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“Wow, Cheshire.”


I covered my mouth.


“Actually, I was talking with Uncle a little while ago…”


“What are you talking about?”


“You know about the holy beast incident four years ago where even Octava was called up? At that time, he said I must be hungry because I must have used up all my mana? And he said that when you run out of mana, the first thing you feel is hunger?”


“No way.”


Cheshire’s eyes widened.


“… It seems like father tested you.”


“Right? Huh, what’s that about? Why did he test me?”


No way. Is he suspicious of my identity? 


If so, this is a big problem. 


I’ve only grown up a bit, but anyone with a sharp eye can guess that I’m Primera.


“That’s okay. He may have suspicions, but it would be hard for him to be certain. Plus, even if he were to find out, it wouldn’t matter to father.”


“That’s true, but Uncle is also worried for no reason…” 


“It can’t be helped.” Cheshire added with a sigh. “It’s strange enough that you suddenly started hiding here. It’s understandable to be suspicious.”


“Ugh, we can’t. Dad said Uncle’s mentality was weaker than we thought…” 


“That’s not something you should be worried about. Instead, let’s hurry up and leave. You said we have somewhere to go today.”


“Ah, that’s right!” 


Today was the day I was supposed to meet Rico after a long time.


The leader of the information guild <Red Hawk>!


Our source of information who knows everything about the capital! 


While I’ve been reviewing the original work during this time…


[In July 1783, commoners staged a protest in the Capital.


The content of the protest was to ensure minimum security and crime prevention even in areas where commoners live.


The emperor ignored it and executed ten instigators who incited the protest.]


I had asked Rico to investigate the upcoming event.


“I’ll quickly change my clothes… ah!”


At that moment, as I was about to return to my room, I was frozen in place by the unfamiliar sight beyond Cheshire’s room window.


“What’s wrong?” 


Blue light visible in the distance.


‘Why… why is that there again?’


It was the same light I saw in the holy city of Molech and the lake.


Only my eyes could see…


<When the light is taken away,


As fate would have it, the sacrifice will begin.>


* * *


The Capital, <Rico Restaurant>.


The atmosphere in the underground of the building was quite different from the ordinary interior of a restaurant.


“Did you find out anything?”


A man wearing a smiling clown mask walked with sharp, echoing footsteps and took a seat.


It was Rico, the leader of the information guild <Red Hawk>.


“Not at all on this side.”


“Even on Seraph Street…” 


The gathered informants all nodded in unison.


“That’s strange. I don’t think she asked to find out for nothing.” 


Rico opened the letter he was holding. It was sent by Lilith two weeks ago.


[Rico Rico! Long time no see!


It’s nothing different, I have a favor to ask…


Could you please take a look at what the atmosphere is like in the commoner residential areas these days?


There are likely people preparing for a protest. It would be helpful to know who these people are in advance…


It’s okay if you don’t reply. I’ll come see you in person in two weeks.


See you then!]


“That’s nonsense, Rico.” The informant, Marina, said. “The commoners, who are too afraid to even speak up against the Emperor, suddenly participate in protests? What could possibly make them risk their lives like that?”


That’s true. 


It was unimaginable for commoners, who are neither noble nor officials, to demand something from the Emperor and stand up in protest.


“Then let’s put that aside for now. What about the other side?” 


Lilith didn’t get what she wanted, but instead, there were some peculiar behaviors that were observed during the process. 


“Are they trying to bribe the commoners?”


For reasons unknown, someone was secretly gathering the commoners. 


“Why were they gathering them?”


“I couldn’t figure it out.”


Marina shook her head.


“It’s beyond our capabilities. It seems like they were not simply bought with a few coins. They approached discreetly and didn’t open their mouths at all.” 


“Make them open their mouths somehow.”


“What should we do? Catch them and torture them? That’s not our style.”


“If they’ve spent enough to hire them, we should invest ten times, a hundred times more to get at least one of them. We need to find out who’s pulling the strings.”


A sudden contact from Lilith.


And someone’s strange actions.


“Something doesn’t feel right. If there is any evidence, we should secure it.”


Rico added harshly.


“Move again.”


* * *


So suddenly? 


I nervously bit my nails in the moving carriage.


‘Let’s stay calm. Calm down.’


The carriage was heading towards the commoner residential area of the capital.


Because the whole area was covered in blue light.


‘The revelation was not a one-time thing. In the future, that light will announce people’s deaths in advance. However…’


I knew about the Molech disaster because it appeared in the original, so I went there.


‘…What on earth is this time?’


There was no incident that could be measured.




At that time, Cheshire whispered.




“…Not this time.”


The light was visible, and though I knew people would die, it meant I shouldn’t use my powers.


“Mhm, I know.” 


I nodded.


If I grow again this time, it will definitely become a problem.


It’s sad, but I had to move as long as I could to ensure my safety. 


“Let’s just check the situation and see if we can handle it without using our abilities.”


“Yeah. If it’s something we can handle without using your abilities, I’ll do whatever it takes.”


Cheshire added quietly. 


“But if it’s not, then… we’ll just pretend we didn’t see anything. Promise me.”


“Okay. Don’t worry.” 


We whispered for a moment, then suddenly glanced across the street.


Axion sits on the other side with his legs crossed and looks out.




He said, feeling our gaze.


“It looks like you’re talking about something important, but don’t worry about me and continue.”


“Uh, um… Uncle, I’m sorry. But it was okay for just me and Cheshire to come out.” 


“What, were you planning on going on a date?”




“If it’s not a date, then include your Uncle too. I don’t have much to do, so I’m bored.”


I looked at Axion’s expression, which seemed indifferent.


‘I don’t know what you’re thinking.’


Thinking about the way he looked at me made my head feel like it was spinning.


As expected, Axion is Axion… 


‘Ugh, I have to go see Rico too.’


In the midst of all of this, there was suddenly a light of revelation.


“Ack! Let’s get off here!”


I stopped the carriage at a place where the blue light filled the area so much that it hurt my eyes.


A dozen or so buildings are all lit up. 


“Is this right here?”


“Ah, that’s right… however… .”


It’s too peaceful. It didn’t seem like anything was going to happen. 


‘Will a bomb fall?’


That’s so unrealistic. 


‘Or maybe suddenly a monster will appear?’


This is quite possible. 


It would be nice if Dad were here, but unfortunately, he’s out on subjugation… 


“What are you doing here?” 


Axion asked after getting off the carriage. 


“Yeah, uhm. I know right.” I thought nervously. “Cheshire, for now let’s go somewhere else…” 


I don’t have time to think about it, so I whisper to Cheshire to find out something. 


“Ahhhh! “Fire!” 


Suddenly, a scream was heard from inside the building.




Soon, a group of about five or six men came out of the building in front of them.


They took something out of a large package.


‘…A bottle?’


It was a glass bottle with a narrow neck.


“Damn it, what are those?” 


Axion, who was trying to catch the men, was confused because he felt suspicious.


Because it’s not just one but a group to catch.


People were emerging suspiciously from not only this building but also from all the other buildings emitting blue light.




They threw the bottles towards the building as if they had made a promise, and at the same time.




“Help me!”






Immediately a fire broke out.


‘N, no way.’


It was a Molotov cocktail made by filling it with oil.


It seemed as if the buildings were already engulfed in flames from the inside, as each floor was dyed with a deep crimson hue. The street turned into chaos in an instant, and screams erupted from everywhere. 


“Was it a terrorist attack?’


That was why the light pointed to this place.


“Lilith! Stay back over there!”


Cheshire pushed me.


As I weakly retreated, people flowed out of the buildings like a torrential stream, escaping from within.


There was no time to figure out why the light was headed this way, and there was no time to prepare for anything.


The flames devoured the area in almost a minute. And, scream.


‘Calm down. Let’s calm down.’


Amidst the chaos, uniformed security officers were seen through the crowd.


“H, hey!” 


“Hey, you guys!”


Axion caught them faster than I did.


“Y, Your Excellency the Duke of Libre? Why are you here….”


“Inform the situation here right now and request support. The Imperial Family, the Wizard Tower, and the Marquis Valenciano and Marquis Herzo. Because the Commander of the Wizard Division and the Commander of the Holy Magic Division are currently in the Capital.”


“Yes, yes?”


Imperial family, Wizard Tower, high-ranking nobles…


All those mentioned were high-ranking personnel, and requesting their assistance was crucial.


The guard was taken aback, as it was natural that they wouldn’t be able to move due to a fire that broke out in a commoner residential area.


“The scope of terrorism is too large. If we don’t suppress it as quickly as possible, this whole area will be destroyed. If you convey the fact that it is serious, they might make a move.”


“T, that…” 


“Come to your senses! Just say it was my request. Tell them that Axion Libre is on the scene and wants support.” Axion shouted as he finished speaking. “Move quickly!”


“Y, yes!”


The guards left, and screams continued to erupt from everywhere.


The flames grew bigger every second.


The scorching heat. Scattering embers.


In the meantime, Axion and Cheshire were seen evacuating people.


Although my mind was completely blank.


‘Something has to be done.’


I shook my head vigorously and glanced at my bracelet.


‘What should I do…’




At that time, Cheshire approached me and grabbed my wrist.


“Lilith, come to your senses.”




“The fire is too massive to put out even with all the support coming in. If this is extinguished soon, it’s no different than revealing your identity.”


Cheshire added harshly.


“Don’t ever think foolishly.”


I know. I know. 


I shouldn’t put out the fire.


Regardless of how much vitality it costs, it is ridiculous for a fire that has already grown out of control to be extinguished all at once.


‘Then what should I do?’


As I looked at Cheshire, who had moved away again, I tried to calm down.


‘Think, think of it…’


At that time, a middle-aged woman was seen approaching the building holding a bucket filled with water.


“Hey, stop!”


Axion hastily grabbed the woman’s arm.


“If you put it out like this, the fire will only grow bigger. Help is on the way, so evacuate to a safe distance.” 


“Ugh, n, no, my child… My child is still inside… My child hasn’t come out yet…”


The woman cried and shouted.


‘Yeah. Maybe sneaking out the people still inside… Maybe that’s something I can do…’


I quickly ran to them.


“Uncle! Y, you know…” 


For some reason, Axion stiffened as he looked at me.






He held my shoulder tightly with a pale face. And he whispered quietly.


“Don’t do anything.” 




“I will do it. You, from now on, never. No matter what happens.”




“You must not do anything.”


I realized at that moment.


As expected, Axion… he had a vague guess about my identity.


“W, wait a minute! Uncle!” 


He gripped my shoulders tighter, as if warning me, then wrapped a light shield around his body. 




And then he jumped into the building full of flames. 


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