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What do you mean crazy all of a sudden?


What did I do?


It’s ridiculous, but Theo also glared at Gerard.


“This is not right, Gerard.”


“No, what are you talking about? I didn’t say anything…”


“Hey, what are you good at?”


Gerard was dumbfounded when he saw Leon suddenly arguing.


“He’s handsome.”


Erica replied instead.


“What’s the use of a man because he’s handsome?”


“As long as you’re pretty and handsome, that’s fine, Leon. I’m sure you didn’t know that, but he’s very popular among girls?”


“Eung, no. He’s ugly. He’s not Kid’s type.”




Gerard, who was listening, was furious.


“How tall are you?”




He’s way above the 11-year-old average.


Leon pouted.


“Have you ever won a hunting contest?”


“I didn’t go out.”


“Tsk tsk.”


Leon clicked his tongue. Also, Gerard, who was hot-headed, forgot that he had been caught up in it and protested.


“But if I go out, of course I win.”




“Should I win the horse competition too?”


Theo added.


“Can you beat Lilith and Cheshire? The two of them took first and second place in horseback riding this time. If you lose, you won’t admit it.”


“I ride a horse a little, too. I can do it.”




Lilith pushed the twins away.


“Why on earth! Why are you talking about this stupid thing! Hurry up and decide on the tagger!”




The tagger is Gerard.


The twins bluffed Gerard, saying, ‘I’ll admit it when you find them all!’


What on earth do you admit it to?


‘No, more than that, what’s wrong with Erica all of a sudden? Did she eat something wrong?’


Just working hard on your own love business, why bother.


“Cheshire, Cheshire, Cheshire!”




I caught Cheshire.


I was reconsidering the timing to talk just the two of us…


“Do you want to hide together?”




We went to the stable.


There was a Zephyr.


“Hello, Zephyr! Please hide us!”


I dragged Cheshire into Zephyr’s cage and hid in a corner.


“Phew. He can’t find us here, right?”




I smiled proudly, and glanced at Cheshire.


Cheshire seems to have a lot of thoughts about what’s going on these days.


Are you worried?


Then I don’t want to add one more worry, but…


‘The only thing I can trust is Cheshire.’


I hid a letter for my Dad in my room.


Of course, it’s a letter he doesn’t need to read unless I’m caught by the Emperor until the very end.


But what if I get caught?


At that time, my Dad had to read the letter, so I needed someone to tell him where I hid it.


“Cheshire, I have a favor to ask.”


“What is it?” 


“You know.  I wrote a letter to my dad and hid it secretly. I wrote a card to you, too?” 




“But you should never see it now. You have to see it later.”


“Is that so?” 


Cheshire nodded. 


The expression of just wanting to do that without asking why.


‘Phew, that’s why I like it.’


“It’s in Daddy’s old luggage in the closet in my room.”




“Do you know that my dad only puts clothes in there that he doesn’t wear so he doesn’t have to open them? The sisters don’t clean the closet either.”


“No one will see it.”


“That’s right. There are so many embarrassing words that other people shouldn’t read them. That’s why I’m asking you. I think my brothers will find it quickly and read it without keeping their promise.”




“But you know, I really want my dad to read it later.”


“Yeah. I understand what you mean. I will tell Uncle later that there’s something there, right?” 


“Ahaha… that’s right.” 


Our smart Cheshire. 


“When is later?”




I said this while thinking.


“Later, when we play hide and seek.”




“When I’m hiding and he can’t find out where I am at all. At that time, be sure to tell my Dad… that the letter is there.”


Cheshire stared at me, then nodded with a strange expression.






“I will find it.”




“Where you’re hiding.”


Cheshire quietly held my hand.


“I’ll find it no matter what, so don’t be afraid if it’s late.”




“Wait a little bit.”


He smiled. 


I know he doesn’t smile often, but maybe it’s for me.


Both Dad and Cheshire are very strange.


They act like they know how to make me feel safe.


“I will definitely find you.”


At those words, my heart was relieved.


I think Cheshire would really find me somehow.


“Eung! I’ll be waiting!”


* * *


Gerard came out to the end and couldn’t find Cheshire. 


“Out! Now don’t even come close to the kid!”


Leon giggled.


“Leon, isn’t that too much? To be eliminated after losing hide-and-seek once!”


I don’t know why Erica is doing that.


I shook my head.


“Please give Gerard one more chance!”


“Hmm, is that so?”


No, what’s wrong with Gerard? Why would you give him another chance? 


“Isn’t it just lunchtime? Why don’t you try cooking?”


“Ah, Erica! Is that a good idea? If you’re a family man who can cook for Lilith when she’s hungry, I’ll think about it.”


Theo intervened.


Tired of stopping it, I just stood among them with blurry eyes.


It’s okay if Gerard gets fed up and never comes to my house to train again.


“Cooking? Haha, I’ve never cooked before.”


However, contrary to expectations, Gerard seemed to feel a strange desire to win.


Gerard, who was pondering, said.


“Let’s go to a new restaurant in the capital this time. I will buy you lunch.”

“What?! Are you talking about the seafood restaurant on Avenue Ravenue? Is it the place where the lunch course costs 420,000 Terr per person?”


When Erica was surprised and secretly blew in, the twin’s eyes were wide open.


Gerard was flattered.


He seemed to enjoy their reaction.


Feeding with an arrogant expression.


“Come on, everyone, let’s go.”


“Wow, you passed!”


“That’s right! It’s better to just solve it with money than to make bad food!”


Leon and Theo clapped their hands.




In the end, I decided to go out to eat lunch and move out.


“Lilith, would you like to go first?”


Cheshire caught me.


“Eung. why?”


“I have something to look for in the room I was in before.”


“Eung? Did you leave something behind?”


Cheshire nodded. 


“It’s a pen my uncle gave me as a gift, but it wasn’t there when I unpacked it after moving house. I wonder if I missed it when I was taking care of it…”


“Ah, really?” 


“Eung. I can’t help it if they’ve already cleaned it up, but I’m going to look for it once.” 


“If you can’t find it, ask Jetty and Jun! The sisters cleaned the room!”




Cheshire sent us first.


“I’ll follow you soon.”


* * *


The place Cheshire headed for wasn’t his room. 


Lilith’s room.


Cheshire sneaked into the room as quiet as a mouse and shut the door.


‘I’m sorry.’


A request to see the hidden letter later.


Lilith must have believed in him.


She’ll be angry if she finds out that he broke his promise in less than half an hour, but…


‘Really sorry.’


Cheshire had a strong hunch that he should read the letter Lilith had written.


Maybe he’s curious. 


He thinks that Enoch and Oscar both know, but not him. 


He might be able to find out the secret of Lilith.


‘She said it was a closet.’


Cheshire’s hand trembled as he opened the door.


Inside the closet.


In an old luggage bag.


As she said, there was a letter from Lilith. 


Cheshire quickly opened it.




Reading one by one… 


‘What is this…’


He gradually became confused. 


Most of the contents of the letter were incomprehensible words.




…I’m Primera, so…


After I am captured by the Emperor…


If you have to kill me…


Dad, I love you.


Even in a world without me, I want Dad to continue to live happily.


He finally realized what Lilith was going to say. 


His eyes widened.


His hand holding the letter trembled.


What is this?


What does everything mean? 


“Haa, haa.”


He has to stay calm.


He couldn’t calm down at all with the contents that he couldn’t imagine.


Cheshire squeezed his head tightly to catch up on his spinning vision.


“Cheshire, you know… P, please save me.” 


“Never, huh? You have to save me no matter what?” 


“Never kill me…”



Cheshire was finally able to understand Lilith’s words.


“I wrote a card to you, too.” 


How much she cried while writing.


A letter distorted here and there because of dried tear marks.


Cheshire. Even if you fail, even if you have no choice but to kill me…


I’m really fine. I don’t blame you at all.


So don’t be sorry and don’t be sad.


And please take care of my dad.


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    I just can’t… This is the most emotional novel I ever read.

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