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‘You’re going to go alone?’


The Moarte Islands.


How can he be so confident even though he knows that this is a place where he is sent to die?


‘Well, I knew it would come out like that.’


The emperor spoke slyly.


“Let’s keep the departure point a secret for now. We’ll just notify them that it’s in the northern region. Since it is a very dangerous place, aren’t you worried that the 3rd Army that will be going out with you will desert if they find out in advance?”


“…Yes, that’s reasonable.” 


“Sir Axion.” 


Axion, who was about to take his steps again, turned his head.


“I’ve long had my eye on Moarte as a headache, I’d love to conquer it. It’s unlikely, but if you were to fail…” 


The Emperor said, smiling like a snake.


“I plan to keep sending troops until I succeed.”




“Once you’re ready, let me know the date for your departure. I’ll send a backup force to support you five days after your departure.”


Axion’s eyes widened with a somewhat bewildered expression.


“…I understand.” 


Soon, he left the conference room.


* * *




The islands can be reached by traveling about three hours by sea from the central region to the east.


It is not part of the empire’s territory.


No, it is a place that doesn’t belong to any country. 


On an island where it is said that beings called ‘demon beasts’ first appeared. 


Of the countless people who tried to conquer that place, not a single one survived. 


Not only did they not know what kind of monsters were out there, but they also couldn’t escape in case of emergency because they had to travel only by sea. 


A place where even Enoch, who is said to be the most powerful person in the current empire, cannot be sure whether he will live or die.


Therefore, it was a poisoned cup given by the emperor with the intention of drinking it and dying.


“…I’ll send a backup force to support you five days after your departure.”


This means that they will identify his body, and he shouldn’t think about deserting. 


“I plan to keep sending troops until I succeed.”


This was a threat that if he deserted, he would kill other capable people in his place. 


‘As expected, he has thoroughly sealed any escape route. I thought the Emperor wouldn’t be so soft, but…’


Axion, who was crossing the hallway, laughed and muttered in despair.


“There is no way to do this.”


The Emperor didn’t order the expedition out of greed for that land.




It was to eliminate Aktion.


* * *


Dinner time.


“Where is it?” 


While the four of us were eating together, Dad suddenly asked Axion.


It was a confusing question, but I understood it and pricked up my ears. 


‘It seems he was summoned by the Emperor today. It’s fast.’


Although only two days had passed since the fire incident, it seemed that the Emperor had summoned Axion. 


He probably issued a retaliatory expedition order against Axion, who broke into the imperial palace. 


“It won’t be an easy place to handle. Avoid my expedition date, and I will join you. Let’s go together.” 


“Oh, there’s no need for that.”


Axion said grumpily as he ate his soup.


“It’s in the north.”


“Is that so?” 


Dad raised his eyebrows as if he were surprised.


‘Huh? North?’


I was also surprised.


“Anyway, since you’ve been all over the place these days, just pretend to go along with it comfortably. Don’t worry about it.”



Cheshire put down the silverware he was holding and joined in.


“I’m sorry for the punishment you received because of me. I’ll go with you.”


“Aah, it’s nothing.” 


Axion waved his hand.


“You know too, don’t you? This incident just happened to provide a good excuse. Whenever it happened, another expedition order would have been issued.”


“That’s also because of me anyway.”


Everyone was silent at Cheshire’s words. 


‘That’s right. It’s because of Cheshire.’


In fact, even without this incident, Axion was a target of the Emperor.




Uncle Joseph, our rebel’s tactician, said.


“It’s unfortunate, but if the Emperor had decided to take possession of Sir Cheshire… Lord Axion probably won’t be able to join the rebellion until the end.”


Axion is Cheshire’s adoptive father and closest to Dad.


So, for the Emperor to completely separate Axion from Dad and Cheshire, who diverged from his path, and to control him completely…


‘Axion is the obstacle.’


“If the Emperor intends to eliminate Sir Axion, utilizing military authority would be the quickest way. He’ll create an opportunity to corner him.”


Joseph said that was the time when Axion would leave the rebel army.


“He can’t die, so he can just obey the order to go and desert. From then on, Sir Axion will have to live in hiding until everything is over.” 


Unlike the original, if the Duke of Libre’s family leaves the rebel army…


‘It’s a huge loss of power.’


Joseph was very disappointed to know that, but he had no choice.



‘I might be able to stop it!’


This was the reason why I thought this fire incident was a disaster.


Although it wasn’t my intention, I was now in a position to negotiate with the emperor. 


‘But why the North?’


Contrary to expectations, the Emperor issued the mobilization order this time for the northern region.


I thought that if he was going to send Axion to die, there was only one place he could go.


While suffering from a situation that has changed from what was expected.


“I’m not going to die, so don’t be so nervous, just watch over your house.”


Axion got up first, tapped Cheshire on the shoulder, and left the dining room. 


* * *


“Princess, have you brush your teeth?”


“I’m dwoing it…” 


After eating, I spread out the map and brushed my teeth when Dad came up behind me.


“What are you doing?”


“Stwudy gewograwphy. (Study geography.)”


“Study geography? All of a sudden?”



[Moarte Islands]


The Moarte island, composed of one large island and several small islands.


‘No, it’s a good opportunity to eliminate Axion, but you’re not sending him here? Was the emperor a dumber person than I thought?’


Here is a place where no capable person can survive.


‘Oh, except Enoch Rubinstein.’


The second half of the original work.


Ahead of the rebellion, the emperor reads unusual movements of some powerful figures. 


The emperor, who felt that his own position, let alone the unification of the continent, was threatened, devised a plan to eliminate Enoch Rubinstein.


Except for Dad, gathering other ability users and ordering the conquest of Moarte…


“Princess, how long are you going to brush your teeth? Spit it out quickly.” 




I quietly looked at Dad who personally brought me a toothbrushing cup. 


‘Enoch Rubinstein… This monster!’ 


As planned by the emperor, Dad declared that he would take up the sword on behalf of the capable men who had received the order to go to war.


Even without an army, all alone.


‘It was an expedition prepared for the possibility of death.’


Moarte was a place where even Dad couldn’t guarantee success, so he chose to make the minimum sacrifice.


At that time, even if he had no confidence in himself, it was a moment when Cheshire could sufficiently take charge and ensure the success of the revolution.


‘Honestly, I thought Dad was going to die.’


While reading, I internally screamed, begging him not to go, but anyway, Dad went to die.


And… He didn’t die.


He single-handedly cleared out Moarte and returned with the imperial flag planted.


“Dad, I have a question.”


“Mhm? What is it?” 


“This island country… Why isn’t it part of the empire when it’s so close to the continent?”


“Ah, there.”


When I pointed to Moarte on the map and asked, Dad scratched his head and explained. 


“Because it’s a dangerous place. No one has ever gone there and come back alive.”


“I see.” 


“That’s why we don’t have any information about what kind of monsters live there. What is known… .”


Dad thought for a moment and added.


“…It’s incredibly quiet during the day? Maybe monsters come out at night, that’s just a guess, though.” 


Okay, I confirm it. I already have all the basic information.


I nodded and said.


“We have to catch the monster here too, right?”


“You don’t need to worry. There are no people there. The monsters don’t come across the sea to the continent.” 


“Still, you have to catch it.” 


“Huh? Aah.” 


Dad let out an exclamation.


“Princess, are you saying that because you’re worried about Uncle?”


“Mhm. That’s what Uncle Joseph said. He said the Emperor could send Uncle to a scary place.”


“No matter how much of an Emperor he is, he won’t be able to tell Uncle to go here unless he does something wrong.” 


“Right? So that’s why it’s a bit strange, Dad?”


This time, there was a reason to send Axion here.


“Why didn’t he send him here this time? He clearly said he would openly punish Uncle, right?” 




In response to my question, Dad was silent for a moment, lost in thought.


“But Dad, we need to deal with the monsters here quickly.”


Moarte must be cleared out soon.


We don’t know when Axion will be sent here, so we need to clear it now.


Also, as in the original, he might order the conquest of Moarte and use others as hostages.


“Dad sneaks away. Even if you don’t have to go out by boat, you can just take the coordinates and use movement magic to get there… .”


I said as I folded the map.


“…As soon as possible, even tomorrow! In case the Emperor changes his mind and sends Uncle here before his departure… Eung?” 


For some reason, Dad opened his mouth slightly and was looking at me with shaking pupils. 


“What’s wrong with your expression?”


“Princess you…” 


Dad called me in a tearful voice.




“What do you mean by why! Why!” 


Dad grabbed my shoulders and shook me vigorously back and forth.


“Dad doesn’t know what kind of monster lives here either, you know?”


“Well, that’s…” 


Seeing my Dad, I wondered what I had missed, and then realized it belatedly.


‘I realized I cut off both ends of the conversation!’


I am the only one who knows about Dad’s actions in clearing Moarte and returning without a single scratch. 


Even though Dad knew his own strength well, wasn’t the place he went to one where he had to be prepared to die, unable to guarantee success?


So, it was first to spoil the original work!


“D, Dad! Misunderstanding! I didn’t say the important thing! So, this is…”


 I was in a hurry to explain, but Dad already looked shocked.


“Princess… Are you okay without Dad?” 




 “N, no… Mr James, I’m sorry. It’s not like that.”


I made a mistake…


I panicked and fell into Dad’s arms.


“Dad, I’m sorry if I hurt you…. Actually, I knew Dad would be safe even if you went there. So, I just told you to go without thinking.”  




 “Dad will come back later and take care of all the monsters there by yourself. It was nothing for Dad.” 


“I see.”


I didn’t know that Dad’s mouth would stick out even after the explanation.


Yeah, it’s understandable to be disappointed. 


Regardless of knowing the future, Dad will naturally be upset when his daughter suddenly asks him to go to a dangerous place. 


“I’m really sorry. Dad must have been scared too.”


“Yeah. Dad is scared too. I wasn’t scared at all before, but now, dying is really scary.”


“R, right? Dad is obviously human too…”


“Because of you, Princess. I worry about you being alone without Dad. It’s scary to think about losing someone who would protect you, Princess.”




Dad’s words left me momentarily stunned.


The reason the main character acted without fear in the original work was because he had no one to protect and nothing to lose.


But not now.


“That doesn’t mean I won’t go there. Actually, Dad hadn’t even thought about that island at all until you mentioned it. I realized it then. Since Dad is worried about Uncle too, of course, I’ll go.” 




“It’s just, Dad is…” 


Dad seemed to be trying to hide his disappointment, and he said it as a joke.


“I love you so~ much, Princess. It’s just that you don’t seem to love Dad very much, so I feel a little sad about it.”


“No! I love Dad the most in the whole world!”


I grabbed Dad by the neck and hung on to him.


“I can’t live without Dad… .”


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