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* * *


Peaceful daytime hours.


Of course, my mind was not at peace.


“Dad, Daddy!” 


I said, following behind my Dad. 


“Aren’t you going to apologize to Uncle?”




Dad turned around and laughed.


“Did Dad do something wrong?”


I was shocked by the scary-looking smiley face.


“N, no. I said it wrong. Even if it’s not an apology… there should be reconciliation. You’re leaving the day after tomorrow, so you have to get it resolved before then.” 


“Then shouldn’t Uncle come and apologize, not Dad? What does the princess think Dad did wrong?”


“Dad didn’t do anything wrong, you know why Uncle did that…”


“Princess, you’re worried about him for no reason. Nowadays, there is no soldier as skilled as Cheshire. And he has accumulated enough experience over the past 4 years. Dad didn’t put Cheshire as commander without thinking.” 


“Yes, I know. I know. But then again, that’s not how parents felt…”


“Still, you have to remain calm. If you approach the battlefield with that kind of mindset, you will all die.”


“W, whoa.”


I opened my mouth and muttered at Dad’s cold words. 


“That’s really… That’s not something Dad, who deserted because of me, would say…”




Dad paused.


Even though he thought about it, he seemed to be contradicting himself.


“I’m going crazy.”


Dad strokes his hair as if he’s tired.


Seeing that his eyes had deepened, it seemed as if he had calmed down some of his anger and was understanding Axion’s feelings.




“Yes, everything is good. I get it, but no matter how much I think about it, it’s disgraceful. Didn’t you see him fighting with Dad, even mentioning you? Is it because Dad cares about you but doesn’t care about Cheshire? It’s not.”


“Mhm, that’s right…”


Cheshire’s expedition is the Imperial order than Dad’s. 


Dad was as considerate to Cheshire as he could be in a situation when there was nothing he could do.


I know everything too.


“If that’s all, you shouldn’t say anything, princess. In the military, you must absolutely obey your superiors’ orders. Uncle’s attitude was very bad.” 


Of course, I know the rules of the military.


But is Dad the type of person who can be overbearing and bring up hierarchy even to his friends? 


This was just something he said out of pride.


“Dad. Dad is superior to Uncle, but you are friends before subordinates….. As a friend, can’t you understand Uncle’s feelings a little?” 




Dad stared at me.


He seemed a little shaken, so I quickly grabbed Dad’s arm and tried to persuade him.




“Ooh, you’re here?”


Dad looked down the stairs and waved his hand.


Oscar was here.


‘That’s right, today’s class.’


But I’m busy right now trying to put men’s broken friendships back together…


“Princess, go and study. Dad will take care of things with Uncle.” 


“Wait a minute, Dad! Waaang!”


Eventually, I left behind a 31-year-old man who ran away and came to the study room. 




Oscar asked as I sat down with a sigh.


“What is it?” 


“Dad and Uncle Axion had a fight.”


“Ah, really?”




That’s it?


Oscar opened the book with an unimpressed expression on his face and his legs shaking. 


“What are you looking at? Open your book.”


“Why don’t you ask me something? Why did they fight, things like that.”


Oscar tilted his head. 


“Why should I? I’m not curious and it has nothing to do with me?”




“I’m not interested or curious about why two people fought, so I don’t know why I need to know.”


“R, right. This is how Master is.”


“Well, more than that, this.”


Oscar grinned, took something from his pocket, and gave it to me.


‘What is it? A clam?’


…It’s not real.


It was a pink seashell-shaped ornament the size of an adult’s finger.


“What’s this?”


“It’s a magic tool. It’s yours.”


Oscar took out another seashell that looked the same and showed it to me.


“This is mine.”


“Ah! It’s a couple items!”


“Now, break it.”




“Hurry. Break it.”


What is it? I held the shell with both hands and used force, as I was told.


The moment it gets crushed.




The shells in Oscar’s hand were also cut in two in the same shape.


“Isn’t it cool?”




“It’s a magic tool that can respond to a pair. If you break it in a dangerous situation, the other person will know right away. I even have the coordinates of your location.” 


I was excited.


“M, Master! Do you have any more of this?”


“Of course. I made a lot of it.”


Oscar said as he handed me a new seashell.


It was light blue this time. 


“I can help my friend right away if they’re in danger!”


“That’s right.”


Oscar patted me on the cheek with a proud look on his face.


“So if something happens, break it. This Master will be there right~ away.”




I grabbed Oscar’s share of light blue seashells.


“Can you give me a pair of these?”




Oscar, who was blinking, soon frowned grimly.


“I don’t want to!”


“W, why? I heard there are a lot…”


“I made it for you when you were in danger? But what are you going to use this pair for?”




“It’s obvious! There was a rumor in the neighborhood that he was going to subdue or something the day after tomorrow! Aren’t you going to give it to that punk in case of danger! Huh!”


That punk is probably Cheshire…


I quietly avoided Oscar’s gaze at the answer that was close to the correct answer.


“Well, I thought it’s right to give it to someone…”


“Look, tsk! Are you crazy? If that punk destroys that thing, will you fly to the battlefield?” 


“It’s not that I’m worried about Cheshire.”


I added with a sigh.


“…It’s because of Brother Theo.”




Oscar said, “Who is Theo…?”Then he said, “Ah, the twins.” 


“Well, actually. Originally, Brother Theo died around this time.”




“I’ve cured his illness a long time ago so there’s nothing to worry about, but it still bothers me…”




“If he gets sick again, I’m the only one who can heal him…”


Oscar looked at me murmuring in silence for a long time.


And then, suddenly.


He threw the seashell in front of me, which he was holding tightly so as not to give it away.




“I’m so annoyed, really…” 


“Thank you, Master! Master is the best! Master is awesome!”


I hung on Oscar’s neck and cheered wildly.


“Ah, don’t act cute! Everything is pretty! N, no, it’s not pretty! Open your book!”


“Wahahaha! Yeeess!” 


* * *


“Dad is superior to Uncle, but you are friends before subordinates…”


Enoch put his chin on his hand and seemed absorbed in a new memory, thinking back on Lilith’s words.


* * *


Enoch Rubinstein, seven years old.


Like everyone else with power, he met a small society for the first time at the training center.


Very similar to this country.


“Enjoy your meal!”




Is that really a nine-year-old child?


With an evil laugh unbecoming of his age, the child threw a dead rat on his friend’s plate.


He doesn’t know about Lilith, but…


The training center during Enoch’s time was more severe than it is now, not less.


‘Is this right?’


They were taught not to question this environment at the training center. 


Although he was too young to be able to tell what was right and what was wrong, Enoch still vaguely sensed something strange.


If something bigger happens, he probably won’t be able to bear it.


-That was what I was thinking of. 


“Ugh, aaagh!” 


One side of the restaurant was noisy.


Looking up, he saw a boy dumping a food tray on his friend’s head with an indifferent face. 


The kid who got hit with the hot soup screamed in shock.


‘What is that guy?’


He finally can’t stand it anymore.


Enoch, who jumped up, approached the boy who had turned over the plate.


Jet-black hair, unusually dark purple eyes.


[Axion Schneider]


As expected, the nameplate was gold.


The top predator of this strange society who can do anything.


“What are you?”


Enoch grabbed Axion by the collar.


Axion also glanced at the color of Enoch’s name tag and laughed.


“Are you this trash friend too?”




Enoch looked down at the child, who was shivering after being hit with hot soup.


The child’s name tag was also gold.


Of course, when he saw the bully, he thought it would be a commoner with a white name tag…


‘What is it?’


He was wondering, but Axion, who shook off Enoch’s hand—


“If you make the kids do something like that to make the food taste bad, next time I will put a dead rat directly in your mouth.”


―After saying that, boom!


He threw the tray he was holding on the floor threateningly, gave a warning, and left.


At the time, 


At this sight, the child who had placed a dead rat on his friend’s plate in the distance frowned.


Only then did Enoch realize.


This child, shaking after being hit with soup by Axion…


He was the mastermind who had been causing a rat commotion in the restaurant for several days by getting the other kids to do it.




Enoch stopped late and looked from afar at the door of the restaurant where Axion had disappeared.


That was their first meeting.


* * *


‘Why did I do that?’


He opened the book, but nothing caught his eye.


Axion’s head was complicated.


‘It’s really funny, so funny.’


Enoch’s strategy was perfect. So much so that it is flawless.


Even though he knew this, his actions of disobeying orders and confronting his superiors were at all unbecoming of a soldier.


He needs to go back and admit he was upset and solved it—.


‘No! Still, am I just like that other guy? Is it that hard to do a favor for a friend? What is a commander at 15? I first conducted a command at the age of sixteen!’ 


—but his sad heart and poor pride were holding him back.




Knock, knock.


Then, a small knocking sound was heard. 


“Come in.”


Axion, who had thought it would be a butler, was surprised to see the smiling face as he held the doorknob. 




“You… Why did you come here?”


It was Lilith.


Lilith rushed over and sat down on one of the chairs.


“I’m going to play with Uncle!” 




She immediately opened the teddy bear bag she was carrying and laid out a lot of snacks and chocolates on the table.


And finally, she took out an old piece of parchment and unfolded it. 


“Hihi. I found this while looking at paintings in my grandfather’s room. Here, here. It’s Uncle, right?”




A portrait of seven boys wore armor. 


Among the boys, who were smiling brightly despite their bruised faces, were young Enoch and Axion, with their arms around each other’s shoulders.


“When is this?”


“This… When I was sixteen.It was the first time I subjugated as an elite soldier.”


“I see. Hehe. Dad and uncle haven’t changed at all.”


Axion, who had been looking at the picture with blank eyes, turned his gaze toward Lilith.


The child’s intention in suddenly visiting and bringing out something like this was obvious.


‘You’re worse than a child.’


It’s obvious that Lilith wants to stop the fight amongst the old men, and this makes him feel ashamed.






“I should say sorry to you.”


“Yes? Me?”


“Yeah. I was angry earlier. I wasn’t comparing you and Cheshire.”




Although he is not his biological son, he may think it is a funny situation, but…


Still, he’s worried about Cheshire. 


It’s similar to how you care about your daughter, so could you please understand?


He wanted to say that. 


“Would it have been the same if it were your daughter?”


He couldn’t even think back on the words that came out of his mouth… 


He was still concerned about Lilith, who happened to hear it.


“I’m fine, right?”


However, Lilith smiled brightly with her round eyes.


“Uncle didn’t think of anything and just said it because it came to mind.”


“Anyway, sorry. Don’t get me wrong. Me too… I’m a person who feels fortunate that you don’t have to hold a sword.” 


“Hehe, I know.”


Lilith smiled and tilted her head.


“Can I sit on Uncle’s lap?” 


Axion laughed and slowly pulled back his chair, and Lilith quickly climbed onto his lap. 


“…I’m making things difficult for no reason. Don’t worry. I plan to solve it before I go on a mission.”




“I know I did something wrong. But just for now… I’m feeling a little noisy inside.” 




“Uncle, uncle. Actually, I am.” 


Lilith whispered into Axion’s ear.


“I think Dad is the one who did something wrong.” 




“Hehehe. The reason I came to see Uncle was because I wanted to quickly make up with Dad…”


The child added, wriggling her fingers as if she were embarrassed.


“Uncle is upset and releases it like that. But I know why Uncle is like that.”




“I think Uncle is really amazing. You accepted him as a child, raised him like a real son, and loved and worried about him more than your real son.”




“But Dad only says it to make things worse, and not even Cheshire can understand how Uncle feels…. I thought Uncle must be frustrated.”


Lilith, who turned her head, looked into his eyes and said shyly.


“…It’s not that no one knows. I know Uncle’s feelings very well, so I don’t think it’s your fault. So I hope Uncle feels better soon.”




Axion, who was looking at Lilith blankly, then hesitantly hugged the child with a long sigh.


“I’m going crazy, really.”


His eyes became slightly bitter. 


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