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The emperor gave Cheshire, who was going through a lot, a letter of appointment.


Soon, numerous major achievements made by the young knight came out of his mouth.


“…The contribution of the Central Jurgen holy beast incident in 1779, the battle to subdue the demonic beasts of the Gelda territory in 1780, and contribution for developing an outstanding strategy as a child soldier…”

At that time, 


According to custom, corps commanders are lined up on both sides of the royal palace to observe the investiture ceremony. 


Meanwhile, Enoch was looking at the emperor and Cheshire with strange eyes. 


“Wow, he’s really amazing.”


A small voice of admiration.


Enoch, who was lost in thought, looked to the side and smiled slightly.


His nephew, Theo, was appointed as a Paladin today.


He was standing right next to Enoch, watching Cheshire together.


“You’re amazing too.”


Enoch touched Theo’s shoulder with his shoulder.


“He’s appointed as a great commander in four line. Cheshire never ends.” 


“You’re also amazing.” 


Enoch said, encouraging Theo, who looked sullen despite the praise, by hitting him on the back a couple of times.


“You will take your uncle’s place later. There is no talent like you.” 


“Ugh, thanks for saying that. I will work hard.”


The two looked at the center of the royal palace again.


“Hereafter, I grant to my subject Cheshire Libre the land of central Philoso, the land of southern Ehren, the arms of the Knight Baron, and the arms of the aristocratic Viscount.”


After finishing the reading, the Emperor passed the great commander to Cheshire, then placed the sword on his right shoulder and declared. 


“I appoint you as the leader of the DOS Magic Swordsman of the Great Pavilion Empire.” 


* * *


Imperial Palace, hallway in front of the powder room.




Leon, who had been leaning against the wall waiting for Cheshire, stood up and admired himself.


Theo also laughed in surprise when he saw Cheshire dressed up. 




Neatly combed black hair.


The contrasting white banquet attire suited his tall figure perfectly.


“You’re really cool, Cheshire. I’m sure you’ll receive a hundred letters from ladies today?”


“You tell me honestly. You put insoles in your shoes, right? Why do you look taller?”


Is this really the skill of the imperial servants?


When entering the banquet hall, attention was already expected to be paid to Cheshire.


“Let’s hurry.”


Cheshire quickened his pace.


Following him, Theo laughed.


“What, why are you in such a hurry, unlike you? Are you looking forward to the banquet?”


The knight that was treated favorably by the Imperial family. 


Therefore, the investiture banquet is prepared very large and extravagantly.


At this time, the heads of the families who were invited tended to bring all their women to impress the knights.


Young knights who have just been ordained are the new center of power.


“Oho, this punk. You’re a man too, right?”


The banquet hall will probably be overflowing with beautifully dressed ladies.


“What? I’m waiting for Lilith.”


However, Cheshire simply answered Leon’s teasing words and continued to walk faster.


“Ack! Cheshire, wait a minute. Didn’t you know?”


Theo laughed in embarrassment.


“Lilith is not coming to the banquet today. She went to the salon. The salon date was scheduled late, so we actually only heard about it yesterday.”




At Theo’s words, Cheshire’s steps, which were almost running toward the banquet hall, stopped abruptly.


* * *


That time.


Robert Quin, head of the Imperial’s Magic Tower Gifted Management Department and advisor to the Lord of the Wizard Tower. 


Hereinafter referred to as Robert, the thirty-year-old young man pulled up his silver glasses and couldn’t believe his eyes. 


‘This… is this right?’


A gorgeous carriage led by four beautiful black horses.


The coachman, dressed in the finest clothes and with jeweled rings on his hands, cleared his throat as he held the reins.


The damn money!


The sparkling diamonds embedded in the horse’s reins must be diamonds.


‘Is this.. really right?’


Robert made eye contact with the coachman and laughed as if they were both embarrassed.


Even the coachman who was forcibly decorated was equally embarrassed.


“Hey, get in quickly! We’re late!”


Oscar’s nervous voice was heard from inside the carriage.


‘No, not this. I need to stop him. I have a duty to protect the dignity of the person I serve.’ 


Robert closed his eyes tightly and said.


“Lord of the Wizard Tower.”


“It’s late, so get on and talk.” 


“No, please. I don’t want to ride it. Please reconsider it. Why is the Lord of the Wizard Tower going to a salon for young ladies?” 


“They say all the old ladies are going!”


“Yes! Because they have daughters there. These ladies are going to pick up their daughter. But what about the Lord of the Wizard Tower? Who is there?”


“I told you the child’s father can’t go there.” 


The ‘child’ referred to here is Princess Rubinstein, Lilith.


“That’s such a shame. But what does that have to do with Lord of the Wizard Tower? No, even if it has something to do with it, please. Are you seriously going to do that?”


“…Why? What am I like? Is it strange?”


A voice that had been shouting a moment ago suddenly became worried.


Robert paused and scratched his head, recalling the image of Oscar he had seen before getting on the carriage. 


“Hmm, well. It’s not strange. Honestly, it’s cool. The person who always spent his days confined to the magic tower and lived like a miserable person seems to be doing well for the first time in a long time…”


“What did you say?”


“But the image! Please, you need to think about your image! The Lord of the Wizard Tower came to greet some children’s salon without any dignity… Ah, this is not right.” 


“Anyway, if I don’t tell them that I am the Lord of the Wizard Tower, no one will know.” 


“Ha, that’s true too.”


How mystical.


“Still, if there’s someone who recognizes your face…”


“Tsk, really! Hurry up and get on! Just how long is that damn snout going to talk?!”


“That’s right! Yeah! What will you say if someone asks you what’s your relationship with the princess?”




“I have nothing to say! Just what kind of daughter is it to the Lord of the Wizard Tower! Why are you going there!”


“…She can call me Dad, well.” 


“What did you say?”


Robert opened his mouth in surprise and then clicked his tongue.


Robert, who had watched him closely, knew best about Oscar’s incomprehensible love for Lilith.


“Lord of the Wizard Tower. If you want to have children, go out, meet a woman, get married, and then put in the effort. Don’t even think about running away with someone else’s daughter.”


“Wow, that’s a lot of dirty talk. Coachman, just leave. Throw away that gabber.” 


“W, wait! No!”


That doesn’t make sense again!


“Take me with you too, okay! Aaaah!”


Robert finally opened the carriage door while crying.


* * *


“And what did you draw, Miss James?”


A gallery where a salon is held for a long time.


Lara snuggled up next to me and talked to me softly, as if she really liked me.


“Oh, my drawing?”


I saw my finished painting.


‘My hands have gotten bigger and I’m already 11 years old, but why aren’t my drawing skills improving?’


There is a roof and a human figure. 


Anyone can see that they are a harmonious family, but if someone asks them what they are, it seems difficult to recognize them. 


It was clear that arts and physical education were the realm of talent.


“It’s a family.”


“Ack! I see… So this was a person? Your skills are really good.” 


Lara said in confusion.


‘She’s nice.’


Lara seems like a good kid, since she deliberately praised me out of fear that she would embarrass me.


“But you have a lot of family. Can I ask who is who?” 




I kindly unfolded the drawing paper and explained it to Lara one by one.


“This one in the middle is me. On the left is Dad, and on the right is my Teacher.” 


“Dad! Then you must be Mr. James?” 


“Ahaha, yes! Also, this is my grandfather, and the two people under the red roof are my brothers. This is my aunt and uncle…”


“You have an older brother too! It must be nice. I just have a younger sibling.”


“The older brothers are all cool and kind.”


“I envy you. There are so many families. So who are the two people under this roof?”


Lara pointed to two human figures under the last blue roof.


It was Axion and Chesire.


“It’s my uncle’s house. This is my uncle and this…”


While pointing at Cheshire, I glanced at Lara. 


Two red dots marked with eyes on the black hair.


She’s not going to recognize it, right?


“This is, this is the kid’s friend…”


Lara looked at me blankly.


‘Heuk. It can’t be, did you really recognize it? My drawing skills have improved to the point where I can depict the most popular man in the city so everyone can recognize him?’


Thump, thump, thump. 


Half nervous, half excited.


However, Lara hesitated for some reason and she asked cautiously.


“Why isn’t there a mother?”




I see. I introduced all the people drawn, but I didn’t have a mother. 


It must be strange to her. 


‘Ey, I’m stupid. Other kids might see it and think it’s strange, so I have to draw it roughly.’


I hurriedly drew a picture of a woman with long hair and spoke in a hurry.


“…Actually, my mom isn’t there. So I forgot.” 




Lara was surprised.


“She lives separately?”


“…No. She just doesn’t stay with me.”


It was very painful to think about my mother, so I just glossed over it. 


“I, I’m sorry. I guess she must have died in war. I keep asking…”


Died in war? I paused and internally nodded at her. 


Yes, in this country, if someone in your family is missing, nine out of ten people think they died on the battlefield.


“I’m so sorry…” 


“No! It’s okay.”


For Lara, who felt sorry, I corrected her by drawing a picture on the drawing paper. 


“She didn’t die, she just…”


4 years ago, after having a lucid dream.


I tried really hard not to think about my mother’s face.



In the disappeared time. 


‘That doesn’t happen anymore.’


So, if I blame my mother, I’ll just be a weird person…


Still, perhaps because of my quirky personality, I sometimes burst into tears and hated my mother.


Of course I hate the bad Emperor…


Still, if only my mom had thought of me just a little bit.


If only she had thought of me as pitiful and beautiful as her son Kyle.


So, maybe everything could have been different?


―Because of meaningless assumptions.


If only my mother hadn’t handed me over to the emperor.


So if I could defend myself without being caught by the emperor as I am now.


‘If only that were the case, if only that were the case…’


“I said I would make sure you meet your dad.”


Oscar wouldn’t have had to turn back time, and he wouldn’t have had to wear heavy shackles in return.


“It’s just that my mom, she hasn’t been around since I was born. So.”


I spoke quickly again, trying to suppress my emotions.


“That’s why I don’t even know her face.”


My drawing hand also became faster.


“M, Miss James…”


“…It’s really okay. I am. You don’t have to be sorry.”


I drew a picture of my non-existent mother and tried to smile at the embarrassed Lara.


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  1. We can all just pretend that she’s actually dead though. Hope Lilith wont hurt anymore, but guess that’s a wound impossible to heal 😭

  2. “She can just call me Dad”!!!!!! YES SHE CAN INDEED!!!!!! I’m crying tears of joy!