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Marquis Valenciano.




The commander of the wizard division, Gillian Valenciano’s eyes widened.


A terrorist attack in a residential area. From what he heard, it was a large fire.


It seems difficult to suppress unless they are a high-ranking person…


‘Am I the only one going now?’


Those who specialized in extinguishing fires were definitely wizards.


“W, what about Marquis Julian Erzo? The commander of the holy magic division must be at the Capital right now…”


“Yes. In fact, we were just about to request assistance from Marquis Erzo as well.”


“I, is that so?” 


Gillian bit his lip nervously. 


Since it was Duke Axion Libre, who happened to be at the scene, who personally requested assistance from him, he couldn’t ignore it.




‘I can’t move as I want. It’s difficult.’


As the commander, he has the authority to freely move his troops, and since he is a high-ranking person, putting out fires is not difficult.




Nevertheless, he couldn’t move without being noticed by the emperor.


The timing of fire suppression is important. 


Waiting for the Emperor’s permission would delay our response, and the Emperor… 


‘He probably won’t permit it. If it’s a commoner area… it might even be welcome news to the Emperor.’


Even if it is allowed, it will be after the suppression period has already passed. 


Gillian didn’t have the guts to do something that would get out of the Emperor’s eyes, nor was he in such a position.


“I’m going crazy…”


Gillian held his head in agony.

* * *


At that moment, in the Emperor’s room, the Emperor was personally brewing tea for someone.


“I’m sorry for telling you to come when you’re busy.”


The guest is the Lord of the Wizard Tower, Oscar Manuel. 


“Come to think of it, I felt bad about bothering you with the previous summoning meeting.”


The meeting where he was questioned to explain what saved Theo Antrase… 


It’s already been a while.


‘He probably didn’t suddenly call me to talk about that.’


Oscar was guessing what the Emperor’s intentions were.


“As you may know, the calling meeting at the time was just a show. The commanders were getting so upset; what could I do?”


“It’s alright.” 


“Well, actually, that’s an excuse. I thought I’d take a look at your face for the first time in a while.” 


Oscar sighed and finally said, unable to hold back.


“If you have something to say, say it. I know the tea time discussion is supposed to be the last 10 minutes, but if we waste the first 20 minutes on trivial matters, I’ll break out in hives.”


Seeing Oscar frowning, the Emperor burst into laughter as if he were holding back.


Isn’t it fun that the attitude is so consistent that it doesn’t bother him? 


“You look like me.”


At those words, Oscar’s hand holding the teacup gained strength.


“You know, if you don’t provide the magic formula, no matter how much you fly or crawl, those with abilities will be of no use. So I know that monopolizing magic formulas is how you maintain power.”




“Of course, I have no way of knowing what kind of magic you possess or the extent to which you can create it. But I have no intention of regulating it. As long as it benefits me and the empire, there’s no reason for it to be a problem.”


“Thank you for your lengthy explanation. There’s no need to be so formal between us, since we both know everything.”


When the topic of magic formulas was brought up, Oscar finally understood why the Emperor had summoned him. 


“I understand what you mean.”




Oscar glanced calmly into the smiling eyes of the Emperor, pretending to be friendly. 


‘How is this trash so consistent?’


Magic that saves people who are on the verge of death.


If he could create healing magic of such high-level capability…


‘You called me to ask if I had any useful attack magic formulas.’


The emperor probably thought so.


He believed he could also create destructive magic spells that would be helpful in the war.


‘Yeah, it’s time for you to make your move.’


In the past four years, Enoch has mostly gotten rid of powerful people outside the capital and improved the human rights of commoners within the capital. 


The emperor didn’t play either.


Four years ago, every effort was made to restore the imperial family’s power, which had been shaken by the death of the High Priest.


Now that he feels that the atmosphere in the system has stabilized, he is preparing for another war of conquest. 


“You observed it well, Your Majesty. I am a person who will do anything as long as I can maintain the wealth that makes me comfortable and the power that does not require me to bow in front of others.” 


Oscar added, leaning back haughtily.


“So, as it is now, I’m very satisfied.”


“…Is that so?”


“Yes, Your Majesty. Under your rule, the empire will remain prosperous and strong, and am I not the powerful person for such a nation without any shortcomings?”




“I really like it the way it is right now. I wish there was nothing more peaceful than this.”


This means that expanding the territory by starting a war will not help him maintain his power. 


It was natural for Oscar.


The empire is still a powerful country that no one can rival, and the unification of the continent is only the emperor’s long-cherished wish.


“People who worry about whether to hold on to this line or that line aren’t people with a weak foundation. But, as you know, I have nothing to regret.”


This means that he’s not in a position to impress the Emperor. 


The emperor’s relaxed gaze gradually cooled.


At that time, 


“Y, Your Majesty. This is Ramon.”


The Emperor’s expression hardened at the voice of the aide coming from beyond the door.


“I apologize. I, it’s urgent business…” 


“Ask him to come in.”


As he added tremblingly, Oscar smiled and shrugged his shoulders. 


“Come in.”


Ramon hurried in, bowed his head, and said


“Your Majesty, there’s been a major fire in the commoner area. The security forces are requesting support from the imperial family.”


Oscar’s eyes widened.


Surprised by the fire? No…


‘Does he have two lives? Why do you tell the emperor that there was a fire there?’


The request for support itself is absurd. The Emperor also chuckled, as if he found it ridiculous.


“So, are they here to ask me to put out the fire? Which officer is it?”


“That’s… The support request was made by Duke Axion Libre, who is at the scene. The officer came on his orders.”




The Emperor nodded his head as if he understood.


He already knew there was going to be a fire. Because he planned it himself.


So, the aide came in even though there was no need to report… .


“The Duke of Libre is also truly absurd. What on earth does he think about the emperor?”


“That’s right. It is said that he not only requested support from the imperial family, but also from the Magic Tower and two commanders…”


“Well, alright then. Since both commanders are currently in the capital, they can go if they’re bored.”


“Ah, that. Yes yes…I guess so?”


Ramon noticed, sweating profusely.


Oscar inwardly chuckled as he watched the emperor tilt his teacup with an expression that seemed like it was no big deal.


‘It’s ridiculous. He knows they won’t come because they’re too busy worrying about their own reputations.’


It was also obvious why Axion bothered to request support from the imperial family. 


He is not asking the emperor for help.


He probably meant to grant permission for the commanders to act without paying attention.


‘It’s a good thing that he contacted the Wizard Tower as well.’


Oscar had delegated some of his authority to his aide, Robert. 


If an unexpected situation occurs when the Lord of the Wizard Tower is empty, Robert will respond quickly. 


“So I have an important guest, but you’re just here to report it, Ramon?”


“I apologize, Your Majesty. I heard that the Duke of Libre and the commander of the magic swordsman division were at the scene… so I came to inform you that there might be unexpected manpower losses.” 


“It’s ridiculous. What fools they are to get themselves caught up in such foolishness and risk their lives there.”


“That, Princess Rubinstein too…” 


The emperor, who had been waving his hand as if annoyed, paused for a moment.


At the same time.




Oscar quickly turned around.


“Who did you say?” 


In response to Oscar’s sharp question, Ramon quickly wiped his sweat and spoke to the emperor.


“Your Majesty, Princess Rubinstein is also there. Shouldn’t we look into it…?”


The emperor clicked his tongue as if he were in trouble.


It is unexpected that capable people are involved, but there is nothing to worry about for Axion and Cheshire. 


But Enoch’s daughter…


‘From beginning to end, there is nothing I like about that girl.’


If something goes wrong with Lilith, it could become troublesome. If he leaves them be, knowing well she’s at the scene…


‘Enoch will go crazy.’


Where is Enoch?


Oscar was seen trying to leave without saying hello, so the emperor stopped him.


“Stop. Where are you going?”


“I heard they requested support from the Wizard Tower, so I’m thinking of going there.”


“Ha, why are you going there?”


The emperor stood up and approached Oscar, holding him tightly by the shoulder.


“Is it because of the princess?”




Oscar was desperate to get Enoch’s daughter into the Wizard Tower. 


It’s almost at the level of obsession. Doesn’t he already have memories of clashing with Oscar over that matter?


“Now that I think about it, I think I can help you recruit the princess to the Wizard Tower. The situation is different from before.”


Even in the midst of this, the emperor nodded thoughtfully.


Now that she has no longer any value as a leash, whether to go to the Wizard Tower or… 


“If Enoch is against it, I will try to talk to him. So that the princess can enter the Wizard Tower….” 


“Your Majesty.” 


Oscar clenched his teeth as he removed the Emperor’s hand from his shoulder.


“There’s… a fire, so I need to go and see…”


“It’s okay. Don’t worry about the child. Someone like you shouldn’t be bothered by such trivial commotion.”


The emperor smiled kindly and tilted his head.


At that time, 




In an instant, Lilith appeared where the emperor was sitting.


Messy clothes.


Ashes scattered here and there on her white face.




Oscar gasped in surprise.


His mind went blank. 






The child, who was looking around due to the sudden situation, soon froze when she saw the emperor’s face.


“Oh my. Poor thing.” 


The emperor calmly approached, took out his handkerchief and wiped the child’s cheek.




A situation where it is difficult to breathe.


Lilith’s eyes, pushed to the limit by her fear, immediately filled with water.


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