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I wasn’t human in my previous life.


I was—.


‘I was a graduate student.’


Wow, that wasn’t real human life.


At age 25, I died of overwork while working all night on my thesis.


‘I must have been reincarnated in the novel because the stress of writing the thesis was so great.’


The title of my thesis was.


[A Study on the Characteristics of Social Reform Suggested in a Genre Fiction – Focusing on the Fantasy Novel <Rebellion of Dos>] 


I was the one who read <Rebellion of Dos> about 10 times to write my thesis. 


It means that the development of the original work and the various settings in the novel are quicker than anyone else. 


‘Well, there is no need to think hard about the contents of the novel beyond the extras.’


In order to recall the contents of the novel, I have to put a lot of pressure on my head and remember my past life—.


Then, when I’m an adult, I’ll feel out of place and very hungry because my physical age doesn’t match my mental age.


Well, the two main characters, who are father and son, will be in charge of the bloody wars and revolutions.


After the main characters create a good world where even the people without power are treated as human beings, all I have to do is drink honey. (t/n: 꿀 빨다 (Eating honey) It is slang that means getting rest during work.)


‘Extra life, it’s the best!’


I hugged Aunt Susan and smiled, then shouted at my Dad.


“Daddy, be careful!”


Because the rain leaked through the roof of Aunt’s house, Dad was repairing it.


Bang, bang, bang! 


It was very familiar to see Dad climbing up the ladder and hammering the nail he bit in his mouth.


My Dad gets a call from everyone in this mountain village whenever rain leaks from the ceiling or the fence around the chicken coop breaks. 


‘Do people here treat my Dad like a pushover every day because he’s nice? Of course, Aunt Susan is fine.’ 


I can only acknowledge Aunt Susan, who always gives out delicious dishes to my house and takes care of me when my Dad is away. 


The rest of the neighbors don’t even have a conscience.


“Phew, James. I’m sorry I always have to ask for help.”


“That’s not true. I always owe you, well. I’d like to ask you to take care of Lilith today.”


“Is it a debt of gratitude? Don’t say that. Nothing else matters to me more than how well Lilith is obedient. How can there be such a nice and cute kid?”




I hugged Aunt Susan’s neck and grinned.


Of course, I listen to her well.


It’s hard to compare me to a normal seven-year-old kid.


“Look at you smiling. So cute…You’re so pretty now, how much more do you want to be prettier when you grow up? Who does Lilith look like, hmm?”


I want to say I look like my Dad—but we look completely different. 


It’s because I have blue eyes and white-as-snow silver hair. 


I was suspicious because I stood out too much to call myself Extra 1—. 


“D, did you pick me up somewhere?”


—I asked my Dad like that. 


“You look like your mother!”




My Dad said that my silver hair and blue eyes resembled my mother, who left home when I was a baby. 


“Haha, yes. She… looks like her mother.” 


My father, who was nailing, smiled awkwardly and helped me.


“Your mother must be very beautiful.” 


There was no way to prove it because I didn’t know my mother’s face.


So at first, I thought, What if I’m not really my Dad’s daughter? I was worried.


However, not at all now! 


This is because as I grow up, my eyes, which bend when I smile, my nose shape, and my mouth, which rises at the end, have become more and more like my father’s.


‘I am definitely my Daddy’s daughter! And definitely an extra!’


Brown hair, brown eyes.


Even his name is James Brown.


As anyone can see, I am the daughter of my father, one of the Passing Imperial Citizens 1 of the Empire, so it was clear that I was also extra with a guaranteed peaceful future! 


“It won’t leak anymore. I think you said last time that there was a problem with the doorknob. I’ll take a look at it when I get back.”  


“Oh my, then I’d be grateful. Phew, what would I have done without you, James? My good-for-nothing person only scratched his stomach without doing anything. He’s useless.” 


The good-for-nothing person that Aunt Susan is talking about is her husband, Uncle Joe.


“Haha…So, please take good care of Lilith today. Princess, Daddy will go to the market right now.”


Aunt Susan held me while Dad put a piece of wood on his back and tapped the tip of my nose.


“Come back quickly! You didn’t forget our promise, right?


“Yes, my princess. Of course~. I’ll buy macarons for you.”




I hugged Aunt Susan and waved my hand until my Dad’s back disappeared.


When I couldn’t see my Dad anymore, I lowered my hand, and Aunt Susan laughed.


“Lilith, do you like your father that much?”


“Yes, of course!”


I was an orphan in my previous life, so my Dad is the only person I remember as a loving guardian.


It must have been difficult for a young man to raise a baby alone—.


My Daddy changed my diaper every day, fed baby food, bathed me, and so on.


My Daddy meant a lot to me because he had been there for me since I was a baby when the attachment relationship was formed.


Nice, handsome, tall, sweet. 


Even my dad who made me the best extra in this scary world.


‘I have to grow up and be a good daughter!’


I clenched my small fists to clench my will.


* * * 


I had honeydew milk and cookies at Aunt Susan’s and played about ten games of cards with Uncle Joe.


While Aunt Susan watched the card game, she talked about the past.


“Someone knocked on the door late at night, and when I opened it, I was surprised to find your father standing there. He was holding a baby, and that was you, Lilith.”


“I knew then that he was the child’s father.”


Uncle Joe, holding the card, chewed the jerky and said.


“A young man showed up in this mountain village out of nowhere. He was as quiet as a dead mouse and didn’t say anything, so I asked if there was something—” 


“Whoo, he did. Anyway, what your father is saying is that the baby isn’t sick, but she doesn’t want to eat? He said that you must be hungry, but if he brought you a baby bottle, you’d cry and fall asleep, oh my.” 


“Me? Why I didn’t eat?”


I took a card and asked for a lot of acorns instead of chips.


“Even though the baby was over five months old, he was only feeding you formula. Maybe it was because you were sick of it, so you endured hunger and expressed yourself in your own way.” 


Aunt Susan just laughed when she remembered my clumsy dad. 


“Once I told him to come in, I made baby food by mixing apples, mashed bananas, and powdered milk. So when the baby who didn’t eat eats everything in the bowl, your father’s eyes widen.” 


“Haha…From the next day onwards, he was very polite. Every time I saw him from afar, he would run up to me and say hello, and if I said a tree, he would give me half of it, so it was very comfortable.” 


“Phew, you good-for-nothing.  If you ate, you have to pay for your meal. You keep fooling around.” 


“No, what should I do if James wants to give it to me? It is not polite to decline a favor, this person really.” 


“Anyway, it was his first time raising a baby, but from that day on he started asking questions and learning.”


It was amazing. Even though he used to be so clumsy, he is now a 9-level househusband now.


“Haha. I won this time, kid.”


Uncle Joe grinned and opened his card that had been flipped.


There are five hearts.


“It’s Flush! Hahaha!”


With his hairy arms, Uncle Joe pulled the acorns piled up on the table.




I grabbed Uncle Joe’s arm. Then I opened my card.


K, K, K, 7, 7.


“Huh, it’s Full House.” 


Uncle Joe’s mouth was wide open.


I jumped down from my chair, unfolded my skirt, and swept all the acorns.


“Do it again tomorrow. Challenges are always welcome.”


“Oh, what do you mean a full house!


Aunt Susan and I laughed when we saw Uncle Joe’s shocked face.


So I returned home with Aunt Susan, holding an acorn in my skirt.


It was time for Dad to come back soon.


“I played well today, thank you.”


I politely put my hands together and gave Aunt Susan my greeting. 


“Go first, Aunt. I’m going to do the laundry.” 


“What? Why are you doing the laundry? Just leave it alone.”


“Dad is tired to do the laundry when he comes home, so I will do it!” 


“Oh my… Lilith has an angelic heart. Then Aunt will do it for you. Is that the laundry?”


When I brought a basket of laundry, the Aunt asked.


I was startled and grabbed the basket.


“Oh, no, I can’t. I have my dad’s underwear, too.”


“Oh my.”


“Mmhm, don’t worry. I’m good at laundry. It’s easy. I just need to do it at the stream behind, right?” 


Aunt Susan was surprised.


“I was very worried about you because you are small and start talking late—but I guess you were actually a genius. How in the world would a seven-year-old kid play card games and do the laundry for their father?”




When I raised my nose, Aunt patted my head as if she was proud of me.


“Then Aunt will go first. Make sure to eat dinner.”


“Yes, Aunt! Goodbye!”


I sent Aunt Susan away and headed to laundry.


‘Dad hates me doing laundry secretly, but…’


But I’ll keep doing it though.


I’m a kid who can think like an adult. I know how hard it is for James to be a single dad raising a child alone and selling all kinds of housework and trees.


“Who is the good seven-year-old daughter who washes her father’s underwear? Yep, it’s Lilith Brown!”


I sat down on the side of the stream and chuckled as I pulled out the laundry.


The surrounding area with good mountains and good water was peaceful as always.


‘Haa, extra’s life is so relaxing. I hope everyday will be like today.’


Even though I’m a person without power who is not treated as a human being in this world, a commoner, and a little poor.


‘Don’t worry, the main characters will soon make a better world to live in. There is no life like this compared to the previous life. Reincarnation is the best!’


It was then.


Tak, tak.


‘Huh? What is that horseshoe sound?’


While I was working hard on the laundry with my small hands, I suddenly saw an unfamiliar sight from beyond the forest.


A small rural estate in the southern part of the continent, Xenon. A village in the mountains that is remote from cities is located there.


This is a remote place where there are only six households, including my house.


In other words, it should be considered that only a few people come in here on horseback—. 


‘S, something doesn’t feel right?’


My hunch said so. 


“Giddy up!”



Aren’t the six strangers on horses who suddenly appear in front of me just stopping?


They all wore blue cloaks over silver armor. 


I immediately recognized the pattern engraved on the cloak.


It was the Imperial crest. 


They’re the Imperial Army! 


If it’s a blue cloak—.


‘D, Dos class of Paladin? No, why are these precious people in such a shabby place?’ 


I opened my mouth in amazement.


“Hold it.”


When the man at the center of the knights ordered, one of his subordinates grabbed my back and lifted me up.




Then he mercilessly stabbed something like a police baton he was holding in my chest.


“Ugh! Oh, it hurts—”


That was the artifact that distinguished the people with power, as far as I know.


Artifacts that look like iron bars gave off a bright blue light quickly.


“She has power, Commander. It seems to be the daughter of Enoch Rubinstein.” 


Me? Isn’t this broken?


“I can tell just by looking at it.”


I was perplexed, but a handsome black-haired man who seemed to be the commander of the knights snorted and took over me. 


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