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This is not even a middle-aged affair romance! 


Just by listening, no one would know that this is a conversation between seven and twelve years old. 


“Erica, how’s your forehead? Are you feeling much better?” 


“Yes, Lady, I’m fine now. But, who is this woman?”


Erica asked, pointing her finger at me. 


My aunt was puzzled and soon burst into laughter.


“She is Leon’s cousin.”




“That’s right! Did you say that Duke Duke Rubinstein could come? Is he really back?”


“That’s right. It’s just yesterday.”


“I see! You should’ve told me!”


Erica swept her chest down with a relaxed expression as if she had eaten a peppermint. 


“It’s nice to meet you!”


“U, ugh.”


Erica, who approached, pulled out Theo, who was sitting on my right and quickly sat down.


“So you’re the Duke’s daughter. You really look like an angel. I was so surprised. I almost got jealous. My name is Erica Valerin. I’m 12 years old.”


“I’m Lilith Rubinstein. I’m seven years old. You’re pretty, too, sister. You look like a princess.”


“Oh my?”


Erica twisted her body in embarrassment.


“Thank you, Lilith. And let me tell you one more thing, I promised a future here with Leon.”


“Aren’t you crazy? Who the hell want it?” 


Leon was furious, but Erica added without hesitation. 


“I’ll become a family with you later, so you can call me Unnie in advance. Let’s talk casually. Shall we be friends?” 


“Ha, really… I really hate it….” 


I alternately looked at Leon, who sighed heavily from the side, and Theo, who was pushed by Erica and sat opposite.


‘The two look the same,but wouldn’t Theo, who is friendly, make a much better romantic partner?’


—That’s what I thought. 


Erica blushed whenever Leon said harsh things like “No,” “Go away!” or “You’re really ugly.” 


I discovered Erica’s taste as I enjoyed dessert time in the afternoon when my ears bled because it was so loud.


‘So you like bad boys….’


* * *


The evening after a nice first trip to the capital. 


My dad came in screaming after I was washing up and getting ready to sleep. 




“Ack, I’m surprised. The door will fall!”


Just in time, my dad flew to my side as I slipped into the duvet.




“Did you have dinner, Dad?”


“Dinner? What time is it now, and I have already eaten.”


“Well done. You can’t skip meals. I also came to eat delicious food outside with aunt and brothers. Do you know that I went to the dressing room, had it measured, and then ordered clothes? And aunt even bought me 10 dresses?” 


“Haha, did you like it?”


“Totally. There’s a princess dress, too!”


“Ung, really. I’ll tell you if it’s hard and boring and I don’t want to do it. But it’s really easy and fun.”


Dad looked at my expression to see if I was lying, and then his lips twitched.


“I see. Actually, your math teacher said that our princess genius. Dad also saw it, you know?” 


“R, really?” 


I was embarrassed when I remembered that I had solved the elementary school problem and was praised by Mrs. Lena as a genius.


If she went to grandfather or dad and made similar jokes—.


‘Our James, you must have felt good.’


If your child is a genius, which parent would hate it?


It’s not a moment of embarrassment anyway. If my dad felt happy, I was satisfied with that. 


“Who on earth does my kid look like? Who do you resemble and have hair like this? Hmm?” 


Dad hugged me and rubbed my cheeks without even thinking of hiding the raised corners of his lips.


“Of course I look like Dad.” 




“Dad, you were busy today, right? You’ve worked hard.”


“It’s okay. My genius daughter studies hard, so dad can’t play around.” 


My dad lay sideways, leaned his chin, and looked at me with satisfaction. 


Seeing my dad with his mouth stuck in my ear didn’t make me feel bad either. 


Whoo, genius—.


* * *


Haha, genius….


I’ll cancel it.


Actually, I’m not a genius…


“It is an honor to meet you. My name is Robert Quan from the Wizard Tower Talent Department. You can call me Robert, Princess.” 


“Y, yes…” 


“Lilith, there’s nothing to be nervous about. All you have to do is answer that man’s question comfortably. If you don’t know, just say you don’t know.”


Dad said as he gently stroked my hair.


“Are you nervous? You just have to do what you did with the teachers yesterday.”


Grandfather also added. 


I clenched my teeth between the two and nodded.


‘I shouldn’t have gone too far….’


I made the wrong choice on the test for a moment because I just wanted to get through the pointless class quickly.


But the Wizard Tower! 


They came here to examine my genius.


The reason why things got so big was because of math.


Most of the time, formulas are needed to use magic, and researchers at Wizard Tower come up with these formulas. 


And they have something in common.


They were math geniuses!


This was because the science of mathematics was the basic principle of magic formulas.


So, the Wizard Tower finds children who are good at math and supports the education of talented children from an early age. 


‘It’s not that I didn’t know that—’


I memorized the original worldview and didn’t expect such a disaster. 


What the hell is genius? 


I’m just an adult’s mind trapped in a child’s body—.


“And over there… As you know, this is Oscar Manuel.”


Robert looked back with a slightly nervous look.


A white-haired, golden-eyed boy was sitting with his legs crossed with an arrogant expression on his face. 


He had a youthful face that looked like a high school student at best, but—.


“He’s the youngest Lord of the Wizard Tower ever.” 


…Yeah, he’s the Lord of the Wizard Tower. 


Oscar Manuel! 


A character with a majestic proportion that I never imagined I would see my face in three days after entering the capital! 


‘Is this the butterfly effect created by just doing multiplication and division?’


From now on, please call me the original destruction villain—.


No, this is not the time. I quickly did the math in my head. 


The Lord of the Wizard Tower, Oscar is close to an ‘enemy.’


My Dad prepared for the rebellion and made all the talented, high-ranking aristocrats and political figures on the same side. 


‘I just couldn’t get my hands on the Wizard Tower.’


Only Oscar didn’t help my dad until the end. 


If he had simply acquired the Wizard Tower with him as the main axis, the revolution would have happened three years earlier.


But does Oscar on the side of the imperial family? If you ask.


‘That’s not to say. Even if I read the original story, I won’t be able to figure out what’s going on in his head.’


Anyway, I’m at the crossroads of choice now.


  1. I’m in a situation where there’s nothing good about jumping out. I’m not a gifted person, but let’s just try to appear at a moderately smart level.


  1. It is an opportunity to recruit Oscar in advance by forming a relationship with Mata Tower. Let’s pretend to be gifted. A gamble where I have to risk getting attention.


I quickly picked number one.


How can I get the iron man Oscar, who has also failed to join up with the main character, my dad, on my side?


‘Good. I feel at ease.’


I began to solve the problem that Robert wrote on the low blackboard.


Roughly, it would have been enough to solve the progress I studied with the teacher yesterday.


“Unbelievable. You’re amazing.”


When he saw me multiplying by double digits, Robert was amazed.


“M, my daughter is a real genius…” 


Dad was surprised too.


But at that time.


“Are you kidding me now?”


“Y, yes?”


When Oscar, who had been silently watching, got up, Robert was bewildered.


“Do you think I came here to see these kids playing?”


“N, no. I’m sorry.”


Robert apologized in embarrassment.


Oscar was rather arrogant about the other kid matter, but neither his father nor grandfather publicly criticized him.


‘Well, because you’re the Lord of the Wizard Tower.’


If it were to be judged by class, he was a level of power equal to that of his father. 


“Check it properly.”




Robert erased all the problems on the blackboard and started writing anew.




What is that—. 


Robel, who raised the problem, was embarrassed, and seeing it, I was perplexed. 


  1. Your mother is three years older than twice as old as Oscar Manuel, and your father is five years older than your mother. Find out Oscar Manuel’s age when your father is 42 years old.


‘Y, you’re giving a seven-year-old a first-order equation problem?’ 


I was dumbfounded, and when I looked back, Oscar was smiling as if he were satisfied.


“Try it.”




I had no intention of solving it anyway, but he’s such a crazy person—.


As expected, there was no doubt that he was a kid who lived drunk on the ‘I’m genius.’ word.


I pretended to read the question a little more, then shook my head.


“I don’t know.”


“You don’t know?”




When I answered in a depressed mood, Robert patted me on the shoulder.


“Princess, you don’t have to be sad at all. Even gifted children, who are usually scouted by the tower, can’t solve this problem at the age of seven.”


“Yes, princess.”


Dad came and hugged me as I stood in front of the blackboard.


“Well done. This problem is too difficult. Our princess is a genius enough.”


“Ung. Hehe.” 


“Good job, Lilith.”


Even Grandfather smiled happily and stroked my hair.






A sigh breaks the warm atmosphere.


Oscar looked at me with pathetic eyes and then turned around.


Then he mumbled to himself so much that everyone could hear everything.


“I just wasted my time on an idiot for no reason.”




I could feel my dad’s arm holding me tighter.


‘Something has happened.’


Dad said in a terrifying voice.


“Stop there.” 


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  1. Your mother is three years older than twice as old as Oscar Manuel, and your father is five years older than your mother. Find out Oscar Manuel’s age when your father is 42 years old.
    My answer:
    1. 42 – 5 = 37 years old (mother)
    2. 37 – 3 = 34
    3. 34/2 = 17 years old
    Final answer: Oscar Manuel is 17 years old.

  2. This dude is just 17….. Like, even for fiction, that’s way too much man. Who the hell becomes tower master at that age 😭😭