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Even though Lilith was in front of Enoch, he couldn’t move because his legs were so weak. 


“D, Dad! What’s wrong!” 


Instead, a surprised Lilith ran up to Enoch and hugged him.


“Where, where on earth have you been…”


“Y, you were worried. Dad, I’m sorry. I was wrong. I went to the Wizard Tower for a while with the Master… But it’s only been ten minutes since I left, so I didn’t know Dad would come so quickly.” 


“I left a note just in case, but haven’t you seen it?”


Oscar approached and pointed his chin at Lilith’s bed.


“No, Lord of the Wizard Tower!” 


“Eukh. Dad, wait. I’m suffocating…” 


While holding Lilith tightly, Enoch kept taking deep breaths because he wasn’t calm yet. 


“If it’s urgent, you can just go and come back alone. Why did you even take the child with you….”


Pale face and dry lips. The sweat just flowed.


It was obvious what Enoch must have worried about in just a few minutes, so Oscar felt a little sorry.


“No, Dad! Master was going to go alone, but I didn’t want to be alone, so I followed him. I’m sorry to worry you…”




Enoch calmed down while holding Lilith in his trembling arms.


Lilith and Oscar, who had unintentionally tormented Enoch, were quiet to keep an eye on him.


“Lord of the Wizard Tower.” 




“That, about magic…” 


Will he calm down soon? 


Enoch looked at the spot where the moving magic circle was created and muttered helplessly.


“It’s really bad…  Just keep it to yourself…”


* * *


That time.


The Temple of Seraph where Enoch visited.


Zadkiel spread out several books, and was struggling with his pen.


“My child suffered from a holy fever and now she’s awake. However, it should never be known that she overcame the holy fever alone.”


“But it would be possible with the power of God. So, priest, it may be difficult, but would you be able to grant my request?”


The faithful priest was creating a ‘false’ revelation at Enoch’s request.


Like God was trying to wake up Lilith.


<My poor little servant.


It is not yet time for you to enter my temple.


I will give you a miracle so that you can live the time of your life that you have prepared and come to me.>


‘This will do.’


In the distant past, this was the type of revelation often received by believers who returned to life from death by a miracle of God.


Zadkiel put down his pen and put his hands together.


‘God, please forgive your poor servant who is telling lies. I just hope that the princess, who is God’s messenger, is safe.’


Soon he thought of Lilith.


The first revelation that saved the sick at the Seraph Temple was precious, but the second revelation that Lilith received had more lives at stake.


A ‘true’ revelation that will reveal the ‘false’ revelation of the high priest who encourages war.


‘Only if the princess lives safely and listens to God’s voice can she save many innocent lives that would otherwise be lost.’


So he didn’t want to worry about lying for Lilith. 


After all, Zadkiel had already violated the strict laws of the temple once.


“Priest, instead of going straight to Grandfather the High Priest and informing him of this revelation, could you first inform everyone around you? To the priests, believers, and people who come here!”


“Princess, a believer who has received a revelation must not spread God’s voice carelessly until it is passed on to the high priest. It’s an old law of the temple…”


“Heuk! Really? Oh, I didn’t know that… What should I do…”


However, seeing Lilith looking embarrassed, Zadkiel nodded his head as if he had been possessed for some reason.


“But, I will do it. That too must be God’s will.”


“Y, yeeees?”


“Even if I am reprimanded for breaking the law, that will also be a sacrifice prepared by God.”


“No, what… Phew. T, that’s true but! The priest will not be scolded by His Majesty the Emperor! Because my Dad can prevent that!”


* * *


“We have to hide it first. This revelation must not be made public now.”


After much thought, Emperor Nicholas made a decision.


“Soon Enoch will come to see me about his daughter. Then, we will quickly dispatch him to the Kingdom of Teneva as planned.”


First of all, the revelation is completely hidden.


“After sending the army, what will Enoch do even if something goes wrong? Until then, yeah. If I could hide it until then…”


Nicholas, who was muttering, looked at Timothy and asked quickly.


“Of course, you would have stopped that young priest from joining, right?”


“T, that. Your Majesty…”


Timothy answered tremblingly.


“It looks like everyone in Seraph Street has already spread the word yesterday after receiving the revelation. When I looked into it, I found that there was no one there who didn’t know about it, and within a day the rumor spread and everyone who knew, including some of the nobles, knew about it.”




Nicholas’s mouth opened in vain.


“How dare he reveal God’s revelation!”


This is ridiculous.


“Are you just going to spread it outside without informing the main shrine or the imperial family? He was a punk who had the guts to use his mouth so indulgently?”


Nicholas, who was dumbfounded and angry, soon burst into laughter.


‘There’s no way a 14-year-old child would have done that without knowing it was scary.’


The revelation that the priest received must have been the voice of the ‘real’ God.


The act of spreading the revelation in advance, everything.


It must have been God’s arrangement who foresaw everything.


‘The damn…’


Nicholas flopped down.


It feels as if he’s blocked by a huge wall. 


He is now facing none other than the Absolute.


God, the Primera.


How can humans defeat God?


‘No, no. Let’s calm down. There must be a way.’


Nicholas gathered his distracted mind.


The God of this country is himself.


“Where is the location of the holy relic mentioned in the revelation?”


Nicholas asked hastily.


* * *


As soon as my dad calmed down, he held my arm tightly and said,


“Princess, you know. I don’t know if you heard it from the Master, but the princess shouldn’t wake up alone right now.”


“Eung! I know. Then what should I do? Am I pretending to sleep?”


“Is there no way? You can’t keep locking the kid up like this.”


Oscar stepped in worried.


“So, Dad came to ask Priest  Zadkiel for a favor. The priest decided to lie and say that God would wake our princess up?” 


“W, what?”


It means that he created a false revelation like me. 


Oscar, who was listening, laughed.


“That’s good, that thing. You used your brain a bit.”


“My princess uses her brain. I followed the method used by the princess.”


Dad grinned.


I was shocked.


‘Um, well. Because he knew I was Primera.’


Perhaps my quick-witted father would have realized that the revelation from God that saved the sick was my work.


‘Now everything has been robbed…’


No, but.


“The priest said he would lie to me? That priest? really?” 


I pretended to have received a real revelation from God, so I somehow managed to borrow Zadkiel’s mouth.


However, Dad asked him to lie, but would he have listened to it?


#Good #Sacrifice #The_Loyal_Servant_of_God


The Priest Zadkiel with a collection of keywords that would make you sick dares to deceive God?


“Dad was worried about that too. But when the Dad told the priest that our princess was in danger, he listened without even thinking.” 


“Heuk! R, really?”


Oh my. I’m touched…


For some reason, it seems like the character’s personality is falling apart, but it was something I was thankful for. 


“The priest said he would help right away, so let’s just wait in the room for today, even though the princess is frustrated.”




“And Dad is in a hurry! I came here briefly because I really wanted to see my princess’s face, but I have to go out and see it again.”




Dad quickly got up and went to the closet.


“The princess asked the priest again to make a revelation, right? You don’t want Dad to go to war.”




At those words, Oscar immediately glared at me.


A disapproving look at whether I used my life force to do this like before.


I said quietly, “I didn’t do it this time,” and slipped away from his eyes.


“Princess… Dad was really at a loss this time. But when I heard those words from the priest, Dad started crying. My princess, I promised you that I would let you play as much as you want without worrying about anything… Dad is a fool and only gets help from the princess…”


Dad said in a tearful voice and took out the armor from his closet.


Then, as if he wanted to change clothes, he started unbuttoning his top.




Oscar grabbed my shoulder and turned me backwards in surprise.


“No, what are you? Why do you take off your clothes like a man in front of your daughter, not your son?!”


This is just everyday life. Oscar didn’t seem to understand.


“I thought this was your room, but are you still sharing a room? Why on earth is your father’s armor found in that closet?”


“What? What does it matter to the Lord of the Wizard Tower whether we share a room or not? Don’t you know my princess can’t sleep without me?”


“It’s you who can’t sleep without your daughter, right?”


Noisy. I feel like my ears are bleeding…


“Dad, where are you going?”


When I asked while my body still turned to Oscar, Dad said.


“Ah, right. To find the holy relic. According to the revelation made by the princess… What was it? A sacred land where the sun first rises? Where is it?”


“That’s the Eastern Alpine Territory. Not the new temple there, but the place where the old temple was.” 


“I see. Is there a holy relic there?”


“Mhm, that’s right!”


“Can I just give it to Priest Zadkiel?”


“Mhm! But wouldn’t it be possible for Dad to find the sacred relic before the emperor so that it can be safely delivered to the priest’s hands?”




Dad seemed worried that the emperor would steal the holy relics.


‘But it’s not something that can be stolen…’


I secretly grinned.


“Dad, but I’m not worried about that…”


“Ugh, it’s ugly!”


Oscar suddenly screamed.


Is it ugly? Have you seen Dad naked?


“Lord of the Wizard Tower, lower your voice! Are you planning to spread the word throughout the neighborhood that you’re hiding here?”


“Am I stupid? Don’t worry, I made sure the sound wouldn’t go out.” 


“Ah really? As expected, it’s amazing.”


“Dad, just sleep a little…” 


“And why are you so slow changing your clothes? Can’t you hurry up?”


“As expected, this is a remark from the Lord of the Wizard Tower who has never been to a battlefield. Armor usually takes a long time to wear.”


“Dad! Don’t get dressed for a moment…”


“Lord of the Wizard Tower, can you please take care of my princess while I’m away?” 


“Even if you don’t ask me to do something like that, I will take care of it.”




You don’t listen to a single word I say! 


“Yeah, thank you…”


“Please! Dad!”


I shook off Oscar’s hand that was still holding me back and turned around. 


“Listen to me!!!”


“Wow, you surprised me!”


Oscar is very surprised.


And the eyes of my Dad, who was putting his leg in one side of his pants, also widened. 




Dad, who was startled, stumbled a few steps and laughed.


“…Look how healthy my baby is. Your voice is very general-like.” 


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