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* * *


Has there ever been a time when silence was this scary?


Oscar swallowed a sigh while looking at the flustered expressions of old priest Rick, no, Enoch. 


“I want to come and go as quietly as possible without getting caught. If I get caught, the princess will be very angry.” 


…Are you thinking about not getting caught?


Of course, it’s not easy to blame Enok for acting without thinking because he was surprised.


He never would have guessed that Lilith would be here.


He must have been passing by outside the alley when he saw a man who looked dangerous and instinctively followed him.


“That… Ahaha, so it’s not like that. Hohoho! Exercise… I worked out hard, and it’s helpful in a situation like this!”


Enoch made an excuse brightly, and Oscar turned his head away because he couldn’t bear to see that.


Then, a glance.


He noticed Lilith’s gaze.


The child blinked, her expressionless face showing no emotion. She quietly looked at Enoch and then up at Oscar, who stood beside her.


‘Damn it, she noticed this 100%.’ 


Being silent without saying anything is even scarier!


Lilith quietly lifted her wrist and looked at her bracelet. The kid—she was checking something!


Oscar closed his eyes tightly. If she guessed it to be Enoch, there are many ways to confirm the identity with that bracelet. How many years does it take to control that old man?


―If she just asks, it has already been 282 years!


There will be a number that shows only Enoch, so how can he not get caught?


“Haa.” Soon, Lilith washed her face dry with her small hands. “Dad, really, why are you doing this…” 


A crying voice came out from between her hands, covering her face. 


* * *




We returned to the accommodations. Dad and Oscar brought chairs and sat side by side in front of me.


“Are you very angry?” Dad asked, watching me.




Oscar crossed his legs, crossed his arms, and tilted his head as if he had done nothing wrong.


“Princess…? Why aren’t you saying anything…? It’s scary…” 


When I sat on the bed and didn’t respond, my dad glanced back as if he were trying to send an SOS. I saw Cheshire leaning against the wall.


‘Tsk, really. Do you think Chesihre will at least take your side?’ 


I’m sure he was just as annoyed as I was, considering he cleaned up all the mess by himself. He went to each of the escorts who were confused and made excuses, saying there was a misunderstanding…


The accommodations were moved separately so that Dad and Oscar could be together…


‘I could have just left my luggage at the accommodation next door!’


There’s just one thing I don’t like.


I’m sleeping with my dad and moving my luggage here! 


I don’t want to see my dad’s face for the next three days!  


“I wish you had at least told me. Lilith was very scared…”


Cheshire added, looking at Oscar’s bloody clothes. 


“…Unexpected things happened. If you had told me in advance, there wouldn’t have been any misunderstandings.”


The kind Cheshire said long words, expressing that he wouldn’t take my Dad’s side.


‘What do you think I did well?’ I could have just shot him.


“That’s right… I’ve done everything wrong…”


“Oh, it’s frustrating.”


At that moment, Oscar stood up, shaking his head. 


“I didn’t do anything wrong. If your dad scolds you, come to my room.” 


“No, Lord of the Wizard Tower? How can you’re saying you didn’t do anything wrong? Come with me. Wait! Hold on! Wait a moment…”




As Oscar coldly left the room, my dad lowered the hand he had extended towards him and looked at me again. 






“Was I that untrustworthy?”


“It’s not like that.”


Dad shook his head.


“I didn’t follow because I didn’t trust the princess. Because dad doesn’t want the princess to suffer… even though you said it’s not dangerous, we never know…” 


“I can’t do that without going through any hardships and having dad by my side for the rest of my life. Someday, I will have to do this and that alone without dad and have a hard time….”




“What if I get used to dad doing everything for me and become a fool who can’t do anything on my own?”


Dad looked at me blankly. Then, as if sensing something, he pursed his lips and quietly nodded.


“Eung, yeah. Princess is right.” 


I looked at my dad with a strange expression for a while and sighed. 


“No, and! Why did you bring Master? From what I heard, it doesn’t seem like he can even maintain the transformation for two weeks!” 


“The Lord of the Wizard Tower probably didn’t plan to follow the pilgrimage route from the beginning to the end. He cared more about you than I did. Even now, his only thought is probably taking you back home.”




I grabbed my cheek and pulled it down.


Yeah, Oscar… 


Dad is a dad too, but I had something to say to Oscar right now. I had to explain again because he couldn’t hear due to being lost in other thoughts


“Please wait a moment.”


I got up. 


“I’ll have a chat with the Master first.”


* * *


Lilith entered the room where Oscar was waiting. With his arms crossed, Oscar conveyed his thoughts through his eyes without saying another word.


Now tell me.


“…Soon, there will be an epidemic in Molech. People in the village will all die, so I’m going to solve it.”


“Hmm, I knew that.” Oscar smiled brightly. Then, his expression suddenly hardened in a scary way, and he came closer and grabbed Lilith’s arm. “If you wait a little longer, I will have enough mana to use movement magic, so go home right away.”


“No. I have to go all the way to Molech.”


“What do you think I’ll say?”


“Do you remember the heart-shaped relic that you and my dad brought to me four years ago to wake me up when I entered the Holy Fever?” 




“I think it was a rather special holy relic. According to the holy book, a person who swallows that holy relic can change the fate of others.”


“So what. What can you do? Are you going to change this fate?”




“Why are you doing that?” Oscar added fearfully, gritting his teeth. “So, you’re going to go find each and every person you know who is destined to die and save them? By cutting your life short?”


Before Lilith could respond, Oscar gritted his teeth and sneered. 


“This is why I interfered with everything you did.”




“Do you feel like you have become a god? Saving those who were about to die soon must make you happy, right? Do you think you should do something?” 




“You are not God. You too will die someday. The more you do this, the sooner you die.”


“I know.”


“Is that all you know? Can you do it if you know? What does it matter to you that the people you don’t even know face die?” 




“You don’t have to do anything. If you want to play, play; if you want to sleep, sleep; and if you want to eat, eat. Living life while forcibly burning out your vitality and holding your breath will soon end. Only until your father kills the emperor.”


Why did I save you?


Try to be happy without any worries, like everyone else.


Try living for a long time.


He was hoping for that.


“If death is their fate, then just let them die. Don’t do anything. No one ever forced you to sacrifice.”


“It’s not a sacrifice. I’m going to Molech this time, but it’s not for such a great reason or cause.” Lilith shook her head and added. “I’m going to make sure that I can change people’s fate by eating that holy relic. And I need to find out how to use the power of that holy relic, if there is a way.”


“Ha, are you joking with me? It’s the same thing! On the contrary, if you become confident, you will be more excited to save people’s lives in the future!”


“No. It’s not the same thing.”


Lilith shook her head again. And as she was about to speak, she stopped


“…Please don’t answer carelessly because it’s scary.”


Oscar’s eyes narrowed. Perhaps Lilith was trying to talk about his regression. 


“Master, you used magic. Then there will definitely be a price.”




“The resurrection magic that brings the dead back to life also requires the life of the one casting the spell. So, the magic Master used…” 


Oscar realized why Lilith was saying this.


The child knows that he used a regression spell. She’s worried about the cost. Fortunately, she doesn’t know exactly what it is…


“I am always worried about Master. I hope Master survives somehow… . So, I will definitely find a way.”




Oscar laughed.


And he lied.


“Am I going to die? I’m not dying. Why are you so serious about it alone?”




“Think about it with common sense. Who did I resurrect? Just by looking at it, wouldn’t it be the most difficult and costly to bring a dead person back to life?” 




“Not being able to speak is the end. So don’t worry unnecessarily. Not being able to speak is the end. So don’t worry unnecessarily.” 


Lilith looked at Oscar’s smiling face as if to reassure her. They say that the price of regression is the prohibition against revealing the future.


Lilith was in tears.


He thought I didn’t know and lied…


“If it’s because of me, you don’t have to go to Molech. Let’s go home.”


Oscar held Lilith’s hands together, bent his knees in front of her, and made eye contact with her. 


“The food is not tasty, the bed is uncomfortable, and it’s just hard work. Just wait 10 minutes. I’ll send you home.”






“What am I to Master?”




“That person… What does it mean to you, Master?” 


Oscar was dazed by the sudden question.




What do you mean to me? 


The child’s question prompted Oscar to think seriously for the first time.


‘What are you to me?’


In time that has disappeared…


To Oscar Manuel before his regression… 


Life was a series of boring days. There was nothing in particular that interested him. Other people are happy when they see nice things, and they are happy when they eat delicious things… 


Also, he lives stubbornly to achieve something… 


Is that why?


On the one hand, he found the emperor fascinating.


Because he is a person with a clear purpose in life. Because he’s a human being with desires, willing to do anything to achieve his goals.


“To me, you…?”


Then Oscar met the child.




The emperor’s puppet.


Even though he had desires like others, even though there were things he wanted to do…


A child who couldn’t do anything.


The emotion that started as a small feeling of pity for her soon grew out of control and filled Oscar’s heart.


Something that always waits for me in the same place every day.


Someone who would be lonely without me.


I was the only one who existed.


Because of you, I have a purpose in life.


Oscar wanted to see the child free. 


He also wanted to see her living happily with her dad as she wished.


You… existed in most of the moments of my life, breathing and alive.


Feelings toward a child could probably be defined as love. 




Oscar looked into the child’s face as she waited for his answer. 


6 years remaining.


A time so short that no other life goals can be created. In the meantime, he sacrificed everything to bring back the child… 


Just to protect her. 


And if only he could see her grow up happily…


That’s all.


“You… are the reason I live.”


He said it so casually and sincerely.


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