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One day in December.


Winter is the season when beasts are most active.


Axion Libre was in the middle of subjugating the beasts in the northern region.


He organized a separate subjugation party from Enoch for efficient subjugation.


In other words, he can’t just watch the monster boss comfortably and work hard to hit it.


“What is that guy?”


Meanwhile, Axion was keeping an eye on one of the capable people.


A boy who seemed to have just joined the army, about sixteen years old.


His red hair was as intense as the sun in the white snowfield.


It’s not normal to be able to rip beasts apart with bare hands without hesitation…


“Has there ever been such a good guy?”


“Ah, it’s not the imperial army, it’s a mercenary. It’s Diez (*6th rank among 6 Class).”


Philip, the adjutant next to him, said.


Axion’s eyes widened.




“Yes. He’s amazing, isn’t he? I hear he’s a kid who graduated from a training center this year. Even so, his mercenary team was rumored to have beaten 100 people. “


“Training center?”


“He’s eleven years old.”


“Eleven years old? That big?”


An ever-increasing spectacle.


This time his mouth was wide open.


If he graduated from the training school this year, Cheshire and Lilith would be his classmates.


And 11 years old?


Same age as Cheshire.


Cheshire, who has been working hard on training as if being chased by something these days, asked Axion to fight twelve times a day.


“…Don’t just let it slide, can’t you do it? It’s okay if I get hurt.”


“Sounds silly. If you get hurt, you can’t train. Take it easy.”


Axion thought of Cheshire and clicked his tongue.




‘I didn’t see it…’


That he has done his best should be hidden until he enters the grave.


No matter how much he looks at it, Cheshire has nothing more to learn from him. He’s afraid he’ll have to send him to Enoch for training.


‘By the way, what happened to the training center this year?’


Two Dos came out and their abilities were enormous, and even Diez was crazy.


“They’re all monsters.”


Axion stuck out his tongue as he continued to watch the red-haired boy who was performing brilliantly.




The first snow fell on the Capital.


It was a winter morning when the streets were covered with soft snow.


Except that I didn’t see the first snow with my dad, who is often away from home these days due to the subjugation of beasts, it was definitely perfect.


“Urgent news. Urgent news!”


“God’s revelation to the temple of Pavil!”


Early morning in the Capital.


The High Priest of the Pavilion Temple suddenly received a revelation from God.


<Let my grace be expressed to the whole continent as soon as possible.


It will strengthen my strength, and make my servants more bent.>


It was a revelation that encouraged continental unification.


Hurry up and take another country!


That way, I’ll take care of you guys!


—That’s how much I can interpret it.


‘Wow, I knew that the emperor who had fallen on fire was trying to eat the ground quickly, but…’


I was frustrated.


‘I didn’t expect him to use my achievements (?) in this way!’


A false revelation I made to give strength to the Old Church and to heal the sick.


As the common people who were suffering got up after robbing their real seats…


It has been proven that Primera, who has been silent for a long time, is still alive.


Of course!


The faith of the people of my country is at its highest in the wake of the incident.


In the meantime, another revelation from God?


Of course, it would be a lie that the emperor and the high priest conspired.


‘In this kind of atmosphere, everyone would believe it unconditionally.’


The emperor again!


He used his brain again.


The God who had appeared showed that he was still alive, but he took advantage of it.


To incite a war of invasion!


I bit my nails hard.


‘What if Dad says he doesn’t like war in the place that has come down to the revelation? Only Dad will get a lot of swearing, right? You can’t make him go to war, can you?’


Why is this happening?


I was going to calmly wait for the revolution of the main characters, but somehow the emperor and I felt like fighting head-to-head…


‘Ah, I’m not confident.’


I felt like crying.


The more I do something, the higher the probability of being caught, so I tried to stay calm as much as possible.


‘But I don’t have a choice. He can’t go to war. I can’t let my Dad’s position shrink if he insists on not fighting at the time of revelation.’


I am the one who saved the God who didn’t exist.


I let the emperor take advantage of it.


I’ll clean up the mess myself.


I raised myself with a sigh.




The Temple of Seraph.


Priest Zadkiel, whom he hadn’t seen in a while, was still the same.


“Try this. Princess!”






He put the bread with honey he had brought from somewhere into my mouth and laughed as if he liked me eating well.




That face with flower-like pink hair falling apart on the forehead and smiling brightly!


‘No! It’s such a holy face that you’ll even have faith that you didn’t have before! I came here today to lie, but my conscience is stabbing me!’


Feeling like a demon being burned by the brilliance radiating from the face of the angel Zadkiel…


I try to cover my eyes with my arms raised.


“The princess is such an angel.”




Zadkiel took my towel, which I had been washing hard, and writhed instead.


“Where is anyone like the princess? The precious person doesn’t mind the hard work. You must want to play because you’re still young, but you even came to volunteer yourself.”




Volunteering was a trick to come here naturally.


Come to think of it, if there was no particular reason, I wouldn’t have thought of stopping by again.


I said it in a quiet voice, pricked by my conscience and sorry.


“… I’m sorry, priest. I should have come more often.”


“Yes? No, what are you talking about?”


Zadkiel panicked.


“I’m sorry, but please don’t say that. You really don’t have to do this. Everyone must be busy…” 


He looked around.


I asked to go to the temple today, and my private soldiers who came with me were working diligently.


They share the work of the priests, lift heavy things, and take care of the sick.


“And princess, this outfit…” 


Zadkiel looked at me and cried as if he were really sorry.


Uhm, now I’m dressed as a commoner.


I came out wearing the clothes I wore when I lived in Xenon long ago.




“Wahaha! Why? This outfit is pretty. By the way, priest, isn’t this hair cute too?”


Brown hair and brown eyes!


Like Mr. James Brown, who hides his power!


“Of course! You are very pretty and cute! You look like an angel!”




I was embarrassed to hear Zadkiel’s sincere praise.


The reason for hiding the power is nothing special.


It was because there were many people in the Seraph Temple after receiving the revelation.


I didn’t want to make a fuss.


If I go around with ‘I am a noble!’ written on my face…


‘Because it was really burdensome previously, and he felt bad when they kept staring at me.’


I can quietly help out with the temple work and go back after achieving today’s goal.


“Ah! Princess, I’m going to get some medicine. Would you like to come with me? Take a breath. You kept working.”



“Yes. Can you see it over there? It’s the first floor of a red brick building right next door.”


Zadkiel pointed over the temple wall.


It’s right in front of me . I nodded and came out with Zadkiel.


“He’s a commoner pharmacist, but when our temple was in trouble, he just gave us medicine without taking any money.”


“Whoa, really?”


“Yes. I’m really grateful. Fortunately, there are a lot of donations these days, so I’m repaying them a lot by adding what they’ve given me before.” 


That’s heartwarming.


The time when I stepped into the pharmacy building while talking with Zadkiel.


“My money! Pay me back! Huh?!”


What’s going on?


The pharmacy is in a state of ruin.


Herbs were trampled on, and broken glass was dangerously strewn across the floor.


“What are you doing!”


Surprised, Zadkiel ran.


A man with a grim impression was holding a skinny pharmacy man by the collar and dangling him.


“What, aren’t you a priest?”


The man who dropped the old man off looked at Zadkiel and grumbled.


“Are you okay?”


“Heuk, keuk.” 


Zadkiel quickly poured mana on the old man, who seemed to be struggling to breathe.


Then he got angry.


“What are you doing!”


“What are you doing? I’m at work. It’s already been three months since this old man borrowed my money and didn’t pay it back.”


The old man at the pharmacy, who barely came to his senses, said apologetically.


“Look. Next month I will…” 


“You said that last month too! You crazy old man!”


“Hey. Don’t speak harshly. Pharmacist, why did you borrow the money?”


Zadkiel asked calmly.


“I’m sorry, priest. I’m going to buy some medicine…. With the number of patients in the temple…” 




Wow. Was it like that?


Zadkiel’s eyes shook with guilt.


Soon he pulled out the bundle of money he had put on his side and stood up. 


“How much money did the pharmacist borrow?” 


“Are you going to pay me back? Thank you so much for this. Fifteen million Terr.” 


Zadkiel’s eyes widened as he confidently took out the money.




I, who was listening, also opened my mouth.


‘Oh, he was an illegal loan shark.’


I just realized.


“Hey, you old man. Didn’t you know everything and borrow it? Didn’t I make it clear that I would charge you interest and then lend it to you?”




The old man at the pharmacy was silent.


“Hey there, Mister.”


I was a bit intimidated by the man’s size, but I timidly intervened.


“Even if you said he borrowed it, it’s your fault. In order to lend money, you have to pay only the interest rate set by the government…” 


“What? What are you?” 


“What if you ask for money with such interest? This is illegal…”

“What nonsense are you talking about? No matter how much you get, it’s up to the guy who lent it to you. What do you know that you’re as big as a rat?”


Well, yeah. This was Seraph Street.


It is absurd to discuss whether it is illegal or legal in a lawless zone itself, a commoner’s residential area.


There is no such thing as a conscience.


“Even if he couldn’t pay the money back, you shouldn’t use violence. I will report it to the guard.” 


Of course, the security forces are also there in name only. 


However, I’ve heard that they’ve been pretending to work since they were disciplined by Axion the other day while working on the missing child case. 


The man hesitated as if he knew that too.


I shook my head and turned around.




“Owner! The medicine I ordered last time…”


Someone in a maroon robe entered the pharmacy.


He was taken aback by the mess.


“What kind of fuss is this?”


He’s much taller than I am.


But not an adult, but boyish.


With a robe covering his entire body, his nose and mouth were tightly covered, and all I could see were his eyes.


But something smelled dangerous.


It smelled like blood.


The smell of the blood hit me. 




The boy looked around, and my eyes met.


‘Oh, what is it? I think he looks somehow familiar?’


Gray eyes.


I don’t remember his height, size, or voice, but for some reason I felt a strange sense of déjà vu.


I wonder if that’s the same for the boy, he looked at me and muttered.


“You, perhaps…” 


It was then.




Isn’t it because he suddenly grabs my back from behind and lifts me up?


I was out of breath.




Zadkiel shouted in surprise.


However, it seems that the evil illegal loan shark didn’t even hear about the identity that Zadkiel had secretly leaked. 


He clenched his teeth hard, probably because he was afraid I would tell the guard about him. 


“Hey, where are you going? What are you suddenly worried about? This is how I’ve been making a living every day! Where are you going…ugh!” 


Then the boy in the robe quickly approached.


The moment the boy squeezed the hand of the man who was holding my back.


I could feel the flow of mana.


‘A person of ability?’


The boy easily caught me as I fell to the floor, put me down safely, and pulled up the robe.


“Who are you, you punk?”


The red hair fluttered.






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