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Oscar also looked out the window with anxious eyes, glancing at the guards blocking the door before quickly turning away.


“Hey,” he whispered to Enoch, “I’ll be leaving in 5 minutes.”


“What are you going to do?”


“I can’t dispel the spell in front of them. If we’re caught pretending, our deception will be revealed. We shouldn’t harm these elderly folks who have helped us by lending their identities.”


“That’s right. Do you have a plan?”


“Even if I release the magic, it needs to be done where no one is watching. I’ll stand out with this body, but if that Cheshire punk shows up, you’ll have to explain it yourself.”


“All right.” 


When Enoch nodded, Oscar immediately raised his hand and said, “I need to go to the bathroom.”


The guards frowned.


“What are you staring at? What can I do when I’m in an awkward situation? Should I do it in my pants?” 


“Hmm. Could you wait until the guard commander arrives…” 


“When is he coming? I’ll do it now,” Oscar insisted.




“Why don’t one of you come out with me? I won’t do anything unnecessary. Can’t a couple of young folks handle an old, worn-out body like mine?”


The two guards exchanged embarrassed glances. 


Finally, one of them nodded. “Okay, come with me.”


“You should have done it earlier.” 


Oscar came out accompanied by a guard. As soon as he came out, he immediately squeezed and opened his hands to gauge his remaining mana.


‘It costs about 10,000 to bind the guy next to you. That’s almost all the remaining mana. Should I handle the escape with my own feet?’


Every minute and every second is an emergency. If the magic was broken in front of anyone, it would be a complete disaster. At a time when mana is constantly burning every second, worrying is a luxury.




Oscar immediately tied the feet of the guard who followed next to him. The guard, whose body suddenly stiffened, looked startled.


But it was only for a moment.


“S-Stay there!” He grasped the situation as he watched the old priest quickly running away. “The deputy priest is running away!!!”


Oscar sprinted away. While he was quickly running down the stairs—


‘There’s no one watching.’


—The spell was released with good timing.


Gritting his teeth, he sensed his body changing.


‘There are two days when my mana has a hole.’


Oscar Manuel.


Rank, DOS.


A prodigy from the Manuel family who is blessed not only with extraordinary brains but also with a mana capacity of close to 1 million. Of course, it would be difficult to experience mana depletion even once in a lifetime.




He has already experienced it twice!


‘My mana seems to have a hole twice in one day.’


Before returning, when dealing with Cheshire.


‘It’s because of you! This girl!’


Lilith Rubinstein!


At this rate, I feel like you own my whole life.


As soon as he left the quarters, Oscar quickly took off his pilgrimage cloak and put it on the floor. Now that he had regained his height and physique as a young adult male, there was no chance of being caught even if fast knights followed after him.




‘How many people here know my face?’


If the Lord of the Wizard Tower suddenly appeared here, it would raise suspicion in one way or another. 


Oscar lowered his head as much as possible and began to walk at a brisk pace in the opposite direction of the accommodation. 


‘About five high-ranking priests from the pilgrimage group. And Cheshire, him and Lilith. I don’t know anyone among the nobles. If I just get out of here, I won’t get caught.’




While he was walking and thinking, someone bumped into his left shoulder.


“Tsk, f*ck!” 




What did you say? 


Oscar stopped and looked at the thick man. A swollen face, unfocused eyes, the smell of alcohol—clear signs of a heavy drinker who had just finished a drink at a nearby pub.


“Hey, you b*stard. Hiccup.  Aren’t you gonna apologize? You seem to keep staggering, you know? Hiccup! Can’t even stand your ground, huh?”






At that moment, something snapped in Oscar’s mind. After a day of being treated as a penman lacking muscle by Enoch and Lilith, Oscar consistently devoted at least one hour a day, every day, for strength training. The tearful days that began with sit-ups and ended with push-ups flashed before his eyes.


“Where did he go!”


“He’s going over there!”


Voices of guards chasing Oscar echoed from behind. 


He didn’t have much mana left so he couldn’t tie him up for long, but even considering that, he chased after him pretty quickly.


‘Has he come this far already?’


Oscar slowly lowered his head again. Soon, the four or five guards began to disperse, probably because their colleagues had also been called. The old man they were looking for was short and skinny at first glance… So fortunately, he didn’t pay any attention to this and walked away.


“Aren’t you going to apologize, you b*stard!” 


The problem is this drunken man.


He continued to argue, nudging Oscar’s shoulder with his index finger. 


“Ha, f*ck. Was he mute? Tsk, his face is~ Hiccup! It’s so good and beautiful that it’s ridiculous!” 


This time, he grabbed Oscar’s chin and turned it this way and that.


“But it’s too bad you’re mute.”


He taps his cheek and clicks his tongue.


‘This, right now… What on earth is happening to me?’


Is this a real situation?


* * *


The pilgrimage group arrived in the village safely, and I unpacked my bags at the lodgings where I could sleep well for the first time in a while. Without bothering to wash up, I stepped outside.


‘Cheshire said he captured the old priests, right?’


These two said they would catch me as soon as I came to town. Once the pilgrimage group’s accommodations are assigned, Cheshire will come out to interrogate the two priests, and I will also come out to join him…


“I’m going crazy! We have to catch him quickly before the guard commander finds out! He couldn’t have gone far!”


“Hey, you idiot! That deputy priest—he’s aged, and you let him go?”


Suddenly, four guards emerged from another inn where the two priests were being held.


Did they miss it? The deputy priest? 


‘Ack! Could it be that Grandfather Scar ran away?’


I was shocked and held my cheek.


Missing it is one thing, but running away…


‘There’s definitely something there. The person with a plan was right.’


The guards quickly dispersed and left, perhaps trying to get things under control before being scolded by Cheshire. 


“Agh, really!”


I couldn’t do this or that, so I just stamped my feet. 


‘Would he be able to find me if I blend in here?’


The night streets were bustling with people. People came for prayers after hearing about the priests’ arrival, and people gathered in front of restaurants and bars everywhere…


‘Wow, I’m going crazy.’


Now that I knew they had missed the criminal, I couldn’t just sit back and relax.


I saw the bracelet. 


If he’s hiding somewhere, I’ll be able to detect it.


Location awareness relies on the ability of the skilled individual. I can’t even consider using it against mana monsters like James Brown; it drains too much life force.


‘Because Grandpa Scar is old.’


As he ages, his mana decreases.  


‘It won’t cost much, right?’


Probably about 5 minutes of life force… 






I looked at the bracelet again, doubting my eyes. Really? It takes 5 years to detect an old grandfather’s location?


I can’t use my blood-like vitality for five years…


“W-well, t-this is…”


How can this be? Could it be that he was a grandfather who hid his powers like Mr. James Brown?


“What on earth is his identity!”


I held my head and was shocked.


* * *


“Hey, Hiccup! Say it~! Are you really mute? Damn it, say—Hiccup! If you don’t apologize, do you want to hit me with your body~? Huh?”


The drunk man is now grabbing Oscar by the collar and blaming him.


Right now, Oscar is depleted of mana.


Even though he is the Lord of the Wizard Tower and is considered a master of all magic, he feels completely helpless at this time.


He knows full well that the best thing to do is to just say ‘I’m sorry!’ and leave, even if it’s dirty… 




His stubborn personality never tolerated compromise.


“Huh, what is it? Can you talk?” 


“You got a rag in your mouth, f*ck. Are you the only one who knows how to curse? If you’ve been drinking, you should politely go home, wash your feet, and get some sleep. Why bother someone like me walking quietly down the street? Do you want to die?”


The words are spoken quietly and quickly, with his face pressed close to them.


The drunk man was momentarily dazed. 


“Ignore it with your foolish eyes, you fool. Can’t you see? And you, saying I’m staggering? Have you had your eyelids plucked out as a side dish for drinks? Where am I being staggered, you ignorant punk?”


If his words had any offensive power, the man would have already been fatally wounded. 


However, even in a drunken state, his ears seemed open, and the man was enraged to the very end by the harsh words he kept pouring into him.


“This, this, this b*stard!”




The man’s thick arm extended out in a wide line. However, Oscar tilted his head back and sarcastically avoided him. 


“Uh, okay. I knew it would be like this. This is a characteristic of ignorant people like you. First, throw a punch and then see what happens.”


“Y, you! I, Hiccup! I guess you don’t know who I am~?” 


“Do I need to know? Who are you? A loser whose greatest achievement in life is being born and breathing?”




“Or, are you an unintelligent dog who only learns to drink late into the night and pick fights with good people through the mouth of a rag?”


Oscar chuckled.


“Which one?”


There is a slight difference in weight class…


Oscar was confident he could easily avoid the sluggish movements of the drunk man—until the half-crazed man pulled out a knife from his pocket.




He hadn’t expected this.


He could understand a punch, but a knife was unexpected.


Having lived in a place where a minimum of common sense was guaranteed, this came as a shock.


At that time,




In a familiar voice, Oscar was surprised.


What, why are kids here?


As he doubted his eyes, Lilith opened his mouth, and Oscar shouted without thinking.


“Hey! Go away! Go away! Because this is a crazy guy!…Ah.”




The rushing man instantly thrust the dagger into Oscar’s left shoulder. 

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