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“…So, you’re going to bring someone else’s illegitimate child?”


Nordic asked. It was a sharp voice.


Enoch, who was coughing quietly and looking at his father, nodded.


“Yes. If I don’t take care of it, I can’t be sure of the child’s life or death. For now, I’m going to be his temporary guardian, and I’m going to slowly think about the child’s future.” 


“Do whatever you want. Get out.”


When Nordic answered meekly, Enoch’s eyes widened.


“…Is that the end?”


“What else do you need?”


“No, I’ve been hiding for seven years, and as soon as I get back, I’m going to grab father’s neck, but are you allowing me to do this easily?”


“But it’s fortunate that objectification of what you’re doing seems to be going well.” 




Nordic put his pen down and looked at Enoch while resting his chin.


‘Consistent brat.’ 


His son Enoch would always act in a way that was not fitting for a nobleman.


Even though they are the same aristocrats, one side tries to kill his bloodline for the sake of reputation, and the other side feels sorry for the child and reaps it. Even though it was obvious that it would go up and down in countless rumors—. 


“You don’t even come to ask me for permission in the first place. I’ve already handed this family over to you a long time ago.”


“Ah, but it’s a public matter to use the family name, so if I handle it by myself, isn’t it father’s duty?”


“If I object, will you let the child out again?’


“Of course not. So I came here nervous to persuade father—”


“It’s a good word to persuade, but you’re going to do whatever you want anyway. I don’t want to argue for no reason, so do it on your own.”


“Wow… Father, have you become very gentle?”


“I’m used to your craziness.”


Saying that, Nordic laughed. 


When Enoch was younger, they bumped into each other a lot. 


When he grew up, it was hard for him to understand his son, who questioned the hierarchy in this country. 


Fortunately, Enoch was able to compromise and grew up adapting.


Of course, he didn’t understand the aristocratic society full of an irrational class system and sense of the common people.


It must have been just that he became a child who would obey his father’s will.


“I always feel sorry for you. I regret it too.”




Nordics had no choice but to force Enoch to live a life different from his beliefs.


So his son has always been a sore finger for Nordic.


“You were forced to look at it as a child….” 




“I regret it. I shouldn’t have done that.”


Despite the political marriage forced for a successor, his son complied.


If he had known that the result would create a 7-year gap—.


He wouldn’t have forced it.




Enoch looked at Nordic’s darkened complexion and smiled.


“I am more grateful than anyone else for my father’s choice back then. If I had been more insistent on not getting married and not having children at that time, and if I had really convinced father—”




“Wow, it’s terrible. Our princess would never have been in this world.”


Enoch smiled brightly while talking to himself.


“Thank you, really. My world has changed since Lilith was born.”




“For the first time, I thought it was worth living. Then, I realized what happiness is when I see my child grow day by day.”


Enoch muttered dreamily, remembering his daughter’s face. 


“I also want to show my child a better world. Well… it won’t be easy.” 


“What can’t you do?”


Nordic added, looking straight at Enoch. 


“I am old. Now that I have nothing left to do but go to the grave, I won’t bother you anymore with what you’re doing.” 




“It’s not too late, so do what you want to do. Whether you sell the family name or not, the old man won’t bother you any more.” 




When Enoch laughed, Nordic laughed too.


The two men were more silent, but the affection that was thicker than words remained between them for quite some time.


* * *


I was surprised to draw a picture with Cheshire on the bed after he had taken a bath. 


“What’s this?”


Cheshire said he had never seen a jellyfish.


So I showed him a fairy tale book with jellyfish and told him to follow it—.


“Why, you don’t like it? Do you want me to draw it again?” 


I burst out laughing as I looked at Cheshire’s drawing.


‘Is this also the main character buff?’


Hyper-realism leaves my mouth wide open. A hyper-realistic jellyfish was drawn on the drawing paper.


Is this a painting or a photo?


“Hey, it looks completely different from the jellyfish in this picture book…How did you see a jellyfish in a fairy tale?!” 


…Are you drawing a hyper-realistic jellyfish! Give me a buff, too!




Cheshire only tilted his head with indifferent eyes. 


Indeed, #There’s_nothing_I_can’t_do


―It was like the main character with keywords like that. 


“What? Do you want me to draw again?”


“Whoo, no. I didn’t mean that you didn’t draw well. It’s just, you’re so good. Ung.”


Having confirmed Cheshire’s talent, I secretly covered my drawing paper.


A world where the boundaries between the main character and the supporting role are clear, from the talent level—.


It’s really sad that I’m not the main character.


“Why cover it? I’ve already seen it.”


“Ung, yeah… You can laugh…” 


“But you decided to draw a jellyfish, but why don’t you draw a jellyfish?”




I tilted my head and looked down at my painting.


“What do you mean, it’s not a jellyfish?”


Jetty, Jun, and even after that, the butler Rem and the twin brothers asked if it was a jellyfish, so let’s just call it a jellyfish, I made up my mind—.


“Isn’t that your father?”


…Yeah, my Dad’s face! 


“H, huh?” 


I was surprised for a moment and looked back at Cheshire with wide eyes.


“D, does this look like my Dad?” 




“Oh my! That’s right!” 


Wow. Even a sharp insight into my profound art museum.


Truly the main character.


“Hehe, I’m glad. Then can I give this to my dad as a present?”


Feeling better from my depression, I looked at the picture with a happy heart.


“… You, do you like your father?”


“Ung? Suddenly, that’s another question. Because it’s Dad, of course—” 


—it may not be. It was not something I would say carelessly in front of Cheshire, who was abused by his father. 


“Um, my dad is a person everyone would like. That’s why I like him too.” 




“My dad is cool and nice, right?”




“Then would you like to be my Dad’s son too?”


I told Cheshire, who seemed envious of me.




“Your father is really a bad person. He gave birth to you, but he’s not your father. You can be my Dad’s son.” 


Because that’s your original place. 


Cheshire, who was staring at me, speaking confidently, laughed.


He laughed at what a seven-year-old kid said about how lucky she was to have a good life.


“You don’t believe me? My Dad must have said he would be your family, right?”


“I don’t need it.”




“I don’t need anything like a family.”




Cheshire’s reaction was so cold that I carefully shut my mouth.


“I finished drawing ten pages. I will go sleep.”


“O, oh. Ung.”


Cheshire, who gave out ten sheets of drawing paper, rose.


“Where is the servant’s room?”


“What about the servants’ room?”


“I want to sleep.”


I patted the pillow on the bed.


“Sleep with me here. Tomorrow, I’ll ask Daddy to decorate your room next to mine.”




Cheshire alternated between the pillow and me with absurd eyes. 


“Enough. How can I sleep in a place like this? Show me another place to sleep.”


“Oho, Mr. Toy. Aren’t you supposed to listen to everything I say?”




“Lie down.” 


When I tapped the pillow one more time, Cheshire finally sighed and laid himself down. 


“Hehe. It’s fluffy, isn’t? You’ll fall asleep really well, you know?“ 




“Good night, Cheshire.”


Cheshire sighed when he saw me lying on my back and saying good night.


Then he closed his eyes. 


How long have I been watching the bruised face?


The sound of breathing evenly.


I got out of bed, realizing Cheshire was completely asleep.


Then I found the remaining Salvation that I had given to Rico, mixed it with warm water, and buried it in a cloth.


“He’s not going to wake up, right?” 


Because he must have been very tired. 


I carefully wiped the bruises and wounds on Cheshire’s face with a small hand.


‘Ah, let’s see the effect.’


Cheshire’s wounds healed instantly, and he quickly regained his handsome face.




I put the cloth aside and lay down on the bed, staring at the sleeping Cheshire’s face.


“I don’t need anything like a family.”


That’s what he said, but—.


I knew that Cheshire missed family affection more than anyone else.


He was abandoned by his mother and abused by his father—.


And yet why did Cheshire not leave them first? 


“You know, Cheshire. I will tell you a particularly great secret.”


I whispered in a very low voice so he wouldn’t wake up.


“You are the main character of this world.”


Hoping to hear my voice even in his dreams. 


“You know the main character has a hard time. But the hard time will pass someday. I’ll help you so that you don’t have a hard time—and.” 


I promised as I carefully placed a blanket over the sleeping Cheshire’s body.


“I will definitely be your family.”


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