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* * *


There was no skip button, but fortunately each day went by fast.


Ten years trapped in a tower


It was as if all of that time had been completely absorbed into my mind.


“Wahaha! It’s pretty!”


“Ah, what’s so pretty about this!”


Today is another day.


Sitting in the corner, hugging my knees, I looked at myself and Oscar.


As if the drawing paper wasn’t enough, I drew funny scribbles on Oscar’s face.


Oscar looked in the mirror and grumbled on his messy face, but he didn’t look upset and just giggled.


‘He still looks at me like that. Is it really Master?’ 


Laughter broke out without resistance.




I smiled happily and hugged Oscar, and he hugged me and stroked my head affectionately.


I cried when I saw that.


I distorted my face.


‘I understand everything now.’


Why Oscar valued me.


‘This is… You basically raised me.’


I was an idiot who couldn’t communicate properly and just looked out the window and called my dad dozens and hundreds of times a day. 


Because of me, he became a fool who couldn’t say anything or do anything.


There is no longer any sense of freedom.


What was so pretty about me?




I wiped away my flowing tears.


For ten years, we were everything to each other.


How could I have endured this hell alone without him?


“Listen to me carefully.”


Then, Oscar said in a serious voice.


I swallowed my tears and opened my ears.


“Don’t come out today. No matter what happens. You must hide.”




“We’re playing hide and seek. Do you remember what we did here?”




“You must never come out. Now, promise.”




As I watched the two of them linking their little fingers, I realized.


‘It’s today.’


The Revolution Day.


This very day was the day I was about to die.


“Hey, you fool.”


After Oscar left, I called myself, who was left alone.


There was no answer.


“Master said let’s play hide and seek, why didn’t you listen?”


Stay hidden.


Then maybe I could have survived.


“No, no. If so…”


The emperor’s final order to exterminate those without power had already been imprinted on me.


“Goodbye, Lilith.”


I pretended to pat my head, laughing foolishly.


“You worked hard, me.”


When I die, everything will end, so I can wake up from my dream.


I made a promise to myself.


“I won’t make it the same. I will survive somehow.”


So that this tragedy doesn’t repeat itself.


“You really, really work hard…”




Even though I couldn’t see it, I had the illusion that my eyes met when I turned around.


Silly laugh as always.


However, there were tears in her eyes.


As if she were responding to my consolation for her hard work.


That moment.




The vision was reversed.


At the same time, I saw an unfamiliar yet familiar face in front of me.


Between the boundaries between boys and men.


Red eyes that have lost their shine on an expressionless face.




It’s probably Cheshire, which has grown a lot over the past ten years.


‘Whoa, this is…’


I soon realized.


I, who had been contemplating this all this time—


‘…It’s a little cruel.’


―After all, at the last moment, I became myself.


Cheshire is coming to kill me.


「Cheshire Rubinstein left his father’s sobbing voice behind and walked towards his daughter, the last Primera, without hesitation. 


There should not have been any hesitation. Because even at this moment, the lives of innocent people were crumbling without a trace.


He was colder than anyone else.


He swung the sword without any hesitation, fear, pity, or guilt on his face.」


The moment my eyes met his.


I realized why it wasn’t the observer’s perspective this time.


Cheshire’s final decision, which was described in the original as having no hesitation.




‘No. You were suffering.’


Emotions that others can’t read.


I saw a look in his eyes that I wouldn’t have been able to read if I didn’t know him.


To find out…


Cheshire approached me with cold eyes that concealed pain and pity, and swung his sword at me.




I closed my eyes tightly.


* * *


South, Argonia.


When Oscar poured mana into the magic circle he had completed, the blue light that permeated the floor spread out, heading somewhere like a tree trunk.


The light led to a forest not far away.


“I found a place where the sealing magic is applied. If we want to get into the ruins or something, we have to go over there and draw the magic circle one more time, so let’s hurry.”




Enoch got up and grabbed Oscar, who was leading the way.


“Is it over there? That forest is a bit dangerous. I saw the Argonia beasts. I went in a few months ago and cleaned it all out…”


“Why is that? Is it a problem?”


Oscar was puzzled.


Is he surprisingly weak? 


But soon, he was surprised by Enoch’s gaze, which scanned him up and down as if he couldn’t trust him.


Are you worried about me?


“Whoa. I’m dumbfounded.”


He is famously the youngest Lord of the Wizard Tower. 


Oscar’s pride fell to the bottom.


“Take care of your family. Because I don’t want to see a child crying like an idiot and asking what to do about his father after losing one of his limbs.”


“Ah, I’m fine. Did you feel bad? You’re a genius. I was worried that my precious body would get hurt.”


“I should ignore it in moderation, tsk.” 


The two headed towards the forest, arguing.


Upon entering, Enoch broke a branch and placed it in his hand.


Oscar frowned.


“Are you sure you took that as a weapon?”


“Mmhm. Because I come right away and don’t have my sword with me.” 


Oscar couldn’t understand it, but since it was a busy hour, he hurried his steps into the forest.


Rotten tree roots and wild, unruly grass.


It took him about 10 minutes to follow where the blue mana headed and make his way through the rough, pathless land.




He felt an unfamiliar presence.


At the same time, a monster with a strange appearance flies in from above.


‘There’s everything.’


Oscar quickly put up a shield without thinking about it.


Of course, only on his body.






But before the demonic beast could get closer, the blue sword energy split it in two.


“Are you okay?”


Enoch looked at Oscar with worried eyes while holding a branch that was used as a sword.




…Yeah, a weapon is a weapon.


“Yeah, well. I’m fine.”


Enoch looked at the shield that Oscar was wearing by himself and slowly blinked his eyes.


“Hmm, yeah. You look fine.”


Then he added very little and started walking again.


“…If you have that personality, you will survive wherever you go. That’s a relief.”


“What did you say?”


“No. Oh, it got cut off here?”


The blue mana extending from the detection magic circle stopped at a certain point.


Without even asking Enoch to do so, he cleared away the rocks and weeds to create a space for Oscar to draw the magic circle.


“This is how we do it, right?”


He then found a useful stone, put it in Oscar’s hand, and asked proudly.




Oscar narrowed his eyes, glanced at Enoch, and began drawing the magic circle.


He had to draw a combination of the magic formula to detect hidden relics and the magic formula to unseal them…


It was quite a tricky task.


‘That human… how did he do it all by himself?’


Oscar thought as he glanced at Enoch, who was standing wary of the surroundings.


It seems like in his previous life, he found a holy relic or something after looking at the magic formula Robert stole from him…


‘Even if he knew the magic formula, it would have been difficult.’


But he soon nodded.


‘Well, he’s that child’s father, and he should do that.’


Of course, he never acknowledged that Enoch was great.


It’s all because he was born as the father of ‘genius’ Lilith.


“Come here. I’m done drawing it.”


When Enoch entered the magic circle, Oscar flowed mana and activated it.


At the same time, it seems that everything beneath his feet becomes fuzzy.




Enoch let out an exclamation.


An unfamiliar space with no way out.


It was a ruin with old white stone walls broken and cracked here and there, spread out like a maze.


“Lord of Wizard Tower, please wait here for a moment. I don’t know what’s inside, so I’ll hurry and take a look first.”


Oscar looked at Enoch with tired eyes.


What on earth does this person think of him?


He can’t believe he’s taking care of the Lord of the Wizard Tower who is a master of all magic, as if he were taking care of a 36-month-old baby. 


“Yeah~ Then if you say so.”


But if there’s really anything.


Of course he would appreciate it if he got hit first. 


“I’ll be back soon.”


Enoch disappeared to look inside.


He waits and looks around.


‘What is that?’


Suddenly, Oscar’s eyes caught sight of a stone stuck on the floor like a tombstone.


A letter was written on a partially broken stone.


It’s an ancient language.


Nowadays it has been forgotten and disappeared, so no one can read it.


“Let me see.”


Oscar bent down on his knees and began to read it.


Of course he can read ancient languages. 


It is an ancient language that is needed to draw thousands of undisclosed magic formulas.




Oscar’s eyes became increasingly cold as he read.


It was a revelation.


The ancient priests who were probably the owners of these ruins heard about it a long time ago…


The voice of the Primera.


<In the future, I will send down heroes and sacrifices to get rid of the power that has been tainted by evil.


The sacrifice is the blood of a hero, the shield of sacrifice against evil, and my last strength.


The day when all my power are gathered


Peace will finally come to this land.>






“Lord of the Wizard Tower, let’s go. There doesn’t seem to be anything dangerous.”


Oscar stared at Enoch, who had returned.


Yeah, that guy. 


And, sacrifices.


The sacrifice is the blood of the hero,


It’s my last strength


It is Enoch’s child and the last Primera,




A shield of sacrifice


The revelation was talking about her.


Lilith is a being created from the beginning for sacrifice.


The day when all my power is gathered


Peace will finally come to this land.


Oscar knew it too.


The day when all the power of God disappears.


Only the complete annihilation of Primera can bring about the peace they all hope for.




Even Lilith must disappear.


“That’s funny.”


Oscar laughed.


“…Lord of Wizard Tower?”


This is truly ridiculous.


Who is going to tell them to fix the mistake they made by foolishly handing the sword to the devil and creating an inferno?


Oscar placed his hand on the stone with the revelation written on it.


A little mana seeped in,


“Just search for yourself.”






It soon shattered into powder and was scattered around.


No one can understand this damn nonsense anymore.


Oscar calmly stood up.


Enoch stared blankly at Oscar, his mouth wide open.




“Let’s go.”


Oscar, who’s passing by in a relaxed manner.


Enoch swallowed his saliva and slowly looked back at him.


“If you’re angry, you’ll say it in words…”


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