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* * *


“Hurry! Hurry!”

I was stomping my feet waiting for my Dad, carrying the bear’s bag tightly. 


One day, three days after the rank was reexamined in front of the Emperor.


I have another goal besides the mission of ‘not getting caught’.


It was. 


‘Discovering the Master’s secret!’


That’s right.


Now that I’m convinced that Oscar is a regressor, I must find out what the cost of his regression is.


And if Oscar risked his life or something more in return…


‘Never. I need to save him. There must be some way.’


Even if there is no way, I will make it somehow. Because I’m the only one who can do that.


“Princess! Did you wait for a long time?”


“Why is it taking so long!”


Dad ran up to me quickly, grabbed me, and gave me a hug.


“I prepared a little bit. Dad was thinking of going to the library anyway. You know I felt surprised when the princess asked to go, right?”


“…Dad too? Why?”


“Eung, Dad wants to read a book.”


Dad looked around, hugged me, and climbed into the carriage.




I narrowed my eyes and looked at my Dad’s calm expression.


It’s been three days since I saw my Dad’s tremendous expression when I entered the mana formal in front of the Emperor and pondered, “Could my Dad know who I am?”


I tried everything, but it all failed, and that’s how I came to the conclusion.


The quick-witted protagonist deftly avoids answering.


If so…


‘He knows, he knows.’


He knows, but he never wants to openly talk about the subject.


Maybe because I will feel uncomfortable. 


‘Well, he’ll ask if he needs it.’


I left the message because I thought the worst would happen, and with the help of Oscar, I got away from the Emperor’s suspicions quite far.


So a little bit, a situation where I can relax and catch my breath.


“Let’s go! To find the treasure trove of knowledge!”


Dad looked very excited.


I’m going to find out about disused magic, so what’s Dad curious about?


* * *


National Library in South Central.


There is also a library in the Capital, but…


‘The amount of information here is different!’


When Cheshire was looking for a way to save Theo in the original story, he learned a lot here.


‘And he knows that disused magic exists in here too.’


So he went to Oscar and asked him to save Theo.


“Wow. But it’s reeeally big.”


“Isn’t it pretty?”


“Eung eung!” 


Dad smiled happily when he saw that I couldn’t stop talking.


‘It’s like some kind of magic school!’


The top of the building is barely visible after a long tilt of the head.


Along the spiral staircase, each floor was packed with bookshelves. There seemed to be thousands—no, tens of thousands—of books.


‘I don’t think there are any books they don’t have?’


I exclaimed joy inwardly.


“But princess, what book did you ask to come to the library to read?”


“Uhm, I will just look around. If I have a book I want to read, I’ll borrow it.”




Dad smiled and pointed at the busy librarians with books in their arms.


“If there is a book you want to find, you can buy it and ask the teachers. Understand?”


“Eung. What about Dad?” 


“Dad has to go find a book, too. Princess, when you pick out all the books, will you bring them here to read them?”


Dad tapped on one of the spacious desks, laughed, and went to pick up a book.


I kept an eye on him until I couldn’t see his back, then I bought one and caught him.


“Excuse me, teacher!” 


“Oh my! Yes, yes!” 


The librarian, who was heading somewhere with a mountain of books in his arms, stopped with a kind smile.


“Perhaps, do you know where I can find a book about the Wizard Tower?”


“Wizard Tower? Are you looking for Wizard Tower history books and research-related records?”




“There, go up the stairs on the right and go up to the bookshelf on the 10th floor. It will be in District J-12. Shall we find it together?”


“It’s all right! I can find it. Thank you!”

“Haha, yes. Ah! But you can’t check out the book right now, so you have to read it all here and go.” 


“…Yes? Why?” 


The librarian answered with his lips together, as if he didn’t understand.


“About 100 of the related books are scheduled to be discarded. The Lord of the Wizard Tower himself ordered it.” 




“They said they had to write new books because they were old… Well, I’m not sure if I should throw it away. Anyway, yes.” 


“T, thank you!” 


I said hello and went up the stairs.


‘Whoa! Totally suspicious!’


Why would Oscar want to destroy a perfectly fine book?


There must be something he wants to hide.


In other words, it means that I can find useful content among books that are scheduled to be discarded. 


‘But why are you trying to hide it?’


I suddenly became depressed.


Even if I asked Oscar openly, I wouldn’t be able to talk because of the ban, so I tried to find out from behind like this…


If I had been a little late, I wouldn’t have known.


Is Oscar trying to do everything on his own?


I reached J-12 and put my hand on something above my eyes.


Then, I chewed over the end of the original work, which I had recalled dozens of times over the course of several days.


「The Emperor’s neck is being cut off.


As a result, Cheshire Rubinstein thought it was all over.


But strangely enough, the tragedy didn’t stop.


The powerless people who were protesting outside the palace continued to die under powerful magic.


“Why is Primera’s ability maintained?”


Cheshire asked while overpowering the Lord of the Wizard Tower, Oscar Manuel, who was desperately blocking his way.


A policy of extermination of the powerless people.


Primera, driven to the brink, was the Emperor’s last act.


What is the reason why this tragedy that pulled the trigger of the revolution continues even after Primera was wiped out?


For some reason, Oscar, who was not afraid of death and resisted, would know.


“P, please spare…”


Oscar said, coughing up blood from the strong hand strangling his throat.


What a belated begging for a life.


Cheshire frowned.


“Answer me.”


“It’s all over when you kill it…”


But instead of answering, Oscar only whispered earnestly, as if begging.」




I wiped away my tears.


The more I got to know Oscar, the more I read the original work that I knew in a completely different way.


“P, please spare…”


When I read it, I definitely thought that Oscar was begging for his life.


It wasn’t.


The last person he desperately begged Cheshire to save.


‘It was me.’


“It’s all over when you kill it…”


Eliminate the powerless.


It was probably the last order the Emperor gave me.


It is unknown whether the last command was brainwashing or an imprint that was almost entered.


It’s been described several times that there’s a complicated power providence between the Primera…


Anyway, I couldn’t get out of the Emperor’s control, even after he died.


“It’s all over when you kill it…”


After finally killing all the powerless people, I would be completely free.


Was my survival more important to Oscar than the lives of countless powerless people?


Why was I so precious to him?


I can only guess, but I can’t say for sure. Because the narrative of me, the final villain, didn’t appear in the original story.


But I can’t let go of not knowing.


‘No matter what happens, I will save Master safely.’


Even if it takes a lot of my life force.


Because Oscar, too, would have turned back time only for me…




As I carefully inspected the bookshelves in District J-12 with my eyes closed, I found a book with a title that was quite useful.


<Achievements of successive Lords of the Wizard Tower : the birth of a high-level magic ceremony> 


I was so happy that I picked up a book and turned around—




—My heart almost dropped!


Isn’t Dad standing right behind me?


“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”


I held my shrinking chest and took a deep breath.


Dad was staring at me, no, at the book I was holding.


“Princess, are you going to read that?”


“Uh, huh? Ooh, looks fun…” 


My eyes, which were about to look around, suddenly saw the books that Dad had packed by his side.


<History of the Pavilion Empire Wizard Tower>


<Research on Disused Magic 1: The Magic Sequence That Disappeared in History> 


<Study of Infernal Magic 2: Those Who Used Forbidden Powers>


<The Great Wizard, First Wizard Lord Garrick Manuel>


<Wizard Tower and Inventions: Useful Magic Tools>


I only skimmed through the titles that I could see, but somehow…


‘You’re looking for the same thing as me?’


My head spun quickly.


The reason why Dad and I ran into each other in this spacious library.


Probably because we were both looking for the same book.


Why Dad?


My heart was beating fast.


“Does it look fun? That thing?”


“Eung, actually no. I came here on purpose to find this.”


I said it right away.




“Because of Master. Dad, why did you look for that?”


Dad was also perplexed. And he blinked his eyes, perhaps lost in thought.


“…Dad is also because of the princess’ teacher.”


At the answer that came after a long time, I opened my mouth.


‘Did Dad know that Oscar used disuse magic?’


How on earth did he know? 


There is no way that Oscar, who was about to throw away the whole book because he didn’t want his secret to be found out, told my Dad directly.


I don’t know anything, but I’m just suspicious of it.


He is the main character, so it makes sense that he figured out that I am a Primera. I’m not surprised anymore






Dad took my hand with a determined expression and headed for the stairs.


I guessed my Dad would ask me about Oscar soon.


‘What, what is it? I feel comfortable with somehow…’


Dad is the main character.


In the original story, nothing failed. 


Even though he couldn’t save me, if he knew who I was…


I have a strong conviction that he somehow saved me.


‘I feel like Dad is going to do something even if he can’t do it.’


Maybe even Oscar.


“Princess, from now on, if you know anything about what Dad asks, can you answer without lying?”


“Eung, of course.”


Dad asked as he went down the stairs.


“Is there a secret that the princess’ teacher told only to the princess? Couldn’t you just tell Dad a little bit about it?”


“No, Dad. Master never told me a secret. But somehow I found out on my own.”


Without hesitation, I spoke quietly so that only my Dad could hear.


“It’s the Master’s second life.” 


Dad’s eyes widened.


I was moved, put my hands together, and said.


“Dad, Daddy… Is there anything Dad can’t do? Please. Please save Master… Eung?” 


The main character who understands everything even without unnecessary explanations.


Dad stopped and stared down at me, then smiled. 


“Of course.” 


And then I hurried my steps.


“First of all, Dad doesn’t know much about disused magic. So I will go home and read some books…” 


“Dad! But you can’t borrow this book!”


“Huh? Why?” 


When I came down to the first floor.


“Why are you dragging on so long to dispose of it right away?”


“It should be kept until the middle of next month. The imperial family hasn’t approved it yet…” 


“Tsk. The Lord of the Wizard Tower himself says he will destroy the Wizard Tower books, so why are you waiting for imperial approval again?” 


Oscar appeared behind the bewildered librarians, as sweet as sausages!


He came in nervously and stopped when he saw me and my dad.


“What is this?”


“Hey, Lord of the Wizard Tower.”


Dad deftly waved his hand.


Oscar’s eyes narrowed and landed on the book tucked under Dad’s side.




Books with suspicious titles that anyone can see behind them.


“Are you a stalker?”


A visibly embarrassed Oscar rushed in and tried to snatch the book.




But Dad was faster.




Dad, carrying me like a piece of luggage in one arm, quickly dodged.


Oscar’s complexion was pale.


‘Oh my! That reaction is…. There must be a jackpot in this book!’


Dad confronted Oscar and the three librarians.


“Kkkk… The book is already in my hands. Do you think I’m willing to put this out smoothly?” 


“Whoo. Calm down, calm down.”


Oscar tried to calm down while Dad spoke like an excited bank robber.


“It is a book to be discarded because it contains many errors. Also, don’t hold the child like a luggage because blood rushes to the child’s head. Listen to me. Just put the book down with the child.” 


Oscar approached Dad step by step, like a police officer who is gently coaxing a criminal who has taken a hostage. 


“Don’t come close, Lord of the Wizard Tower!” 


“No, what are you going to do? I told you it’s a book that cannot be taken out right now?”


Dad’s expression hardened as he was cornered.


One librarian added a comment.


“That’s right. I’m sorry, but you can’t borrow all the books you’re holding right now.”


“Did you hear? Give it up, quickly.”




“D, Dad….” 


Dad’s eyes twinkled.


Enoch Rubinstein, the protagonist of true character, has never committed a crime except desertion since his birth.


#Order #Justice #Moral #Good


―A Dad full of cool but stuffy keywords like that.


There’s obviously nothing Dad can’t do, but he won’t do anything that goes against the setting.


Oscar, who knew that well, laughed evilly.


‘I can’t do anything without the books!’


In this situation, how do I replace books that can’t be brought outside…


“What! S, stop there!!!”


What is it? 




Dad turned around and started running!


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  1. And alas his titles, #Order #Justice #Moral #Good were tainted for the first time ever!..
    So….i believe in you enoch, steal those books away!!!
    And love how oscar was concerned for lilith as well as the books

  2. I love how Oscar was concerned about Lilith even his secret was in Enoch’s hand💞

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    Enoscar. This is literally the first time I’m shipping two fictional characters in my 19 years and i understand why people ship characters.