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“I! I want to say something!” 


“S, so our princess wants to say something. Dad is sorry. Because I’m in a hurry. What do you want to say?” 


“Priest Zadkiel must go there in person.”


“That’s right. The priest said he had to go. By the way, princess.”


Dad said as he finished putting on the pants that only covered one leg.


“Unless the emperor is a fool, he won’t let him go there, right? So, Dad thinks Dad should find it first and bring it to him?” 




I was afraid that dad would rush out with all his clothes on, so I quickly ran over and pulled on the hem of his pants. 


“Oh, princess. Dad pants. It comes off, it comes off.” 


“It’s not like someone can just find it and bring it to him!”




Dad tilted his head.


* * *


“Where is the location of the holy relic mentioned in the revelation?” 


“The first place where the sun rises is the Eastern Alpen Territory. The sacred land refers to the site of Alpen’s old temple.”


Nicholas thought at Timothy’s words, the High Priest. 


‘Since the revelation has already spread outside, we cannot avoid sending an expeditionary force.’


Holy relics that have existed throughout the empire since ancient times.


Previous high priests heard God’s revelation and discovered its location. 


And since the revelation came, the imperial family had an obligation to send an expedition to find the holy relic.


“Okay. Then I have no choice. I need to set up an expedition immediately.”


“Yes? T, the holy relic… Are you saying you want to find it?”


“Then is there any other way? God’s revelation has already spread. Then I have no choice.”


“Your Majesty! Please reconsider it!”


Timothy immediately fell flat on his face and begged.


“This is clearly God’s arrangement to expose lies. Whatever the relic is, finding it will reveal something. Then I’m going to be a believer who lied, so…”


“You can be the owner of the holy relic, High Priest.”




“We must not let the holy relic fall into the hands of that young priest. So we just need to find it as quickly as possible and get it into our hands.”




Timothy blinked.


Yeah. Zadkiel, who came to inform them of the revelation, asked them to include him in the expedition. 


That request must also have been God’s arrangement.


If Zadkiel obtains the holy relic, a miraculous scene that will surprise everyone may unfold.


This is a revelation from God to separate the ‘false servant’ Timothy from the ‘true servant’ Zadkiel.


But what if the miracle itself doesn’t happen?


What if Zadkiel’s hand can’t even touch the holy relic? 


“There’s nothing to worry about. I am behind the High Priest, right?.”


Nicholas comforted Timothy, who was afraid.


“I will use my abilities now. So that the holy relic can be safely placed in the hands of the high priest, not that young priest.”


Nicholas smiled and extended his hand.


“Think of me now.” 


He held out his hands above his head as if to bless someone. 


Timothy looked at his hands in awe and shuddered.


* * *


Nicholas quickly called his aide, Ramon, and gave orders.


“A revelation has come to find a sacred relic, so we must urgently form an expedition. Class 1 Dos, summon only those from the magic ability.” 




Ramon was puzzled.


“Are you saying that you are forming an expedition only with people with magic abilities? Not a Paladin?” 


Expeditions to search for holy relics were always made up of Paladins. 


This has been a long-standing custom.


“Yes, absolutely.”


But he couldn’t send Enoch.


The brilliant Enoch would certainly feel puzzled by the revelation.


Perhaps he could disobey his orders and steal the holy relics and give them to a young priest of the Old Church.


Then everything goes wrong.


“According to the revelation, holy beasts are guarding the holy relics. It could be dangerous for those with holy power abilities.”


Fortunately, there is a justification for going against the norm and isolating Enoch.


Before reaching Enoch’s ears.


“Move as fast as possible!”


He must obtain the holy relic first.


* * *


“Daddy can’t bring the holy relics for him? What do you mean?” 


“So only Priest Zadkiel can take the holy relic.”


Dad’s eyes narrowed.


It seemed like it was impossible to imagine.


‘Well. It will be difficult to understand what this means unless you see it in person.’


As I thought about it, Oscar must have gotten bored and went over to my bed and laid down, picking his ears.


“If that’s what the child thinks, I think that’s the case, so don’t go anywhere and sit down because I’m going crazy.”


“I’m sorry if I made you crazy, but I’m in a hurry. My princess worked so hard to lay the board for me, but I can’t blow it away in vain.”


Dad looked at Oscar once and told me again.


“Then can Dad take priest Zadkiel with me?”


 “The Emperor is not even a fool, so would he send him to the expedition?”


Oscar, who was listening, said it in a sarcastic way.


“Of course not. He wouldn’t even tell me. That’s why I’m in a hurry. I’m leaving first.”


As Dad shrugged his shoulders and said, Oscar sprang to his feet with wide eyes.


“…? What? So you’re saying that you secretly stole the holy relics without the emperor’s orders?”


“Mmhm. There is no other way.”


“Wow, that’s amazing. I’ve known this since you stole books from the library, but you really can’t use people.” 


“That’s right. I was sorry, then. I’ll make sure to return it tomorrow.”


“What kind of person would return something that was stolen without even officially lending it! And you probably read it all anyway!”


And a friendly conversation between the two of us.


Feeling somehow left out, I lay down next to Oscar, resting my chin on one of hers, and looked at my dad.


“Dad, if you go there without His Majesty’s orders, you will be scolded. Let’s not do things that will get you scolded. Then, if His Majesty the Emperor doesn’t send Dad, who will he send?”


“Wouldn’t he send another unit commander? Princess’ uncle or something.”


“Phew. Uncle must be having a hard time.”


If Zadkiel goes, there won’t be any trouble.


The Emperor wants to isolate Dad and Zadkiel…


“I can’t help it. Let’s wait. Dad, don’t try to commit another crime. Just stay home.”


“I think of the same thing.” 


Oscar lay down in the same pose as me, rested his chin, and clicked his tongue. 


Dad’s expression as he looked at the two of us still looked anxious.


I know how you feel, but…


“It’s really fine. Trust me.”


* * *


Alpen Holy Relic Expedition.


The leader of the expedition is Alexei Antrase, the head of the Dos Magician Division.


He was playing with his twin boys for the first time in a while when the Emperor called him out of the blue. 


Of course, he can understand up to that point.


For soldiers, the imperial command is absolute.




‘No, why on earth do people with magic abilities have to go?’ 


Alexei, who came to Alpen an hour after being summoned, was dumbfounded.


He knows that the revelation to find the holy relic has come down. 


But why did the emperor ignore custom and send people with magic abilities instead of the Paladins? 


‘There’s no way that old snake would do this for no reason. There is something.’


But unfortunately, the Emperor didn’t give him time to consult with Enoch or to think deeply about his plans. 


“Whoo, damn it!” 


A holy beast in form of lion rushed in. 


When he tore it open with the glove full of mana,sticky  blue blood splattered on his cheek.


“It’s endless, really.”


The site of an old temple in Alpen.


After the Holy Beasts attacked and took over 200 years ago, the Alpen Temple abandoned this place and moved to a new site.


It is said that holy beasts guard the holy relics right here…


“High Priest. Is this the right place?”


“Y, yes?” 


Alexei asked Timothy, the high priest, who was standing next to him wearing a shield.


A significant number of holy beasts have already been eliminated.


“Isn’t the revelation a little different from what you say?”


Alexei was curious as he looked at the piles of dead bodies.


The holy beasts that protect the holy relics will kneel in obedience to his every step.


Of course, interpretations of revelation vary.


However, no matter how he thinks about the meaning of the last words of the revelation— the holy beasts will kneel in obedience.


‘I don’t think there’s any way they could go on a rampage like this.’ 


It was like that.


He came with a high priest to keep the holy beasts calm.


Why are the holy beasts, who are supposed to give up the holy relics they were guarding, so aggressive? 


“T, they are the holy beasts who have been defending the holy relics for a long time. Of course they have no choice but to be rebellious.” 




When Timothy answered with a puzzled expression, Alexei stared at him with suspicious eyes and sighed.


Even if he thinks about it, he won’t find an answer. 


Soon, Alexei went out to capture the holy beasts again.


The last holy beast falls down, vomiting blood—.


“Commander, I think I’ve found the holy relic!”


A combat wizard in the distance motioned to Alexei. 


As he approached, he could see the identity of the ‘holy relic’ that many holybeasts were desperately trying to protect. 


* * *


“Princess, but what is that holy relic that only the priest can take?”


Dad asked me, still looking nervous.


“Ah, that’s…” 


I trembled.


At the time, I had a lucid dream.


It was because I remembered the moment when my head was cut off by Cheshire.


So, the holy relic was in Chesire’s hand at that time…


* * *




A beautiful sword with a graceful body.


It was clear that it was a holy relic because it was still in perfect condition and shining light on an old site that hadn’t been used in more than 200 years. 


“Why did they throw that important thing somewhere like that?”


However, strangely, it wasn’t stored anywhere or neatly preserved.


It’s just lying on the floor.


‘For some reason, I don’t think I should take it to the emperor as it is.’


Alexei thought as he strode towards the sword.


Why did he form an expeditionary force without the Paladins? 


His guess is that it was probably to avoid putting the holy relics in Enoch’s hands first. 


Enoch has the guts to ignore the Emperor’s orders.


‘But even if my brother-in-law is okay, I’m in a bit of trouble.’


It would be difficult to go against the royal order and steal the holy relics, and it is also a time when such an outrageous action shouldn’t be taken.


“Brother-in-law, please act as if you are following the Emperor’s orders as much as possible. Because you’re my closest family, it’s easy to suspect you.”


Enoch prepares for a rebellion.


In announcing the plan, Enoch had requested this.


‘I don’t know what to do.’


Alexei, unable to make a decision until the end, tapped his tired head a couple of times and reached for the sword.






“What is this?” 


It’s heavy. It didn’t leave the ground. 




This time with both hands.


Still, he couldn’t lift the sword. 


It’s not like there’s any magic or anything attached to the ground.




One of his subordinates couldn’t help but burst out laughing when he saw Alexei like that.


A thin sword that doesn’t look like it weighs much.


But how could it not be funny to see him wrestling with the sword without being able to lift it?


“Hey, you do it.”




Alexei said to his subordinate.


Soon the subordinate also raised the sword, and his eyes widened.


“I, I can’t lift it?” 


“Right? It’s heavy, right? I’m not the only one who can’t lift it, right?”


“But it’s not that I can’t lift it because it’s heavy… I think I just can’t lift it?” 




The moment he realized.


The people who were gathered around the holy relics all turned their heads at the same time.


To the High Priest Timothy. 


* * *


“Ah, so you’re saying that no one but Priest Zadkiel can hold that sword?”




While I’m having a hard time talking with Dad. 






I was startled by the sound of snoring and turned around.


Oscar was sleeping.


“Phew, it looks like he hasn’t been able to sleep well because he’s working all the time; it’s nice to see it.” 


Dad said, looking at Oscar with pity in his eyes. 


“Mhm, that’s right.” 


“By the way, princess.”




Dad still looked worried.


“As you know princess, the emperor is Primera. So…he can do anything.”




Yeah, maybe.


The Emperor may have used the ability to ensure that the holy relics would safely fall into the hands of the High Priest, not Zadkiel.




“I don’t know…” 


A revelation I made.


Half is a lie, and half is the truth.


‘Only the owner of the holy relic will be able to hear the true revelation of God in the future’, but it is a lie I made up.


‘But it’s true that the owner of the holy relic is Priest Zadkiel, right?’


I didn’t bring that sword there. It wasn’t me who made it so no one could lift it.


In the original work, a holy relic was discovered by chance by Cheshire, who went on a subjugation mission.


So, it must be an item given by God to cut off the Emperor’s head and achieve world peace.


‘No matter how good the later Primera is, it cannot surpass the previous generation’s capabilities.’


If it’s God, it’s Primera in Primera. 


Isn’t it the highest peak?


“It won’t be easy~!”


I covered my mouth and laughed.


* * *


I have prepared a holy relic that only the true servant, whom I have chosen, is worthy of becoming the owner of.


Only those who are ‘qualified to be the owner’ as mentioned in the revelation will be able to lift the holy relic.


‘It’s rather good.’


He was already suspicious.


Alexei smiled slightly, looked back at Timothy, and gestured toward the sword.


“High Priest, please lift it. That seems to be something that can only be done by someone who is the owner of the holy relic and has been recognized as such.”




At that time,


Timothy’s face was dark as he watched everything happen. 


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