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“Huh? What, Lilith?”


Looking at Theo tilting his head, my heart leaped with excitement.


Cheshire discovers several years after Theo’s death what ‘Heart of the Saint’ is pointed to. 


As a reader, I knew, of course, the absurd reality.


‘It’s not just about saving! He was in terrible pain every time he had a seizure, but he doesn’t have to go through that anymore!’


I was excited, stamping my feet as if I were running in place.


“B, b, brother, brother!”


“U, ung!”


“I, I, I!”


“Ung, ung!”


“I want to go out and buy something pretty!”


Theo, who was staring at me, burst into laughter.


“Yeah, I’ll buy you everything!”




A rabbit doll, a princess mirror, a jewelry ring—.


While wandering all kinds of stores to get my hands on ‘it’ without any doubt, I pointed to my next destination.


“I want to go here, too!”




Former Magic Swordsman!


—it’s not that, but a general store owned by a former Magic Swordsman’s servant. 


I didn’t like the sign that looked like it was selling drugs.


‘Still, it’s the largest general store in the neighborhood, so they’ll sell it, too.’


I’m sure they have it. 


The heart of a saint.


“Blessed be the high glory of Primera!”


The physiognomy’s owner, who had what could only be described as a mustache ripoff, welcomed us.


“You seem to be precious people, but what are you doing here?”






Even when the twins walked in, they looked around and wondered if they were in the right place.


In the general store that mercenaries go to, there were wooden and low-quality swords hanging all over the walls, and random items such as subjugation armor, cloaks, and boots were also randomly displayed.


‘This is it.’


I exclaimed as I scanned through the display stands.


“Wow! This is pretty! I want this!”


Everyone’s eyes followed my fingers and then surprised. 


“Ugh! It’s so amazing that the purple color is splashing inside~~. It’s like a star at night…”


I admired it with my cheeks pressed together like steamed buns on a clear glass display stand.


Dark purple spheres seem to ooze out all sorts of unpleasantness just by touching them.


If you ask what this is—.


“Hoho, Lady? Uhm—”


The owner, who was trying to rip off the wealthy noble children, also shook his head.


“That’s the core of the monster— after killing the monster and digging through its body. It’s very inappropriate as a toy for noble girls—” 


“Buy me this!”


“You can’t.”


Leon pulled my arm straight.


“Ung? Why?”


“It’s dangerous.”




“Magi keeps flowing from the core of the monster. If you have it, you become addicted. Only those with the ability to control the Magi carry it.”


“Yes, that’s right.”


The owner stepped in and tapped the glass display a couple of times.


“This is not just ordinary glass, but a special glass called ‘block glass’ that blocks some of the magi.”


“It’s okay. I’m a person with power too, right?”


“What do you mean? You’re a kid who hasn’t even been to the training center yet.”


“Phew, I told you I’m really fine.”


“It’s impossible. Don’t whine.”


Leon said firmly.


In response to the bitter reaction like never before, I quietly rolled my eyes and pondered.


‘He will have a seizure in five days. If it’s not now, I don’t have time to get this without question. I don’t want him to go through it because I know he won’t get sick.’


After thinking, I puffed out my cheeks and folded my arms.


If there is something good about being a child—.


Isn’t that the privilege of lying on the floor carelessly and whining, “Mom, I’m buying this!”


“If you don’t buy me this, I won’t go.”


“There are more beautiful things out there than this!”


“This is so pretty.”


“Where the hell are you thinking? Kid, what’s your preference?


“Ung. Now you know that? I like big spiders with fur on them, too!” 




Leon was speechless.


“No way! Don’t buy anything dangerous!”


“I want it!”


“You can’t!” 


“Lilith said it! If you don’t buy me this, I won’t move a step here!”


“Yes, go ahead! Do you think I won’t be able to pick up a little kid like you?”


“Huh? D, don’t! Brother don’t!”




The moment Leon tried to lift me up.


Theo, who was seriously thinking as he looked at me, approached the shelf.


“Could you put it in the smallest size and make it like a pendant?”


“Aha! That’s the way? Well, then there will be no problem for you to carry around.”


The owner grinned.


“The unit price of this block glass is huge, is that okay?”


* * * 


[Purchased: 1 low-level monster’s core, 6 blocks of glass.


+Add work fee


Billed amount: 56,000,000 Terr]


“You will get beat by mother~~now.” 


“Don’t use vulgar language, Leon.”


Theo’s expression was pale as he looked into the bill charged to the Duke of Anthrace.


Is the one-time payment card worth about 56 million won? 


But it was cheap enough for life. And soon, everyone will find out.






I put the core of the demonic monster crafted like a pendant in a small glass box around my neck and took Theo’s hand. 


“Thank you… It’s very pretty….”


“Do you like it?”


“Yeah, Brother is the best. If I get pocket money, I’ll buy you a present. What do you want?”




Theo thought for a moment, then smiled and patted his cheek. 


“Then, kiss your brother’s cheek.”


“Ung, okay!” 


I kissed Theo’s cheek with his head slightly down.






Leon grumbled behind him while we created a warm atmosphere.


“You’re playing, really.”


“Come here. I’ll do it for Brother, too.”




“No~~~! I lie!” 


“What? This!”


“Hahaha! Let’s go eat something delicious!”


I flapped my short arms and ran towards the final destination of the day.


‘13, 3, 3….’


Lumen Street 13 in the Valentin district, where the commoners live.


The third building you can see if you turn right at the third alley of this street where the restaurants are located.


The main character, Enoch Rubinstein, visited by memorizing 13, 3, 3.


That’s where it is.


<Rico Restaurant>


I found an absolutely shabby wooden sign.


‘Hoho, I want to praise my memory.’


I said, hiding my joy.


“Shall we eat here?”


“Wow, but it really doesn’t seem like it. Do you mean that commoners really eat here?”


“It was good to sneak out. If mom or grandpa knew we were here… It’s going to be a big deal.”


Leon and Theo clicked their tongues as they looked at the restaurant’s exterior. 


“But brothers, are you really okay? Can you eat something like this with me?”


I looked at him and said that the twins coldly nodded.


“Hey Kid. I eat anything well. don’t worry.”


“That’s right, Lilith. If you want something to eat, eat it.”


“Hehe, thank you.”


The two followed without a doubt.


The appearance of aristocrats in the commoners’ shop—!


‘Phew, you’re drawing attention, too.’


Upon entering the store, the commoners who had been sitting together approached them in surprise. 


The commoners, who bowed and greeted the nobles in colorful clothes, returned to their seats and glanced at us.


“You… Really? Did you really eat this when you lived in Xenon?”


“Is this really good, Lilith?”


“It’s delicious….”


When I saw the twins reading the menu, I felt embarrassed and scratched my nose. 


“Here, can you take our order?” 


Moments later, Theo beckoned gracefully, and a red-haired female waitress sprinting across the tables rushed over.


“Yes, guest. What do you need?” 


“Give me everything on the menu. I’ll double the bill, so please prepare it carefully. My sister is very much looking forward to it.”


Theo smiled and stroked my head, and the woman smiled and nodded. 


“Yes, I understand.”


“Unnie! Wait!”


I called the woman to return.


Then the woman stopped, and all the terrifying eyes around us all focused on us.


“Uh, Lilith.”


Theo looked around and whispered quietly.


“Well, you know… You shouldn’t talk up to the commoner like this outside.”


“Hmm, don’t be strict, Theo. Grandfather is not even here. Lilith hasn’t gotten used to it yet.”


“What are you talking about? She has to adapt quickly. If she makes a mistake in front of grandfather later, she might get scolded.”


The two started arguing.


‘If you act bossy around like the nobles here, you’ll get in trouble.’


Thinking, I pulled out a single gold coin from the bunny bag.


The imperial gold coin was embossed with the name of the country on one side and the profile of the Emperor on the other side.


‘As expected.’


The woman’s eyes sharpened at my sudden action of taking out the gold coin. 


Of course, it was a level that no one would notice. 


“It’s not on the menu, but….”


I continued to examine the woman’s expression and placed the gold coin on the table.


To be precise, the face with the Emperor’s face down.


Like making fun of it and throwing it down.


“Do you have any fermented herring?” 


Herring, said to be eaten by the Emperor. A menu of ‘fermented’ herring.


Ordering fermented herring with the Emperor’s face on the floor is a mockery of the imperial family—.


In the secret information guild <Red Hawks> disguised as an ordinary restaurant, it was a way of asking for a deal.


The woman who was supposed to be the guild’s informant looked straight at me. 


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