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Oscar silenced everyone in an instant.


Enoch was surprised and looked around, where everyone was contemplating Oscar’s revelation. 


‘I cant’ believe a request…’


It was as shocking as Oscar’s attitude today.


However, the feelings of parents who have children are all there, and Enoch didn’t have the conscience to say anything. 


He didn’t want to send his daughter to war, so he decided to go on a war of conquest according to the emperor’s wishes.




Enoch just let out a sigh. 


‘He really does it all by himself… He doesn’t even need me…’


Oscar was so confident that he really did everything on his own without needing Enoch’s help.


From the beginning of the meeting to taking advantage of the commanders’ weaknesses and gaining the upper hand… .


“How much did we talk about? Ah, right. Princess Rubinstein. Her intelligence is also impressive, and unlike the self-proclaimed gifted children who tried to get into the magic tower under the influence of their parents, she is truly a genius.”


Oscar added it with a smile.


“I really want to bring some. Since I work day and night to provide you with a magic circle, I am a little worried that my life will be short… Shouldn’t there be a talented person who can succeed me?”


Enoch, who had been quietly listening, narrowed his eyebrows slightly.


He can’t believe his life will be so short. He always said such shameless things. 


“Anyway, that’s why. Everyone knows what the relationship is between Princess Rubinstein and Theo Antrase. His cousin was very worried as it was his first expedition to the elite army, so I said I would help if anything happened. So far, is there a problem?”


Everyone is silent.


Unlike before, the commanders who were caught with a weakness were unable to say anything. 


“That… I understand. I understand why you helped Sir Theo. We know you’re going through a hard time, so we want to help you avoid disciplinary action as much as possible…” 


…What, what are you talking about, old man? What are you helping? He was just thinking about attacking him.


Oscar looked at Gillian and spoke in his quietest voice. 


“If there was magic that could save a mortally wounded soldier, of course it should have been shared. What was the reason for hiding it? His Majesty the Emperor already knows this, so we can’t help you without a valid reason!”




“Yes, Lord of the Wizard Tower.” 


Oscar called his aide.


Then, Robert brought a cage containing a yellow canary and white gloves to the central table of the conference room. 


Oscar, wearing his gloves, snatched the bird from his cage and infused it with his mana. 


At the same time—




“N, no! Lord of the Wizard Tower! There are people who have a bad stomach, so let’s give them some notice…!” 


―A poor canary whose torso was torn apart as if crushed.


Everyone frowned as they looked at the bird fluttering around while holding its breath.


“Don’t look away; look closely.”


Without any change in his expression, Oscar injected mana again into the dying life on his bloody gloves.


Eventually, everyone held their breath.


As if it had never been out of breath for some time, the yellow-furred bird suddenly returned to its original form and flapped its wings vigorously.


The canary is flying through the air at the conference hall.


“The point is returning. Unless all organs are lost, the goal is to revive them by putting them back in the exact condition they were in before the fatal injury..”


Everyone was amazed with their mouths wide open.




This is not even a concept of healing.


Groundbreaking magic that can literally surpass the realm of gods.


“That’s amazing, Lord of the Wizard Tower!” 


At that time, the Commander of the Holy Magic Division, Julian, spoke with an overwhelmed face.


“It wasn’t just healing magic. This is closer to the realm of God, who can defy fate.”


While everyone agreed, only Oscar paused.




Because it was something that had been bothering him for days.


“Master… By any chance, you know. What if a person’s fate is predetermined? No matter how much I try… What if it doesn’t work?” 


Lilith was worried about that the whole time they were together.


He told her not to talk nonsense to him because she seemed anxious, and didn’t she finally save Theo and try to comfort her, but… 


‘What if that’s really the case?’


Actually, Oscar was also confused.


No matter how he thinks about it, it doesn’t seem like a simple coincidence that Theo got injured at a time when he should have died.


‘Then you…’


A world that wishes for the complete disappearance of Primera.


And Lilith, who died at the young age of seventeen. 


Even if everything ends, what if this world doesn’t want you to exist?


Because then I won’t be there either…


I can’t help you.




Oscar nervously grabbed his head as if he were tearing it out.


“Ha, XX…” 


The harsh swear word that came out of nowhere made everyone in the conference room widen their eyes. 


* * *




It’s a really scary word.


‘What if I can’t change anything?’


At first, I thought that the reason I remember my past life was God’s arrangement to save those who were destined to die pitifully…


‘I just remembered everything because Oscar told me to remember everything while I returned.’


I wasn’t as special as I thought.


To be honest, there is no way to be sure if it is my past life or an original work, or if it is real or just an imagination created by Primera’s ability…


So even though Theo might not have gotten sick until he was 16, what if he was destined to die on his due date?


“Wow. It’s really terrible. Pleasseee!” 


I was tearing out my hair.


“No. This is not the time…” 


She opened the thick book.


I borrowed this holy book after what happened with Theo, which made me feel anxious. My dad and I then went to the temple and prayed. 


This is the book that helped Dad and Cheshire the most in the original story.


In the original, it’s just—.


‘From what I found in the holy book…’


‘The holy relics mentioned in the holy book…’


‘According to the holy book…’


Since it was only described at a certain level, I have no idea about the details in the holy book. 


So I borrowed it because I thought I might learn something if I read it myself…


“What’s going on with the size of the writing?”


Should I just ask Dad to read it to me? 


I couldn’t even read it because the font was so small. 




Still, after digging through it, I found some interesting records.


It was a part related to ‘holy relics’.


[The judge’s sword.


A revelation received by Rupazio, High Priest of the Central Temple, on August 8, 465 by the Imperial Calendar.


‘In the future,  I will draw my sword to punish beings that are corrupted by evil.’]


“Wow, this is Cheshire…!” 


This is the sword that killed the emperor!


For reference, I already secured it four years ago.


This is the sword that only Zadkiel, the best ‘good-natured’ character in the original work, recognized by God, could hold.


‘If I didn’t know the original, I would have wondered what was going on, but now that I know, I understand.’


Even the holy book openly calls the emperor ‘being corrupted by evil.’…


[Heart of a disciple.


A revelation was received by Vermano, High Priest of the Central Temple, on February 4, 525, Imperial Calendar. 


‘In the future, the heart of revival will be given to good people who will never be tainted by evil. 


He is my last disciple with the mission to protect peace. 


The disciple with the heart will be the only arbiter in this world who can decide fate.’] 


“Uh, this…”


There was something that reminded me of the heart.


4 years ago, when I suffered from a holy fever. 


The holy relic that Dad came to wake me up with. 


“It looked a bit gross. At first, it was just a rock, but when I unlocked it, it started beating like a heart.”


I found out later because Dad told me.


In the original, it was a sacred object that had to go to Zadkiel…


To good people who will never be tainted by evil


“T, that’s right. As expected, if it was a good person, it belonged to Priest Zadkiel.”


But I stole it.


It wasn’t intentional, but…


‘Wow. This won’t be a problem later, right?’


I can’t give back what I’ve already swallowed.


I felt sorry inside, but then.




The disciple with the heart will be the only arbiter in this world who can decide fate.



Thump, thump.


Suddenly, my heart was pounding with excitement, so I quietly placed my hand near my heart.


To determine fate. 


Is this really what I guess it means?


“Wait a minute. I…” 


I swallowed my saliva.


“I, it looks like something really great has been stolen…?” 


* * *


Oscar abruptly cursed softly and frowned with a distressed expression. 


“Lord of the Wizard Tower?” 


Enoch called to him in a worried voice.


“…Ah, I’m sorry. How far did I go?”


“Lord of the Wizard Tower, if you tell us that magic formula, we will be able to save many people in the future. Please.” 


The commander of the Holy Magic Division, Julian, spoke with excited eyes.


“No, I don’t have to ask for a favor… Sharing is natural for the public good. Because that’s the Imperial’s order.” 


Gillian responded.


Then, when he saw Oscar, he cleared his throat and added.


“His Majesty must be wondering why you hid this… Is there a reason?”






Oscar called his aide again.


Immediately, Robert handed out a piece of paper to everyone.


A magic formula was drawn.






As soon as everyone saw it, they all let out embarrassed gasps.


Everyone’s expressions were dark, and Julian, who had been looking forward to it, had a despairing face.


“…I don’t think I can use it.” 


As Julian muttered, Oscar chuckled.


“What you are seeing now is based on adult males. There are eighty-six magic formulas. In addition to the fixed constant values, there are twenty-two parameters that vary depending on the state of the organ, location, and height of the injured person. Since the organ structure is different, it also varies depending on gender.”


While everyone was silent, Oscar leisurely walked around the table in the conference room and spoke.


“When a person is in a dangerous situation, the amount of time that they find themselves unable to breathe is quite short. Is there someone who can identify the injured person’s organ damage and all body structures without error until they completely lose their breath, place the spell, then embody it in their head and cast it?”


 Oscar smiled and raised his hand.


Naturally, no one answered.


“Time limit is 30 minutes. There is? Can anyone do it?”


It can’t be.


It is a complicated magic formula that would take over a week to draw by hand.


And even if they use the magic formula…


“The amount of mana required to cast this is at least close to a million. Who’s that human here? Me, and.”


All eyes were on Enoch and Cheshire, who stood to his right.


“Those two.”


Oscar asked Enoch, waving a piece of paper with a magic formula drawn on it.


“Time is the key to this. Can you implement it in your head as quickly as me and write it down before the wounded soldier dies?”


“It will be difficult, of course.”


When Enoch answered right away, Oscar smiled, returned to his seat, and sat down.


“Do you think I hid this? Do I want to use it alone?”


Inside the conference room, everyone’s mouths were closed like clams.


“As you can see, it’s very inefficient magic. Primera isn’t that great for nothing. Can anyone do something like this?” 


Oscar clicked his tongue.


“There is a reason why it wasn’t made public. You guys…” 


Oscar, who was going to talk about something while touching his head, paused.


The look in Enoch’s eyes that he met by chance.  


‘Please, Lord of the Wizard Tower. There’s no reason to be the enemy of these commanders. Please, can’t you just be a little bit soft?’


He was speaking earnestly.


“…At your level, you wouldn’t be able to use it even if I told you anyway, so I didn’t feel the need to disclose it.” 


Enoch closed his eyes tight.


It’s not really soft! 


“Do you understand?”


Oscar finished arrogantly and stood up.


“Can I go now? I am very busy.”


Truly the tyrant of the conference hall!


It was all over because no one could hold Oscar. 


‘This is a big deal.’


Without a doubt, Oscar won the meeting, but Enoch now had new concerns.


‘There is nothing good about being seen as hateful in the eyes of those in power.’


There were many people in this place that had to be brought with him for the future revolution, whether he liked it or not. 




At that time, Oscar, who was about to leave, stopped.


Then he took a couple of steps back and tapped the table.


“Well, I understand the feelings of parents who were worried about their children and bowed their heads and whispered to the young and arrogant Lord of the Wizard Tower. This shitty country is the problem; are you the problem?” 


Everyone, who was worried that the request might be revealed, looked at the Oscar as if it were unexpected.


“Even if I expose it, I won’t gain anything. If you want me to take it to the grave, just don’t mess with me, who lives a quiet life.”


Everyone opened their eyes and exchanged glances with each other.




“Okay, then. Well done.” 


Oscar left the conference room.


Enoch looked at the door Oscar left through and smiled slightly.


…I think it’s perfect? 


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