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Deep dawn.


Enoch closed the book.


As Oscar predicted, Enoch guessed everything from just a few books.


He realized the existence of a ‘prohibition’ because there were no successful results in regression.


Also, what is needed as a ‘price’ for returning from the bizarre journey of the disappeared wizards.


“Mr. James!”


“Oh, princess. Didn’t you sleep? Don’t worry, it’s because you’re growing up.”


Lilith entered the office and placed the cup she had brought on the desk.


“Drink this. I made it myself. It’s a magical tea that relieves fatigue!”


“Ahaha. Thank you, my daughter.”


Enoch held Lilith, sat her on his lap, and kissed her on the cheek.


“Dad, if you’re done with the book, can I look at it now?”




Enoch hurriedly grabbed Lilith’s hand as she was heading towards the book.


The two stared at each other.


“It’s time for the princess to sleep.”


“Then can I read it tomorrow after I wake up?” 


“Does the princess have to see it? The book is very difficult. Dad will read it instead of you.” 




“Don’t worry. No matter what happens, I’ll save the princess teacher safely.”


Enoch gave Lilith a comforting smile and brushed her hair.


“You have Dad. I don’t want my princess to be worried and heartbroken. That’ll make Dad’s heart hurt even more. You know what I mean, right?”




Lilith thought for a moment and then nodded her head. 


“Dad, then.”


“Do you have anything to ask me?”




“Ask me anything. I can answer…” 


Enoch paused and smiled.


“Okay. But not now. If I have any questions, I will definitely ask.” 




Lilith jumped down from Enoch’s lap.


“Then sleep well. You have to go to bed early and wake up early to be a good kid.”


“Ah, of course.” 


Enoch took the child to her room and returned to his office.




He stopped, unable to return to his seat, and swept his dry face with a sigh.


The reason Oscar tried to hide the book.


He didn’t want him to know what the cost of regression was. 


To be exact.


‘He doesn’t want Lilith to use her life force to save him.’


Why is he so devoted to Lilith?


Enoch laughed helplessly.


What confuses him the most now is why Oscar turned back time.


‘….It was a reality.’


Horrible imaginations that have been haunting Enoch ever since he found out that Lilith is Primera.


Perhaps it has all become reality.


Maybe it was more terrifying than he imagined.


‘I failed.’


He couldn’t protect his child.


In the end, he got a second chance because of Oscar’s life.


Enoch clenched his fists.


Feelings of shame, anger, intention to kill…


Was it the emperor who won in the disappearance of time?


So, what about his poor child?


Enoch’s breathing became rough.


Maybe the tragedy of a child he couldn’t protect…


Oscar may know everything.


Is that why?


What a terrible life did the child have at the time that disappeared?


Did Oscar try to turn back time and protect the child because he couldn’t bear to watch it?


“Haa, ha.” 


Enoch, swept away by a terrible imagination, grabbed hold of the clogged chest as if tearing it apart.


Why did I fail?


Like an idiot, why?


The emperor’s face came to mind.


Now that he knows that the tragedy in his imagination was reality.


For some reason, Enoch’s heart was not as afraid as before.




Rather, strong flesh….


‘I will not fail twice.’


Enoch’s eyes shone fiercely.


Second chance.


He is now the one who must wield the sword. 


What should disappear is that evil existence.


Just one was enough.


* * *


The next day.


The twin brothers, Cheshire, and even Gerard.


The day the Dos child soldier swordsmen came to my house for training.


I came to the gymnasium because I had something to say to Cheshire, but the weather was quite chilly.


I crouched down and suddenly.




I remembered my dad, who never let me touch the book.


Well, looking at the reaction, there was no need to ask.


‘It seems that the price of regression is very high. Maybe your life?’


Right now, even Dad can’t see a way to save Oscar.


Except for using my abilities.


No matter how much my Dad feels sorry for Oscar, he won’t try to save him by changing my life force.


‘I expected it anyway.’


I lifted my wrist and looked at the bracelet.


I wish I could find another way to save Oscar…


If it’s that easy, even dogs and cows can resurrect people and turn back time.


To save Oscar. 


With my abilities.


‘Let’s prepare my mind in advance.’


Oscar is a great man of ability.


Of course, the resurrection will cost a lot of life force.


How much will it cost?


I was nervous. First of all, I decided to check the more shocking things first so as not to be surprised.


‘If Daddy dies, how much will it cost to resurrect him?’




‘Ah, it’s an instant death.’


What did I see?


I was so surprised that I covered my bracelet.


As expected…


Survive yourself, James Brown!


It’s a joke, Dad, I’m not worried.


It’s because even the world’s most terrifying emperor can’t make a single scratch, either physically or mentally.


Then, next.


‘If Oscar dies… how much will it take my life force to resurrect him?’




“Wow, what is it?”


It’s not easy for my Master too…


They’re all really great people.


But I felt somewhat at ease.


Unlike my Dad, I didn’t die instantly.


I nodded my head proudly.


“Who is the tagger?”


“Let’s decide by rock-paper-scissors.”


Leon and Theo’s voices were heard.


The four boys abandoned their training and decided to play hide-and-seek with me.


I looked at Cheshire between them.


‘I’m going to tell Cheshire today.’


A letter was hidden under the worst-case scenario that I would be caught by the Emperor…


I’m going to tell him the location.


When I’m gone, I’m going to ask him to give it to my Dad.


I thought of some candidates to deliver the letter, but Cheshire was the only one I could trust.






I heard a familiar voice.


“Oh! Sister Erica?”


It was Erica whom I hadn’t seen in a long time.




Erica Valerin.


She is the precious child of Count Valerin’s family, and is a dignified young lady who will turn thirteen in a few months.


Characteristic: Has been in unrequited love with Leon Antrase, Duke of Antrase, for three years.


Of course, Erica had the ambition that this unrequited love wouldn’t end with unrequited love.




She got Leon’s schedule, saying that he was training at Duke Rubinstein’s residence, and came straight to him.


Erica blushed again as she remembered him.


She is a Septima of the Healing Class (*3rd rank among the 6th Class of capable people).


During the holy beast incident a few weeks ago, she had been deployed as a child soldier in the Jurgen Subjugation Corps.


Honestly… It was scary.


“Hey! Where’s Erica Valerin?”


Leon, who was standing at the vanguard, was far away because he was the commander.


He seemed busy, so she thought he wouldn’t even think of the fact that Erica was also on the battlefield…


“You! Don’t step out of here!”


“Huh? What do you mean? I know how to fight. If you get hurt, I’ll treat you.”


“Ah, I don’t need it! I don’t need it, so don’t crawl out for nothing! You’ll die, really!”


Leon came to Erica and told her to hide among the child soldiers.


Is it really okay?


Erica, who was watching nervously, fell in love with Leon once more.


She has seen him train a lot, but this was the first time he caught a real monster…


A strong man!


A man who can protect his girl(?)!


In addition, he’s handsome!




“Whoa, why did you come here again this morning? Something ugly?”


He even talks so charmingly!


Erica fluttered over to Leon, who was huddled with the children in the gymnasium.


“Wahaha! Sister!”


Lilith ran to welcome her.


“Lilith, long time no see! How have you been doing?”


“Eung! Did you come to see Brother Leon? We’re going to play hide-and-seek with Cheshire and Gerard, so let’s do it together!” 


“Whoo, okay!” 


Erica smiled happily at Lilith.


‘She is getting so much prettier as time goes on…’


Lilith was truly like the lineage of Rubinstein, where only the best people gathered.


Big eyes that sparkled on her white skin.


She had pure white silver hair and blue eyes, just like a baby angel.


Erica has a lot of pretty friends her age, but Lilith was the best among them. 


A few years later, when she becomes a debutante (* aristocrat who has reached adulthood, a woman of the upper class), the social world of the empire will be shocked!


‘I’m so glad that Lilith is Leon’s younger sister.’


Erica felt relieved when she remembered her first meeting with Lilith, when she instinctively felt a sense of crisis.


“Quickly decide on a tag!”


“Who will do it?”




Erica, who had been observing Lilith happily, tilted her head. 


Lilith’s gaze was somehow tenaciously directed to one place.


‘What is it?’


Erica quickly looked at the boys, who were busy making up their minds.


Leon, Theo, Cheshire, and…


‘Is it him?’


Gerard Schmidt.


He was also a famous kid


After graduating from the training school, he became more famous after wearing a Dos badge.


When there is a popularity poll among girls her age, he always comes in first place.


A face so pretty that it’s hard to tell whether it’s a woman or a man.


Subtle light purple hair.


And probably bends into a half moon every time he smile… those eyes!


She knows that that eye smile made several girls cry.


‘It’s not my taste.’


Erica, who had been stroking her chin seriously, began to compare it to Cheshire next to him.


‘That kid is also Dos, he’s taller than Leon, and he’s more than handsome enough to make my jaw drop…’


The lack of expression is a flaw.


That kid doesn’t smile. 


He’s very blunt. He can’t even talk.


With the eyes of a strict step-sister, Erica continued to look for potential boyfriends for Lilith.


‘If it’s normal girls’ preference, of course it’s Gerard Schmidt’s side!’


It was concluded.


Erica smiled and pulled Lilith to stand next to Gerard.


“Oh my, oh my! But guys, look at this!”






Lilith and Gerard, who were frozen, tilted their heads.


“Aren’t the two of you looking so good together?”


Erica blew in.


“Look at this dazzling color combination! Aren’t they both angelic? I agree with these two!”






Leon and Theo’s eyes widened.


Lilith blinked blankly, and Gerard was also surprised.


“What are you doing suddenly…whoa!” 


Leon dragged the bewildered Lilith to his side.


Then he pushed his face in front of Gerard with a grim look.


“Are you crazy?”




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  1. Gerard receiving the brothers’ ire when he himself was just a victim of someone else’s whims 😂