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* * *


The day when there was a holy beast incident.


Enoch later discovered that the Wizard Tower had been sealed off that day.


It was thought that the Emperor had taken measures to prevent even the members of the Wizard Tower, which has high-quality manpower, from being caught up in the holy beast crisis…. 


‘No. The reason why the Emperor blocked the Wizard Tower was because of the Lord of the Wizard Tower. Because he thought that the Lord of the Wizard Tower could go to rescue Lilith.’ 


Enoch was sure.


The new-type of mana formal. 


Oscar must have used his hand. For Lilith…


“What is it? You don’t look happy, but you came all the way to the Wizard Tower.”


Oscar sat down across from Enoch, who was waiting in his office.




Enoch carefully examined Oscar’s face.


“Lord of the Wizard Tower.”



“You know.”


“….? What do you mean all of a sudden?” 


Oscar, who had been frowning at the sudden question, paused.


Then he looked at Enoch.


Serious eyes.


A confused look.


Oscar realized that his question meant whether he knew Lilith’s true identity.


‘What? How did this human know? She can’t have said it herself…’


Oscar, nervous for a moment, swallowed a sigh.


Even the Emperor was suspicious and put Lilith back into the mana formal. 


In the meantime, how can a father who cherishes and raises his child like his life not know the secret?


‘Even if I pretended otherwise, he must be deeply distressed.’


Tsk, Oscar pretended not to know and clicked his tongue. 


“I don’t know what you’re talking about—” 


“I wonder if you put your hand on the mana formal.”




“How did you know?” 


He noticed it. Enoch was already convinced that Oscar knew who Lilith was.


“Yes, well.” 


It’s hard to say no anymore.


“Did the child tell you?”


“Was she a fool? To say it with her own mouth.” 




“I can’t tell you that much.”




“So, what is your reason for coming? Are you here to kill me? So that I can’t reveal her identity?” 




Enoch said immediately.


“You will reveal it sooner if you want to.”


“That’s right.” 


“That’s right. Even if someone beats me to death, I don’t want to tell your daughter’s secret, so don’t worry about it for nothing.”


“What is… the reason?” 




“Why are you doing this for my daughter?”


Oscar felt deja vu.


He has talked about this man’s child in the past, just like he is doing now.


“Why did you fight for my daughter?”


“I raised her. Instead of you.” 


Unlike then, Oscar couldn’t say anything to Enoch.


“Well, I love geniuses.”




Enoch stared at Oscar, who answered slyly.


And he said it carefully.


“I would do anything for Lilith.”


“Oh, it should be. That is how you are a true father.”


“Lilith, Lilith safely.”




“To live safely…” 


“Yeah. You have to kill him then, well.” 


The Emperor.


Another Primera.




Oscar smiled at Enoch, who was staring at him. 


“The Wizard Tower has nothing to worry about. Because I am brainwashing our kids so much that they will gnaw at the Emperor every time he runs into them.” 


Before he could even get the request out of his mouth, Oscar gave him the answer he was looking for.


He didn’t need another word.


The relaxed Enoch let out a long breath.


“…Thank you.” 


“I’m telling you this for fear of misunderstanding, but I’m not doing it because you’re pretty. Because the child wants me to do anything her father asks.”


Oscar clicked his tongue.


“Please, please, she begs earnestly.”


“Yeah. Thank you.” 


Enoch laughed weakly and stood up.


Enoch, who was about to leave, stopped in front of the door. And he looked back at Oscar.


“Lord of the Wizard Tower.” 




“My princess likes you very much.”




“So when everything is over…”




“…I want you to be able to laugh together next to Lilith.”


With those words, Enoch left.


Oscar blinked his eyes at Enoch’s exit and the closed door.


‘Look at that person who doesn’t know anything but speaks meaningfully again. It scares me.’


Oscar stood up.


Then he walked over to the mirror in the corner and stood there.


“So when everything is over… I want you to be able to laugh together next to Lilith.”


There’s no way…


He wouldn’t have known or said it.


“Anyway, he’s such a shameless human.” 


Oscar mumbled and looked at his face in the mirror.


‘Let’s see, 10 years left?’


August 13, 1789.


The day when Enoch Rubinstein finally brought peace to the empire.


August 28, 1789.


Resurrection of Primera.


The day Enoch Rubinstein, the father who brought his daughter back to life, disappeared.




The revived child, without hesitation, wanted to bring her father back to life again.


‘I was really, really stupid.’


Oscar laughed bitterly.


It was overlooked.


A child who only knew her father couldn’t have been happy in a world without him.


Just because of the desire to see a child alive and breathing…


Because he’s under the illusion that he can fill that vacancy without her father…


He too easily gave Enoch’s life and saved the child.


And Oscar paid the price.


‘There are 10 years left.’


Thinking, he clicked his tongue.


10 years later.


September 4, 1789.


Unable to see the child who almost risked her life to save her father, Oscar turned back time.


And, when that day comes back… 


Oscar Manuel.


He will disappear.


* * *


He was angry at first.


Primera. The Almighty Child subordinated Oscar.


Pretend he didn’t see it.


Pretend he didn’t hear it.


Not a fool, Oscar couldn’t do anything.


After that, the child lost her ego and became so stupid that she couldn’t even let Oscar go on his own.


Like an idiot, he was tricked into letting her meet her father…


A man who was stronger and more arrogant than anyone else, he hated the child who made him this way.


Yeah, at first. 


“I, I will… give you this. It is delicious.”


The child seemed to have gotten used to Oscar, who came every day.




She gave him half of the chocolate with a shy smile.


She must have eaten the rest, and the traces on her mouth looked a little cute.


‘Yeah, what is wrong with you? The bad guy is the emperor.’


Was it from the day he felt sorry for the child? 


Little by little, Oscar was looking forward to meeting the child.


“Again, again. Look at your long hair. If I collect all these, I’ll make a hundred wigs.”




The father of the child was preparing for a revolution out of revenge.


The Emperor used the child to regain public sentiment, which was slowly crumbling.


The child grew up every time he used her powers.


It was ironic.


Because as her father’s struggle continued, the child was slowly dying to stop him.


More and more…


“Ah, don’t move! Stay still! It’s hard to tie!”


The child who looked younger when he first saw her, was already as much as himself.


And he sees her growing more than himself. 


Oscar continued to watch.


“Hehe… Rabbit… What Dad did for me…” 


The child liked to tie her hair on both sides.


Seeing her say “Dad” every time, it seemed like she had memories she couldn’t forget, even if she turned into a fool.


“What’s this?”


“O, oh, if you ask about this… carriage!” 


“The carriage doesn’t look like this. It doesn’t have a horse.” 


“I, I can go anywhere without a horse! A, and what’s this… A bird that picks people up!”


The child also liked to draw.


The child, who had never looked outside after being locked, imagined the world just as Oscar told her. 


Perhaps that’s why the drawn carriages and birds looked funny.


“It’s not a carriage. It doesn’t look like this. It’s not a bird, either. There are no birds that burn people. Please give a new name.”




Is it because she was taught hard? Or was it because she was originally smart?


The child became quite communicative even though her ego was taken away. 


Unless she was an idiot.


“T, then this is a car! And, this, this is an airplane…” 


The kid must have been a genius.


It was to the extent that she could create and draw a world in her head.


Inside the piles of drawing paper, a completely different world unfolded.


He couldn’t recognize all of them,


Only one.


“It’s a person. Is it your father?” 


All of them were different pictures, but there was something the child drew on each drawing paper without missing anything.


Two people…


“Yes, it’s Dad.” 


“Are you next to him?” 


“No, no.” 


The child smiled and pointed at Oscar.




Then, Oscar’s heart broke.


It’s broken into pieces…


So much so that the shape is unrecognizable.


The child is so pitiful


But, he can’t do anything.


Oscar cried for the first time.


“D, don’t cry…” 






“You can do anything…”


Oscar sobbed on his knees in front of the child, who tilted her head.


Almighty Primera.


As the child imagines, she will be able to do anything.


So Oscar hoped.


He hopes the child can get out of this hell on her own.


“Imagine, look… Huh? Please. You, you think…” 


Oscar cried like a madman, bringing hundreds of paintings to the child’s eyes.


“This, happy… Imagine going somewhere. Eung? There’s a car, there’s an airplane, yeah, there’s your father…” 


Never in this place. 


Because you can’t be happy.


“Don’t cry. Don’t cry…” 


But the child, who was the Emperor’s puppet, wouldn’t even think about using her ability unless he ordered her to.


No, maybe the child is. 


Even though she knows how to get out of that hell…


“I, it’s all right. Don’t cry. If I wait a little bit, D, Dad will come to pick me up…”


Foolishly, he doesn’t know if she has been waiting.


“So, don’t cry…” 


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