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Is this real?


Dad ran across the library lobby at beastly speed!


Dad was running away with books that couldn’t be taken out right now…


“Dad! T, this…!”


I said it with my mouth wide open.


“This is stealing!”


Dad, who was running, seemed embarrassed about his actions without realizing it.


So I said,


“But it’s the best!”


“Right! We can pay the fine, well!”


There was Oscar’s voice following from behind.


“Stop right there! You madman!”


I clung to my Dad’s side and prayed.


‘P, please allow the main character to become a righteous thief!’


Who’s going to stop Dad?


Dad quickly got out of the building and jumped into the waiting carriage with good timing.


Then he opened the window on the coachman’s side and said.


The destination is the warp gate.


“Let’s go! To the temple! Don’t get caught!”


“Yes? Is someone…chasing us?”


In an instant, I noticed the coachman’s eyes flashing.


“That’s right!”


I encouraged his instinct to run.


“Then hold tight! Giddy up!”


The coachman swung a whip.


The carriage departed, and I saw Oscar’s contemplative face, which had followed belatedly through the window.


He didn’t give up and followed us for a long time, but soon he spat out curses with his mouth.


It was only around the time that Oscar, who had stopped, began to look smaller and smaller, that I sat down with relief.




Looking aside, Mr. James, who committed the second crime after desertion, was catching his breath.


I jumped at my Dad and kissed him on the cheek.


“Daddy, you’re the best! You’re so cool!”


“…Princess, it can’t be cool. It was unavoidable, but stealing is a bad thing. Princess, you shouldn’t do it, okay?”


Dad hugged me and said.


“Of course!”


But God will see this.


I quietly added the main character’s keyword.


#Righteous Thief (←New!)




“Damn it!”


Oscar Manuel, who missed the book thief in front of his eyes, was frustrated.


He hurriedly went back to the library to see what books had been stolen.


Enoch Rubinstein…


This madman…


Just how smart his brain is?


Among these many books, he stole only the ones with important contents.


“Oh, I’m really going crazy.”


There is no book of disuse magic, in which the conditions of ‘return’ are exactly revealed.


However, the types of disuse magic, research cases, and activities of those who tried are recorded, so it can be guessed.


Not even anyone else, but Enoch Rubinstein, would guess correctly after reading a few books.


“I should have gotten rid of it quickly…”


Oscar tore his hair out.


The day Enoch came to the Wizard Tower, he felt bad for some reason, so he discarded all the related books.


In the end, something bad happened. 


‘No, it’s okay. What’s he going to do if he finds out?’


Oscar calmed his anxious mind.


“I definitely want to survive to the end. No, I will survive. I will never die, I will live a long, happy life.”


“At that time… Master will stay by my side, right?”


“I will make you stay by my side even if you don’t.” 


To be exact, the child’s words bothered him, and he tried to hide his secret.


Even if she noticed that he had regressed, she wouldn’t know what he had given in return…


“It’s all right, it’s all right.”


Oscar tried to comfort himself.


He doesn’t know how far Primera’s power will reach, but if something is possible, she’ll pour her life force into it without hesitation… 


So rather than trying to figure it out on her own, it wouldn’t be bad for the baby’s father to know. 


‘She’s a daughter that he cherished so much, so it will be fine.’


Enoch is not the kind of person to let the child do nonsense.


No matter how much he feels sorry for Oscar, he will not do anything stupid to cut off his daughter’s lifespan.


Please, he had to. 


It’s enough of a fool for the father and daughter to die meaninglessly for each other. 


‘How did I bring you back to life…’


Recalling Lilith, Oscar nervously bit his lip.


* * *


After the death of the child.


When Enoch came.


Oscar had already tried unsuccessfully several times to bring the child back to life with his own life. 


The sacrifice required for her resurrection is the life of a person with the same ability. 


However, it is not a simple life-to-life equivalent exchange.


A person with a lower ability couldn’t be sacrificed to resurrect a person with a higher ability. 


Primera is an existence whose abilities cannot be defined.


However, if it were replaced with the same ability, the child would have far exceeded Oscar’s abilities. 


So, he thought there was no other way.


‘Perhaps, if it’s him…’


The moment he saw Enoch, who lost the will to live. 


“Can you die for her?”


“As much as you want.”  


Oscar, overcome with desire, saved the child’s life with her father’s life without hesitation. 


Like a fool.


Seventeen years old, a child who opened her eyes again at that age. 


She looked like she was less than 10 years old on the outside because all the life force she had used up while using her abilities had come back.


A child who has been able to think normally like everyone else, and has been revived with clear communication…


Oscar shuddered with emotion.


Now he could call out the name of the child he was so curious about.




But the first thing the child looked for was her father.


“What about Dad?”


She didn’t remember much about Oscar, who had been by her side her whole life. This is possibly because she lost her ego.


She only has one clear memory as a child.


She only had memories of Enoch, who raised her with love for seven years.


“Dad, Dad is…” 


The child sobbed.


Crying and screaming desperately, she only looked for her father. 


“It’s okay, don’t cry. Huh? Dad told you to live happily, happily. Then Dad will be happy too. Don’t cry. And I’m… You have me.”




The eyes of the child who lost her light were empty. 


No matter how much he tries to soothe and beg her…


They couldn’t make eye contact.


The child was like a living doll.


The empty child blankly looked at her wrist.




Oscar was startled and grabbed the child’s hand.


A bracelet that tells her how much life force she consumes every time she uses her power.


It was the first gift Oscar gave to a resurrected child.


“D, don’t…” 


Oscar knew that the child was trying to revive her father. 




“W, wait. Please wait.”


“You, are you a fool? If you do this, this means nothing. If you save your Dad…You will die again soon.”


“It’s all right.” 




Oscar pressed the child.


He thought everything was perfect.


A world finally at peace.


The child that comes back to life. 


He thought that Enoch’s life would make everyone happy.


“…Okay. I, I will let you see your father again. So wait. Don’t do this… Wait for a moment.” 


To save someone like Enoch, the child would have to spend almost her entire life. 


Oscar eventually set out to find a way to return the father to the child.


Three types of disused magic.


Resurrection, creation, and regression.


One of them was regression.


Peace and happiness that Enoch finally achieved on this earth. All of that will be in vain…


‘No one has ever succeeded?’


Unlike Resurrection and Creation, where the cost of casting and its results were clearly recorded, there was no information about regression magic. 


No one succeeded, no one tried.


No records were left.


‘It must have been impossible to record.’


The regression magic formula definitely existed. But could there have been no one to cast it? 


Even if the regression was successful, the result could not be written or spoken.


It was forbidden


Also, there were quite a few ancestors who suddenly disappeared from this world, even though they were not dead.


It’s a price.


Those who disappeared were probably those who returned.


Oscar realized.


He has to dedicate his existence to turn back time,


Even if he turns it around, he can’t be free from strong prohibitions. 


“Can I come in here? Can I see Dad?”


A magic circle of regression was created with thousands of magic formulas.


The child stood in it with an excited face and looked so cruel.


“No. I’m the one going in there.”




The child was instinctively afraid, even though she had no idea of the magic principle. 


She must have been afraid that Oscar would disappear like her father.


With such a worried expression…


That alone didn’t make Oscar feel bad. 


“Listen carefully. I’ll let you meet your father now.”


Only the caster, Oscar, can remember all of the time that will soon disappear.


However, there are limits to intervention due to the prohibition. Turning back time would have meant repeating the tragedy.


“You can do anything.”


But the child is a Primera.


“I just hope in your head. You will remember everything.”


Oscar asked.


“All the times outside you didn’t know about. What your father did for you, what time passed outside while you were locked up, all of that.”




“You need to know everything. You have to remember. Only then will you not repeat the same thing.”




“Imagine you remembering everything.”


The child nodded.


Oscar finally kissed the trembling child’s forehead.


“Forget all the painful memories of this life.”


The last greeting.


The child asked with tearful eyes.


“Are you…there?”




“You’re not going to disappear like Dad, are you?”




Oscar said it with a smile.


“…If you’re waiting, I’ll go see you.”




“You solved it when you were 7 years old?”




“It’s genius.”


“That’s right. You’re a fool.”


Oscar grinned as he remembered his first conversation with the child he had met again.


A bright and pretty child.


She seemed happy with her father.


“I’ll try to solve that problem again.”




“Yes. If I get it right, please apologize for being disrespectful to Dad and Grandpa.”


Is it right to remember everything?


It would be correct to see that she returned safely to the Capital.


Anyway, he purposely tested the child, who didn’t seem to be happy to see my face.


“The Lord of the Wizard Tower is seventeen years old.”


A child who solves difficult problems easily.


She seemed to remember everything.


But why?


Why did you only forget about me?




Thinking about it, Oscar suddenly dropped the books he had taken out of the bookshelf to dispose of.


“Wow. It can’t be.”


“Forget all the painful memories of this life.”


Was it because of the last greeting?


The child’s painful memories.


Separated from her father, handed over to the Emperor while holding her mother’s hand, imprisoned in a tower, getting her abilities exploited…


The child forgot all about it.


Because of his request.


“Hey! But it’s not me!”


Oscar, who was dumbfounded, shouted.


Am I included in the painful memory?


Laughing dejectedly, Oscar began to pick up the fallen books one by one.


‘Well, maybe it’s not bad.’


If she remembers those 10 years of being locked up in the tower.


He may have become a little more precious to the child.


Then it might be harder to part ways.




Maybe it’s a good thing.


Thinking so, Oscar laughed.


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  1. Tell me whatever you want, but Oscar is THE BEST character of these series!!!! Q_Q
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  2. Please stop cutting so many onions!
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