octava, right?” 


“Did Master do it?”




I burst into tears again and threw myself into Oscar’s arms.


“What is it?” 


“Thank you, Master… Thank you very much…” 


Fearing that he would get angry again if I cried, I wiped my tears away by rubbing against Oscar’s clothes.


Oscar quietly patted my back.


“…But please tell me in advance. I almost died of that heart attack.”


“I know. Sorry.”


Hng. He’s not the kind of person to apologize.


I was startled and raised my head.


I tried to get out of his arms, but Oscar held me tight again to keep me from escaping. 




“I… never thought that you would measure rank again so quickly.”




“I’m sorry.” 


“N, no. That punk…” 


Oscar let me go, and got up.


“Anyway, you didn’t die of a heart attack, so that’s good. Now that the old man has put your rank in his eyes, I feel at ease.”


“Wahaha! Me too!” 


I followed Oscar, who was walking slowly, happily.


Then stop.


Oscar stopped, and I followed.


‘Ah, right. I’m fool. My mother was over here.’


The mother and the Marquis were still laughing and talking in front of the research building.


“What did those shameless cockroaches eat wrong? I think this is the main room of the centipede’s house.”


Oscar, who gritted his teeth, twisted his body the other way around.


I quietly looked at him and followed him again.


‘I think Oscar hates my mother so much?’


I indirectly called him.




“What is it?” 


“You know, my mother…” 


“Not your mother, the Marchioness Rudendorf.”


“Aah, yes. You know, the Marchioness Rudendorf…” 




“Even before marrying Dad, did she know that Marquis?”


“I guess so.”


“I see.” 


As soon as my dad left, my mother got married again and didn’t look back.


Even though not that much time had passed, the fact that she had remarried as if she had been waiting for it made me very sad. 


But if she had someone she liked before she got married.


‘Phew. She was forced to marry my Dad and give birth to me… I see…’


I said it sullenly.


“I understand my mother now.”




Oscar was furious. I spoke quickly again.


“N, no! I now understand the Marchioness Rudendorf.”




“She’s pitiful. She has someone she likes, so she would be upset if someone asked her to marry someone else.”


I took Oscar’s hand.


“That’s why, Master, too, don’t open your eyes frighteningly when you see my mother. If you get mad for no reason, Master’s head will only hurt.”






“I can do all your requests, but I can’t do that.” 




“Don’t tell me to understand her.”


Oscar had a very scary expression.


“The reason I hate that woman is not because she left your father and remarried. It has nothing to do with me.”




“You, because of that woman…” 


His jaw trembled.


“…Damn it.” 


Oscar was speechless and clenched his fists.


I realized he was holding back what he wanted to say.


‘It’s probably because of the ban.’


I still remember the times when Oscar stopped talking to me.


Perhaps the ban is…


‘Something only Oscar should know. If he says that, he’ll be banned.’


In the original story, my mother would have told the Emperor the location of my Dad, not knowing that I was Primera. 


But, tragically, I was Primera…


Regardless of my mother’s intentions, I was locked up for the rest of my life, and my abilities were exploited.


‘Oscar knows that.’


Unlike the original story, it didn’t happen, but Oscar clearly knows what the original story was about.


That’s why he hates my mother.


“Master, have you ever been inside a book?”


“What kind of nonsense is that?” 


Okay. I asked him once because he told me to knock on the stone bridge and cross it.


‘Looking at the reaction, it’s definitely not a case like mine.’


I looked at Oscar and thought.


‘Now I can be 100% sure. Oscar has returned. He lived the life that unfolded as it did in the original story once.’


What did he offer in exchange for returning?


Because Oscar knows all the tragedies that will unfold before me.


Because of Oscar’s help…


I’ve survived so far.


I could never do it alone.


A cheat key called a regressor.


Of course, it can’t be without a price.






“I definitely want to survive to the end. No, I will survive.”




“I will never die, I will live a long, happy life.”


I hugged Oscar’s leg.


“At that time… Master will stay by my side, right?”




“I will make you stay by my side even if you don’t.” 


Oscar laughed.


He said this, pressing my head down.


“…Yes, I hope so.”


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