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‘They look alike a lot.’


Nicholas thought as he looked at the Marquis’ face.


Sharply shining red eyes.


With that sharp look in his eyes, it was clear that they were father and son.


“Why did you call me?”


“Oh, there’s no need to rush. Let’s talk slowly. Because the night is long.” 


Nicholas smiled. 


* * *


Two days passed after the investiture ceremony.


One day in mid-March.


‘Hmm, so it must have been around this time that Theo died, right?’


I was very worried.


「The clear sky and the smell of the warm wind. 


At the end of spring, when the world was so beautiful that it brought tears to his eyes, Theo Antrace finally closed his eyes.


Is it unfortunate or fortunate?


Over his body was covered the blue cloak of the Order of the Paladin, which he had longed to wear.


Life was a series of illness and pain, but the death he had hoped for as a knight would have been happy…


Cheshire Rubinstein swallowed hot tears while trying to think like that.」


According to the original story, Theo dies after officially becoming a Paladin. 


The cause of death was a mana clash. 


It was originally a congenital disease that Theo was suffering from, and his seizures got worse and eventually he died…


‘I solved everything.’


Since I came to the Capital and gave Theo the demon beast’s core, he has not suffered a single seizure. 


So, it’s solved.


I solved it, but…


“Brother, brother, brother!!”


“Ahh, Lilith!”


Theo turned around and squeezed my cheek.


“Brother is really, really, really okay! When you say seizures, how many years ago are you talking about? Mhm?” 




“I’m not in any pain, I’m eating well, and I always carry the Demon Beast Core with me! Princess!” 


“Aah, brother!” 


I don’t think Theo can stand it anymore after being tormented by me for over an hour since morning.


“So don’t worry! Okay?” 


Theo, who let go of my cheek, smiled and ruffled my hair.


“No, but.”




Theo placed his index finger on his lips.


“Brother is going to train. You know there is a subjugation war in three days. It’s my first time going out as an elite soldier, so I’m really nervous. I have to prepare hard and go.” 


“Mhm. I’m sorry to bother you.”


“No. Thank you for worrying about me. But it’s really a sudden worry.”


It might be too sudden.


As he said, bringing up again the story of a disease from several years ago that he can’t even remember anymore…


“Brother, I’ll come back! Let’s have lunch together later!”


Theo grinned and hugged me, rubbing our cheeks together, and then went out to the training ground.




I sighed and turned away from the front door.


‘It’s really unnecessary worry, right? But why am I so anxious?’


It’s Theo, whose fate changed as the result of my intervention in the situation.


So even though there is no need to worry, I secretly become anxious as the time comes when he should have died.


Why, there was such a horror movie.


Is it Death X Nation or something….


It said that humans cannot escape their predetermined fate.


I had a precognitive dream and twisted my fate, but in the end, the shadow of death somehow came back as fate had it!


‘Ugh, I’m scared. Just in case, I’ll have to stay close to Theo and watch over him until he gets through this spring safely.’


Safety sensitivity is better than insensitivity to safety…


I decided to go back to my room.


“Please reconsider!”


“I told you this is the best way?!”


The voices of two men screaming loudly.


“You surprised me…”


I was startled by a loud noise coming from my Dad’s office.


* * *


Enoch’s office.


Four people gathered together to plot a strategy ahead of a large-scale subjugation of demonic beasts.


“Please reconsider!”


“I told you this is the best way?!”


Axion and Enoch have been arguing for several hours with the map spread out.


“That, you two. Please calm down. Sir Axion, shouldn’t we follow commander’s orders? Sir Enoch is not unfamiliar with battle.”


The young man who was looking between the two said.


The name of this man with long blue hair tied loosely is Julian.


He is the commander of the Dos Holy Magic Division and a key executive in this Demon Beast Subjugation Team. (t/n : I’m not really sure about the division name. I’m sorry ;;)


“Father, I also think the commander’s strategy is the best.”


Cheshire, who had been listening silently, also joined in. It was his first strategy as Commander of the Magic Swordsman Division. 




As both leaders took Enoch’s side, Axion stared at the map spread out on the desk with shaking eyes.


“…This is Cheshire’s first time as a commander.”


“Yeah. You’re not the kind of person who doesn’t know the situation, so I wondered why you’re like this. Why don’t you just say out loud that you’re worried about the child?”


Enoch stroked his hair tiredly.


A strategy in which four commander troops move in four directions around a battlefield, annihilating the demonic beasts. 


Axion was worried about his son, who was taking his first command.


“Forty each for the east and west that you and Sir Julian are in charge of. In the north where I go, it’s twenty. And on the south side, where Cheshire was in charge, we had eighty. I am fully aware that this is his first time commanding, and I took everything into consideration.” 


The majority of troops are deployed in the southern region, which is the easiest to subjugate.


This deployment of troops was a strategy that was considerate enough to be used by the commander, as Cheshire was new to it.


Of course, Axion knows that too.


If only the commander wasn’t Cheshire… 


He would have followed without comment.


“No matter what it is, it’s too much. I can’t believe he took over the command as soon as he took over the commander position. Cheshire is still inexperienced. I’ll go with him.” 


“What are you talking about? Then what about the east?”


“Can’t you ask His Majesty to add more troops? The Holy Combat Division Commander is just playing around.” 


Enoch burst out laughing as if it was absurd.


“Don’t you know that most of the flying-type demons are present this time? Are you planning to drag them to a group of people who fight with their bare hands and then build a tomb for them?” 


There was a reason why soldiers who specialized in close-range combat and couldn’t use sword techniques were excluded from this subjugation. 


Of course, this is also a fact that Axion knows all about.


He’s just worried about Cheshire.


“I’m going crazy, really.”


Differences of opinion that are difficult to resolve.


This strategy plot, which started early in the morning, had already lasted more than six hours.


* * *


‘Are they fighting?’


I’m standing with my ear pressed against the office door to eavesdrop.




Suddenly the door opened from the inside.


My swaying, lively body fell and landed in someone’s arms.


Suddenly I looked up and saw Cheshire.




He was taken aback, then turned around, looked around, closed the door, and left.


“Is it over?”


Cheshire shook his head when I asked.


“…I think it will take a while longer.”


“Is it supposed to take this long? They’ve been meeting since dawn, and it’s already time for lunch?” 




Cheshire hesitated and said.


“It’s because… Uncle and my father have a bit of a disagreement.”


“Because my uncle and my father have a bit of a disagreement.”


“How can there’s a disagreement?” 


“…What about your brothers?”


Cheshire continued to sigh heavily and asked about the twins.


“Both of them went to train.”




Cheshire looked at me blankly before nodding toward the door.


“Do you want to go out for a moment?”


* * * 


“…That’s how it happened.”


“Hmm. I see.” 


When Cheshire was done talking, he put down the branch he was holding.


He was worried that I wouldn’t understand, so he explained it to me by carefully drawing pictures on the soil floor of the training ground.


“So, in short, Uncle keeps complaining about the strategy Dad came up with, right? The reason is because he’s worried about you?” 




“I completely understand Uncle. This is your first time commanding without adults by your side.” 


“It’s embarrassing to even call it a command. The south is the safest and easiest to subdue because of the terrain.”


“But you never know what will happen to people. Do you know when and what kind of unexpected situation will occur?”


“That’s why you have 80 troops in the south. Even though I know it’s a waste, it’s because of me.” 


Cheshire hugged his knees and sighed again.


“…I, I don’t know. Why does my father worry about me, even disobeying the commander’s orders?”


He didn’t seem to understand why Axion was being too protective.


“Am I that unreliable?”


“No, Cheshire. We all know that you are strong. But in the real battle, it’s different. It’s not for nothing that an experienced person takes over as commander.” 


“But I have to take it at some point. To gain more experience.” 


That’s also true. So, Dad would have entrusted Cheshire with this important responsibility.


‘Dad and Uncle both understand.’ 


I thought of Axion as I patted Cheshire on the shoulder.


‘The best father!’ 


Actually, I had no idea he cared for Cheshire so much.


There was no actual connection between the two in the original story.


But is it because of the bond between them?


Axion treated Cheshire like a real son with whom he shared blood, and I really liked that.


So, to be honest, I wanted to take Axion’s side rather than my Dad’s. 


Because I completely understand his feelings!


No matter how big the child in your arms is, they’re like a child, and no matter what you do, you worry. 


What’s even worse is that he’s going to a battlefield where life and death are at stake…


“But, let’s go in first. My stomach is growling.”


“Ah, yeah.” 


I need to eat something and think again.


At the time when Cheshire and I came back home. 


“Yeah, okay! You take care of it yourself!”


“Finish the conversation and go!” 


We were so shocked that we froze like ice on the front door. 


Axion and my Dad were fighting on the first floor while a vein sticking out of their neck.


“Do you think I’m going to do everything? I told you it was a little too early this time, and I asked you to reconsider once.” 


“Is there another way? We deployed as many troops as possible, and Cheshire was the best among them, so we appointed him as commander. Cheshire has proven himself well. Do you really think I would send a child there to die?” 


“I don’t know that either. Because he’s not your son.”






The level of words is rising…


I covered my mouth and glanced at Cheshire standing next to me. 


He had a strange expression.


“Why can’t a guy who usually follows the lead make such rational decisions? You know you’re being ridiculous.”


“I’m sorry for not being reasonable. But can you be rational all the time? I guess that’s why you deserted?”






This is too strong, really…


“Would it have been the same if it were your daughter?”


“Why are you talking about Lilith all of a sudden?”


“Think about it. If it were your daughter, would you have sent her to become a commander at an early age as soon as she got the elite military badge?


“Ha, are the two the same?” 


“Yeah, I thought you would say that.”


Axion, who was suddenly laughing, suddenly hardened his expression and turned his body around.




Only then did he spot me and Cheshire standing at the front door and stopped. 


“Stop there. It’s an order.” 


“…Some people even desert, so what about disobeying orders to stop.” 


After that, he laughed at what my Dad said and left.


‘Whoa, this is amazing…’


Dad glared at the door Axion left through, then turned furiously and went into the office.


“W, what should I do…?”




Cheshire didn’t seem to have much to do either.


What should I do about this?


The shaky friendship… 

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