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For some reason, Oscar’s angry hand shattered the stone into unrecognizable pieces…


‘Your personality is really fierce.’


…Enoch, who caught a glimpse of what was happening, followed behind Oscar hesitantly.


A maze-like ruin.


But since there was no crossroads, the two walked without hesitation.


The place where they soon stopped was a dead end space.


However, the two’s sharp senses immediately felt a strange energy.


He doesn’t know what the holy relic is, but it must be beyond this wall.


‘Damn, people are troublesome.’


Oscar frowned.


If this happens, he thinks he’ll have to cast the movement spell over the wall one more time…


Since the walls were made of stone on all sides, it was not appropriate to draw a magic circle.


‘What on earth is that holy object that you kept so tightly wrapped? If it’s not a big deal, I think I’ll just tear it all down and leave.’


Thinking, Oscar bit his index finger with his teeth and hurt it.


It was to draw a magic circle with blood.


“Get out of the way, Lord of the Wizard Tower.”




But Enoch sent Oscar behind him, and he swung the branch he was holding.




As the blue mana collided diagonally on the old stone wall,




“No, crazy.”


Oscar opened his mouth.


The wall, which was shaking precariously, collapsed, and dust and smoke rose like a swell from the broken remains.


“Hey! What’s with this, cough, ignorant behavior!”


Oscar croaked through the hazy view with his hands.


“What are you going to do if the entire ceiling collapses like this? Do you want to get buried with holy relics?”


“If the ruins were to collapse at this level, they would have collapsed a long time ago.”


…Actually, that’s true.


The reason the ruins remained hidden for thousands of years is because of powerful preservation magic.


He thought he was just using his strength, but his sensitivity isn’t that bad either. 


“Wow, tsk. No matter what…”


When Oscar saw Enoch’s back as he stepped on the broken wall, he clicked his tongue.


The method isn’t very gentle.


“Is this it?”


Enoch’s eyes lit up.


A circular altar that rises to waist height.


There was a rock the size of his fist lying on top of it.




He realized it wasn’t a normal stone when he looked at it more closely. It looks like a heart carved out…


Enoch stretched out his hand without hesitation.




Powers of different textures collided violently, accompanied by an eerie pain.


Strong resistance.


There was a barrier.


“Damn it.” 


Barrier magic.


This is a type that cannot be canceled until the person who created the magic code cancels it.


The caster is probably an ancient priest who must have died a long time ago.




‘It doesn’t matter. He couldn’t do it if it’s not me.’


Fortunately, someone with Enoch’s level of ability can break it by force by injecting a huge amount of mana.


It must be pierce through at all costs.


Without a moment’s hesitation, Enoch extended his left hand instead of his right hand, which should have held his sword.




The burning pain in his hands is terrible.


However, Enoch applied more force without any change in his expression.


A little bit more.


“Ahh! You crazy human!”


At that time. 


Oscar, who came running late, quickly grabbed Enoch’s arm.


“Whoa. Oh my. Whoa. Really.” 


Oscar’s eyes, which were rarely surprised, were so wide that they seemed like they were going to fall out.


“Are you really crazy? You put your hand here? Aren’t you crazy?” 


“There is a barrier. It has to be drilled.”


Oscar swallowed his saliva at the calm answer.


“…Are you going to blow your hand?”


Enoch would have to force himself to break it, but of course his hands would be hard to heal.


Oscar was speechless and just blinked as he looked at his half-ugly, charred hands.


“Yeah… really… I was really thinking of offering up one of his arms and taking it… I knew it was crazy, but I made a promise to live the rest of my life with a disability in just one second…” 


He’s about to cry and annoyed. 


He really doesn’t like it.


“If I were to ask you to die in place of your child, would you die without hesitation?”


It was the same thing before and now.


“You’re the same.”


Enoch, who was watching the sarcastic Oscar with strange eyes, said.


“You’re the same.”




Oscar only raised his sharp eyes and he looked at Enoch.


Their gazes became entangled. 


* * *




I suddenly opened my eyes and reflexively raised my hand and groped my neck.


At the last moment, Cheshire’s sword probably cut my throat.


‘Ha, it’s attached properly…’


I sighed in relief and quickly checked the size of my hands.


I’m back. To my body.


‘But where am I?’


Numerous books lie at my feet.


Dizzy surroundings.


When I looked around, it was my first time here, but I knew right away where it was.


Because I saw Oscar.


‘Is it a Wizard Tower? Master’s room?’


For some reason, Oscar was kneeling down with a frustrated expression on his face.


“Why isn’t it working? Why…”


Below him, complex magic formulas were drawn in white chalk.


I realized it right away.


This is after my death.


Oscar is probably preparing a regression spell to revive me.


‘I thought I had a really long dream… This isn’t bad.’


I woke up suddenly.


I know Oscar used the regression magic, but I don’t know for sure what he paid for it.


But I will know from this dream. 


“Just wait, Master. I’m smart, so I’ll figure it out.” 


Books open wide.


A piece of paper full of Oscar’s writing.


I’m sure I can figure it out. 




But I was frustrated without even knowing anything.


Conditions of resurrection


Disuse, resurrection, revive.


In order to resurrect the target…


It is an equivalent exchange of life and life…


The magic that Oscar is trying now.


It was a resurrection, not a regression.


‘Just how…’


I looked blankly at Oscar.


Although I don’t know about regression, I know very clearly the conditions for resurrection.


Equivalent exchange of life and life.


‘He didn’t try regression magic from the beginning, but resurrection magic… . And that too with his own life…’


But for some reason it seems to have failed.


When he realized the truth, he was speechless.




Oscar lay helplessly on the magic circle that had been drawn dozens of times. 


With his arms covering his eyes. 


I could see his clenched lips. He seemed to be crying.




I wiped away the tears that streamed down my cheeks and lay down next to him.






“I’m glad you failed.”


If this had worked, it would have been truly terrible.


Because I would have been resurrected and lived with Oscar’s life.


I was relieved since I felt like such an idiot for not remembering him.


“I’m glad…” 


Eventually, my vision changed rapidly, and I was startled and jumped up.


Time seemed to pass by.


Oscar was seen busy trying the resurrection magic, and soon.




I could see my dad and Oscar sitting across from each other.


‘Oh my goodness! Dad, you’re safe!’


Whenever I imagined what the world would be like after I died, the person I was most worried about was my Dad. 


“How will Dad live after I die?”


“What do you mean, how do I live? Dad can’t live.”


“I want to see the princess, so I’ll follow right away. “Daddy can never live without the princess.”


Those words that made my heart sink.


I kept worrying about what would happen if my Dad really thought bad thoughts.


‘I’m really glad.’


I quickly ran over and looked at my Dad’s face.


Maybe it’s because I’ve been dreaming for so long, but seeing my Dad’s face after a long time made me cry.


“No, Dad. But why is your face like this….”


A face that has become half and half.


There is no life in his eyes.


‘I’m so upset.’


I reach out for my Dad who I can’t even touch. 


“Help me.”


I hardened when those words came out of nowhere.


“My daughter…” 


What are you talking about? 


“You want to save her? Primera again?” 


I looked back at Oscar.


Failures of resurrection spells placed on him as a sacrifice of his own life.


Perhaps because of that, the moment I saw Oscar’s half-dead eyes flash.


“Master? Wait a minute.”


My heart dropped.


No. It can’t be. You’re not going to do it, right? 


Anyway, my ears became deaf and I couldn’t hear the conversation between the two.


No, this is not it.


“D, Dad… don’t do it.” 


Why? Why don’t I know? 


Even if I survived with my Dad’s life, I wouldn’t be happy at all.


If something like that really happened, I think I would bring my Dad back without a second thought.


So it’s really, really useless. really.


“Could you die for that child?”


Oscar asked.




Even though I knew it was meaningless, I shouted in front of my Dad.


“Dad! No! Don’t do it!”


“As much as you need.”


But my Dad’s answer came out without any thought.


“N, no…”


My legs lost strength, and I fell down.


* * *


Enoch and Oscar’s gazes were strangely entangled in silence for a short time.


Oscar sneered.


“You’re the same.”


Well, yeah. There’s no way this quick-witted man wouldn’t know.


Whether it’s because he went back and risked repeating this miserable time only for Lilith, or for whatever reason.


“I don’t have time to argue with you.”


Enoch was the first to break the tense atmosphere.


“There’s no other way, how can I break this. Only I can do it.”


Oscar caught Enoch trying to put his left hand back on the altar.


“No, hey. Why did you come with me in the first place if you’re going to be so ignorant?”


Enoch’s eyes narrowed at the strange remark.


What does it mean?


No way, again? 


“Is there any other way?”


“Didn’t you go to the training center? Didn’t you learn how to dispel barrier magic?”


“You just have to draw the magic formula in reverse.”


“…? You know it well. But?”


“How do you know the magic formula drawn by someone who died thousands of years ago and draw it in reverse? Do you know what code it was drawn with?”








‘Oh, that’s right. Of course this person doesn’t know.’


No wonder. 


Oscar, who thought it was a mistake, slowly closed his eyes. And then he quietly avoided Enoch’s gaze.




Oscar approached the altar in silence and started drawing something with his previously cut index finger.


“No way…” 


Enoch muttered behind him.


“…Like with the movement magic, is there a way that you keep to yourself?”


There was no answer.


It seems correct. 


Enoch asked, looking at the back of Oscar, who was absorbed in drawing a magic formula.


“Are you perhaps interpreting the magic barrier spell hanging there? Lord of the Wizard Tower, is there a way to find out the magic code created by someone else?”


Oscar had no answer again to Enoch’s sharp question.


This also seemed to be correct.




“What? Why? What.”


When Enoch’s absurd snort was heard, Oscar grumbled while drawing a magic formula.


“The trash Lord of Wizard Tower always stays alone in the Wizard Tower and makes all the useful magic he can and keeps it to himself. So, do you want to give me a beating for being so shameless?” 


Enoch, who was surprised, said something quietly while moving his lips.


“…I didn’t think about it that way.”


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  1. Autor, podrías haber hecho una emotiva historia de amor entre Óscar y Lilith, por qué con ceshire? No es que no me agrade, pero Óscar siempre estuvo ahí 😭