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After barely calming me down as I cried for a long time, Oscar held up a piece of white chalk with trembling hands.


And then, very slowly, he started drawing a magic circle on the floor. 


Once to draw a line.


“Yeah. Just wait a little bit. I’ll do it in a minute…”


Once to engrave one letter.


While I was waiting, he kept looking at me and caught me in his gaze.


When the magic circle was almost complete,


As I continued to watch Oscar, my eyes were swollen from crying so much.


I wanted to tell you right now.


I wanted to let you know.


At this time, how much did your heart break? How sad and painful did you feel…


I know everything now.


“Okay, it’s done.” 


Oscar, who had been lying down, got up.


The time of separation is fast approaching.


Did I feel something instinctively?


“Can I come in here?”


I pointed at the magic circle with a fearful expression.


“Then can I see Dad?”


“No. I’m the one who goes in there.”




I wanted to stop him.


“Master, don’t…”


Don’t do it? 


What if he doesn’t do it? 


I pulled back on the hand I had reached out to Oscar.


I can’t stop it anyway.


‘Then what about Dad? What does Dad do? Dad died because of me.’


Even if it were possible, I would never have given up on my Dad. 


I wish I had just saved my Dad with my own life.


Then both Dad and Oscar would have been safe.


‘As expected…’


I looked blankly at the new Primera statue on my desk.


‘I guess God was right.’


If only my existence were to be burned.


Everyone could be happy.


So the original story had the best happy ending that God could show me.


“Listen carefully. Now I’m going to let you meet your Dad.”


I looked at Oscar again, who was holding me and asking me.


“All the times outside that you didn’t know about. What your father did for you, what time passed outside while you were locked up, everything.” 




“You need to know everything. You have to remember. That way, you won’t repeat the same thing.” 


Only the caster of the regression spell can remember everything.


The law of regression.


As I am not a caster, I shouldn’t have remembered anything.


Oscar, on the other hand, will remember, but he expected that due to the ban, he couldn’t change anything on his own.


Imagine yourself remembering everything.”


That’s why.


The reason why I remember the ‘original work’, no, all the lost times.


With the ability of the Primera, because of Oscar’s request to remember everything.


“…If you wait, I’ll come see you.” 


The last promise to come to see me.


You even protected it.


“Master! Wait!” 


I roughly wiped away my blurry vision and ran towards Oscar, who was standing in the magic circle.


We stood facing each other, but his gaze was not on me.


No, it was on me.


Standing outside the magic circle, knowing nothing, being mean…


To my past self.


As if he were trying to keep his eyes on me until the very end.


“Y, you know…”


When I was in Oscar’s arms, I tried to hug him but couldn’t.


Why me?


“Remember, I’m sorry I didn’t remember a thing. I forgot everything like a fool, so I didn’t know anything, Master, hicc, why, why me…” 


Why did I forget you? 


“…I’m sorry. Really, really, hicc. I, I’m sorry.” 


I’m glad I remember it now.


You know, I…


If I see your face again, definitely.


Really, definitely.


 There’s something I want to tell you.


* * *


Lilith was still asleep.


This was because the holy relic that would awaken the child was still in Enoch’s hands.


“No way, right now…” 


Oscar, who sensed hesitation in Enoch’s expression, burst into laughter. 


He thought about it just in case. Really? 


“Are you worried about what I said?”


There is only one holy relic, and two people need it.


“Are you weighing the child’s life and that priest’s life?” 


Of course, his daughter may be precious, but the priest is indispensable to Enoch’s ‘cause’. 


“It’s not like that. Why does this need to be considered?” 


“It’s not like that. Why is this something we need to worry about?” 


“Right? You’re not hesitating, are you?”


“Yeah. Just…”


His eyes became sharp in an instant.


“I just doubted my abilities for a moment, wondering if I could protect everything.”


Enoch added.


“But I’m not worried. There will be nothing wrong with Priest Zadkiel. Even if he suffered from holy fever, Lilith says she can help him.” 


“No, but then the child…”


“That won’t happen.”


What is he going to do if he doesn’t have his child?


Knowing Oscar’s continued concern, Enoch deliberately didn’t listen any further and cut him off.


“I will finish everything before the priest has holy fever. But even if it’s later than that, there’s nothing Lilith can’t do to help the priest.”


He then looked at Lilith and added with firm eyes.


“Because I will never have my daughter taken away.”


Oscar, who was staring at Enoch, chuckled.


“Then, that’s a relief.” 


“Let’s wake the kid up quickly.”


After speaking hastily, Enoch was blank again. 


But how should he really use this? 


“Why don’t you just grind it and feed it? It looks like it would be quite effective if eaten raw.”




Oscar’s words disgusted Enoch, who then turned to face the pulsating holy relic.  


That’s a bit…


“Oh, it’s frustrating. Haven’t you tried it once? If you knew the way, you would know.”


“Yeah. I must have used it.”


Enoch rubbed his forehead and was lost in thought.


Previous life? Yes, in a previous life, he apparently said that he woke up Zadkiel, who was in holy fever, with this.


What did I do, and how did I do it? 


Because it looks like a heart…


Enoch, who was contemplating, gently brought the holy relic to Lilith’s chest.


Probably around here…






Enoch and Oscar burst into exclamations at the same time.


Surprisingly, the holy relic seeped into Lilith’s chest as if being absorbed.


“This is it! Isn’t it?”


When Enoch, with wide eyes, asked with a twisted body, Oscar nodded nervously.






But for some reason, there was no other reaction after that.


Oscar became anxious and urged him.


“Hey. Are you going to wait until she wakes up? Shake it quickly and wake her up!” 


“What? Do you want me to force her to wake up?” 


“If the holy fever is healed, she’ll wake up if you shake it!” 


“Is that so?”


Enoch looked at Lilith’s dry lips and shook her by the shoulders.


“Princess, the sun has risen in the sky. Stop sleeping and wake up. Dad’s heart is really shrinking…” 






At that time, 


The eyelashes of the child, who was asleep as if she were dead, shook.




Soon, her eyes opened with difficulty. 


The moment he saw the blue eyes, which were wet.




Enoch broke down and hugged the child.




“Haa, ha. Oh God. Ah…” 


Does it feel like he came back from hell alive? 


Oscar knew that Enoch was also feeling what he was feeling right now.


‘I’m glad.’


Oscar, who finally took a breather, smiled at the sight of the father and daughter hugging each other tightly.


“D, Dad…” 


“Mmhm, princess. It’s Dad. Dad is here. Did you sleep well? Eung?” 


Enoch, with his red eyes open wide as if he wasn’t going to cry, loosened his arms and hold the child’s safe face. 


He held her cheeks and looked at her. 


Then he hugged her again. 


He tilts his head back in relief.


Oscar, who was watching the scene from a few steps away, once again reflected on his foolishness.


The father gave up his own life because he couldn’t protect his child.


And a child who couldn’t live in a world without such a father.


‘That’s good. As expected.’


Everything was perfect now that he had saved the father and daughter from what almost became a tragedy due to his foolish choice. 


This is the result achieved by simply throwing away one’s own existence.


It wasn’t bad.




At that time,


Lilith got up and belatedly found Oscar.


Oscar smiled at the child’s surprised eyes.


“Hey, why are you sleeping so long? While you sleep without knowing the world, your father…”


His words didn’t last long. 


‘What is this?’


The moment when their eyes met.


The child covered her mouth with both hands, as if trying to hold back her tears.


She was looking at him with tears in her big eyes. 


That sight shocked Oscar again, and it scared him.


“W, what is it? What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying? Are you sick?”


“Princess! Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere?” 


While shaking her head at Enoch’s worried voice, Lilith’s gaze never left Oscar.




Her facial expression is distorted and sad, as if she can’t even open her mouth.


“Haa, eugh.” 


It seemed as if she was going to lose her breath at any moment as she took a deep breath.


Soon, she throws the blanket off her legs and gets off the bed, holding back her cries.


There’s nothing urgent.


But she looks like a person being chased.


The child quickly got down, tripped, and even lost her balance.




Surprised, Oscar bent his knees and caught Lilith, who was about to fall.


“What, you… ah.” 




The child finally bursts into tears and falls into his arms. 


The small hand that held tight to his collar was shaking desperately… 


Oscar froze in a daze.


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