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Oscar sobbed for a long time and caught his breath. His arms hugged me so tightly that I felt like I was going to be crushed. 


“To me, too… you…”


His shaky voice shattered and entered my ears. 


“…precious, really…” 




“I’ve never been this desperate…”


Soon he buried his face in my shoulder and whispered.






“Promise me one thing…”




“The dangerous thing that catches the emperor’s attention… don’t do that… And… anything that consumes a significant amount of vitality, always… consult me or your father. Also…”


Releasing the arms that held me, Oscar met my gaze with reddened eyes and added. 


“…Even if you can’t find a solution, I’ll be okay.”




“Don’t ever say something like that again, like you’re going to die.”




“Answer me.”


I muttered while avoiding Oscar’s gaze.


“You asked me to promise only one thing, but it wasn’t one thing…”


“Argh, tsk!”


As Oscar was yelling at me, I closed my eyes and sniffled.


“You won’t promise?”


I pretended not to hear and snuggled into his arms again.


“I will definitely find a way…”




Oscar gritted his teeth and stood up quickly.


“M, Master. Do you still hate me?”




“No, right? Are you going to talk to me now?”


“Naughty girl.”


He just looked at me and slowly stretched out his hand.


“…Let’s go.”


“Ah! Hehe…” 


“Why are you laughing like a fool? What’s so funny.” 


Oscar held my hand tightly and started to move forward. 


“Master, you know. I love you. A lot.”


He paused at the confession made in a stuffy voice and then laughed.


“…That’s enough. I don’t hate you, and now that I’m ready to talk, let’s stop.”


“Eung, isn’t that what I said to help you relieve your anger, Master? I really love you. My dad used to say that, and he meant that you should express it every day whenever you have the chance. So you won’t regret not doing it later.” 




“Master, please do the same. I love you.” 


Oscar stared blankly, his lips pursed, then suddenly burst out with a scream.


“I can’t do that!”




The atmosphere was good, but he quickly returned to being a teacher.


Still, I’m glad we reconciled.


—While thinking about it, it suddenly occurred to me.


‘Ah, right.’


Only later did I remember the purpose of bringing Oscar with me. I need to ask him to read the ancient language. 


I held Oscar’s hand and hurriedly led him to the entrance of the village.


“What is this? Where are you going?” 




“I asked you, what is this?”


“I, I just like the air! It’s also an opportunity to go for a walk, isn’t it? No need to go back right away…”


When I mumbled, Oscar’s eyes narrowed


“Is that an excuse for calling me because you have something to tell me? Did you have any other intentions from the beginning?”


How sharp… 


“Ah, what do you mean other intentions? It makes me so sad.”


“Then what? Why did you come here?”


“Well, I just want to go on a private date for the first time in a while…” 


Oscar frowned. Of course, he doesn’t believe it. 


“Heuk! Master, look at this!”


Coming to a place where stones with ancient writing were visible, I pretended as if I had discovered it by chance.


“Here, here! What is this?” 




“There’s a rock in this place that looks suspicious! Besides, isn’t what is written here an ancient language?”


Oscar looked at the rock and then turned to me.








Feeling embarrassed, I quietly avoided eye contact.


“Ha, I knew it would be like this.”


Before long, Oscar sighed and knelt down in front of the stone.


“You’re not that good at acting, so from now on, don’t waste time and just get to the point.”




Soon, Oscar began to explore the surface of the stone with his hands. Then, he pauses. 


“W, why? What does it say?” 


“…Did you say that all the villagers here will die?”




I asked excitedly.


“Is this something like a prophecy? Does it foretell people’s deaths in advance? Does it also mention a way to save them?”


Oscar chuckled. It was a somewhat ominous laugh.


“No. What is the way to save them?” 




He got up and shrugged his shoulders.


“They say they want them to die peacefully for your father?”


* * *


On the way back to camp.


“Why are you shocked all over again?”


Oscar spoke as he watched me walk absentmindedly.


“You didn’t expect God to be normal, did you? He is the main culprit who turned the country into this mess.” 


“I had a little faith…I didn’t know there would be this much blood and tears…” 


“You’re stupid, huh.” 


The revelation was shocking.


While it certainly contained predictions about the tragedy of the Holy Land Mollec, there wasn’t advice or instructions on how to prepare…


<When the light is taken away,


As fate would have it, the sacrifice will begin.


This is the precious blood sacrificed for the hero’s victory.


Destinies that will drive out evil,


Don’t be sad.> 


Just as Oscar had said, there was a message written asking them to die peacefully. 


The hero is my Dad, the evil is the emperor. 


Villagers who were destined to die by God himself in order to help the revolution. 


“Master, you know.”


This revelation gave me more insight than I thought. 


“Now I know why Theo almost died right when he was supposed to.”


“Well, was it his fate to die too?” 


“Yes, probably. No, definitely.” I added weakly. “My brother’s death was a sad but good opportunity. To Cheshire and to Dad.” 


Unlike Enoch Rubinstein, who lost his daughter, Cheshire had no sense of purpose for the revolution. 


He had been awakened by the death of his most cherished twins. 


“Also, it’s good for Dad that the villagers die this time.”


The Molech disaster was a blow to the emperor and a strength to my Dad.


“Fate is not decided…” 


Unlike the original, many things have changed, so it cannot be said that human fate is fixed. 


“It seems like there are certain people with designated roles.”


There seem to be certain individuals for whom fate is ‘designated’ by God.


Like a character in a book whose death is specifically described in a few lines of a few pages…


They will probably have to face the risk of death at a certain point.




It is precious blood sacrificed for the hero’s victory.


They all share a commonality, which is serving as a ‘device’ to stimulate the protagonist’s will or support in the revolution. 


“Phew, this is really shocking.” 


This world, I guess…


It felt like a thoroughly planned script by God, who wanted my dad to win. 


* * * 


Midway up the mountain. I was up alone with my Dad at a place with a good view of the lake.


“Wow, the scenery is greaat!”


With no one around, Dad, relieved to have removed the elderly disguise, was amazed as he looked down at the dazzling lake.


Main character.




A person chosen by God to defeat the evil emperor.


Dad, in winning smoothly in the original work, naturally contributed significantly with his protagonist-like abilities, but…


‘There were definitely some accidental buffs that came with being the main character.’


When you read a novel. 


Ah, is this how the whole universe helps? 


No, what a coincidence?


―There were often situations that made me think.


That is the omnipotence of the author. Soon, it will be God’s arrangement.


The same goes for the disaster that occurred here at Molech. 


‘Is it possible for an unknown infectious disease to suddenly break out? It was strange.’


Even this is just the beginning. A sudden natural disaster or human-made disaster happens, and coincidentally, the emperor loses public support and becomes intimidated…


There will be several more ‘main character buff’ developments in the future.


It means there are more people who must sacrifice themselves without any wrongdoing for Dad’s victory.


“Princess, why did you ask to come here?”


“Ah, yes. I am the people here… To help… . Because that’s what I came here for…”


“Here? How?” 


I was overcome with worry as I looked at Dad tilting his head. 






“Me… please hug me.”


“H, huh?”


Dad, whose mouth was dry, quickly hugged me.


“What’s going on, our princess? Are you still a bit upset with Dad? Then, can I get a kiss, perhaps? Mwah~!”


I didn’t miss the opportunity and covered Dad’s mouth with my hand. 


“No kisses yet. I said I’ll give you some after you sleep tonight.” 




“Dad, I have something more to say than that.”


“What to say? What is it?”


“I said Dad’s business will succeed, didn’t I?” 


“Ah, mhm. You did.” 


“Yeah, of course… Dad did really well, but I guess there was also a bit of luck involved…”


“Oh, really?”


“But, Dad.”


Saving the people whose destinies are predetermined by the gods to make the revolution easier is essentially…


This means that the ‘main character buff’ must be removed.


“Even if you don’t have that kind of luck, will Dad be able to succeed in your business?”




“Luck is given by the gods… like a gift. If all the people in this village die this time, it’s a benefit for Dad. If such luck runs out in the future…” 




Dad said with surprised eyes.


“How can it be profitable and lucky when so many people die? If that were a gift, Dad wouldn’t accept it.”


I couldn’t bear to look at Dad and avoided his eyes. 


Actually… Of course I knew that my father would say this.


I’ve already made up my mind to save people, and I can’t turn a blind eye to the impending deaths that lie ahead.


Still, I was asking Dad.


While thinking that I would ultimately complicate things— 


‘It’s okay because I got permission from Dad.’


—and trying to make myself feel better. 


“I’m sorry.” 




Dad was silent at my sudden apology. He doesn’t even have to ask why, it’s like he knows everything.


“Princess. Do you think it would be difficult for Dad to not have that gift?”


“Uh-huh. I know Dad can do anything, but still… I’m worried.”




Looking at Dad’s worried face, I spoke timidly. 


“Should I help… or not? If I do something unnecessarily, and Dad struggles or the business fails…” 




Dad laughed softly and whispered in my ear.


“In fact, this is a secret, but Dad already received a gift from God. It’s enough with just that, so there’s no need to receive more.”


“Eung? What gift?” 


What are you talking about all of a sudden?


“Are you curious?” 




“If you’re curious, kiss me~!”


I can’t help but be curious.


However, Dad chuckled and poked my nose after I gave him a kiss.


“The gift is from our princess.”




“Because the princess just gave me a kiss, Dad feels energized. Dad has become stronger because of you, princess.” 


The look in Dad’s eyes as he matched mine was deep.


“Thanks to the princess, I’ve strengthened myself like this, catching monsters and intending to run the business to protect the princess. So, I’ve already received a very, very big gift, and I’ve also secured all the luck I’ll have in my lifetime.”




Dad smiled and pressed our foreheads together.


“Trust Dad, okay? Princess, just do whatever makes your heart comfortable without worrying about me. As long as I have our daughter, Dad can handle anything.” 



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