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* * *


The next day. 


I went out to buy groceries.


‘What is this combination?’


Oscar, me, and Theo.


There were servants of noble families seen everywhere, busying themselves with grocery shopping.


“Do you usually go out and buy food ingredients yourself?”


I asked Oscar, who looked very familiar holding a shopping basket.


“Yeah. I’m the one who eats it, but if it’s not me, who’s going to buy it?”


“I thought anyone would do it…”


I never imagined the Lord of the Wizard Tower would have a friendly penthouse stay-at-home life!


“It’s strange. Then, since you show up quite often, why is the Master’s image exclusive to the Wizard Tower?” 


While I was wondering, Theo, who was walking next to me, looked at Oscar and said,


“Don’t you think no one will recognize him, Lilith?”




So it was like that. 


Wearing a shirt with a stretched neck and shorts.


No one would imagine that the man dressed like a servant carrying a shopping basket was the Lord of the Wizard Tower.


“You go home after lunch. Because it’s terrible to have one more mouth.”


Oscar said this to Theo as he bought a bunch of apples at the fruit shop.


‘Ah! It looks like he has the potential to succeed in making the magic formula?’


For reference, this is Oscar, who tied Theo’s feet under the pretext of the prognosis.


This is because it is a complicated and difficult magic that even he has never tried before, so he could not guarantee success right away yesterday.


“Yes, I understand!”


Theo answers with military discipline.


“I’m sorry for bothering you!”




Do you remember clearly that Theo was injured to the point of death? 


Yesterday and today, I said thank you to Oscar 500 more times.


“Then when I go, I’ll take Lilith with me.”




Oscar glared at Theo.


“Go alone!”




After blinking at him, Theo’s expression turned serious.


“T, that’s a bit…” 


Then he looked at me and Oscar carefully. 


“Whoa, tsk. Am I going to eat her? I can see what you’re thinking on your face.”


“N, no. It’s not like that. I see that you’re alone without a servant, and I’m afraid it’ll be hard for you to take care of Lilith.” 


“Look at how you wrap it? Did you feel like everything you saw about me was strange? This ungrateful punk to the savior of his life?!” 


Theo waved his hands in panic, but he seemed worried on the inside.


It was natural. 


Not only has he only seen Oscar’s face a few times…


‘I don’t even know how close Dad and Oscar have become over the past four years.’ 


Oscar, seeming angry, continued yelling back at him even after he nodded.


“So what if you take her! A guy as big as DOS can’t catch even a single demon beast, crawls over her, but can you keep the child safe?”




Theo’s expression quickly darkened.


His big concern is that he can’t control his sword.


So, he still feels guilty about always being a nuisance to those around him…


‘Really, Master, you fool!’


I poked Oscar in the waist to give him a hint.


Oscar, who must have thought it was a bit harsh, cleared his throat and grumbled when he saw Theo’s sullen expression.


“Don’t worry. That child’s father personally entrusted her to me before he went off to war.”


“Yes? Really? Uncle?” 


Theo looked at me in surprise. I nodded.


“I, I see. I’m sorry. I’m worried for no reason…” 


“Hey, take this.”


As Theo apologized, Oscar took something out of his sleeve and handed it to him.


‘What is it?’


At first glance, it looked identical to my bracelet.


A bracelet with a purple heart-shaped crystal, suitable only for children…


‘Huh. But isn’t that the beast’s core?’ 


When I looked closely, I saw that it was not a crystal, but the heart-shaped core of a demonic beast. 


“It’s a magic tool that responds to the core. When you wear that, the only energy that comes out is magic, so it will help you control it.”  






Theo and I both widened our eyes in surprise.


“N, no. Master? But if there was something like this…”


…What have been Theo’s hardships so far?


I couldn’t finish what I was trying to ask.


Because Oscar glared at me, dissatisfied.


“W, what!” 


“Noo. it’s just. I feel a bit regretful…” 


“Hey, would I really care about someone else’s son’s situation? I just made it because I felt the need for this incident.”


Theo almost died, so I went to the battlefield recklessly.


Oscar couldn’t say that and just glared at me, so I smiled awkwardly and scratched my cheek.


“No, this. Ah…” 


Theo seemed quite moved when he received the bracelet.


He soon bowed 90 degrees to Oscar in the middle of the market street and thanked him loudly.


“Thank you so much, Lord of the Wizard Tower! I will use it well!”




“Hey, you crazy punk! Are you crazy? Shut up!”




What is it? What did I just hear? 




Is he the Lord of the Wizard Tower? 


Some people couldn’t believe their ears and muttered.




Theo was surprised, and I was shocked and squeezed my cheek.


Oscar, who was looking around, disappeared as if running away at a fast pace, covering his face with a shopping basket.


“Let’s go together, Master!”


“L, let’s go together too! Basket, I’ll carry that!”


We quickly caught up with Oscar, who was running away.


* * *


Late evening.


Theo went home after lunch, and Oscar and I were looking for pajamas in the bag Dad had packed.


Yesterday, I was so anxious that I couldn’t change my clothes and went to sleep…


“This is it, pajamas!”


The sky blue pajamas with clouds on them that I bought as a couple with Dad.


It was the first start.


“Eung? Why do I have Dad’s too?”


Dad’s pajamas were also in the bag. 


I thought it was strange, so I pulled it out, and a note fell out from between my pajamas.


[Lord of Wizard Tower, this is my gift.


Please take care of my princess.]




Since it was a new outfit, it looked like he was going to give it to Oscar as a present.


I can’t believe he’s trying to pay for a week’s babysitting just for a pair of pajamas…


What is James Brown’s conscience?


“Ha, this is ridiculous.”


Oscar, probably thinking the same thing as me, laughed when he saw the note.


“It’s pretty Master, so wear it, too.” 


“Ah, I don’t want to! It’s not pretty at all! It’s so childish!” 




“Hurry up, brush your teeth and go to sleep!”




I went to my room, changed into my pajamas, then took my toothbrush and went to the bathroom.


Truly a top-class penthouse.


The bathroom was also dazzling.


However, the mirror is too high for me, so I use a bathroom chair and then climb up to brush my teeth.




I pushed the open door and Oscar came in with his toothbrush.


Wearing sky blue cloud pajamas!


“Mastwer, ywu said it’s chwildish! (Master, you said it’s childish!)”


I laughed with my toothbrush in my mouth.


Oscar, who managed to understand my slurred pronunciation, came to stand next to me and said.


“Mhm, it’s childish. Just by chance, I saw that I had washed all my pajamas and had nothing to wear, so I put them on.”




Soon, Oscar also started brushing his teeth.


In the mirror, I saw the two of us wearing identical pajamas and brushing our teeth.




“Stop talking! Don’t laugh!” 


It felt good for some reason, so I giggled every time I made eye contact with Oscar through the mirror.


* * *


Four days passed after that.


Oscar seemed to think that making magic was more difficult than he thought, so he couldn’t sleep and just worked.


With so many books around him, he would spend all day screeching pens, sometimes yelling “Agh! No!” and throwing away dozens of magic formulas he had made.


Still, he always made sure I had three meals, snacks, time to brush my teeth, and a shower.


‘Phew, I need to be good to Master as soon as I grow up.’


As this routine continued for four days, my guilt was indescribable.


“Whoa, tsk. Did I put in too much whipped cream? I think it’s going to be greasy…”


Oscar was wearing his apron, mixing milk and whipped cream in a silver bowl while glancing at recipes in his kitchen.


He came out of the room on time like a ghost and was making my lunch…






I was drawing in the living room and then hurried to the kitchen and said.


“I just have to eat the leftover sandwich from breakfast…” 


“Ah, that’s enough.” 


“But what do you make?”






Maybe it’s cream spaghetti.


“… Does it contain meat?”


Oscar laughed as if he were dumbfounded.


“It’s going in; it’s going in.”


“What kind of meat?”




“Wow, the best!”


What surprised me during our time together was that there was really nothing he couldn’t do.


He’s smart, and judging from the fact that he doesn’t get tired even though he doesn’t sleep, he’s got great stamina, and even his cooking skills are perfect!


Oscar made a different menu every day, and it was all delicious.


“I don’t want to go home.”




“I like to be with you. The food is delicious, and the house is nice. Can I come again?”


“Wow, am I going to do this crazy babysitting thing again?” 


“Wahaha! It’s a joke.” 


Oscar laughed as he stirred it with a whisk.


 “If your father goes somewhere, don’t go anywhere else and come here.” 


“Ah! Really? Is that okay?” 




Actually, I wasn’t joking; I was serious…


At that time, 


Boom, boom, boom!


“You surprised me!” 


I heard a knock on the door and looked at Oscar in surprise.




He calmly stirred the whisk and flicked his finger in the air.


Then the door opened and there was a sign of an unknown visitor coming in.


I glanced out the front door.


“Wow, it’s Dad!”


I heard the subjugation will take a week! 


It seemed like it was completed in just five days.


Dad, who seemed to have rushed over in his armor without even changing his clothes, made eye contact with me and stopped.


An emotional, frowning face.


He was about to come in quickly.


“Take off your muddy military boots, then come in! There are slippers inside!”


I stopped again when I heard Oscar’s voice shouting without even looking at who it was.


Dad carefully removed his shoes, changed into indoor slippers, and entered in answer to the landlord’s reasonable request. 


“Dad! Why did you come so quickly?”


I was so happy that I opened my arms to Dad. 


But Dad, who I thought would immediately hug me and turn around, didn’t react at all. 


He just stares down at me with a stiff expression.


“D, Dad? What’s the matter? Are you mad?”


“Yeah. Dad is really angry.” 


I quickly thought back and realized what I had done wrong.


‘Ah, that’s right.’


Four days passed, and I forgot.


Dad must have heard everything from Cheshire.


From giving magic tools to Cheshire without even telling Dad, to going to the battlefield, to using my powers on Theo without even thinking about what happened afterwards… . 


‘But in the end, everything worked out well.’


Honestly, I don’t want to be scolded.


I don’t want to, but… 


“Dad is going to scold the princess now. Stand upright.”




I was scared of Dad, so I glanced at Oscar to ask for help. 


“Tsk tsk. What are you looking at?”


However, Oscar just smiled and rolled the whisk obnoxiously.


“Honestly, you’re going to get scolded this time. Your father told you to stand up straight. Come on, hurry.” 


…You’re not on my side right now.


In the end, I pouted my mouth and stood upright in front of Dad. 


“Princess, what’s with your mouth? Pretty mouth.”


Of course, I put it right in when Dad pointed it out… 


Oscar laughed as he saw me being obedient.


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  1. In another life, this would be a BL and Oscar and James would be together. If everyone is not nauseating happy at the end of this, I riot