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* * *


Early in the morning, the Duke of Libre.




Axion, yawning with half-closed eyes, entered the bathroom.


Cheshire, who came in first, stood in front of the mirror, then turned around and said hello.


“Did you sleep well, father?” 


“You’re here.” 


Rich people don’t have any problem sharing a bathroom.


Axion chased away his drowsiness by draining water in front of the urinal, which he was accustomed to doing.


‘…? What are you doing?’


Suddenly, in his eyes, he saw Cheshire hesitating as if he were embarrassed. 


He pushed his face in front of the mirror and held a razor in his hand..




Axion laughed.


“Do you have a beard already?”


After straightening his pants and washing his hands, he took the small razor from Cheshire’s hand.


“You should talk, boy. Look at me. I’ll tell you.”


Axion, standing face to face with Cheshire, felt strange again.


Sharp eyes and a deep gaze.


Before he knew it, Cheshire had grown up to his eye level, and the lines on his face had become thicker and sharper.


“You look handsome, you punk.” 


The most disappointing thing about his flawless features was that he had no facial expressions.


‘That’s the charm again.’


Now even this expressionless face feels like a cold charm.


—That thought made Axion startled. 


He feels a little silly right now. 


Didn’t he argue with the daughter next door for a long time the other day, saying―”My daughter is the prettiest!”, “No, my son is more handsome!” 


He was horrified because he felt like a fool had moved from Enoch, and again? 




Axion cleared his throat for no reason and asked while adjusting Cheshire’s chin.


“But are you not dating?”




The characteristics of his son.


He doesn’t respond to nonsense.


Axion laughed at the consistent response.


“No, talk to me. You’re old enough to find a lover now, right? When I was appointed as a knight, there were some guys who were already fathers.” 


Axion is probably not the only one who admires Chesire’s handsome face.


Home, training ground, battlefield.


Cheshire, who has no social activities, has only three areas of action, so how did the rumor spread?  


There were dozens of shy letters from all the ladies flying home every day.


Of course, he never read it all.


“The butler said that thanks to you, he won’t have to worry about firewood in the winter.”


In the winter, it’s for the fireplace, and at other times, it’s for the trash can.


“Uhm, was I too tactless?”


Axion added while suppressing laughter.


“Well. You were afraid that you would become a sibling with her, so you ran away from Enoch and came to me.”




“I guess I just have to wait a little bit. You wouldn’t want to hear it if I told you to find another lover.”


Cheshire flinched, understanding what Axion meant. 


“…It’s not like that.”


“Yeah. Don’t move. You will get cut.” 


Axion soon finished tidying up—.


“Our Magic Swordsmen Commander.” 


—then he said with a grin, holding Cheshire’s shoulder.


“Today, I sincerely congratulate you on becoming an official knight.”


Cheshire laughed softly.


“Thank you, father.”


* * *


National Gallery of the Capital, Visitors Hall.


A place where the ‘Young Lady Salon’, a social gathering of talented people from Octava to Diez, is held.


There were groups of twos and threes of girls dressed beautifully sitting at a luxurious round table.




“Yes, hello!” 


A girl with short brown hair and a cute face sat next to me, holding the drawing paper and pen.


The name tag on the girl’s wrist read “Lara.”


This is a fake name. 


In anonymous salons, everyone uses fake names.


“Miss… James? It’s a man’s name?” 


Lara tilted her head when she saw my name tag.


“Yes, it’s a fake name. I named it after my favorite person.”


“Ah, I see. Is it your dad?”


Oh, that’s sharp.


I just smiled.


“I’m Lara, fourteen years old. Miss James is eleven years old, right?  I’ve been watching it. From a while ago.”


“What? Me?”


“Yes, I want to become friends. Because you’re so pretty. You know, have you ever heard of someone who looks like a doll? When I first saw Miss James, I thought, wow! Is it a person or a doll? I was confused, but then I realized that Miss James could talk! Then I was like—oh, it’s a human.” 




I was dazed by Lara’s spouting words.


‘…What is this? What about this embarrassingly flashy comment?’ 


“You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life. I was really, really, really surprised.”


Lara kept making exclamations and looking at my face as if she were sincere.


Of course, it can’t be compared to James Brown, the king of silly jokes at home…


‘It’s awkward.’


I tend not to be immune to compliments from anyone other than my Dad. 


“Uhm, it’s not true. Miss Lara is much prettier.”


“How on earth did I not know such a pretty person? I know almost all the faces of my friends who live in the Capital.” 


Lara asked, simply ignoring my compliment.


“Uhm, if I didn’t know. Miss James… is Diez, right?”


Uh-huh, it’s dangerous. 


I lifted my index finger and placed it on my lips.


“You can’t talk about class here.”


“Ah, that’s right.”


Lara smiled awkwardly and then stamped her foot.


“Isn’t it a little boring? To be honest, I had high hopes that none of my friends would go.”


“Why? Aren’t many people coming?”


Although there are over fifty invited ladies, there are only twenty-four people attending the salon today.


Even more than half of them will be Diez.


‘Even if they are of a lower class… In the meantime, I guess they don’t want to be embarrassed by people of lower class.’


It is inevitable.


Change takes time.


“Uhm, today is the first day. As the salon becomes more popular, more and more people will come.”


“Right? Do you think Princess Rubinstein will show her face at least once?”


I was shocked by Lara’s words.


“You know? Princess Rubinstein is also Octava. Actually, the reason I came here today was because I wanted to see the princess’s face.”


“I, I see…” 


I can’t believe the purpose of the anonymous gathering is to find me.


‘I’m glad I hid my power.’


The silver hair and blue eyes stood out so much that rumors arose.


So today I came here with brown hair and brown eyes like James Brown.


A headband worn neatly on the round, wavy hair that had grown to the waist.


It was the style that 9 out of 10 girls my age did, so I was able to avoid getting caught.


“Miss James, is drawing fun?”


“Ah, yes.”


Lara asked when she saw me inadvertently playing with my pen.


There’s nothing special about the social gathering. 


Young ladies draw pictures or read books according to their hobbies.


At the same time, we had time to talk and get to know each other.


“Miss Lara, please show me your drawing!”


“Should I?”


I almost burst into laughter when I saw Lara’s drawing paper.


Because she’s not good at drawing? No.


‘I know very well who it is.’


Lara’s skills were quite excellent.


Sparkling red eyes, a pointed nose, and a firm mouth.


A man’s face is drawn in full detail.


“It’s the Young Master of Libre, right?” 


One hundred percent, it’s Cheshire.


“Oh my? How did you know?”


“Miss Lara is good at drawing. And, well, Prince Libre is very popular.”


Yes, his popularity has skyrocketed.


Top rank, DOS.


The only heir to the Duke of Libre’s family.


A child soldier who achieved unprecedented achievements.


Cheshire has always participated in the subjugation of demonic beasts and has established more than a dozen of his specialties.


So, contrary to custom, he was officially appointed as a knight at 15…


‘Even the commander of the Magic Swordsman!’ 


He is scheduled to wear the commander badge, surpassing Brother Leon, the magic swordsman, who is also being appointed. 


The commander position, which has been vacant since the Magic Swordsmen were wiped out due to the Holy Beast incident four years ago, will be filled today. 


‘The main character’s abilities are amazing; it’s amazing. Who on earth would become a corps commander at the age of 15?’


My father also took the position of commander when he was 16.


“Miss James, have you ever seen Young Master Libre’s face?” 


“Ah, yes. It just so happened.”


“Isn’t it really cool? This is my first time seeing someone who looks like that…” 


Of course, Cheshire’s popularity was largely due to his face.


Cheshire became more and more handsome. 


He has become really, really handsome.


Even though I see it often, it feels new every day.


‘I wish he grew up a little more slowly…’


He was too tall. So I’ve been a little upset these days.


My height now is 145cm.


I also worked hard to use my abilities and grew according to my age.


Still, I was no match for Cheshire, and now, when we stood side by side, the difference in size was like father and daughter.


I asked him to hold me while I walked the other day because my feet hurt. When I got home, I looked in the mirror and saw just that.


“W, what is this! Do other people see us like this?”




I felt strange sitting on his arm because I felt like a daughter being held by Dad. 




I feel sorry for him, but I prayed in my heart again today.


‘Please stop making Cheshire taller.’


* * *


“Hey, did you check today? Have you seen it?”


“…Yeah, 182.” 


“Ah, damn it!” 


Leon clenched his fist in anger.


Cheshire was 1cm taller than a month ago.


If this continues, it will pierce the sky.


“Sir Leon Antrase, your turn has come, so please listen to the main meeting.” 


At that time, the imperial knight, who was giving the noisy Leon a meaningless look, said that he was right.


They were the last two people waiting to be appointed.


“Phew, let this guy go first.”




The heavy gate of the royal palace was opened. 


Cheshire caught his breath, trying not to look inside on purpose.


He slowly closed his eyes when he was alone again after the door was shut.


‘I’m nervous.’


What does it mean to become an official knight? 


What about being appointed?




“Sir Cheshire Libre, please come to the royal palace.” 


After waiting for a few minutes, Cheshire stood in front of the open door.


A splendid royal palace, dazzlingly bright with gold and jewels.


He was at the end of the red carpet.


The Emperor, Nicholas von Pavillion.




Cheshire began to walk slowly.


In a solemn atmosphere.


‘We met.’


Time, which seemed like it would last forever, finally brought him before the emperor.


The emperor was beautiful.


Even though he was over 50, he looked young and noble.


Hiding an ugly side beneath the skin of a wrinkle-free face.




When he was about to be named the great commander, the emperor raised one eyebrow. 


He was curious about the knight, who didn’t bow down immediately but was staring at him.


First meeting.


Cheshire felt his heart beating rapidly.


His blood boiling at this moment.


His whole body trembles.


Since taking the sword in his hand, he has had only one goal.


Emperor, to kill this gigantic being in front of me.


Cut off those dirty hands that are trying to break your wings.


Smashed the two legs that were chasing you and grabbed the hem of your clothes.


In the end, he takes his breath away.


“Your subject, Cheshire Libre…” 


Cheshire knelt in front of the emperor and tried to hide the turbulent emotions in his heart.


For my angel,


A demon that must be killed and destroyed.


“…I have come to become the sword of the great Primera.”


Not the devil’s sword, but the angel’s sword.


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